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20:49 kados_ atz: (1) a patron that can checkout, but not renew -- can you clarify the context, do you mean a on-the-fly situation where they can checkout a new item, but not renew a specific item because it's checked out to someone else?
20:49 atz no
20:49 kados_ atz: or do you mean a setting for patrons that would allow them to checkout only once?
20:49 atz correct
20:49 kados_ that would be in the circ matrix, no?
20:50 kados_ (2) a patron that can checkout & renew, but not place Hold. -- I assume the same here, the patron can checkout and renew, but they don't have permission to place any holds
20:51 kados_ we don't have a holds matrix at the moment
20:51 atz right
20:51 kados_ that's something that should be added asap
20:51 atz it's just "on/off"
20:52 kados_ well, holds and checkouts are assumed to be identical in terms of permissions ... ie, if someone can place a hold they can presumably checkout and vice versea
20:52 kados_ obviously that's not as granular as it should be
20:52 gmcharlt kados_: and can vary even more once we introduce recalls
20:53 kados_ *nod*
20:59 owen Hi kados_
21:02 chris we probably want a notforhold column on itemtypes and items .. like we have notforloan
21:06 chris hi john
21:07 atz which version of the overduenotices script do we consider "most current/correct" ?
21:07 atz we have 3 in misc/cronjobs
21:08 atz i'm guessing misc/cronjobs/  
21:11 chris that'd be my guess
21:14 atz hrm... hardcoded smtp server in france
21:17 kados_ *cough*
21:20 gmcharlt are they offering the services of the French library gendarme? :)
21:28 atz I take it we don't have a SMTP syspref or config line
21:29 atz (this would be reasonable to put in config)
21:57 fbcit getting binary data back out of a blob field in a friendly, usable format is not for the faint of heart methinks.
22:11 kados_ atz: my preference is to set the smtp up as a syspref, that way the library won't have to ask their sys admin or vendor for help setting that up
22:12 atz yeah, i won't be doing today anyway (since I'm just making the cron script take the new value on command line)
22:12 atz but i think you're probably right
22:12 atz i am mildly annoyed by mad syspref proliferation though
22:28 gmcharlt atz: multiple sysprefs as opposed to what?  I agree that if there is a better way to organize the options, we should pursue it, but I'm not sure how much room we have for reducing them
22:29 atz gmcharlt: nothing, really.
22:46 edjarima hello
22:46 edjarima I want to know, how can I migrate CDS/ISIS to KOHA databases?
22:47 edjarima someone explain me, please
22:47 atz you can do it, but getting clean data out of ISIS is usually hard
22:49 atz so the first thing to worry about is getting a clean dump of the data (perhaps as MARC XML)
22:49 edjarima I have been reading several web pages about migration of databases
22:50 atz you would need to do this to migrate to any ILS, anyway
22:52 edjarima but I don't understand some reading
22:52 edjarima excuse me "atz"...
22:52 edjarima ... but, do you understand Spanish?
22:52 atz unfortunately, no
22:53 edjarima "atz"...
22:54 edjarima ... do you meet some reading about migration on KOHA?
22:54 atz some people have emailed the KOHA list about CDS/ISIS
22:55 edjarima of course
22:56 atz some use this docuement:
22:56 atz
22:56 edjarima This is interesting "atz"
22:56 chris there are also some tools on the contrib site
22:57 chris
22:59 edjarima I'm using KOHA under windows
23:02 edjarima version 2.2.8
23:02 edjarima for my thesis
23:03 edjarima thank you "atz" and "chris"
23:04 chris no problem it might be worth checking the cds/isis mailing lists also
23:04 chris i know some people ahve talked about migration on there
23:04 edjarima What is his e-mail "chris"?
23:09 chris
23:09 chris people on the list speak spanish
23:10 chris so might be able to help
23:11 edjarima who?
06:16 qiqo hi guys, i have an old issue here that i need to resolve
06:17 qiqo im running 2.2.8 and when i try to print spine labels, the call number does not show up on the pdf
06:17 qiqo well i know that it is a marc thing,, how do i fix this
06:17 qiqo thanks
08:34 psulasal hi #koha
08:35 Fallor i have a couple of questions (again!)
08:51 Fallor is there anyone here?
09:02 Fallor hmm... apparently not
09:05 chris sorry fallor in the middle of a server cutover
09:05 Fallor ah, ok
09:07 Fallor i'll switch this to screen and go and have cup of coffee
09:08 Fallor comme ca
09:08 Fallor later... :)
09:47 Fallor ok, i'll just throw this here and maybe someone knows the answer
09:47 Fallor how do i empty koha's reservoir?
10:37 qiqo guys when is the target for beta?
10:38 paul hello world.
10:39 paul qiqo : feb, 1st :-(
10:39 paul I just can say there are a lot of commits about translation recently, so I think it's "almost here". but kados gave no information on his timeline.
10:41 qiqo ahh ok
10:41 qiqo :)
10:42 qiqo im thinking of buying scsi drives so i could test koha on production servers

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