IRC log for #koha, 2008-03-02

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16:17 owen kados around?
16:42 kados hey owen
16:43 owen Hi. I'm wondering about the status of custom include directories in 3.0. I think that was something Liblime added in dev_week?
16:44 kados yes, it was something we added in dev_week, it's pretty trivial to implement if we need it for 3.0
16:44 kados it's a one-liner IIRC
16:44 owen I was thinking about NBBC's custom stylesheet, and it got me wondering whether that was in 3.0
16:44 owen Although at the moment I don't think it's necessary for nbbc
16:45 kados the syspref is there
16:45 kados intranet_includes
16:45 kados and I see it in the code too
16:46 kados so I think it must have been forward-ported
16:46 kados so basically any includes you want to override you can put in a custom includes dir
16:46 owen Ah, but just for the intranet? That's why I didn't see it
16:46 kados yea, just for the intranet it appears
16:47 kados OK, it's 9am in portland, I gotta grab some breakfast
16:47 kados bbl
16:47 kados oh, almost 9am :-)
18:39 hdl_airport hi
18:39 hdl_airport hi
18:40 hdl_airport anyone around ?
18:40 hdl_airport paul ?
18:44 kados hdl_airport: you're at the airport today?
18:44 kados hdl_airport: I was about to write you an email to see what you were doing for dinner tonight :/
18:50 hdl_airport kados : I am going home today but will arrive tomorrow at 18PM
18:51 hdl_airport mmmm...
18:51 hdl_airport mmm... seems that the cnx is not quite stable here.
18:52 kados :(
18:52 kados is it at least free?
18:52 hdl_airport I was saying I am going today to arrive tomorrow 6PM.
18:52 hdl_airport yes.
18:53 hdl_airport It is SOOOOO slow....
18:53 kados :(
18:53 kados well, have a safe trip back home!
18:53 kados I will see you in Lyon shortly :-)
18:53 hdl_airport But maybe it is the CGI::IRC module
18:54 hdl_airport Same to you.
18:54 hdl_airport It was a pleasure to be with you.
18:54 hdl_airport I plan it on my agenda.
18:55 kados yea?
18:55 hdl_airport And it has holds and hodings words in it.
18:55 kados *nod*
18:55 kados yep, it's the official nomenclature in the US I'm afraid
18:55 hdl_airport I have no idea how it could be translated in french.
18:56 hdl_airport It is not only items.
18:56 kados hold -> reserve
18:56 kados holdings -> 'what the library owns'
18:56 kados yes, it's more than items
18:56 kados esp for multi-part items like encyclopedia, serials, periodicals, etc.
18:57 hdl_airport leaving.
18:58 hdl_airport See you in Lyon.

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