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13:44 kados g'morning #koha
13:58 owen g'morning to you kados
13:59 kados owen: nice work on the templates
14:01 kados owen: was there a prob with the cart fix for the opac?
14:02 owen I did a bunch of work that ended up being a wrong turn
14:02 owen the stuff I showed you yesterday hasn't been committed yet
14:02 kados gotcha
14:04 Brooke Howdy
14:04 owen Hi Brooke
14:04 Brooke yar Owen's up early
14:04 qiqo hello people
14:04 Brooke you'll never sneak one past him :)
14:05 Brooke hi qiqo
14:05 kados hey Brooke
14:05 Brooke hi
14:05 owen I'm usually up now. It's kados that's up early, given his present time zone
14:05 Brooke which is?
14:05 owen Aren't you still on the west coast kados?
14:08 kados yuppers
14:08 kados Portland
14:09 owen I think kados is secretly getting trained as a barista in case this Koha thing doesn't pan out
14:09 Brooke bwhahahahahahaa
14:09 kados ha!
14:09 Brooke Have you seen the trouble Starbucks is in right now?
14:09 Brooke that's a terrible plan B
14:11 Brooke hypothetically speaking *dons asbestos suit* will there be a 3.0 demo up available to the wide world soonish?
14:13 kados hehe
14:13 kados well, there is a worldish demo up already, but it's not bulletproof just yet
14:13 kados
14:13 kados
14:15 kados b4 being a permentant fixture the beta needs to be released and I need to resolve some issues I'm having loading all of the LOC bib and authority data in there
14:15 owen Whoa, that's a lot of translations.
14:15 Brooke *nod*
14:15 Brooke I just wanna know what stuff is eventually gonna look like in case I stop beating up on innocent dinosaurs long enough to write some documentation
14:15 kados owen: yea, that's something we need to address I think, unfortunately the bottom pane works well for 2-3, but once you get past the end of the page it wraps weird ly in some browsers
14:16 owen Yup, that's what I'm seeing
14:16 Brooke Two, count em, two French queries in the past week or so
14:16 kados Brooke: there's a big push right now to finish up a manual, 3 liblimers working on that pretty much full time
14:16 Brooke *nod*
14:17 owen kados: we could think about doing a "more" link for languages, but then you'd have to decide who got stuck with having a second-class language
14:19 Brooke if we start in Japanese and then have English later, it will be perfect!
14:19 Brooke ;)
14:20 kados owen: what if we didn't make the langauge selector sticky at the bottom of the browser pane, but just put it at the bottom of the page instead
14:21 kados the problem with the more idea is that it doesn't take into acount languages that have variants
14:21 kados chinese is the only example of that on the demo
14:21 kados but there are going to be a lot more variants coming, for instnace, fr-FR (France) vs fr-CA (Canada)
14:22 qiqo so we have thai translation?
14:22 owen The YUI menu component does pretty well with sub-menus, so that might not be a problem.
14:23 kados qiqo: partial thai
14:24 qiqo thats cool
14:38 kados bbl
15:11 fbcit g'morning koha
15:12 qiqo wow it's morning there?
15:12 qiqo morning fbct
15:12 fbcit g'morning || g'evening || g'night koha
15:12 fbcit :)
15:12 qiqo haah
15:13 qiqo it's 11pm here
15:13 fbcit Philippines ?
15:13 qiqo yup
15:13 qiqo :)
15:13 fbcit I have several friends there.
15:14 qiqo really? from where?
15:15 fbcit some near Manila, some in Sibu (sp?), and a few other places
15:15 qiqo ohh cebu
15:15 qiqo cool
15:15 qiqo hehe
15:16 qiqo hmm a while ago i was at the asian development bank... god, i hate that library
15:16 qiqo they were using vtls.. it was fine, but for a big bank, they only have 3 staff
15:16 qiqo its should be the worldbank of asia.. but im quite dissapointed, they used to give 5 star library treatment
16:21 fbcit kados around?
16:23 fbcit u around owen?
16:23 owen Yes
16:24 fbcit have you ever wished for a <!-- TMPL_ELSIF --> tag?
16:24 fbcit if so, it will be in ver 69 of Template::Pro
16:25 owen :)
16:25 fbcit I just tested a copy and it greatly reduces the amount of coding in my error traps in picture-upload.tmpl
16:26 fbcit I suspect it will come in handy to reduce code in other places as well.
16:27 owen I'm just now getting used to being able to use TMPL_IF EXPR. I'm sure there's lots of places that could use another look just for that
16:30 kados fbcit: hiya
16:31 kados hey paul
16:31 paul hello kados fbcit & owen
16:31 kados paul: note the CircControl bugfixing just pushed up
16:31 paul yep, i've seen it
16:31 paul typo fix, but important fix !
16:31 fbcit kados: the author of Template::Pro has graciously added a <!-- TMPL_ELSIF --> tag and will release it in 0.69
16:31 fbcit I tested it today and it works great
16:32 paul kados : hdl was impressed by Biblios...
16:32 fbcit any problem with bumping to Template::Pro 0.69 once it's in cpan?
16:33 fbcit kados:it greatly reduces the confusion of tags in the templates when you have multiple ELSE
16:33 fbcit hi paul
16:33 kados fbcit: sounds good to me
16:34 paul kados : is there a git repo of Biblios, or a demo site ?
16:34 kados paul: not yet, but soon
16:35 paul OpenCataloger is born dead then ?
16:40 kados up to you, really
16:40 paul seeing the description did of it, I think it is
16:40 kados biblios doesn't have unimarc yet, but it could quickly have unimarc
16:40 paul seeing the description hdl did of it, I think it is
16:41 paul that will probably be the 1st contrib we will do to this tool ;-)
17:18 kados paul: once the git repo is in place that should be trivial to contribute
17:18 kados I think hdl talked to chris catalfo about it yesterday
17:18 paul (hdl told me he was very tired & has no more strength...)
17:18 paul (jet lag + english 24H a day + conferences + ...)
17:19 kados I bet
17:21 paul the more I work with git, the more I like it...
17:46 paul kados : 7 patches sent
17:46 paul_away bye & see you tomorrow morning (7PM here)
18:09 kados yea, because the session variable should be cleare
18:09 kados d
18:12 owen The cart cookie is separate
18:12 owen It's not dependent on a user's login
18:51 fbcit kados: what are your thoughts on the labels_profiles table paul mentioned? Where does it need to be added?
19:33 kados fbcit: good question
19:33 kados fbcit: I'll defer to someone who knows the domain a bit better than me
19:33 kados fbcit: you have any prefs?
19:33 fbcit kados: I was not around when that table was added
19:34 fbcit but I imagine it should either be added to the upgrade script or to the appropriate point in
19:35 kados agreed
19:35 fbcit unfortunately current Koha 3.0 installs could be out of sync in this respect and neither solution would correct that
19:35 fbcit new installs will not be a problem
19:36 fbcit really only upgrades and out-of-sync 3.0 installs
19:36 fbcit upgrades can be solved by adding it to either place
19:36 fbcit we could build a separate script to add the table to existing 3.0 installs w/o it
19:37 fbcit or
19:37 kados well, adding it to updatedatabase should be safe
19:37 kados it will just fail if you already have it, right?
19:37 fbcit right
19:37 fbcit you're one step ahead :)
19:37 kados I think we can live with that
19:37 fbcit we could actually check for it's existence and only add if it does not exist
19:38 kados oh, yea, that would actuall y be trivial
19:38 kados fbcit++
19:38 fbcit I'll put it on my list to do before Saturday
19:38 kados fbcit++++
19:38 kados hehe
19:40 kados hehe
19:40 fbcit this would get rid of having to look for the bottom all of the time
19:40 kados so some peole think I'm super responsive, others think I'm a total space cadet :-)
19:40 fbcit heh
19:41 kados OK, lunch time in portland
19:41 kados bbl
19:41 kados and again
19:41 kados fbcit++
20:14 atrus123 Seems to be a problem with the git repo.. I'm getting a premature EOF error when trying to sync
02:17 irma Mason: Hi James

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