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12:41 owen Whassup, #koha?
12:41 paul_ hello owen. quite channel today. It's May 1st, nobody's working I think ;-)
12:41 paul_ (at least in france, it's the case)
12:42 owen Ah, May Day. Nope, American's don't get a holiday.
12:42 paul this year, it's may day + "ascension" (dunno the word in english. when jesus goes back to heaven)
12:42 paul so it's double holiday here ;-)
12:43 owen Ascension is the same in English
12:45 owen ...although it's not a celebrated day in America as far as I know
12:45 owen (not like Easter, for instance)
12:46 paul in France, every occasion is an occasion for having a holiday.
12:46 owen I like the sound of that :)
12:48 paul YESS... Lord is great ! I think i've solved my problem...
12:49 paul thanks ( & thx the MarcToUTF8Record() sub)
13:50 gmcharlt greetings, #koha
13:50 owen Hi gmcharlt
14:05 fbcit g'morn #koha
14:07 gmcharlt hi fbcit
14:52 kados hdl, paul around?
14:53 paul it's may day + ascension, not sure hdl is working today
14:53 paul but I am ;-)
14:53 kados hehe
14:53 kados paul:[…]?q=it&format=rss2
14:53 kados paul:[…]?q=it&format=atom
14:53 kados paul: this would replace both opensearch script in OPAC and ... is it OK ?
14:54 kados paul: (it's better as it uses the same search profile as, just a different template)
14:54 kados (and doesn't require saving to the disk)
14:54 paul i've seen rss was broken yesterday or so, I would say so it's OK to me
14:54 kados ok, I'll commit it later today
14:54 kados paul: may be a few translation strings
14:55 kados for the feed language
14:55 kados but only 4-5 I think
14:57 gmcharlt paul: I'm taking a quick look this morning at rectifying DB schema diffs between a new 3.0 DB and one that was upgraded from 2.2.  I may have a few questions for you later about particular tables
14:59 paul gmcharlt: OK
15:06 gmcharlt paul: ok,  first question about three tables: categorytable, mediatypetable, and subcategorytable
15:06 gmcharlt these are referenced in the 3.0 kohastruture.sql
15:06 gmcharlt and have (very broken) admin scripts to edit their values, but are not otherwise referenced at all
15:07 gmcharlt and don't appear in  2.2 or the 2.2 to 3.0 upgrade scripts
15:07 gmcharlt can these tables be removed?  if not, is there code in place from another branch to make them functional?
15:10 paul I asked the question on koha-devel a long time ago...
15:13 paul no answers if I don't mind. So I say : it's OK to remove them.
15:14 gmcharlt ok, thanks
15:24 paul kados : 2 small bugfixes in patches mailbox
15:29 kados paul: k
15:40 paul owen around ?
15:41 owen yes
15:41 paul translator complaints about authorised_values.tmpl, line 180. It's written :
15:41 paul <td><img src="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="imageurl" -->"</img></td>
15:41 paul should it be written :
15:41 paul <td><img src="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="imageurl" -->"></img></td>
15:41 paul <td><img src="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="imageurl" -->"/></td>
15:41 paul ?
15:42 owen <td><img src="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="imageurl" -->" alt="" /></td>
15:42 paul OK, I fix it. thx
15:49 paul could someone explain to me what is "Content cafe" (dunno how to translate that. I've found it's related to B&T, but if someone could explain a little bit more...
15:50 kados paul: I think it's just Content cafe in French too, it's a product name
15:55 paul 260 strings to translate or validate in french staff client.
16:00 paul owen : http://o18.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]?biblionumber=323
16:00 paul previously, on top/left, there was the LibraryName.
16:01 paul now there is the localmenu, that is doubled (as it's just below the main blue line)
16:01 paul is it a mistake or something wanted ?
16:02 owen It looks like you have the "Portail dracénie" link in the opacheader system preference as well as the OpacNav one
16:02 paul mmm... you're right. It's strange. Thanks
16:22 paul could someone tell me what "" does ?
16:31 gmcharlt paul: it's a report of items on reserve, and how many copies of items are available vs. how many are on reserve
16:31 gmcharlt it's meant to be a signal as to whether you should buy more of particularly title so that the people who've reserved it aren't waiting forever
16:31 paul it's a stat or a list ?
16:31 gmcharlt a list
16:39 paul in, there is a "dropbox mode" string. What is it related to ?
16:39 kados paul: it changes the date due on the books in caes like holidays
16:40 kados or ... rather, just every night I think
16:40 kados ie, the book was due on may 30, but the library closed at 9pm, and I dropped it off at 9:30pm
16:40 kados in this case, it's not overdue
16:40 kados and no fine acrusses
16:41 kados which is different if I bring it in on may 31 at 9am
16:41 kados in that case there could be a fine
16:41 kados that's my understanding of it anyway
07:30 frederic hello
07:35 hdl hello

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