IRC log for #koha, 2008-03-30

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01:18 custard does anyone know why I would suddenly be getting File does not exist: /htdocs in my apache logs?
01:19 custard the permissions look ok...
03:31 felipe__ Hi guys, could anyone help me installing koha, I'm trying to install the perl modules, but when I try to install  sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install "MARC::Charset"' I get this MakeMaker FATAL: prerequisites not found (Class::Accessor not installed) how can I install that?
03:39 custard I'd imagine in a very similar way to installing MARC::Charset ?
03:45 felipe__ custard: oh...hehehe you are right, any way of making cpan to follow prereqs?
03:47 felipe__ custard: nevermind, I just googled it :) thanks though
03:47 custard (limited experience) I thought it usually did.
03:47 custard I often do big perl installs from within the perl shell
03:53 felipe__ custard: I have no idea about anything related to perl :(
03:54 custard that's fine. I've a little bit more than you.
03:54 felipe__ custard: are you an experienced user of Koha?
03:55 custard no, just learning. I'm hoping one of the others drops in - I've questions too but  mine is something that apache's doing.
03:58 felipe__ custard: I want to install koha to see if i can avoid using winisis, the bibliotecarian (dont know if I spelled that right) drools over winisis, I find it horrible, old looking and I don´t know if they need all the features of winisis....besides it seems old
03:58 custard ls
03:59 custard heh. I've no experience in any of those
04:00 felipe__ perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Date::Calc"' failed to install.....could you help me with that? if you are willing I'll paste the erros on a pastebin...
04:01 custard To be honest it's unlikely I'll be able to help. Did it say why it failed to install?
04:01 felipe__ some test failed, it says that if I want it compiled I'll have to force it
04:03 felipe__ nevermind, its late overhere I'll see what I can do tomorrow. Thanks anyway. Good night.
04:03 custard night. have fun.
04:04 felipe__ bye
04:07 custard ah. got it :)

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