IRC log for #koha, 2008-05-05

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13:46 bennyf11 hey im still having issues with koha
13:46 bennyf11 any1 that can assist
00:51 thd seen kados?
00:55 thd chris: are you about?
00:56 thd or russel?
00:57 russel wassup thd?
00:57 thd russel: all the libraries in Kosovo are in need of an ILS
00:58 thd
00:58 russel ah yes i have spoken to them before
00:58 russel even did a proposal once or twice
00:58 russel but never heard back
00:58 russel koha is not my day job anymore - but yes someone should look into it
00:58 thd russel: Was that before independence?
00:59 russel ah i think at about the same time
00:59 thd russel: what is your day job now?
00:59 russel bus analyst/proj mgr here -
07:24 qiqo hmm
07:24 hdl hi
07:25 qiqo hello hdl
10:53 kados g'morning #koha
11:03 nengard interesting discussion which includes Koha:[…]rary-catalog.html
11:05 kados interesting
11:05 kados more incentive to get that windows installer working :-)
11:17 nengard hey kados! where are you today?
11:19 kados nengard: Boston
11:20 nengard kados okay - so still in the US
11:36 hdl hi
11:41 nengard hi
11:50 nengard hi all - manual question - do we have rss feeds for anything other than the search results page?
11:50 nengard another rss question: how do you get the RSS feed if you're in IE 6?

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