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13:09 fbcit g'whatever-time-of-the-day koha
13:11 paul hello fbcit
13:13 fbcit paul: hello, from chilly NC, USA :)
13:16 paul fc : what is "NC" ?
13:16 paul (which state)
13:18 paul hi gmcharlt
13:18 gmcharlt hi paul
13:19 paul are u still in portland ?
13:19 gmcharlt no, I'm back in Chicago -- kados and a few other LibLimers are still there
13:20 paul hdl start his trip to come back this evening if I don't mind.
13:20 paul quite a long long trip for him... but he was very happy (although very tired too)
13:24 gmcharlt good to hear that he liked it
13:25 paul he even blogged (invited by one of the most famous blogger in France - nicolas morin- , that will join BibLibre in sep
13:25 fbcit paul: North Carolina
13:25 fbcit sorry
13:25 paul
13:25 fbcit[…]html?tag=nefd.pop
13:25 paul the "vista capable" thing ?
13:26 paul or the EU fine ?
13:26 paul (890 000 000 EUROS !)
13:26 paul ok, it's the "vista capable" story ;-)
13:26 fbcit the vista capable
13:28 paul "weld the hood shut on your car" ???
13:29 fbcit paul: keep you from doing any modifications to the engine (ie. closed-source code)
13:29 fbcit sorry for the Americanism :)
13:29 fbcit usaism maybe
13:30 gmcharlt fbcit: a right mess indeed
13:30 gmcharlt brb
14:58 paul hello owen.
14:58 owen Hi paul
14:58 kados g'morning #koha
14:58 paul hi kados.
14:58 paul still in portland ?
14:58 paul (it's very early in this case)
14:58 kados yep, thru Sunday afternoon
14:58 kados about 7am
15:00 kados paul: this new feature to alert on issue arrival, is it a new feature, or a bugfix to the routing lists?
15:01 paul none.
15:01 paul it's a feature that was in head since something than 1 year and had be broken by various modifs.
15:01 kados ahh
15:01 paul it has nothing to do with routing lists.
15:01 kados no?
15:02 paul in fact I demoed the feature and was ridiculous because it didn't work at all ;-)
15:02 paul nope, it's something different
15:02 kados it looks like a way to subscribe to receive notice when a new issue of a subscription arrives
15:02 paul yes, they recieve a mail.
15:02 paul routing lists means they are on the reserve list automatically.
15:02 paul it's different.
15:02 kados gotcha
15:03 kados is there a new syspref to turn this on/off?
15:03 paul nope, just define a "letter" (notice), and use it in the subscription.
15:03 paul it can be activated subscription by subscription
15:03 kados ahh, so that is for notification, gotcha
15:03 paul useful to have the feature for a quarterly and not for a daily subs
15:04 kados so some subs that have it active will display that option, the others won't
15:04 paul yep
15:04 kados ok, cool ... I will also fix the English :-)
15:04 paul feel free, you're better than me for that :-D
15:51 kados done, and pushed
15:51 kados is hdl around?
15:51 kados |hdl|: you there?
15:52 kados re: ... do we want ... or ?
15:56 gmcharlt kados: no preference
16:01 paul kados : I prefer to separate clearly lists & mailboxes.
16:41 fbcit almost as good as coffee :)
16:41 kados hehe
16:42 chris heh
16:42 kados fbcit: I was thinking, in the absence of an image, it would be trivial to offer a form for adding one to the circ/details page for a patron
16:42 chris 0 patches in the queue
16:43 kados chris: none from paul?
16:43 paul I can send them immediatly if you want.
16:43 paul they are ready...
16:43 fbcit kados: as in 'if (!image) { display form to submit a single image }' ?
16:44 kados fbcit: yea, and also if (imagesareenabled) { ie (!image) ...
16:44 kados s/ie/if/
16:44 chris kahu got his 15 month immunisations yesterday, so woke me up at 5am
16:44 chris hes back asleep now, but im wide awake
16:44 kados heh
16:44 fbcit kados: could be done at the template level no problem I'd think
16:44 paul patches sent
16:44 kados fbcit: yea, just confirming that made sense to you
16:45 kados the only non-template bit would be re-directing to that user
16:45 kados when the upload is complete
16:45 fbcit right
16:45 kados ie, success page ... wait 5 secs, redirect to user account ... or maybe just add a link back to the account
16:45 kados link back to the account would be pretty simple
16:45 kados owen: any thoughts on that?
16:46 fbcit I like the thought of an automatic redirect
16:46 fbcit its pretty easy to push a redirect header w/CGI
16:48 fbcit chris: mercy screams any time she sees the doctor now :(
16:48 owen kados, you're suggesting there be a little file upload form right on the patron details screen?
16:48 chris yeah the one in the arm ... that was the one that he hated
16:49 fbcit owen: that's it. If no patron image existed, the form would be displayed: if an image did exist, the form would not display
16:52 owen fbcit: right now there's not a way to tell in the template whether a patron image exists, right?
16:53 fbcit owen: no, but that can be added along with a few other changes that would be necessary to implement such a feature
16:56 fbcit owen: I can add a template var 'image' which is defined if an image exists and undefined if it does not
16:57 owen make it 'patronimage' just for clarity
16:57 fbcit we'll need some code to handle the redirection when the upload is done as well
16:57 fbcit k
17:08 fbcit owen: I've added that var to
17:09 fbcit however, there may be some things I need to add to as well
17:09 owen Should I duplicate the file upload form and have it submit to the same script as upload patron images?
17:09 fbcit you'll have to call it to do the upload itself
17:09 fbcit yes I think so
17:10 fbcit kados suggested a redirect back to the patron detail page after a successful upload
17:11 fbcit you'll have to let me know if I need to modify to help with the redirect
17:11 owen Yeah, that sounds good. Shall I add a hidden variable to the file upload form on moremember that tells the picture-upload script to redirect?
17:12 kados redirect=1
17:12 kados or better uyet
17:12 fbcit owen: yes
17:12 kados redirect=cardnumber
17:12 fbcit kados++
17:13 owen it'll have to be redirect=borrowernumber, because moremember won't look up by cardnumber
17:14 fbcit so if redirect is defined and there are no errors, will redirect
17:14 fbcit we'll have to handle errors, though
17:15 kados error_handling++
17:15 fbcit so I'll need to be passed borrowernumber either way
17:15 owen Then I'll pass it as borrowernumber and you can use it however you like
17:15 fbcit owen: you'll need to pickup all of the error trapping stuff in the picture-upload template
17:16 fbcit right, because either way I'll redirect
17:17 fbcit if the upload is successful, the image will be displayed on the details page
17:17 fbcit if it is unsuccessful, the upload form still shows up along with the error message(s)
17:17 owen You mean send the errors back to rather than stop the process on and display the errors there?
17:18 fbcit owen: depends on how you're going to handle
17:19 fbcit are you going to use picture-upload.tmpl or embed the functionality of it in the upload section added to moremember.tmpl
17:20 fbcit if we are going to detail-view -> picture-upload -> detail-view, we can loop through picture-upload until we have success
17:20 owen I'm embedding the upload form in moremember.tmpl
17:21 fbcit I guess I was thinking detail-view -> detail-view regardless of success or failure
17:21 owen Okay, that sounds good to me.
17:23 owen Is there a reason for me to be trying to modify the template while you're modifying the script? Why don't you do what you need to and let me know if there's anything I need to do.
17:23 owen I trust you with the templates, unless you don't want the bother :)
17:23 fbcit I was just hashing through that myself
17:23 fbcit :)
17:24 fbcit I'll make the changes to get the functionality and then you can review my template changes for mistakes/optimizations/etc
17:25 fbcit is that ok with you?
17:26 owen You bet
19:33 owen kados around?
19:35 gmcharlt owen: probably not -- exploring Portland right now, I believe
19:36 owen I'll take an opinion from anyone who wants to give one: In the OPAC, should we be loading the MARC record dynamically into a tab in the detail view? Right now there's a 'MARC' tab, but it links to a separate page
19:36 owen That's a little bit inconsistent, but it's nice to have the MARC record on its own page because of the space it takes up
19:37 nengard most OPACs have it on the same page - under a different tab
19:38 gmcharlt hmm -- the whole set of navigation is inconsitent across the board -- normal, ISBD, MARC
19:38 nengard don't know if we want to be like most OPACs though ....
19:38 nengard gmcharlt: agreed
19:38 gmcharlt in normal view, you don't see the ISBD tab, the MARC tab is at the bottom along with comments
19:38 gmcharlt click on MARC view, you see normal view and ISBD tab buttons at the top
19:39 gmcharlt click on ISBD view, the top buttoms disappaer, and at the bottom tab row you have choice of normal view and MARC view and comments
19:40 gmcharlt IMO, whatever the view, the place hold, print, add to card, and save as buttons should be in the box near the upper right corner (as with normal view)
19:41 gmcharlt and the buttons for change the view either should be separate from the row that has holdings, comments, editions, etc., or adding to it
19:41 gmcharlt i.e., to be consistent
19:41 gmcharlt don't think the MARC view should be dynamically loaded (at least the way the OPAC works currently) -- few patrons will want it, so there's no reason to send it on every detail page
19:42 gmcharlt (could an AJAX thing, of course)
19:42 owen Maybe the links for ISBD and MARC should be somewhere else entirely. The other tabs are really supplemental information about the record, and MARC and ISBD are both alternate views of the record
19:43 gmcharlt I guess I have a modest preferences for separating the placement of the buttons to switch view (normal, MARC, ISBD) from the auxiliariy data buttoms (holdings, descriptions, comments, etc.)
19:43 gmcharlt snap
19:43 owen We previously moved the MARC and ISBD links out of the box on the right that has place hold, lists, etc., on the theory that those were "actions" not "views"
19:44 gmcharlt that part makes sense -- so there would be three active boxes -- actions, views, and supplementary data
19:47 owen The staff client uses tabs on the left for alternate views, but in the OPAC we're using that space on other pages for navigation
19:47 owen (user links for logged-in users)
19:48 gmcharlt perhaps a very unobtrusive row at the very top or very bottom of the details
19:49 gmcharlt brb
20:18 fbcit chris?
20:19 chris for a minute :)
20:19 fbcit heh
20:19 chris then im going to take a nap
20:19 fbcit you'll have to fix the db number in the patch I just sent
20:19 chris ahh yep, will do
21:48 |hdl| owen around ?
21:49 owen For just a few minutes
21:54 gmcharlt chris: (if about) - please ignore the one patch email mentioning svc/new_bib -- sent by mistake, and not a proper git patch
21:58 owen Sorry |hdl|, you lost me :)
00:05 |hdl| kaddos around?
00:05 |hdl| kados even

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