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13:18 owen Hi bchurch
13:18 bchurch hi owen
13:19 bchurch where are ou located
13:20 owen Ohio. I'm with the Nelsonville Public Library
13:20 bchurch owen: I'm in Waterloo, Ontario
13:21 nengard regarding authoritied in Koha "the library can opt into the auto-detection of authority records when a record is saved." does this mean when you save a cataloging record? or the authority record? or both?
13:25 hdl nengard: biblio record
13:25 nengard thanks hdl - that's what i thought - but who knows ;) hehe
13:26 hdl Since I knew, I could answer you ;)
13:43 nengard "Hi Nicole, do you know the "last seen" field in the item record does?" -- I don't have an answer - anyone know?
13:45 paul I know the answer to this one ;-)
13:45 paul it's the last date where the item has been seen in the library (checked in / checked out / inventoried)
13:46 nengard thanks paul
14:09 bchurch How do you transfer catalog records from the reservoir into the main catalog?  The record has been imported but there is still an identical record in the reservoir.
14:10 hdl bchurch: try to use managed staged import page in tools.
14:25 gmcharlt actually, that won't work for a record that's been brought into reservoir via Z39.50
14:25 gmcharlt such records currently just live in the reservoir unless they're manually deleted using SQL
14:28 MatthewMetzger Hello. I am trying to switch to zebra indexing. When I ran " -b", I got several "Premature end of data in tag [subfield][datafield]" types of errors. Should I be concerned about this?
14:29 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: it means that some bib records had problems during character conversion
14:29 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: only the records listed are affected, the rest should be indexed OK
14:30 gmcharlt how many of these errors did you get?
14:31 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: just a couple, maybe three or four. I'll have to check.
14:33 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: I think that there are only two, but that each of these records has more than one problem. Is "problem with :5957" what I'm looking for?
14:33 gmcharlt not sure, haven't seen that particular message, but I assume so
14:35 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: okay. I think there's just two records. I'm assuming that if I don't fix them that they will not be indexed in zebra. Do you have any suggested documentation on how to fix these records so that they can be indexed by zebra?
14:37 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: not as such.  my suggestion is to identify them, delete them using SQL, and reload them (make sure you're running at least beta2 first)
14:37 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: other ways are posssible, but some code would have to be written
14:37 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: by "reload" I assume entering these records again through the admin interface.
14:38 gmcharlt yes
14:38 MatthewMetzger okay. I think I can figure that out :) thanks for your help.
14:38 gmcharlt you're welcome
15:33 MatthewMetzger Hello again.
15:34 MatthewMetzger I removed those bibs and the indexing went better. However, at the end there are some messages about log, warn, and fatal.
15:34 MatthewMetzger I'll post them here as it is not that many lines.
15:34 MatthewMetzger 10:33:25-02/05 zebraidx(16878) [log] zebra_start 2.0.24 /home/zebradbs/biblios/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg
15:34 MatthewMetzger 10:33:25-02/05 zebraidx(16878) [warn] Cannot open `/home/zebradbs/biblios/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg' [No such file or directory]
15:34 MatthewMetzger 10:33:25-02/05 zebraidx(16878) [fatal] Cannot read config /home/zebradbs/biblios/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg
15:34 MatthewMetzger 10:33:25-02/05 zebraidx(16879) [log] zebra_start 2.0.24 /home/zebradbs/biblios/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg
15:34 MatthewMetzger 10:33:25-02/05 zebraidx(16879) [warn] Cannot open `/home/zebradbs/biblios/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg' [No such file or directory]
15:34 MatthewMetzger 10:33:25-02/05 zebraidx(16879) [fatal] Cannot read config /home/zebradbs/biblios/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg
15:35 MatthewMetzger my koha.xml must be wrong?
15:41 MatthewMetzger I haven't set up a zebradbs user. It looks like that is the problem from that path error. I'll interface with google for a while....
15:43 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: yes, I too suspect something in your koha-conf.xml
15:44 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: Do I have to set up a zebradbs user in order to use zebra? I didn't think so.
15:44 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: no, you don't
15:44 MatthewMetzger okay. Thanks.
15:44 gmcharlt the OS user you're using for koha will work
15:44 hdl MatthewMetzger: you may have to change permissions and user access to zebra directory though.
15:45 hdl change things accordingly to your koha-conf.xml
15:46 MatthewMetzger hdl: Okay. It looks like I'm on the right track now. :)
16:23 MatthewMetzger okay. I think that I did everything correctly. -b runs without any fatal errors now from the koha user. However, search does not work from the opac or the admin.
16:23 MatthewMetzger I have one warning from -b - 11:18:10-02/05 zebraidx(17182) [warn] No such record type: grs.marcxml.record
16:24 MatthewMetzger I googled the error and came up empty.
16:26 MatthewMetzger Well, I'm off to lunch for a half hour or so. I'll come back to this after lunch...
16:33 hdl MatthewMetzger: seems that either cfg donot have the good path to modules or you have not installed grs.marcxml libraries for zebra.
18:53 MatthewMetzger hdl: are the grs.marcxml libraries included in[…]bra-2.0.28.tar.gz ?
19:03 MatthewMetzger I installed idzebra-2.0.28 from source but still get this error: [warn] No such record type: grs.marcxml.record
19:50 kados hey Danny
19:51 Danny hey
19:51 gmcharlt hi Danny
19:52 atz greets Danny
19:52 kados Danny:
19:52 kados Danny: that's a web-based view of the version control system
19:52 kados Danny: you might enjoy browsing
19:52 kados owen: you around?
19:52 Danny ok let me take a look
19:53 owen Yes
19:53 kados owen: meet Danny from Howard County
19:53 kados Danny is a web designer
19:53 owen Hi Danny
19:53 kados Danny: hope that's your oficial title ... or did I get it wrong
19:53 Danny hi Owen
19:54 Danny ah close enough, I think offically it is web programmer
19:55 Danny nice to meet you all and thanks for inviting me here
19:56 kados owen: so as we suspected, Danny wants the blue background and the rounded corners like the HCL site
19:57 kados I suspect the cleanest wy to accomplish that will be to add in whatever new class or ids we need to the existing markup, rather than have HCL create a customized set of templates
19:57 kados owen: do you agree?
19:58 owen Tentatively :)
19:58 kados hehe
19:58 kados pending proposed changes I suppose
19:58 owen It it means a /lot/ of markup changes I'm going to be hesitant
19:59 kados right
19:59 owen But we do need flexibility.
19:59 owen Danny, what are your browser requirements?
19:59 Danny it would mean adding a quite  a few extra divs, that I suppose most people wouldn't use
20:01 kados Danny: on '' ... I notice a few horizontal lines, one of the left-bottom and two on the right (one near the top and one near the bottom) of the lower two-panel section of the site
20:01 kados Danny: are those lines part of the design?
20:01 Danny well trying to make it work on as many as possible, however I primarly test with Firefox and IE7
20:02 Danny kados: those are part of the design for the front page only
20:04 kados gotcha
20:04 kados
20:04 kados there's a good place to work from to model the results page I think
20:05 kados with facets being equivilent to the Special Services, etc.
20:05 Danny yes exactly
20:06 owen Danny, how do you feel about javascript-driven rounded corners?
20:08 Danny I played with nifty corners a bit, the problem is I couldn't get the effect I wanted
20:08 Danny with the inner shadow
20:11 owen Hmmm... I like the idea of js corners because it's less markup to change. But I don't like the fact that it requires javascript and that there can be a delay in the effect appearing
20:11 owen But I'm inclined to think it might be worth pursuing further. How do you feel about that?
20:12 kados Danny: so your current design is a sliding doors one?
20:13 Danny owen: ah I understand what you were asking, I prefer the css over javascript because of those downsides you mentioned, my way around that was that I just call a php function openTable();
20:13 Danny owen: and that takes care of the markup
20:14 Danny kados: what do you mean by sliding doors design?
20:14 kados Danny: basically, modeled off of something like this:
20:14 kados where it expands as needed
20:14 kados based on the surrounding text size
20:15 Danny right
20:30 Danny have a good evening and great weekend everyone
20:30 Danny I am heading out for today, but I'll definitely joining more frequently, thanks
21:00 atz hrm... rain has the power around here going in/out
21:27 kados athens is rain-free so far
21:27 kados wonder if it's headed our way

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