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12:33 owen Quiet in #koha today
12:37 hdl hi owen
12:38 owen Hi hdl. I haven't seen paul in a while, is he on vacation?
12:39 hdl Nope, he has been in New Caledonia for 2 weeks and a half now (near NewZealand)
12:40 hdl and it has poor internet connectivity.
12:40 owen Doing what?
12:41 hdl A big Library was migrated.
12:41 hdl (In fact the main public Library there)
12:41 hdl So he was installing and training persons.
12:42 owen Wow. I hope it's also an enjoyable trip for him
12:42 hdl not that much.
12:42 hdl Weather is horrible....
12:43 hdl Raining.... and raining again.
12:43 owen That's too bad. It looks like it's a nice place when the weather's good
12:54 hdl I know.
12:56 hdl hi js
12:58 js hi hdl ans #koha :)
13:04 owen kados around?
13:09 owen He must be PLAying
13:17 hdl owen : do you know what is happening with plone contest?
13:18 owen No idea.
14:04 hdl hi thd-away
15:01 fbcit hi #koha
15:01 owen Hi fbcit
15:49 slef hi all - does anyone else get a list of versions in their error messages when DebugLevel is 2?
15:49 slef Also, I'm pondering adding backtraces to the error messages
15:50 slef assuming no-one's added that to HEAD while I've not been tracking that closely
15:54 fbcit slef: gotta run, but backtraces++
16:28 slef Are the new lists running yet?
16:53 hdl slef not officially.
16:55 slef hdl: so my emails to koha-devel just vanished or what? ;-)
16:55 hdl no.
16:55 hdl It will be delivered.
16:56 slef easily confused, aren't I?
16:56 hdl But since information is not official, I thought it would be better not to use two systems sending emails to the lists.
17:16 hdl slef : email received.
17:36 slef hdl: can you resend it out to official?
17:37 hdl yes.
17:37 slef thanks
17:37 hdl But all the persons will receive it twice.
17:37 slef oo lummee
17:37 slef or "cripes"
17:37 slef never mind then
18:11 fbcit kados: point me to the discussion of various backup/standby solutions for koha
18:17 atz fbcit: see anything for mysql backup
18:18 atz live replication is cool, but mysqldump cron job is probably most common
18:19 fbcit atz: tnx
18:20 atz to me, the Cadillac is probably tivoli running on a tape library
18:20 atz but that would be overkill for even a midsize institution
18:47 fbcit atz: I have a DDS drive in that server, but have bad experiences w/tape backup
18:48 atz bad carts? bad drives?
18:50 fbcit bad drives && bad tapes
18:50 fbcit need restore? bad tape--
18:51 fbcit having said that, I may setup a mysqldump and tarball it to the DDS
18:51 atz that would be normal... or push the gzipped tarball over to a storage server
18:52 fbcit surely all of the tapes in a 10 day rotation can't be bad
18:52 fbcit actually I could do both
18:52 fbcit I currently rsync backups off of several *nix boxes here to a central rsync server
18:52 atz makes sense
18:53 fbcit I use it to run a warm standby of our web radio broadcaster
18:55 atz Got Reels?  : )
18:55 fbcit hehe
19:07 fbcit gmcharlt: hi
19:07 fbcit any thoughts on just how large a image file we should allow for patron images?
19:08 fbcit maybe 1MB or < ?
19:08 fbcit my test images are roughly 20K
19:08 owen Are we using any other criteria? dimensions?
19:08 atz definitely less than a meg!
19:09 fbcit owen: not currently
19:09 owen and we're not doing any re-sizing on the server, right?
19:09 fbcit right
19:10 fbcit we probably should be doing a limit on dimensions as well
19:10 owen I'd say llimit to less than 100k, at the very least. Maybe 60.
19:10 atz we're only talking about maybe 120x200 pixels of space
19:10 atz in terms of layout
19:11 fbcit the file size limit is more a protective measure
19:11 atz right, i'm just saying as a practical matter, we don't have layout space to display "more" image data
19:12 owen Quickly creating an image of that size in Photoshop, adding 100% noise, it comes to 80K
19:12 fbcit so maybe 100K for starters?
19:12 owen I think that's safe
19:13 owen Don't forget your goggles
19:15 atz Thee gogglez, they do nothing!
19:15 owen :D
19:17 fbcit I do think we need to limit based on dimensions, but don't have the brain power to think about it now
19:17 fbcit atz: heh
19:32 fbcit how's this:
19:32 fbcit warn "$filename is TOO BIG!!! I refuse to beleagur my database with that much data. Try reducing the pixel dimensions and I\'ll reconsider.";
19:37 fbcit the deed is done
19:40 fbcit owen: I'm seeing a couple of js errors in
19:40 owen What?
19:40 fbcit firebug seems not to like: YAHOO.util.Event.onContentReady("changelanguage", function () {
19:41 fbcit it claims "YAHOO is not defined"
19:41 owen That implies that the YUI js libraries are not loading properly
19:42 fbcit ahh, so something on my install?
19:44 owen Sounds like it.
19:44 atz you can be set to load local copies, or from yahoo directly
19:44 owen Check the yuipath system pref
19:44 fbcit I'm using the current default which I think is local
19:45 atz for many international users, yahoo performance is poorer than local
19:46 fbcit /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui
19:48 fbcit owen: is the git copy of the yui library up to date?
19:48 fbcit or do I need to get it from Yahoo directly?
19:48 owen ...which of course isn't quite right for the OPAC :|
19:48 fbcit opps
19:49 fbcit :-(
19:49 owen I guess it works, though.
19:49 atz fbcit: git is current
19:49 owen I wonder what the problem is...
19:49 fbcit my mistake
19:49 fbcit hold on
19:49 owen No, not your mistake
19:49 owen We only have one pref for both intranet and OPAC
19:50 fbcit so I notice now I looked
19:50 atz this kind of thing is annoying...  but currently necessary, since the opac and intranet *could* logically be on different servers
19:50 atz and we haven't set aside a convention for using a "common" area
19:50 atz (besides C4)
19:52 fbcit owen: then is your install using separate yui for opac and staff
19:52 fbcit ?
19:53 owen No, I've just haven't run the YUI lib locally in a while, so I hadn't seen the error. I'm checking it out
20:00 owen fbcit: There were a couple of YUI files missing from git. I'll submit a patch for it today
20:01 fbcit tnx owen :)
20:05 atz cool... it looks like there were a couple revisions in the past month or so
20:06 atz owen: are we using "Uploader" ?
20:07 owen It wasn't a revision, it was a file I'd linked to in the OPAC without remembering to add to the local files in the intranet
20:07 owen Although yeah, there have been updates. We're actually using an older version now, it's been so long since I started using the YUI stuff
20:08 atz it's funny, i think of yahoo code as static... like "Yahoo's still doing development?"
20:10 owen atz, theres an include in the staff client that does some AJAXy upload stuff, used by, but I've never seen it in action
20:11 owen We're not using YUI's version anywhere
20:11 atz theirs invokes flash
20:11 atz so it would be a one-off
00:02 atz tags and baker + taylor patches are sent!
00:02 atz wooot!
00:32 ryan atz++
00:49 atz rebasing up to speed was an ordeal though
00:49 atz time to get a burrito

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