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12:38 owen Congratulations to us! Hooray for Koha Beta!
13:27 hdl owen : joshua should be able to become op.
13:28 owen We ought to have more than one op, so that people can set the topic for the channel
13:32 atz yeah , I imagine any of us could do better than "No Topic"
13:54 hdl yes something like 3.0 Beta Out...
14:39 owen atz?
14:39 atz yes
14:40 owen I'm looking at, wondering why all the checked out items are showing up as overdue, whether or not they are
14:40 owen There's a "red" variable set at line 231
14:40 owen I wonder if that comparison, ( $datedue < $today ) , isn't working properly
14:41 atz let me check... (haven't seem moremember in a while... thankfully)
14:42 atz should be an OK comparison, since both are explicitly ISO
14:43 atz one from POSIX:strftime "%Y%m%d"
14:43 owen Should that be %Y-%m-%d ?
14:44 atz ah, yes... i think you're right
14:44 atz good catch
14:46 atz the default output from amysql date field will have hyphens
14:49 owen Hmm... still not working.
14:50 owen warn $datedue." < ".$today; gives me 2008-02-24 < 2008-03-24
14:50 owen Is that comparison invalid?
14:50 atz yeah... it's not numerical
14:51 atz if it were the non-hyphenated version of the ISO dates, numberical would be ok
14:51 atz lol "numberical"
14:52 owen :)
14:55 atz so the choices are, use "lt" comparison w/ hyphens
14:55 atz or make a hyphenless dates for <
14:56 owen lt seems to work. Is one method superior?
14:56 atz in this case not much difference, since we are coming from well structured data
14:57 owen Problem solved then, thanks
15:47 kados morning all
15:47 kados owen: are you seeing this problem with the MARC editor where some of the fields don't display?
15:48 owen what should I look for?
15:48 kados just bring up any record and check out the 100 tag
15:50 owen Okay... I see it.
15:50 atz kados: marc_subfield_structure table "hidden" field?
16:27 kados owen: any ideas on that issue?
16:27 owen Sorry kados, I don't know what the issue is
16:27 kados k
16:27 kados owen: so you're not seeing the problem?
16:28 owen kados, were you expecting me not to see the 100 tag?
16:28 kados yea
16:29 kados[…]uing/
16:29 kados for some reason the fields don't show up
16:29 kados some of them anyway
16:31 ryan yuck
16:31 kados ryan: have you seen that?
16:31 ryan advancedmarceditor syspref
16:32 ryan ?
16:32 kados maybe
16:33 kados yep, that was it
16:33 kados damn
16:33 kados flakey sysprefs--
16:34 ryan mark that one for removal
17:37 atz does anybody actually use ISBD "tag cloud" in 3.0?
17:37 atz it looks like it is strictly a holdover from pre-git code
17:39 martinmorris hello
17:39 martinmorris i've got a 3.0.0 alpha installation, to upgrade to the new beta do i just copy over the new code?  
17:40 atz martinmorris: no
17:40 martinmorris glad I asked :)
17:41 martinmorris MARC export my biblios and reinstall from scratch?
17:41 atz you can copy the new code, and then access the staff interface
17:41 atz getting the web installer
17:41 atz did you customize anything (and want to preserve it)?
17:41 martinmorris not really  no
17:42 atz then it is pretty much an overwrite, then using the web interface to run apply updates to the database
17:42 martinmorris ah, that's what i really wanted to know, if the database had to be updated too
17:42 martinmorris thanks atz
17:43 atz no problem.  if you want to start hacking, you might use this occasion to do the install from git (version control)
17:44 martinmorris i'm just test-installing really
17:44 martinmorris and using it to slowly catalogue our library's collection properly
17:44 atz in secret, perhaps?  :)
17:47 martinmorris hehe, no - there's a few of us
18:16 owen atz, ISBD tag cloud?
18:16 owen Aren't those two different things?
18:16 atz to me yes...
18:17 atz but that's what it calls itself
18:17 atz
18:18 owen You mean the title in the title bar? I'll bet that's just a typo
18:18 atz the title bar links "tag cloud", the page linked titles itself ISBD
18:28 atz owen: do you actually have data in the tags table ??
18:29 owen I do. Does that mean that at some point I ran a script to populate it?
18:29 atz that's what I can't figure out
18:29 atz where does that data ever come from?
18:30 atz the script/page is self contained, no module, no other backend
18:34 owen What about misc/cronjobs/ ?
18:40 owen atz:[…]s=build%20browser
19:35 owen It looks like there's not a system pref to block item-level holds in the OPAC. Can anyone confirm?
19:44 owen Why does always say "Priority: out of ?" ?
19:44 owen <!-- TMPL_VAR Name="fixedRank" --> comes out blank, and what is "?" supposed to accomplish?
19:45 owen Priority: <blank> out of /we shall never say/
20:48 atz holds are troublesome and buggy
10:02 hdl hi lloyd_

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