IRC log for #koha, 2008-05-04

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04:30 bennyf11 Hi, Im having issues installing koha on a Ubuntu 8.04 desktop. can some1 assist??
06:16 bennyf11 Hello im having issues installing koha on ubuntu 8.04, can any1 assist?
06:24 bennyf11 Is there any1 who can assist with installation help??
06:31 bennyf11 Any1 to assist with install help
07:20 bennyf11 hello is there any1 here to assist me with install of koha
08:14 bennyf11 hey is there any1 here to assist with install of koha
08:14 hdl hi bennyf11
08:15 hdl what is the problem?
08:18 bennyf11 im having issues finding instructions for installing on ubunutu 8.04 desktop edition for 1 user only
08:19 bennyf11 Im really at a loss as to how to start
08:20 bennyf11 are you able to help me hdl??
08:24 chris ubuntu is close enough to debian that you should be able to follow the steps in INSTALL.debian
08:24 bennyf11 right
08:24 bennyf11 ok then
08:32 bennyf11 so chris, i just download the file and look for INSTALL.debian
08:33 bennyf11 and follow the prompts from there??
08:33 chris yep
08:34 chris download the tarball, untar it and the file should be there
08:35 bennyf11 i just have a INSTALL file
08:35 bennyf11 is that the one?
08:36 chris which version are you installing?
08:36 bennyf11 2.2.9
08:36 bennyf11 is there a more advanced version
08:36 bennyf11 ??
08:36 chris there is a 3.0 beta
08:36 chris which has the INSTALL.debian
08:36 bennyf11 ok then
08:37 bennyf11 ah yes i found it
08:37 bennyf11 will install that one
08:37 bennyf11 thanks
08:39 chris cool, good luck
08:42 bennyf11 thanks :)
09:04 bennyf11 hey chris
09:04 bennyf11 im at step 2.0
09:04 bennyf11 and im having issues with it
09:09 bennyf11 chris
09:30 chris sorry, family duties (sunday night and all) ... whats step 2.0 ?
09:31 chris 2. Configuration of dependencies ?
10:25 bennyf11 hey is there any1 online to assist with install on ubuntu
10:26 bennyf11 im trying to follow the instructions but not having any luck
10:28 bennyf11 hello any support online
10:30 bennyf11 is there any people in this channel to offer support

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