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13:46 hdl hi america
13:46 hdl nengard are you around ?
13:48 nengard hdl i am now
13:49 nengard hdl i can't do private messages :( i'm trying to figure that out - i've lost my password - will open skype
14:04 hdl kados :
14:04 hdl Should I send a message on the lists to announce the new lists ?
14:05 hdl kados_ :
14:12 hdl hi gmcharlt
14:12 gmcharlt hi hdl
14:21 slef hi all... how's things?
14:23 owen Hi slef and everyone
14:27 hdl hi slef
14:29 slef do we have a handy guide to zebra care anywhere?  Like, how to see if the serials are being indexed...
14:36 gmcharlt hi slef
15:15 kados_ hdl: yes, I think we're ready to switch the lists, they seem to be working just fine
15:15 kados slef: you're asking if Koha indexes serials?
15:16 kados slef: that's a very broad question ... what part of the serial record specifically? to find the answer you'd want to check the record.abs file
15:16 slef if zebra does... I've a catalogue with serials entered but they don't show up in the catalogue search
15:16 slef and they don't show up from yaz-client
15:16 kados slef: zebra just follows what Koha's record.abs tells it to index
15:16 slef I'm using whatever's in 3 beta IIRC
15:16 kados and we need to know aht field specifically
15:17 kados what field I mean
15:17 kados s/field/fields/
15:17 hdl slef, kados : serials are now stored only in tables, as far as i know.
15:17 slef well, searched for 942$c being SER, which seems to be how to spot a serial
15:17 hdl So zebra has no knowledge of it.
15:18 slef hdl: so how are old stocks acquired into the collection?
15:18 slef hdl: as we can't simply Add Item them
15:18 kados hdl: it has knowledge of the bib record for a serial
15:18 hdl Am I misunderstandng ?
15:18 kados just not the planning data
15:19 slef kados: this zebra doesn't seem to have knowledge of the bib record for some reason... can I TCP to liblime's demo's zebra?
15:19 hdl is serialseq stored in marcrecord ?
15:19 kados slef: yup ... running on port 9998/biblios
15:19 kados slef: use SRU if you like:
15:20 kados slef: have you indexed the bib records?
15:20 slef is cronned
15:20 slef because fails noisily
15:20 slef is there more that must be done?  Other bibs show in search results
15:22 slef Search was a success.
15:22 slef Number of hits: 100, setno 2
15:22 kados no, sounds lie your'e doing it
15:22 slef so is happily indexing SERs
15:22 slef (query was f @attr 1=/record/datafield[@tag="​942"]/subfield[@code="c"] SER if anyone wants it)
15:24 slef kados: does opac.ll.c run with record.abs as shipped in 3beta?
15:24 kados slef: yup
15:24 kados hdl: can you start by moving koha-infos?
15:24 slef but
15:24 kados hdl: and perhaps change the name to Koha-French ?
15:24 slef I'm currently wondering whether transfers SERs properly.
15:25 kados slef: yea, it should be fine
15:25 slef kados: French isn't french for french.
15:25 kados slef: yea, I'm following debian conventions
15:25 kados
15:25 slef kados: debian sucks at mailing lists, news at 11
15:25 kados hehe
15:26 kados slef: so what, we use RFC4646 codes?
15:26 kados koha-fr-FR ?
15:26 slef ISO-3106 or whatever it is... koha-fr?
15:26 kados last time I checked, only latin characters were allowed in email
15:26 slef Isn't the spanish already koha-es?
15:27 kados slef: what do we do when a canadian group wants to create a french list?
15:28 hdl kados ????
15:28 slef kados: tell 'em to stop being so silly and use the french one ;-)
15:28 slef kados: or have koha-fr-... lists
15:28 hdl start by moving koha-infos ?
15:29 slef or koha-...-fr if you want to mimic debianisms
15:29 hdl infos on is not a problem for you.
15:30 hdl I thought of all the savannah lists move.
15:31 kados hdl: my understanding was the goal was to move all koha lists to, right?
15:31 kados hdl: can't we start with koha-infos to test the migration? It should be easiest since you and paul manage that one
15:31 kados hdl: and perhaps re-name it as slef recomends?
15:32 kados since it's a french koha user list?
15:32 kados then we can move koha-* soon thereafter
15:32 kados hdl: does that make sense?
15:33 hdl kados: my understanding was different.
15:33 hdl first problem was savannah.
15:33 hdl and not koha-fr.
15:34 kados *shrug* ... it doesn't matter much to me
15:34 hdl not to me either.
15:35 hdl But I am much prepared to change savannah's list than french lists who are already on the same server
15:36 kados OK
15:36 kados go for it
15:36 kados hdl: if you want me to proofread your announcement let me know
15:36 kados hdl: (for English readers)
15:36 hdl OK.
15:36 kados mornin fbcit
15:37 fbcit man, the gang's all here :)
15:37 kados heh
15:37 fbcit hi kados, koha
15:47 gmcharlt hi fbcit
15:58 hdl kados: message sent.
16:18 kados hdl: response sent
16:18 kados hdl++
16:21 kados hdl: so you can also redirect all mail from koha-* to koha-* ?
16:41 hdl i think so.
17:04 kados hdl: how can we find out for sure?
17:05 kados cool
17:14 hdl not sure to be able to do that clean.
17:15 kados bummer
17:15 kados hdl:
17:16 kados maybe we don't have access to mailman.conf?
17:16 kados but maybe savannah guys will help us out?
17:20 hdl It is for redirecting lists/mailman/listinfo into
17:22 kados hdl: can't you use the .forward file?
17:22 hdl on savannah ?
17:23 hdl we donot have ssh access
17:23 kados maybe the savannah guys will help?
17:23 kados we also need to update to show the new list info
17:24 kados and, etc.
17:41 slef savannah-hackers should help I think
17:41 slef also, can you keep the list-id when the lists move, or is mailman still dumb like that?
17:42 kados hdl: I'm guessing that's another qeustion for savannah-hackers
17:43 kados I've found #savannah on freenode to be helpful at times too
17:54 atz how is koha/zebra handling boolean searches?
17:56 atz my impression is that it isn't currently structuring, say: money AND love
17:56 atz into a boolean conjunction
18:00 kados atz: q=money&op=and&q=love
18:01 atz but there is no OPAC construction for that?  perhaps only adv. search?
18:01 kados adv search should do it
18:01 kados money+love should work too
18:02 kados atz:[…]pl?q=money%2Blove
18:02 kados atz:[…]?q=money+and+love
18:02 kados atz:[…]ney&op=and&q=love
18:02 atz adv. search builds a more complex query, but equiv:​q=love&idx=kw&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
18:02 kados atz: comparing those results should answer it
18:04 atz thx
18:04 kados it's a very reasonable question
18:05 atz i notice that the 3rd link doesn't reproduce the "display" version of the query
18:05 atz (the slot up top is blank)
18:08 atz and the op symbol for "OR" is pipe?
18:12 kados atz: it's OR or alternatively pipe
18:12 kados op=or
18:12 kados shoudl work
18:12 kados really, the user-facing query language needs some peer review
18:12 kados I spent a lot of time worrying about it :=)
18:13 atz the results are pretty good from zebra even if not functionally boolean
18:14 atz the query structure there doesn't really jive, either
18:14 kados actually, zebra queries are perfect CCL or CQL
18:14 atz idx=kw  can't reliably be "paired" to the q terms
18:15 kados I didn't have time to write a real query parser
18:15 kados a bit beyond my puny skills at the moment
18:15 atz sorry, I mean the HTTP request form of the query
18:15 kados though I did my best to read the Dragon book and understand recursion and compilers in general :-)
18:15 atz it relies on parameter order, which is not guaranteed by spec.
18:16 kados ahh, when i researched it, I think CGI does enforce the parameter order
18:16 atz the browser does not!
18:16 atz (though most are somewhat reasonable)
18:18 atz​murder&q=love&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
18:18 kados ahh, I see
18:18 atz ^^ legitimate browser formulation of above query
18:18 kados yea, that doesn't matter
18:18 kados koha matches up the queries
18:18 kados first idx is matched to the first q, etc.
18:19 kados doesn't matter what order you send them in
18:19 kados make sense?
18:19 kados obviously the operators are offset by one
18:20 atz no... they are params w/ the same name, so Koha gets them as an array
18:20 atz the order of elements in that array is determined by the browser's implmentation, not Koha
18:20 kados I don't know how to explain it in English
18:20 kados go check the code
18:20 kados it works
18:20 atz it works b/c of non-spec browser-dependent behavior
18:20 kados nope
18:21 kados :)
18:21 kados it works because it keeps track of each array and matches up each query phrase
18:21 kados regardless of the order
18:22 atz all that the server gets is the browser request
18:22 kados atz: give me an example of a query CGI that doesn't work
18:23 atz FF 2 does a GET for this URL, based on adv. search form:
18:23 atz[…]y=relevance&do=OK
18:24 kados yep, and that will work just fine
18:24 atz now, in a min. I'll produce a VALID HTTP request based on the same form that will break
18:24 kados go for it
18:28 kados atz:[…]y=relevance&do=OK
18:28 kados atz: is what I think you were hoping would trip it up ;-)
18:28 atz interesting... not the same results though
18:28 kados identical for me
18:29 atz[…]ance&do=OK&q=love
18:30 kados there you're asking for an author,word list like 'love'
18:30 kados ie, you've re-ordered the idx array, which woudln't ever happen
18:30 atz again, my point is that the spec doesn't guarantee the order of params from froms
18:31 kados yea, and it does actually
18:31 kados specifically if they are named the same, they come back as an ordered array
18:31 atz i'll check
18:33 indradg kados, around?
18:34 kados atz:[…]R_LIST_AS_A_HASH:
18:34 kados atz: is what we use to fetch the list
18:34 kados hey indradg !
18:34 kados indradg: it's been a while!
18:35 indradg kados, thats for sure!
18:35 indradg kados, did some people from an organisation called Akshara, from India try to get in touch with you?
18:36 kados it's possible, we are swamped with US work at the moment
19:08 atz kados: you are right
19:18 kados not_having_to_rewrite_koha's_searching++
19:37 atz reference:
19:38 atz "The control names/values are listed in the order they appear in the document."
20:01 hdl kados : /me asking savannah guys.
20:07 hdl atz : do you know who subscribed kohalists on ?
20:08 atz hdl: no
20:18 hdl atz : thanks.

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