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12:16 Brooke howdy
12:28 owen Hi #koha
12:28 kados g'morning all
12:28 kados heya owen
12:28 kados hdl: 3.0 beta was released ;-)
13:13 owen Anyone else seeing blank help pages?
13:13 owen HTML::Template::Pro:template /koha/production/intranet/htdocs/intranet​-tmpl/prog/en,fr/modules/help/nohelp.tmpl not found! at /koha/production/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 28
13:14 kados owen: looks like someone isn't using the <language> variable correctly :/
13:14 owen I'm not surprised it didn't find "/prog/en,fr/modules/"
13:15 kados owen: try disabling 'fr' in your syspref and see if that fixes it
13:15 hdl kados : yes I saw.
13:16 owen Yes, that fixed it
13:16 owen kados, I notice  the opaclanguages syspref now lists "(famfamfam)" as a language choice :)
13:17 kados owen: hehe, yea, that's been fixed, I just need to push it up
13:19 Brooke Fam fam fam fam diddy fam clam dam
13:19 owen :D That's the stuff
13:19 Brooke gotta keep the graphics guy happy.
13:25 Brooke hmmmm
13:26 Brooke can anyone shoot me a login for a box that has a running 3.0 beta on it?
13:26 Brooke stuff looks missing for permissions in the demo, at least to me.
13:26 kados Brooke: that's because people kept breaking things
13:27 Brooke *nod*
13:27 owen Brooke, you're working on documentation?
13:27 kados Brooke: kados kados will get you in without restrictions
13:27 kados just don't break stuff :-)
13:27 Brooke shhhh owen
13:27 Brooke don't actually say work
13:27 Brooke you don't want to frighten me back to folding laundry...
13:27 owen ...because others are working on that actively now too
13:32 Brooke I'm just updating my newbie guide so it doesn't mess with anyone's kool aid
13:36 owen Mmmm.... Kool aid.
13:44 atz wtg apple.... only  150MB of updates today
13:54 Brooke hi atz
14:10 Brooke sheesh, if writing this stuff makes me sleepy, I can't imagine the poor folks that read it. :)
14:10 fbcit g'morning koha
14:10 Brooke howdy
14:27 owen How's it going, fbcit ?
14:30 fbcit owen: good, how about with you?
14:32 kados hehe
14:32 kados owen++
14:33 owen fbcit, greeter skin?
14:34 kados hey fbcit
14:34 fbcit owen: the login screen
14:34 fbcit for gnome
14:34 fbcit I'm running Ubuntu on the circulation desk
14:36 fbcit a little fresh air will do the computer world good
14:42 kados hey slef !
14:42 slef hello!
14:42 kados slef: good to see you on IRC
14:42 kados slef: how's things in the UK?
14:42 slef kados: get with jabber
14:43 slef kados: OK, booked up pretty well, but I have a MacOS X machine causing zebra problems, hence the IRCing... anyone got one running?
14:43 kados did you compile from source?
14:44 slef mix of system parts, fink and compilation
14:44 slef but the problem is actually in the zebraqueue bits
14:44 slef also, daemon isn't present on here, but neither's start-stop-daemon, so my usual fix doesn't work
14:46 hdl hi slef
14:46 slef The error I get from zebraqueue is:- Can't locate auto/XML/LibXML/ in @INC at /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/XML/ line 291
14:46 slef which is a new one to me and to google
14:46 slef hi hdl
14:46 kados slef: that sounds like a problem with libxml and/or XML::LibXML
14:47 slef I've also got some idea where to add more error-trapping in z3950-search but I'll get on with it later.
14:47 atz hmm... .al is autoloader element
14:47 slef kados: yeah, but I've ripped them down and reinstalled a few times.  Any idea how to isolate it?
14:48 atz slef: any reason not to update perl?
14:48 kados libxml and XML::LibXML are especially problematic
14:48 kados you have to have matching versions or they don't work properly
14:48 slef atz: is it a perl problem?  It's the system perl and I'm not the main sysadmin :-/
14:49 kados slef: I'd try to locate a libxml2 guide for OSX specifically, and then when you get that working, install the cooresponing version of XML::LibXML
14:49 kados ahh, bummer
14:49 atz ah, nevermind... i'm not used to mac OS as anything but desktop/workstation
14:49 slef package versions are: libxml2          2.6.27-1002 and libxml-pm586     0.08-1
14:49 kados[…]ibXML-1.66/README
14:49 kados slef: Notes for Mac OSX
14:49 slef xml-libxml-pm58  1.61.3-1 even
14:49 slef kados: thanks.
14:50 kados also take a look at the 'Which version of libxml2 should be used?' section
14:51 slef ok, so it looks like this combination (2.6.27 and 1.61.3) should work
15:03 slef kados: how are things at liblime?
15:06 kados slef: busy, but good
15:23 slef Can't locate object method "parse_uri" via package "XML::LibXML" at /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/XML/ line 292.
15:27 slef Can't locate object method "parse_uri" via package "XML::LibXML" at /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/XML/ line 363.
15:27 slef BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 15.
15:27 kados slef: what version of XML::LibXML, check Makefile.PL for the one zebraqueue requires?
15:28 slef 'XML::LibXML' => 1.59,
15:28 slef 'XML::Simple' => 2.14,
15:28 slef so I'm too up-to-date?  crikey
15:28 slef that's a first
15:51 slef ok, now I have those two exact versions and get a similar error:-
15:52 slef Can't locate auto/XML/LibXML/ in @INC at /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/XML/ line 287
15:52 slef BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 15.
15:52 slef anyone got any other ideas?
15:53 atz slef: do you need to expand @INC ?
15:53 atz i.e., where did your newly installed version end up?
15:53 slef atz: already have. There's no on the system.
15:53 atz it gets created by autoloader
15:54 slef atz: any idea how to encourage its creation?
15:55 atz i should say... it gets created by autosplit, and read by autoloader
15:55 atz iiuc
15:58 slef I can't see AutoSplit being invoked during build at all. :-/
16:04 slef[…]lay.html?id=25474 looks interesting
16:05 atz i have no on our debian system either
16:06 slef Can't locate object method "parse_uri" via package "XML::LibXML" at /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/XML/ line 288.
16:06 slef BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 15.
16:06 hdl owen : on latest git, i have no way to add a cart to a list at OPAC but it was possible last week.
16:06 slef well, that's more usual... still not sure why it's happening there, though
16:07 atz slef, so you added undef &AUTOLOAD?
16:07 slef atz: yes
16:07 owen hdl: are you logged in?
16:08 hdl my fault. appologies.
16:08 hdl Very good.
16:08 slef atz: didn't really fix the problem, though
16:08 owen Unfortunately, I see that it doesn't seem to be working
16:09 atz yeah, just changed the form of the problem
16:09 slef        XML::Simple::build_tree('XML::Simple=HASH(0x1b05f14)', '/Library/WebServer/Koha/etc/koha-conf.xml', '/Library/WebServer/Koha/etc/koha-conf.xml') called
16:09 slef at /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/XML/ line 221
16:09 slef        XML::Simple::XMLin('/Library/WebS​erver/Koha/etc/koha-conf.xml', 'keyattr', 'ARRAY(0x1acda48)', 'forcearray', 'ARRAY(0x1ae2748)') called at /Library/WebServer/Koha/lib/C4/ line 211
16:09 slef        C4::Context::read_config_file('/Libra​ry/WebServer/Koha/etc/koha-conf.xml') called at /Library/WebServer/Koha/lib/C4/ line 286
16:10 slef I forgot about that until just now.  I'll go get the dunce hat
16:11 slef so, one question is, if this is happening from C4::Content, htf is the web interface displaying?
16:11 owen hdl: are you able to save a cart as a list?
16:12 hdl No. But able to save a cart in a list.
16:12 atz slef: apache still works
16:13 slef atz: and it can run koha, which loads C4::Context...
16:13 atz not everything directly depends on using context though
16:13 atz just most of it
16:14 slef C4::Output uses C4::Context, so I think it's being called
16:14 slef also, I've not noticed any problem with the web interface at all
16:14 owen Oh, never mind me. It's working fine.
16:18 slef oh hang on... look at the next line in the backtrace
16:19 slef        C4::Context::new('C4::Context', 'undef') called at /Library/WebServer/Koha/lib/C4/ line 237
16:19 slef        C4::Context::import('C4::Context') called at line 15
16:19 slef it's only the import that screws up, not a simple use
16:19 atz ah yes... Context actually sucks here.
16:20 atz it redifines import and uses it as INIT{}
16:20 atz i'm not sure what the zq_daemon was expecting
16:21 slef I do need zqd working, don't I?
16:21 atz for basic demo, no
16:21 slef for cataloguing?
16:22 atz yeah, for cataloging to show up in the index w/o intervention or cron job
16:22 slef what's the intervention?
16:22 atz rebuild_index
16:22 slef how do I call that?
16:23 slef (The zqd has worked fine for me on other platforms.)
16:23 atz ./misc/migration_tools/
16:24 slef Can't locate object method "parse_uri" via package "XML::LibXML" at /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/XML/ line 288.
16:24 slef BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at migration_tools/ line 5.
16:24 slef yummy
16:24 slef        C4::Context::import('C4::Context') called at migration_tools/ line 5
16:25 slef in other words: I lose
16:26 atz here's the (imho) hackjobby import redef in Context:
16:26 atz sub import {
16:26 atz    my $package = shift;
16:26 atz    my $conf_fname = shift;        # Config file name
16:26 atz    my $context;
16:26 atz    # Create a new context from the given config file name, if
16:26 atz    # any, then set it as the current context.
16:26 atz    $context = new C4::Context($conf_fname);
16:26 atz    return undef if !defined($context);
16:26 atz    $context->set_context;
16:26 atz }
16:26 slef perl -I ../lib -MC4::Context -e print
16:26 slef Can't locate object method "parse_uri" via package "XML::LibXML" at /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/XML/ line 288.
16:27 slef that's essentially a use... isn't it?
16:27 atz slef: got KOHA_CONF defined in env?
16:27 atz export?
16:27 atz *exported?
16:27 slef yep and yep
16:27 slef and PERL5LIB
16:28 slef and check in the backtrace above, it finds the conf OK
16:29 atz so we're failing on the XMLin call, in read_config_file, during the "new" constructor of Context
16:31 atz try  perl -MXML::Simple -MData::Dumper -e "$x=XMLin('$KOHA_CONF'); print d
16:31 slef $ perl
16:31 slef XML::LibXML::SAX=HASH(0x81fd3fc)
16:31 atz try  perl -MXML::Simple -MData::Dumper -e "$x=XMLin('$KOHA_CONF'); print Dumper($x);"
16:31 slef $ perl
16:31 slef XML::LibXML=HASH(0x1849ee4)
16:31 slef (second one is MacOS X)
16:32 atz ah... now we're onto it
16:32 slef atz: no output from either
16:32 atz echo $KOHA_CONF
16:32 atz ?
16:32 slef $ echo $KOHA_CONF
16:32 slef /home/mjr/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml
16:32 slef (damn leading /s)
16:33 atz i think the SAX issue is the core
16:33 atz too many libXML libraries floating around
16:34 atz :\
16:34 slef only one, irritatingly enough
16:34 slef which might explain why it can't find some methods
16:35 slef hrmph
16:35 slef both systems now have same ParserDetails.ini, but still output different results
16:36 atz yeah, it doesn't seem to be obeyed by all vesions
16:37 atz this happens on debian also
16:37 slef it's called SAX.ini on this version
16:37 atz if the user installs from CPAN instead of the .deb binary
16:38 slef whahey!
16:38 slef it works
16:38 slef atz: thanks for your help.  Do you want anything I have>
16:39 slef ooh wait :-/
16:39 slef dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _zebra_repository_index
16:39 slef  Referenced from: /sw/bin/zebraidx
16:39 slef  Expected in: /usr/local/lib/libidzebra-2.0.0.dylib
16:39 slef dyld: Symbol not found: _zebra_repository_index
16:39 slef  Referenced from: /sw/bin/zebraidx
16:39 slef  Expected in: /usr/local/lib/libidzebra-2.0.0.dylib
16:39 atz hrm... no idea about that one...
16:39 slef ls: /usr/local/lib/libidzebra- No such file or directory
16:39 slef actually
16:40 atz maybe go take the undef &AUTOLOAD part out?
16:40 slef oh yeah
16:40 slef same error
16:40 slef this looks like a zebra package fu
16:41 atz zebra installs are their own little adventure
16:42 slef there's a new version available
16:43 slef ah, found it... idzebra-shlibs wasn't installed
16:43 slef yep, that's a happy puppy
16:44 slef Oops!  ES: immediate execution failed
16:44 slef erm, so what causes that?
16:44 slef (from
16:44 atz already running?
16:45 slef or zebra not running, perhaps
16:45 slef ah no, there it is :-/
16:45 slef Inside while loop at line 80.
16:45 slef Updating record at line 115.
16:45 slef In zebrado at line 170.
16:45 slef At reconnect at line 180.
16:45 slef Record found at line 184.
16:45 slef At Retry at line 189.
16:45 slef Oops!  ES: immediate execution failed
16:46 slef then that repeats very very quickly
16:47 atz ah... don't run _daemon directly
16:47 atz there was some kind of indirection... let me check
16:47 slef neither daemon nor start-stop-daemon exist on MacOS X yet
16:49 atz are you running it like:
16:49 slef perl -I ../lib -f ../etc/koha-conf.xml
16:49 atz looks reasonable
16:49 slef (retested with absolute paths and it's no happier)
16:49 nengard hiya all - quick question (i hope) when i go to acquisitions > late orders - and then fliter to show my late orders.  what happens after i check an order and hit the claim button?  in my case - nothing happened - i just want to know if this is a bug or not
16:50 atz nengard: i have no idea.
16:51 nengard thanks atz - very helpful :) no one seems to know how this late orders thing works ;)
16:51 atz does claim mean "ok, I finally got it"
16:51 atz ?
16:51 nengard atz - claim means i never got it
16:51 nengard claim = file a claim
16:51 slef nengard: can you give us the URL?  Then we can read the script and say what it's trying to do
16:51 nengard i would think
16:51 atz "gripe"
16:51 nengard sure
16:52 slef just the bit after the :8080/ is fine
16:52 owen nengard: have you asked ryan? I thought he had done work with acquisitions
16:52 atz there should be some feedback like "claim filed"
16:52 atz at least
16:52 slef if you don't want robots trying to access your intranet by mistake :)
16:52 nengard koha/acqui/
16:52 atz and the button shouldn't be there for you to click on anymore
16:52 nengard owen: i emailed him a few time with other late order questions - but didn't get an answer
16:52 hdl nengard : this should send a letter via letters
16:53 nengard hdl - how do i see the letters that were sent - or need to be printed?
16:53 nengard or are these letters emails?
16:53 hdl emails.
16:53 nengard and can i see what emails were sent? how do i know if this is working right?
16:54 slef check your server's mail logs?
16:54 hdl I am not the one who designed letters. But I think that they are sent to both the recipient and the librarian.
16:54 slef default debian is /var/log/exim4/mainlog
16:54 hdl must go now
16:54 slef hdl: bye!
16:56 nengard i don't have access to the mail logs - how do i set up the librarian's email address?  I went through all global preferences and didn't see it there
16:57 nengard also - i'm not sure it's working - because the item i claimed is still on the list of late orders ....
16:57 slef it looks like it takes it from the librarian's patron info
16:57 slef you are logged in as a regular librarian and not libadmin, right? ;-)
16:57 slef (or kohaadmin or whatever it's called)
16:58 nengard i'm logged in as kohaadmin - guess i should change that :)
16:59 slef yep, else I think it might be trying to email (which is a strange default for us that I'd not spotted before!)
17:00 slef Anyway, I suspect you won't get a librarian copy if kohaadmin does the claim.
17:00 slef At worst, it'll be junk-mailing someone :)
17:00 nengard hehe
17:01 slef right, back to banging my head on a zebra and this Oops!  ES: immediate execution failed thing.
17:04 slef ok, runs fine on the debian server, so it's a system problem rather than a me problem or a koha problem
17:06 atz blame apple
17:07 slef I do.  Frequently.
17:08 slef so if I cron, that will be good enough for now?
17:08 slef and does this:
17:08 slef 17:01:09-25/03 zebraidx(10715) [log] Records: 0 i/u/d 0/0/0
17:08 slef mean the zebra has no biblios?
17:38 slef hi Brooke
17:38 Brooke howdy mj :)
17:38 Brooke so, I have a dumb question
17:38 slef I'm being dumb today too, so g4i
17:39 Brooke I seem to recall a * row in this table[…]n/ has it been eaten by total as the new default?
17:41 slef I don't know but I'll look it up in the source
17:44 Brooke :) thanks
17:45 slef when Circulation says it's "now checking for total", it checks for (category, *, branch) hrm
17:45 slef ok, so it goes like this: first looks for ( $cat_borrower, $type, $branch )
17:46 slef then for ( $cat_borrower, '*', $branch )
17:46 slef then for ( '*', $type, $branch )
17:46 slef then for ( '*', '*', $branch )
17:46 slef ( $cat_borrower, $type, '*' )
17:46 slef ( $cat_borrower, '*', '*' )
17:47 slef ( '*', $type, '*' )
17:47 slef ( '*', '*', '*' )
17:47 slef When do you think the * rows vanished?
17:48 Brooke maybe they are there but hidden where someone like me can't bust em...
17:49 Brooke \/\/00+ warcraft's back up :)
17:51 slef ok, then
18:06 owen atz?
18:22 slef must have mangled the data files at some point
18:42 owen atz?
18:42 atz ?
18:42 slef READY
18:43 owen atz, I've got a question about how the OPAC shelves work.
18:43 atz ok
18:43 owen I'd like to hide the 'create new list' form unless the user clicks a link to create a new list
18:43 owen I'm not sure the logic of the template will allow me to do that just by moving stuff around
18:44 owen I see a lot of "$showadd = 1" in Is that just determining whether the user has permission to add a list?
18:44 atz you mean in the toolbar?
18:45 owen I'm talking about the OPAC, where a "Create a New List" form appears wherever you are in lists
18:46 atz checking
18:50 atz yes, that's right
18:50 atz showadd is the variable to control the display of that div
18:54 atz sounds like you want to create a different link (back to the same page)
18:54 owen I'd like a link like "" to redisplay with just the add form
18:54 atz right
18:57 atz so that showadd essentially means "don't show everything else"
18:58 atz you could get the same kind of thing w/ YUI
18:59 atz i.e. default hide the input box and label, click the legend part to unhide
18:59 atz and you wouldn't have to reload the page
19:00 ryan nengard: did you get your claims Q answered ?
19:01 nengard ryan: yes and no - i got an answer, but i don't know if it's working because for some reason after i hit claim the order still shows up as late...should it be removed? i'm going to send you a link to look at....
19:02 nengard ryan: sent you an email scroll to the bottom of the page and see my conversations under Late Orders ...
19:06 nengard ryan - oh yuk - i thought i made it avail for all on liblime domain
19:09 owen atz: I'd rather not use js to show/hide that form because the other interactions with lists don't do the same.
19:10 atz not sure what you mean... the lists in toolbar are using YUI, right?
19:11 owen Sorry atz, I guess I'm not communicating well
19:12 atz honestly I'm pretty frazzled myself, today :\
19:12 owen On this page:[…]a/
19:12 owen The "create a new list" form.
19:18 atz right, that's what I've been looking at
19:18 atz i agree it shouldn't be displaying when I'm not logged in.
19:23 owen I'm not talking about the toolbar at all
19:23 atz understood
19:25 owen I know I'm using YUI elsewhere in the interface, but not to show/hide the components of the main content area when working with lists
19:26 atz however you want to do it is fine
19:29 atz just make sure that any logical updates are applied in the staff template also
19:32 owen Actually I'm trying to do the reverse: get the OPAC to follow the interaction pattern that the staff client uses
19:33 atz right, same idea
23:13 nengard I know I can anonomize patron data by going to: koha/tools/ - but is there a way to set up the system to do this automatically? I ask so I can put the question & answer in the manual - as I know people will (and have) ask
23:15 ryan yes, the system administrator can set up a nightly process.
23:33 nengard great

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