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12:25 owen Hi all
12:26 paul hi owen
12:26 fbcit hi owen && paul
12:29 nengard hi all
12:34 hdl hi all
12:51 fbcit labels et al in 074 seems to work fine here
12:51 fbcit kados ?
12:58 atz fbcit: i submitted 4 patches in the past several days to fix conspicuous bugs w/ labels
12:58 atz not sure how long they were there, but our clients definitely noticed
13:00 fbcit atz: have you read the post to koha-devel this morning
13:01 atz yep, none of my patches are pushed up, afaik
13:01 atz so everybody else is getting the broken version
13:01 atz it's crappy code
13:01 atz pretty much everything was
13:02 atz somebody started passing a template variable NAME="TYPE"
13:02 atz but that doesn't jive, since we already reserve TYPE for opac vs. intranet
13:03 atz so then CGI args got passed   &type=intranet
13:03 atz and the script use that to specify what table to insert on
13:03 atz roundly bad ideas at each step
13:04 atz since there is only one labels table, the selectivity idea didn't even make sense for me
13:04 atz might be related to dev. that ryan is doing for patron-based (not item-based) labels/cards
13:05 atz but I didn't hear back from him re: that
13:06 fbcit I'm guilty of introducing the TYPE issue due to ignorance on it being a reserved param
13:07 fbcit I can't speak for the patron-based card stuff, but I also introduced code to generate patron cards
13:09 fbcit unfortunately the existing labels code/db design was so poor, it has come to the point where it seems to make more sense to start over and build two separate tools for labels and patron cards
13:09 atz fbcit: very true
13:10 atz I just typed similar words in an email back to the list :)
13:14 atz i don't think anybody that's looked at the labels code is a fan of the labels code
13:19 atz I ticketed a couple recently that I didn't fix
13:19 atz couple *bugs
13:25 fbcit we should also go back to PDF::API2 imo
13:27 Vanzetti hi
13:27 atz aren't we already using it/
13:27 atz ?
13:27 atz hello Vanzetti
13:28 Vanzetti I'm trying to install koha, but I have a problem : not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1, column 8, byte 8 at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.​8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi/XML/ line 187
13:28 Vanzetti The install script doesn't go "well"
13:28 atz what version of koha?
13:28 Vanzetti hmm 2.3 I think
13:28 Vanzetti yes 2.3
13:28 atz i don't think i can help you w/ that one
13:28 Vanzetti atz: which one do you use ?
13:29 atz I work on the 3.0 development
13:29 Vanzetti it works well ?
13:29 atz not quite stabilized yet, causing much concern here.
13:30 atz but several of us in the US and Europe are supporting clients on it
13:30 fbcit atz: we use PDF::Reuse and P::R::Barcode iirc
13:31 Vanzetti atz: where can I get it ?
13:33 Vanzetti atz: does it exists some documentation to set it up ?
13:33 atz yes the documentation is thorough
13:34 Vanzetti any url ?
13:34 atz the best option is to use git, so that you can hack koha for your purposes and still apply updates
13:35 atz git clone git:// kohaclone
13:35 atz (git is the version control system used by the linux kernel hackers)
13:35 atz otherwise:
13:35 Vanzetti yes I know git :)
13:35 Vanzetti thank you :)
13:35 Vanzetti atz: where are you from ?
13:36 atz The middle of Ohio (US)
13:36 paul and you Vanzetti ?
13:36 Vanzetti France
13:36 paul comme moi en quelque sorte !
13:36 Vanzetti I'm working for the "" project
13:36 paul french channel on #koha-fr ;-)
13:36 Vanzetti ok thank you paul
13:37 atz paul is one of the several talented bilingual Frenchman around here
13:38 Vanzetti cool
13:39 atz Vanzetti: for docs see the INSTALL.debian file
13:40 Vanzetti the server I want to install koha is not under debian :)
13:40 Vanzetti RHEL4
13:40 Vanzetti (baaaad;))
13:41 atz it should be similar... the main snag might be zebra
13:41 Vanzetti ok
13:43 atz i believe we've seen some people running on redhat...
13:47 Vanzetti Well i think it's not really complicated, they're all linuxes
13:48 paul because it can be a nightmare... trully
13:53 atz indexdata says they have tested zebra on redhat, so it should be possile
13:54 paul I installed koha on a RH server recently, it was a 64bits, and it was hard...
14:06 kados Vanzetti: no-one in the community is using RHEL4, so why do you expect us to produce a manual for redhat? We're overloaded as it is with what little resources we have
14:06 kados Vanzetti: if you think there should be a redhat manual you are welcome to contribute it and we'd welcome it of course
14:08 paul hi kados. Vanzetti didn't request a RHEL manual.
14:08 paul and someone already wrote one in french.
14:08 paul more an "install notes" than a manual, but it's available
14:08 paul (it's lyon2, who invites us in june)
14:08 kados paul: can you send it to me? I will add it to INSTALL.redhat
14:09 kados paul: sorry, I may have confused Vanzetti with the guy from NZ asking for the same thing
14:09 paul nope, Vanzetti is a frenchie ;-)
14:09 paul kados : the doc is here (in french) :[…]a3-alpha-fedora-7
14:10 kados thanks
14:10 kados oh, it's quite long
14:10 kados and a PDF :/
14:10 paul yep
14:11 paul and in french
14:11 kados paul: can you get a OOo version? or plain text?
14:12 kados (this is another reason we should allow people to add to ... we won't have so much distributed documentation)
14:13 paul mail sent, you're cc
14:14 nengard documentation in one place++
14:14 paul some news of the plone contest ?
14:16 kados paul: nope, no news, it has been killed on the mailing list unfortunately
14:16 paul ???
14:16 kados I hope to revisit it soon
14:18 nengard kados and paul my suggestion is to set the site up with highest voted template and then have another design contest - that way we have the content up there and running!  we can worry about look and feel later - just my opinion
14:18 kados nengard: good idea
14:19 nengard kados i think i sent that as a reply to the list
14:19 kados nengard: I'll talk to clay (our new sysadmin) today to see what kind of timeline we can aim for
14:19 owen Or we can just secretly tweak the design in little bits until we all like it :)
14:19 kados owen: *nod*
14:19 nengard owen++
14:19 paul the problem with your solution nengard, is the reward.
14:19 nengard paul - there was a reward?? I didn't know that!
14:20 paul if we use one, you'll have to pay the reward. And if it's just for 1 or 2 months, it's a shame
14:20 nengard now i see the problem
14:20 kados maybe we can retain the reward until they fix the style how we want it?
14:20 paul maybe we could ask.
14:20 kados paul: some news about my travel ... unfortunately it will be quite brief in France at the end
14:20 kados I have been invited to talk in St. Petersburg earlier that week
14:21 kados paul: I've just sent you my itinerary overview
14:22 paul retain the reward: maybe a good idea, because i don't  think the job is worth USD2500. (at least, the guys working on that didn't spend 2 or 3 days I think)
14:22 kados paul: but I arrive in paris on 11 June ... so perhaps we could plan to meet then if you and/or hdl want to meet up
14:22 kados (after that I will go to visit Regula in Switzerland and take a holiday)
14:23 Vanzetti kados: firstly I have to install it successfully
14:23 kados Vanzetti: *nod*
14:23 kados Vanzetti: did you see[…]a3-alpha-fedora-7
14:23 kados ?
14:23 hdl kados : install notes on Fedora 7 was sent to you a month ago.
14:24 kados hdl: really?
14:24 kados hdl: sorry, I must have missed it
14:24 kados hdl: lets create INSTALL.fedora7
14:24 Vanzetti kados: no i go to see it
14:25 kados and maybe Vanzetti can create INSTALL.rhel
14:26 kados hdl: i don't see any email on install notes
14:26 kados hdl: sorry :/
14:26 paul I could write a INSTALL.mandriva I think (I already have some lines)
14:26 Vanzetti maybe, who knows
14:26 Vanzetti firstly I have to install it
14:26 kados paul++
14:26 paul I just have problem with daemon
14:26 kados paul: i think we are finding the zebra daemon is deprecated
14:26 kados paul: we favor -z
14:26 paul that is unknown command for mandriva, and I couldn't find how to get it.
14:27 kados oops, zebraqueue daemon
14:27 kados zebra daemon still lives
14:27 paul yep.
14:27 Vanzetti but our redhat install is like a LFS install
14:27 Vanzetti we just have the kernel that is redhat, and some useless packages
14:30 kados *nod*
14:42 owen By the way, nengard, system pref names and descriptions are not template issues. Those values are stored in the database.
14:43 owen Changing them requires modifications to the scripts which modify the database
14:43 kados yea, we should probably store all the changes we want to make there in one place so it can be done with one database upgrade
14:49 nengard owen - it wasn't the sys pref name that was a problem - it was the descriptions of the pref - it was referencing a system pref that didn't exist anymore ;)
14:49 nengard owen - oh!!
14:49 nengard sorry just was that descriptions were included in that
14:49 nengard okay
14:50 kados nengard: descriptions are also in the DB currently
14:50 nengard got it
14:52 Vanzetti
14:52 Vanzetti any idea ? :)
14:53 kados Vanzetti: maybe join #code4lib on freenode and ask there ... or join perl4lib list and ask there
14:54 Vanzetti ok
16:06 hdl bon apetit
17:02 mc ?
17:02 mc a 18h ?
17:02 mc vous mangez vachement tot
17:03 mc oopps ... i thought i'm on #koha-fr
18:17 gmcharlt owen: we managed to refrain from talking about you ;-)
18:17 owen *whew*

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