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15:46 martinmorris afternoon
15:46 martinmorris i'm doing a from scratch installtion on a freshly installed computer and getting an error when i try to start zebra
15:46 martinmorris 15:45:06-10/02 [fatal] xslt unsupported. YAZ compiled without XSLT support in config /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
15:47 martinmorris as far as i know i have compiled that support into yaz but would appreciate any pointers on how i check
15:49 martinmorris the reason i think i compiled xslt support into yaz is this line in my yaz config.log
15:49 martinmorris configure:23459: gcc -o conftest -g -O2   conftest.c  -L/usr/lib -lxslt -lxml2 -lm >&5
18:52 martinmorris hello, fixed the earlier problem and now got koha 3 running nicely on my new machine except that I'm having the ERROR 109 problems with zebra that i experienced previously, if anybody could help I'd be delighted
21:38 martinmorris hello just trying again to see if anybody can help with zebrasrv ERROR 109 messages
21:51 jaron martinmorris: the database unavailable message can be for a variety of reasons in my experience.
21:51 jaron 1st have you indexed any records?
21:53 martinmorris i've just followed the notes in INSTALL
21:53 martinmorris which doesn't mention indexing :)
21:53 martinmorris so that may be the problem!
21:53 martinmorris i've just looked at the upgrade instructions, is the the command?
21:53 jaron ok, so this is a koha3 install? I haven't had a chance to play around with that yet, but I'm quite familiar with zebra
21:54 martinmorris it's a from scratch koha 3 install yes
21:54 martinmorris the database config looks right in koha-conf.xml
21:55 jaron how about your zebra.cfg? is there one for koha3?
21:55 martinmorris the mysql logs show that zebra isn't making any attempt to connect
21:55 jaron I'm probably the wrong person to help you with this :(
21:56 jaron have you looked to see if the zebrasrv is running?
21:56 jaron ps aux | grep zebrasrv
21:56 jaron or are you on windows?
21:56 martinmorris oh yes its definitely running
21:56 martinmorris no this is on ubuntu 7.04
21:56 martinmorris and i'm watching the zebrasrv log as I try to do the search and see the error come up
21:57 jaron and you don't know if you have anything indexed yet or not?
21:57 martinmorris i don't, i'm not sure how to check that
21:58 jaron well one way would be to find your "register" directory and see if there's anything in there
21:58 martinmorris it was a blank database, i've imported my biblios using, have sql'd in the database and can see my records
21:58 martinmorris ill do that now
21:58 martinmorris where would that be?
21:58 jaron then that rebuild zebra script may be what you need.
21:58 jaron wherever the zebra stuff is stored.
21:59 jaron but like I said never played with koha3
21:59 martinmorris right OK :)
21:59 martinmorris it's in /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios
21:59 martinmorris and it's empty
22:00 martinmorris the rebuid_zebra script is in migration_tools - which makes me wonder if it's the right script
22:00 jaron then you'll get that database unavailable until you have something in there :)
22:00 jaron take a look and see if there's comments at the top that say what it does :)
22:01 martinmorris going to try it now :)
22:01 martinmorris wish me luck!
22:03 martinmorris well it's doing something
22:03 martinmorris with the words REINDEXING zebra at the top which is hopeful
22:06 jaron that sounds hopeful
22:08 martinmorris it does
22:08 jaron martinmorris: you were doing the Esperanto project right? how's that going?
22:08 martinmorris it's almost done - but we decided to wait until koha 3 was ready before rolling out
22:09 jaron yeah, I'm waiting on some things until koha 3 as well
22:09 jaron is this your first go at getting it set up?
22:09 martinmorris koha 3?
22:09 martinmorris i played with an upgrade from 2.2.9 but decided just to wipe the little server clean and go from scratch
22:09 martinmorris most of the set up has been fine - it was just the yaz libs which threw me for a bit, and then this (hopefully) last problem
22:10 martinmorris so this is my first from scratch installation
22:10 martinmorris the INSTALL doc should probably mention that you need to index
22:10 jaron you should put in a ticket about that
22:10 martinmorris think i will
22:11 martinmorris i've got a few notes on this install i need to submit to somebody
22:11 jaron send to the dev list?
22:11 martinmorris good idea
22:11 jaron if nothing else it will be publicly accessible for others searching for answers
22:12 martinmorris ill wait to see if this works first before sending that in :)
22:12 jaron heh
22:12 jaron how many records do you have?
22:13 martinmorris about 20k in total, but this is just with the first 6k for which i've got proper cataloguing, access points etc...
22:13 jaron 6K shouldn't take that long to index. zebra is pretty fast.
22:14 martinmorris marvellous, it works :)
22:14 martinmorris thank you!
22:14 jaron excellent
22:14 jaron funny. first time I've been here in a long time.
22:15 jaron martinmorris: good running into you. good to see that you're making progress. good luck. I'll definitely be interested to see the end results.
22:15 martinmorris ah that's a bugger, for some reason i'm getting the classmark in place of the title
22:15 martinmorris in fact everything is moved around
22:15 martinmorris the title seems to have crept into 260$a...
22:16 martinmorris can i fix that easily?
22:16 jaron hmmmm.... here's what I'd do
22:16 jaron export some records from koha
22:17 jaron yaz-marcdump somerecords.mrc
22:17 martinmorris ok...
22:17 jaron inspect that and see that they look right
22:17 jaron if they do then it might be with how zebra is set up
22:18 martinmorris i'm looking at the original xml in the koha database and the marc data is in the wrong fields there too
22:18 martinmorris ill check my original data
22:18 jaron and you used a script to import your data? might be that script. maybe a UNIMARC one?
22:18 martinmorris marc21 is the default for bulkmarcimport isn't it?
22:19 jaron might have changed with the script included with koha3
22:19 jaron since i only know that it's been deployed in france
22:19 martinmorris it's my original data :)
22:19 martinmorris so it's my fault, that's easy enough to fix
22:24 martinmorris anyway thanks for your help jaron - will certainly keep you posted :)
22:25 jaron take care
23:26 qiqo good morning people
03:13 qiqo hi matthew
07:49 martinmorris Morning all - got a small ERROR 109 problem with zebrasrv on my koha 3 install.  Zebra works fine for bilbios but not for authorities even though I have (I think) indexed them both...

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