IRC log for #koha, 2008-03-31

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Time S Nick Message
15:16 felipe__ Hello, I'm having trouble installing Date::Calc ,ZOOM, and NET::LDAP perl module, could someone help me?
19:23 chris morning
19:48 ryan hi chris
19:48 chris hey ryan, how did PLA go?
19:50 ryan very well!  loads of interest, sitting-on-the-floor-room-only presentations as I hear it
19:50 ryan I was lucky to get to stay in Athens :)
19:51 ryan haven't heard anything about the users' group mtgs yet
19:51 chris :) excellent, i see another consortia signed up too .. along with santa cruz .. you guys must be super busy
19:51 chris i saw something on someones myspace blog about the meetings, didnt say much just they went to one :)
19:53 chris im sure it will appear on nicoles blog at some point :)

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