IRC log for #koha, 2008-04-05

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11:40 arsenic good morning!
11:51 fbcit morning #koha
12:14 fbcit kados around?
12:27 nengard morning fbcit - doesn't look that way
12:28 fbcit g'morning nengard
12:28 fbcit he must be looking for the coffee pot still :)
12:36 arsenic Hi!  I'm currently having some performance issues with the beta I just installed.  For example, going from the opac main page to the advanced search is extremly slow. I'm wondering if someone already had this kind of problem.
12:49 fbcit arsenic: I have some opac speed issues, but they appear to be local
12:49 arsenic Are those issues recent?
12:50 fbcit try it here:
12:50 fbcit arsenic: I'm running the latest HEAD
12:51 arsenic it's accually faster than mine...
12:51 fbcit it may have to do with mysql tuning
12:51 fbcit I've not had time to look into it here, but it is on the list :)
12:52 fbcit arsenic: wow! that is slow :(
12:53 fbcit arsenic: but then, my opac is just about as slow
12:53 arsenic I'm clueless about what can be the problem.
12:53 fbcit
12:55 arsenic I get a Connection time out.
12:55 fbcit arsenic: I have to run, but there needs to be a wiki entry once we find the fix
12:56 fbcit hrmm..
12:56 fbcit I'll have to check and make sure that url is still good
12:56 fbcit bbiab
14:02 arsenic Did someone receive the mail I sent on koha-devel about the itemtype?
14:03 arsenic I received a message from the server telling me that the message was unprocessed...?!?
14:03 atz arsenic: lists have been moved recently
14:03 atz from nongnu to
14:05 arsenic The message i got was from, so i guess this is the right list.
14:07 arsenic atz: I guess that you didn't get the message...
14:09 atz i don't think I rec'd it
15:29 fbcit hello atz
15:30 atz greets
15:36 paul hello US ppl
15:39 gmcharlt hi paul
15:40 paul hi gmcharlt
15:44 fbcit hi paul && gmcharlt
15:44 gmcharlt hi fbcit
15:44 fbcit gmcharlt: I seem to have an issue with authentication of a user in koha
15:45 fbcit recently I accidentally deleted a librarian's account
15:45 fbcit I recreated it after the discovery
15:45 fbcit now koha appears not to allow that user to log in
15:45 fbcit always giving an "unauthorized user" message and the option to log out
15:46 gmcharlt what user permissions are set?
15:46 fbcit duhhh
15:46 fbcit man, I feel stupid
15:46 fbcit none
15:46 atz "it's almost like they have no permissions set!"
15:46 atz :)
15:47 gmcharlt fbcit: don't worry - I *like* easy questions on occassion ;-)
15:47 fbcit it would be ok if they were all that easy to fix hey?
15:47 paul for sure !
15:47 gmcharlt indeed
16:16 arsenic Which install mode is the more stable? or more tested? standard, single or dev?
16:23 gmcharlt standard and dev
16:25 arsenic ok.  Can someone tell me why I did install the <single> one... :)
16:54 fbcit any thoughts on what might be causing this line in koha-error_log:
16:54 fbcit File does not exist: /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/opac-tmpl, referer: http://biblios.campus.foundati[…]pl?biblionumber=8
16:55 fbcit or this
16:55 fbcit File does not exist: /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/opac-tmpl, referer: http://biblios.campus.foundati[…]?borrowernumber=3
16:55 fbcit it appears someone is looking in the wrong htdocs dir for something
17:18 arsenic fbcit: I also had this error with my version.  I didn't have time to look at it though, too busy looking why my is so slow...
17:23 gmcharlt fbcit: the script may be using opacdir where it should be using opachtdocs (or vice versa)
17:31 arsenic which version of apache are you running?
17:38 qiqo hi, any date yet for rC?
17:41 kados qiqo: beta2 should be out today
17:41 qiqo cool!
17:41 qiqo love you guys
17:41 qiqo and any progress with windows?
17:41 qiqo well, i have a win2k3 license that i dont wanna lose
17:41 kados qiqo: you'd have to ask fbcit, I suspect not yut, but it's not too far off
17:42 qiqo cool
17:42 qiqo :)
17:42 qiqo im so excited
17:46 qiqo hi arsenic what's the ping for?
18:10 fbcit gmcharlt: yea, I figured that, but can't seem to locate the offending code :\
18:11 fbcit arsenic: apache 2.2.3
18:23 arsenic Anybody knows some tools to help me figuring out why the version of koha I installed is SOOOO slow?
18:25 qiqo which one is it?
18:25 qiqo i am also experiencing that
18:25 qiqo that's why i uninstalled first
18:26 arsenic qiqo:
18:26 atz qiqo: zebra or nozebra?  koha version?
18:27 qiqo zebra
18:27 kados wow, it is slow
18:27 qiqo im using dual xeon
18:27 kados looks like maybe an apache problem?
18:27 qiqo 2.0 GHz 2GB DDR
18:28 fbcit kados: seems to be the same symptoms I complained about several days ago
18:28 kados fbcit: yea
18:28 fbcit maybe apache or maybe mysql tuning?
18:28 kados qiqo: what platform? debian?
18:28 qiqo yup
18:28 qiqo etch
18:29 kados I see you're pulling yahoo content from your local server, rather than yahoo
18:29 kados I wonder if that's part of it
18:29 arsenic kados... oh... and how can i change this?
18:30 kados arsenic: it's a syspref, search for 'yahoo' in system preference, or yui
18:30 fbcit kados: is the install @ on debian and installed per INSTALL.debian?
18:31 kados fbcit: yep, it's a 'single' install
18:31 kados fbcit: and it's running on a VM with 100 Gigs of disk space, and 2 gigs of ram, and I've got 1.5 million bibs loaded, and about 2 million items
18:31 qiqo i only have 200 test items
18:32 kados and no myqsl or apache tuning
18:32 atz fbcit: just do some benchmarking... like a basic command line mysql query
18:33 fbcit I have 1GB ram and top shows no swapping
18:33 qiqo nrn
18:34 kados you can benchmark the scripts directly from the command line
18:35 kados cgi will even let you pass in the cgi params for things like searching
18:35 kados and use the 'time' utility on linux to see how long, and dprofd to do proper benchmarking
18:35 kados something like:
18:36 kados time perl -I /build/koha findborrower=0054259
18:36 kados perl -d:DProf -I /build/koha findborrower=0054259 tmon.out
18:36 kados dprofpp  -v > dprof.txt
18:36 kados fbcit: can you run that on and (substitute q=someterm)
18:36 fbcit I'll give it a whirl
18:37 atz you'll need to export proper KOHA_CONF (and possibly other?) env vars for most stuff to run
18:45 arsenic kados: there is a big difference... thanks... should be the default?
18:47 kados arsenic: I think so, yes, but others disagree
18:47 kados arsenic: you can post your success to koha-devel and vote to have yui be the default
18:47 fbcit kados: what happens with that setting when inet traffic is congested or down?
18:47 kados fbcit: it's cached in the browser
18:47 fbcit biblios:~# time perl -I /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin​/opac/
18:48 fbcit has been running for over 2 min now
18:48 kados yikes
18:48 kados kill it
18:48 kados do the others, they will give you more accurate info
18:48 kados time just gives you the hi-level overview
18:50 fbcit Can't open perl script "tmon.out": No such file or directory
18:50 fbcit kados:do I need to pipe it to tmon.out or what?
18:51 kados time perl -I /build/koha findborrower=0054259
18:51 kados perl -d:DProf -I /build/koha findborrower=0054259 tmon.out
18:51 kados dprofpp  -v > dprof.txt
18:51 fbcit on a single line?
18:51 kados no
18:51 kados three lines
18:51 fbcit ahh
18:51 kados oops
18:51 fbcit no
18:51 kados forget the first one
18:51 fbcit acutally
18:51 fbcit biblios:~# perl -d:DProf -I /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin​/opac/ tmon.out
18:51 fbcit Can't open perl script "tmon.out": No such file or directory
18:51 kados I could have it wrong, this was in my scratchpad
18:52 kados ahh
18:52 fbcit actually alos
18:52 fbcit also
18:52 kados ahh, i see
18:52 kados drop the -I
18:52 kados or do -I /path/to/C4
18:52 kados sorry
18:53 fbcit biblios:~# perl -d:DProf /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin​/opac/ tmon.out
18:53 fbcit Can't open perl script "/usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/​opac/": No such file or directory
18:53 fbcit which is not true
18:53 kados yea, that syntax won't work
18:53 kados time perl -I /build/koha findborrower=0054259
18:53 kados perl -d:DProf -I /build/koha findborrower=0054259 tmon.out
18:53 kados dprofpp  -v > dprof.txt
18:53 kados so what you want is:
18:53 kados perl -d:DProf /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ q=history tmon.out
18:54 kados no ?
18:54 fbcit that works, but dprof.txt is empty
18:54 fbcit that search should return at least 3 results
18:54 fbcit it does in opac
18:55 kados just a sec, lemme try
18:56 kados opac-search you mean, right?
18:56 fbcit right
18:56 fbcit opps
18:57 fbcit gives an empty dprof.txt as well
19:00 kados perl -I -d:DProf opac/ q=harry
19:01 kados (from within the kohaclone repo on a dev install)
19:01 kados dprofpp  -v > dprof.txt
19:01 kados Total Elapsed Time = 0.057885 Seconds User+System Time = 0.047885 Seconds
19:01 kados Exclusive Times
19:01 kados and a bunch of stuff
19:01 kados top five are:
19:01 kados %Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c  Name 20.8   0.010  0.010      1   0.0100 0.0098  Carp::shortmess 62.6   0.030  0.038     13   0.0023 0.0029  C4::Context::BEGIN 20.8   0.010  0.010      5   0.0020 0.0020  IO::Seekable::BEGIN 0.00   0.000  0.000      1   0.0000 0.0000  Exporter::Heavy::heavy_export_ok_t
19:01 kados that didn't paste well
19:02 kados but basically, it looks like Carp is taking up a lot of time :-)
19:03 fbcit dprofpp -u -p /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac q=history
19:03 fbcit produces no output either
19:03 kados weird
19:03 kados 20.8   0.010  0.010      1   0.0100 0.0098  Carp::shortmess <- 20% is a lot
19:03 atz fbcit: do you maybe have some koha files w/ a different owner or permissions?
19:04 fbcit koha:koha afaict
19:04 kados for the opac search
19:06 fbcit atz: maybe not
19:07 fbcit I chown'd a few from root:root to koha:koha that were incorrect, but still no joy
19:08 kados fbcit: echo KOHA_CONF && echo PERL5LIB (verify koha's modules C4 are in the path)
19:09 fbcit biblios:~# echo $KOHA_CONF && echo $PERL5LIB
19:09 fbcit /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
19:09 fbcit /usr/share/koha/lib
19:10 kados :(
19:10 fbcit me too
19:11 fbcit my install is a 'standard' on debian via INSTALL.debian
19:11 kados I don't think that should make any diff
19:12 kados so long as it can find the script and modules it should work
19:12 kados can you paste in the whole thing again?
19:12 fbcit which?
19:12 kados try this:
19:13 kados perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib -d:DProf /path/to/ q=harry
19:13 kados then in the same dir, do:
19:13 kados dprofpp  -v > dprof.txt
19:14 kados any volunteers to test koha-3.00.00-beta2 before I announce it to the world?
19:14 fbcit ahh
19:14 fbcit biblios:~# cat dprof.txt
19:14 fbcit Total Elapsed Time = 0.913590 Seconds
19:14 fbcit  User+System Time = 0.683590 Seconds
19:14 fbcit Exclusive Times
19:14 fbcit %Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c  Name
19:14 fbcit 4.24   0.029  0.081      1   0.0291 0.0808  C4::Search::getRecords
19:14 fbcit 2.93   0.020  0.029      1   0.0199 0.0289  DBI::install_driver
19:15 fbcit 21.9   0.150  0.565      8   0.0187 0.0707  C4::Overdues::BEGIN
19:15 kados wow!
19:15 fbcit 26.3   0.180  0.180     17   0.0106 0.0106  utf8::SWASHNEW
19:15 fbcit 1.46   0.010  0.010      1   0.0100 0.0100  CGITempFile::find_tempdir
19:15 fbcit 1.46   0.010  0.010      1   0.0100 0.0100  utf8::AUTOLOAD
19:15 fbcit 1.46   0.010  0.010      1   0.0100 0.0100  XML::LibXML::bootstrap
19:15 fbcit 1.46   0.010  0.010      1   0.0100 0.0100  C4::Biblio::_get_inverted_marc_fie
19:15 fbcit                                             ld_map
19:15 fbcit 8.78   0.060  0.075      6   0.0099 0.0126  XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser::BEGIN
19:15 fbcit 1.46   0.010  0.010      1   0.0099 0.0097  ZOOM::Query::CCL2RPN::new
19:15 fbcit 1.46   0.010  0.019      1   0.0099 0.0195  C4::Output::gettemplate
19:15 kados Overdues?
19:15 fbcit 1.46   0.010  0.009      1   0.0098 0.0087  CGI::Session::load
19:15 fbcit 14.3   0.098  0.163     14   0.0070 0.0116  C4::Context::BEGIN
19:15 fbcit 2.93   0.020  0.020      3   0.0066 0.0066  vars::BEGIN
19:15 fbcit 5.85   0.040  0.046      6   0.0066 0.0077  C4::Heading::BEGIN
19:15 fbcit biblios:~#
19:15 fbcit look @ utf8
19:15 kados yea
19:15 atz is that the right XML ?
19:16 kados yea
19:16 kados XML::LibXML is the right one, Expat and PurePerl are baddnes
19:16 kados ses
19:17 fbcit so any obvious issues?
19:17 kados I don't see any
19:17 fbcit apache is suspect then?
19:17 kados yea, and maybe yui
19:17 fbcit lemme switch to the web version
19:18 kados I think what happens is that apache can't serve up all tha yui stuff fast enough, and it's also not telling the browser to cache it
19:18 kados we could probably come up with some fu for apache to tell browsers to cache that yui stuff and not pull it down every time
19:18 fbcit caching in general needs some work I think
19:19 fbcit what is the proper URL for yui?
19:19 atz kados: yeah, simple apache directives
19:20 fbcit I think we -no-cache everything in don't we?
19:20 arsenic fbcit,
19:20 atz fbcit: this shouldn't use any C4 anything
19:20 atz it would just be a static apache operation
19:21 kados yea, these are just pages being served up staticly
19:21 fbcit wow!
19:21 fbcit buttons appear that I have never seen before
19:21 fbcit amazin
19:21 fbcit g
19:22 kados ?
19:22 fbcit not only faster, but it has more features as well
19:22 fbcit faster++
19:22 kados OK, so it is YUI then
19:22 kados or apache serving up YUI content at least
19:22 fbcit you would not believe it w/o seeing it
19:23 fbcit the difference is truly incredible
19:23 kados I'd bet the farm it's cacheing :-)
19:23 kados (not that I have a farm per se)
19:23 fbcit hehe
19:23 kados hehe
19:23 kados ok, so now you get to email the list too, and complain about those who complained about grabbing from yahoo :-)
19:24 fbcit heh
19:24 chris heh
19:24 fbcit complain--
19:24 chris its only fast for ppl near the cache
19:24 fbcit ;-)
19:24 kados chris: the cache happens inside the browser ;-)
19:24 fbcit yea, the other issue really should be fixed
19:24 chris still slow as hell from nz
19:24 arsenic Here a tool that I just discovered.  It's a firefix extension called Firebug.  It's quite interesting.  It shows you each element of your web page and tells you how long it takes to load it.
19:24 chris fetching from yahoo that is
19:25 gmcharlt firebug++
19:25 fbcit so how difficult is it to make apache cache the local yui content?
19:25 arsenic Nice feature also... it let you change the css and view the result in real time in your browser...
19:25 chris well, its telling the browser to cache it that is the trick
19:25 chris and it shouldnt be hard
19:26 chris or you can play with mod_cache
19:26 chris or memcached
19:28 fbcit so if the header of the page contains a no-cache directive, how will apache tell the browser to cache the yui stuff?
19:29 chris if we are gonna send nocache headers
19:29 chris then we have to cache at the apache level
19:29 fbcit ahh
19:29 fbcit so that apache does not have to retrieve it from the disk every shot?
19:29 chris yep
19:30 fbcit the light begins to dawn, ever so faintly
19:30 fbcit I'm not much w/apache, sorry.
19:30 arsenic Kudos: in the beta release, the staff login page displays: Note: Log in with user: liblime and password: liblime
19:30 kados the nocache headers only affect the cgi-built page, none of the pages it refers too
19:30 kados arsenic: yep, fixing that now
19:31 fbcit kados: so css, inc, etc are not affected?
19:31 kados fbcit: correct
19:31 kados fbcit: they each have their own headers
19:31 kados fbcit: every file pulled down from the server has a header associated with it
19:32 fbcit it begins to make better sense now
19:32 kados and I doubt very much that we need to look at apache cacheing
19:32 kados serving up static pages is lightning fast
19:32 kados it's the browser cache that we need to focus on
19:32 kados so serving up headers for those other files that triggers browsers to not ask for them again
19:32 arsenic kados: Thanks.  I guess you are also taking care of the footer with the Powered by Liblime image
19:33 kados arsenic: yep
19:33 kados arsenic: as well as the lack of languages :-)
19:33 kados arsenic: and the famfamfam language
19:33 kados :)
19:33 arsenic hehe... :)
19:33 kados arsenic: you wanna test for me?
19:34 kados arsenic: I can send you the release in a couple minutes, you can verify it works, and I'll release it to the world
19:34 arsenic i'll be more than happy
19:34 kados arsenic: ok, i'll let you know in a sec
19:35 fbcit kados, et. al. tnx
19:35 chris we cache the css and js with memcache on th site im working on, apache only does a disklookup on the files when it starts .. it depends on how high usuage ur site is gonna be as to wether you want to do that
19:35 arsenic gmcharlt, did you have a look at the problem of the install directory not being set in the config files?
19:36 gmcharlt arsenic: not yet, but I'll get to it in the next day or so
19:37 arsenic ok, np.  Thanks
19:39 atz (a bit late)  firebug does a ton
19:40 kados arsenic:[…]0.00-beta2.tar.gz
19:40 kados arsenic: report any issues to me and I'll make sure to fix them before announcing the release
19:41 arsenic kados: I guess that it's better if I clean everything first...
19:42 kados arsenic: you can just do a make upgrade
19:42 kados arsenic: build with
19:43 kados perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
19:43 kados arsenic: koha-install-log is probably in misc dir
19:46 arsenic I was wondering why the tar was so long to uncompressed.  More languages, of course :)
19:47 arsenic BTW, what is happening with the design contest?
19:48 kados arsenic: there's been some recent activity, 3 submissions, and shoul dbe an announcement soon
19:48 kados (hopefully by Monday)
19:54 liz this is kind of a silly question, how does one configure receipt printers in Koha (and are they installed on the server or at the local workstation?)
19:55 arsenic kados: here my modificiation to make the perl Makefile.PL works.  Data::Dumper version required: 2.121 (instead of 2.12108 which i doubt it exists) and POSIX version 1.08 (instead of 1.09)
19:57 liz nvm rtfm
20:00 arsenic kados: does the YUI includes in each and every languages?
20:01 arsenic oups... included
20:01 gmcharlt arsenic: please submit bug and mention platform - Debian, for instace, does not complain about a POSIX 1.09 requirement
20:02 fbcit nick /fbcit-away
20:04 arsenic Anybody can teach me how to install a specific version of a perl module?
20:04 atz arsenic: download the tarball from cpan directly
20:05 arsenic POSIX is a good example. The latest version available is 1.13.  But I want to installl 1.09 (in that case)
20:05 atz there is supposedly another module, like VERSION::Exact or something, but I haven't used it
20:07 arsenic atz: where can i find those previous version (sorry for my ignorance)
20:08 kados arsenic: what? Makefile.PL doesn't work?
20:09 arsenic kados: not out of the box on my server
20:09 kados weird
20:09 arsenic CentOS 4.5, Perl 5.8.5, Apache 2.0.52
20:10 arsenic Actually, it complains about some perl module version that I mentionned earlier (Data::Dumper and POSIX)
20:10 atz i think you should have 5.8.8 perl
20:11 gmcharlt kados: what's the protocol for acknowledging things like GPL JQuery plugins  we add to source tree?
20:11 atz my brain is failing on why...
20:11 gmcharlt not seeing a spot for them in about.tmpl
20:12 kados gmcharlt: we could add a tab for it, Licenses maybe?
20:13 gmcharlt sounds good
20:19 arsenic kados: languages are ok in the webinstall
20:21 gmcharlt I claim db rev 068 in the name of Koha!
20:23 arsenic <Log in with user: liblime and password: liblime> is gone! and the footer <Power by liblime> gone too!
20:26 arsenic are there a suggested configuration for koha's prerequisite?  Ex: Apache, Perl, mySQL, ... if not, maybe we should write something about it.
20:27 arsenic kados: do you want me to check other specific element on the beta2?
20:28 kados arsenic: famfam is gone?
20:28 arsenic yep :)
20:28 kados cool
20:28 kados Ok, sounds good, I'll roll the release and email the list
20:28 kados arsenic: thanks!
20:29 arsenic I'll double check for the famfamfam... wait a sec.
20:30 arsenic I was overwhelmed by all the languages :)
20:30 kados hehe
20:30 kados so famfam is still present?
20:32 arsenic ok, no famfam
20:33 arsenic by the way, what was that?
20:33 liz lol I was wondering about that too
20:33 kados
20:33 kados famfamfam is an iconset
20:34 kados that opac now has all languages enabled, and the footer can't handle them all :-)
20:35 kados we'll have to bug owen about that before the stable release
20:39 arsenic what defines in which tab a system preference appears?
20:40 kados arsenic: it's currently hard-coded in the script admin/, but we'd like to make it more generic, and store that in the DB
20:40 arsenic ok... because I guess that YUI is missing.  I had to changed this direcly in my db... but I may have overlooked it
20:41 arsenic Oh, I got it.  Staff client.
20:48 arsenic How can we get an AWSAccessKeyID?
20:58 arsenic How Liblime manages the Amazon keys for its clients?  Are you using the same for all of your client of you require them to register at amazon?
20:59 atz arsenic: i think the idea was to get them their own keys
20:59 atz they are publicly available via the amazon developers page
21:00 atz arsenic: regarding tabs... i'd love to overhaul that someday... right now the hashing is backwards...
21:00 atz an entry can only show on 1 tab
21:05 kados 3.0 beta 2 is out!
21:05 arsenic YOUUHHOOO!
21:05 liz wewt grats
21:09 gmcharlt kados++
21:09 arsenic In my opac, the item type in the Normal view doesn't match the one in the opac.[…]pl?biblionumber=1
21:10 arsenic sorry, doesn't match the one in the MARC View
21:23 arsenic atz: ok for the amazon access key.  What about the AmazonAssocTag?
21:30 atz arsenic: the description should be a URL for signup
21:34 arsenic I agree.  I did found that its  I'll fill a bug about it
21:34 arsenic We could also have a wiki page for all Amazon information.
21:36 arsenic BTW, it would be nice if we could add other providers like that.  We have Chapters and Archambault here in Canada that provide the same type of services
21:46 kados laters all
21:46 kados have a good weekend!
22:01 atz arsenic: yeah, feel free to comment about them on my blog post, or just file for enhancement.... external images/reviews etc. is going to get slick and AJAXy
22:01 atz  (under the bacon donut)

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