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11:21 Fallor which table should i clear to get rid or the reservoir?
11:24 Fallor what's this then: 080227  5:08:07 [Warning] /usr/libexec/mysqld: ignoring option '--character-set-client-handshake' due to invalid value 'utf8'
11:53 frederic Fallor: Take a look on tables begining whith 'import_'... Not sure.
12:21 Fallor well, i ended up dropping/re-creating the whole koha-database
12:21 Fallor still without luch
12:21 Fallor luck, even :D
12:21 Fallor this time i followed the wikipage about setting the encodings very carefully
12:21 Fallor the result is the same
12:22 Fallor imported records still have iso-characterset
12:26 Fallor could this be a bug in
12:26 Fallor or one of the perl-modules that deal with marc-data?
12:39 Fallor actually it's not iso anymore
12:39 Fallor it's something very odd
12:40 Fallor for example a with umlauts displays as ? if i set the encoding of the browser to utf8
12:40 Fallor if i set it to iso-8859-1 it's gibberish
12:40 Fallor there is i with umlauts, questionmark upside down and 1/2 character
12:41 Fallor it _used_ to be iso before i re-created the database and redid the import
12:41 Fallor not so anymore, it seems...
13:36 owen Hi #koha
15:44 MatthewMetzger Apologies to the channel for bugging you all for the past couple weeks.
15:44 MatthewMetzger Thanks for the gracious help that was given.
15:46 MatthewMetzger testing...
15:46 MatthewMetzger Apologies to the channel for how much I've bugged everyone here for the past couple weeks.
15:46 MatthewMetzger Thanks for the gracious help that was given.
15:47 MatthewMetzger I finally got my 3.0 install to work properly (mostly)
15:48 MatthewMetzger The problem was with the database itself. It was somehow damaged on January 16 and any sql dump after that point did not allow a good upgrade.
15:48 MatthewMetzger I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm glad I make a daily sqldump of my koha database.
15:49 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: are there any tools to check koha's database integrity? I'm good now, but I'd hate to have it happen again.
15:52 paul MatthewMetzger: do you mean an automatic checking or a manual one ?
15:53 paul an automatic checking, no.
15:53 MatthewMetzger something manual would be okay, too.
15:53 paul a manual one : dump your DB structure and compare it with kohastrtucture.sql
15:53 paul they should be the same
15:58 fbcit g'morning || evening koha
16:00 fbcit hi paul
16:01 paul hi fbcit
16:03 MatthewMetzger paul: thanks. I'll make note of that and attempt a test soon. Will (is) there any documentation on the sql compare?
16:03 fbcit paul: atz had another *odd* error with the fkey on printers_profile
16:03 fbcit yet everything was correct in kohastructure.sql
16:04 fbcit so I wonder if maybe some installations are out of sync a bit?
16:06 fbcit labels_templates was already in existence when I added printers_profile
16:14 paul (on phone)
16:15 fbcit brb
16:26 fbcit owen: thanks for polishing up my very rough javascript :-)
16:27 fbcit actually it was a poor hack of some I found in the internet
16:33 owen I'm a jquery fan, fbcit, so I try to use it where I see the opportunity
17:04 atrus132 Hi all.. I have a quick question...
17:06 atrus132 For some reason, Net::Z3950 fails a large portion of the tests when installing from CPAN...  is this a known problem, or do you think there's something wrong with my particular install?
17:07 atrus132 The prospect of forcing the install makes me a little nervous.  I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy.
17:09 atz atrus132: you can try looking for an ubuntu binary
17:10 atrus132 ah, that's a good idea.  just did a search and it is, indeed, in the repositories.  thanks!
17:15 atz no problem
17:52 paul fbcit: about labels_template.
17:52 paul they are NOT a part of Koha 2.2, i'm 100% sure.
17:52 paul so the table must be created by the upgrade process, and it's not the case, unless i'm missing something, and I don't think I am
17:53 paul I tried to update another DB from 2.2 to 3.0, and got the same problem.
17:54 paul I also tried to search dev_week, and find the table here. So maybe it's a problem that occured a long time ago.
17:54 paul kados around ?
17:59 fbcit paul:k
17:59 fbcit I'm not familiar with 2.2 nor the upgrade process in place, so we may need to add the creation of labels_template to it
18:00 fbcit I know printers_profile is
18:01 fbcit yup
18:01 fbcit that's where it should probably be added:
18:01 paul yep. i'm writing a mail to kados about that atm
18:03 fbcit paul: a quick look at that script seems to indicate that it gets you to ver. and then should take over from there maybe?
18:03 paul yep
18:03 paul it's the previous updatedatabase script we used (before the new system)
18:04 fbcit so the labels_template table needs to fall somewhere in the current
18:04 fbcit perhaps at the 001 point
19:34 owen fbcit, you still around?
19:34 fbcit yep
19:36 owen I was going to ask you about an item type image thing, but I wonder if I should even bother, if there is going to be a big overhaul anyway
19:36 fbcit from the discussion yesterday w/ kados, I'd say an overhaul is probably in the making
19:37 owen I was just noticing a few glitches with the display of admin/
19:37 fbcit what's happening?
19:38 fbcit maybe we can fix it :)
19:44 fbcit owen: bbiab
19:45 owen Sorry fbcit, I got called away from my desk
19:45 owen I was looking at this bug:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1775
19:47 owen I noticed that if I specify a remote image (with a full URL), that image doesn't display in the item type list
19:48 owen The problem reported in the bug is a strange one... I don't think that's really a template issue
20:02 fbcit owen: I noticed that when I went to change a custom image a moment ago
20:03 fbcit I'll take a quick look
20:03 owen It's not urgent, but I was going through bugs assigned to me and wanted to see about getting the right person on the job
20:09 fbcit owen: its because the conditional in the script defines a "remote image" as one beginning with 'http'
20:09 fbcit so it does not allow for the thought of a "custom" local image
20:10 fbcit we probably need to specify a local location for "custom" images
20:10 owen Perhaps on the assumption that if you have access to the filesystem you might as well put your custom image with the standard ones
20:10 fbcit I agree
20:11 fbcit hence "remote"
20:11 fbcit maybe a note to clarify and close the bug would do?
20:12 fbcit also an additional line to the screen help file might help as well
20:13 owen The most complete solution would involve a server-side check for 'http' and an error message returned to the user, but a javascript check is a good interim workaround
20:13 owen I'll do that
20:13 fbcit additionally, we could add a note on the screen itself specifying "Enter the complete URI."
20:13 owen Yes
20:31 chris morning
20:31 owen Hi chris
20:34 chris heya owen .. molars all thru?
20:34 masonj hiya guys
20:34 owen No, but we're in a lull I think
20:35 chris hey mason
20:35 chris ahh yeah, us too owen
20:44 owen chris: I'm looking forward to talking next. Right now he's got a few variations of "uh" that we can recognize as words, but that's about it
20:44 chris have you got 'no' yet?
20:45 owen No, not yet
20:45 chris we have "no no no no no" while struggling to pull toys away from other kids
20:45 fbcit hi chris
20:45 chris hi chris*2 :)
20:46 chris owen: we are working on the sharing thing .. getting there slowly :)
20:46 chris heh
20:46 fbcit my oldest (12 yrs) had two teeth pulled today for braces... so now I have two with tooth issues :-(
20:47 chris ouch
20:53 chris hi tina
21:05 chris wow 8 trillion patches from owen
21:06 owen Yeah, I've been saving them up. I know I shouldn't, but I got caught on a tangent.
21:06 chris no worries
21:07 chris i expect they'll apply ok, there hasnt been many other fingers on the templates
23:03 chris you about kados?
23:03 chris if ( $item->{C4::Context->prefere​nce("HomeOrHoldingbranch")} ne $userenv->{branch} )
00:20 atz kados is about 4 rows behind me
00:22 chris :)
00:24 chris galens talk eh?
00:24 kados coming up in a few
00:24 chris sweet
01:14 atz nicely done galen
01:16 gmcharlt atz: thanks
04:23 CGI676 what u mean by the routing lists

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