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13:21 CGI034 hi
15:08 owen kados around, by any chance?
23:24 custard hi, attempting to get Koha 3 running on a mac. Hitting a brick wall with the CGI::Session module.
23:25 custard I assume that I need it, and that it needs to talk to the YAML bits (which seem to be causing it to fail make test)?
23:25 custard Is this correct? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work?
00:42 custard is anyone familar with gettting koha installed on darwin/macosx awake?
03:05 atz custard: you're saying CGI::Session won't install on Mac?
03:07 atz that's odd, since one of the module author's has a address
03:17 custard I'm saying it fails make test horribly on my mac.
03:18 custard it will probably install but my reading is that if it needs to talk to any of the YAML things (which I think it does) it may not work.
03:20 custard if it doesn't then I'll just force the install and be done with it.
04:07 pupung hi guys
04:07 pupung need some help
04:08 qiqo it's regarding amazon integration with 3.0
04:08 qiqo hello???
04:11 atz qiqo: what's the problem?
04:16 atz custard: the speech synthesis tests for Mac::Carbon just freaked me out pretty good
04:17 atz Carbon.h kicks out a lot of warnings, but installs OK apparently
04:21 atz custard: version 0.66 of YAML installed from CPAN w/o problem
04:21 atz CGI::Session actually wasn't available in the current version from some of my CPAN hosts
04:22 atz had to go a couple down the list
04:24 atz try updating CPAN, install Bundle::CPAN, or just pull straight from
04:25 atz custard: my test is on MacBook, OS 10.4.11
04:36 qiqo ohh i missed atz
04:36 qiqo anybody?
04:36 qiqo sorry was out to lunch
04:39 qiqo atz?
04:39 qiqo you still there?
04:48 qiqo well my problem is that when i search on the opac, most of the images do not show
04:48 qiqo -- try to search on islam
04:57 qiqo hmm
05:02 qiqo hi custard
05:07 custard atz: : still getting the same errors.
05:09 custard The first one is at this test : t/g4_dbfile_json..................51/101 (in cleanup) Dumping circular structures is not supported with JSON::Syck at /Users/custard/.cpan/build/CGI-Session-4.20/blib/lib/CGI/Session/Serialize/ line 18.
05:09 custard hi qiqo.
05:10 custard I've not got to running koha yet (in an argument with Perl) so I'm not going to be a lot of help to you.
05:16 atz qiqo: do your items have ISBNs?  I think that is what the Amazon link uses.
05:18 qiqo ye
05:18 qiqo yes
05:18 qiqo in 2.2 images show up
05:19 qiqo or the marc records have been messed up with the upgrade
05:19 qiqo lemme check first
05:19 atz did you select a MARC framework?
05:20 qiqo in the admin?
05:20 qiqo marc 21
05:20 qiqo ohh i saw the problem
05:21 qiqo some of my marc records have (cloth) or (paper back)
05:21 qiqo any way for koha to ignore these?
05:23 atz there may be, but I am not expert on cataloging.
05:24 atz you might ask again after the weekend
05:24 qiqo ah ok.. thank you
05:25 atz custard: I didn't get that error b/c I didn't have JSON::Syck installed
05:25 atz t/g4_dbfile_json..................skipped: JSON::Syck is not available.
05:26 custard atz: ok, I guess i probably don't need that then.
05:26 atz so you might be able to just force install
05:27 custard I also had a couple others, here: t/g4_dbfile_yaml.................51/202 # YAML::Syck  and here : t/g4_mysql........................skipped: Couldn't establish connection with the MySQL server:
05:28 custard the latter causing a bit of concern.
05:28 qiqo also when I upgraded, authors had "frey50" beside their names
05:35 custard atz: Thanks. Forced and no complie errors. Make in progress.
05:36 atz cool
05:37 atz qiqo: can you locate the "frey50" in your mysql client?
05:38 atz (i.e., is it in the DB, or is it in the page template)
05:43 custard lots of koha make test errors though.
05:43 custard oh well, at this point I'm just going to keep going.
05:46 qiqo its in the page template
05:46 qiqo i already saw the authors table
05:46 qiqo or i just saw the wrong table
05:47 qiqo because when i edited the frey50 and saved the record, it was gone
05:51 atz qiqo: that could be an encoding issue
05:52 atz on your data conversion
05:54 qiqo yeah
05:54 qiqo could be..
05:54 qiqo i dunno where frey50 came from
05:54 qiqo hehehe
06:04 custard atz: I take it that the system preferences>accounts method for adding users doesn't cover the groups bit?
06:05 atz custard: groups?
06:05 custard the Makefile.PL asked for a user and group.
06:06 atz it is probably referring to system userid  and groupid
06:12 atz it should be a dedicated koha account separate from your apache or "nobody" user
06:14 custard yes, I had imagined that. But it looks like what I did was not what Koha's make install was expecting.
06:15 custard currently looking around for this netinfo manager I keep reading about.

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