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12:19 kados mornin nengard
12:20 paul 'morning kados
12:20 kados hiya paul and the rest of #koha
12:20 kados paul: I am about to push up a patch to help with the problem of 'too many translations' ...
12:21 paul great !
12:21 kados paul: you can tell me if it works for you
12:21 paul I still don't see the fr => fr-FR patch for installer pushed
12:21 paul i'll test immediatly
12:22 kados hmmm, I don't think I have the installer patch
12:23 kados nope
12:23 kados I have 3-4 from you though
12:23 paul it's a patch called "moving fr installer to to-FR"
12:23 kados when did you submit it?
12:23 paul :-(
12:23 paul I submitted it at least twice.
12:24 paul 1st time jan, 18 or 19
12:24 paul 2nd time 3 days ago
12:24 kados I did see one where you did 'moving fr installer to FR-fr' which is wrong
12:24 kados but that was a while ago
12:24 paul yep.
12:24 kados and i haven't seen anything since
12:24 paul i've removed it and written a fr => fr-FR one
12:24 paul I can send it again immediatly if you want
12:25 kados sure
12:25 paul (chris told yesterday me he had validated it)
12:25 paul I send it to patches at ?
12:25 kados yes please
12:26 paul done
12:26 kados paul: also, quick question if you have a moment
12:26 paul throw it, i'll find time to answer
12:26 kados do any of your libraries want a bib-level call number/classification? or do they all want item-level only?
12:27 paul mmm... complex questions. all of them want item level call number, for sure.
12:27 paul but some of them also want bib level "call number", usually dewey classif
12:28 paul what I try to explain to libraries is that dewey is an intellectual classification, thus refers to biblio & callnumber is for physical location, thus refer to item level
12:29 kados right
12:31 paul !!!!! about the patch : "Change homebranch to branch for advanced search." you just pushed up
12:31 paul It will probably break some things
12:32 paul (in NoZebra search)
12:32 paul why did you change once again ?
12:32 kados we use 'branch' and in the back-end you decide if that means homebranch or holdingbranch IMO
12:32 paul (I mean Ryan)
12:32 kados it was broken
12:33 kados adv search was broken, ryan fixed it
12:33 paul I'll become mad with those moves :\
12:33 paul I think I made a wrong patch for NZ search then.
12:33 kados so your adv search is not broken?
12:34 paul as I've changed host-items for homebranch and if I understand this patch, i'll have to change again for "branch"
12:34 paul (at least, in NZ seach it's not)
12:34 kados please test zebra search
12:34 kados and let me know
12:36 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]sort_by=relevance returns 1001 results
12:36 paul seems not broken for me.
12:36 paul although that may mean my record.abs is "wrong"
12:38 paul mmm... bib1.att & record.abs for marc21 still contain homebranch (att 8012 & 952$a)
12:38 paul so where does the "branch" limit go to ?
12:39 kados branch is just for CCL IIRC
12:39 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]sort_by=relevance returns 1001 results as well anyway.
12:39 paul so maybe i'm wrong
12:40 paul about authorities stuff from gmcharlt-away: do you know if there are things to do for UNIMARC setup ?
12:41 paul i'll ask gm when he's back
12:41 kados I think he only switched marc21 to DOM
12:41 kados he should be on in a few hours
12:42 paul I'm almost sure he didn't changed anything in unimarc
12:42 paul so we will have to do it.
12:42 kados *nod* I think so too
12:43 paul so, if you release the beta in this state, it won't work for UNIMARC libraries, which would be a real shame.
12:43 kados ?
12:43 kados I'm pretty sure it will work for unimarc
12:43 paul really ? that's fine then
12:43 kados even though it uses the old DOM filter
12:43 kados oops, old ABS I mean
12:44 kados but we'll have to check with gmcharlt and of course, test
12:58 paul kados: the patch for language chooser is "handling multiple languages gracefully in sysprefs, allow..." ?
13:01 kados yes
13:02 gmcharlt-away paul, kados: I need to check one thing about not breaking UNIMARC authorities -- but if there's a problem, I should have a patch submitted by thismorning
13:02 gmcharlt-away this morning, even
13:03 paul gmcharlt-away: ++
13:03 paul kados : http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/ (login abel/able)
13:03 paul kados : http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/ (login abel/abel)
13:03 paul the language list is empty.
13:03 paul is there a syspref I have to set ?
13:04 kados oh!
13:05 kados you don't have a 'language' syspref for the staff client?
13:05 kados http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]eld=opaclanguages
13:05 kados is for the OPAC
13:05 kados and there is another one 'language' for the staff client
13:05 paul seems I havent, right ;-)
13:05 kados how do you know what language to load in the staff client?
13:07 paul YES ! works very well
13:08 kados IMO it needs a bit more testing
13:08 kados but it's getting there
13:09 kados I found a bug in the OPAC
13:09 kados related to lang switching
13:09 paul it it a choice to have "english" for OPAC and "english(en)" for staff ?
13:10 kados no, the langswitcher drop-down doesn't work in the OPAC
13:10 kados I noticed on your opac
13:10 kados but ... I have to get some coffee first :-)
13:11 paul gmcharlt: at 1st glance, with a very few testing, authorities seems to still work for UNIMARC on an uptodate git
13:11 paul so your patches seems not to break anything for UNIMARC. (But that's only 1st level testing)
13:12 gmcharlt paul: good -- the main thing I need to check is to make sure that my changes to didn't break anything
13:12 gmcharlt paul: also, the batch job won't work for UNIMARC authorities yet
13:13 paul what does this script do exactly (as your commit note was short ;) )
13:14 gmcharlt scans each heading in each bib record and creates, updates, or removes the subfield $9 link based on the presense or absense of an authority record for that heading
13:15 paul can't this script create authorities itself if it does not exist ?
13:15 paul that would be a perfect toolbox script for migrations !
13:16 gmcharlt paul: no, but it will be easy to create such a script once I refactor the biblioaddsauthorities code in to a C4::Biblio or C4::AuthoritiesMarc function
13:16 fbcit g'morning koha
13:17 gmcharlt paul: although for the record, I'm not a big fan of system-create authority records, but I'll still write a batch job to do it ;-)
13:17 gmcharlt hi fbcit
14:01 lloyd_ owen, need to center hthat logo :)
15:08 MatthewMetzger Hello.
15:09 MatthewMetzger I have a question about the documentation for installer/data/mysql/
15:10 MatthewMetzger I'm getting one of the errors that is listed on, but that page also says "don't bother". I'm not sure what "don't bother" is exactly referring to. Does it mean that I shouldn't worry about the error at all?
15:12 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: which error?
15:12 MatthewMetzger moving bibliothesaurus to InnoDB
15:12 MatthewMetzger DBD::mysql::db do failed: The used table type doesn't support FULLTEXT indexes at koha-3.00.00-alpha/installer​/data/mysql/ line 1729.
15:14 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: as far as I can tell, you really can ignore that message -- I don't think Koha 3 uses any mysql FULLTEXT indexes
15:14 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: thanks :)
15:15 MatthewMetzger I did get quite a few other error messages, seeming mostly to do with virtual shelves (which I don't think we have used, so there might not be database entries for them).
15:15 MatthewMetzger I have saved the output of installer/data/mysql/
15:16 MatthewMetzger Do you think I can ignore these errors, too?
15:16 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: could you post that output as a bug at -- it could be that all of the error messages are perfectly benign, but having output of 2.2 -> 3.0 upgrades will help QA
15:16 gmcharlt for one thing, it may be worth patch to quell the error messages that really are benign
15:17 MatthewMetzger sure. I haven't posted a bug before. That's a great idea, though. I'll try to do it right now.
15:28 paul gmcharlt: & MatthewMetzger : for ppl using a very old version of Koha, there maybe still a "bibliothesaurus" table, deprecated since 2.0 that has fulltext indexes
15:29 paul MatthewMetzger: you can ignore that message, gmcharlt is right. You can even drop that table, it's useless for years
15:29 MatthewMetzger I'm upgrading from 2.2.9 to 3.0. So I guess that error doesn't apply to me.
15:30 gmcharlt paul: thanks for confirming
15:30 MatthewMetzger so I can get rid of bibliothesaurus? Does it hurt to leave it there (will I continue to get error messages)?
15:33 MatthewMetzger I posted the output in bugzilla. Bug#: 1820
15:35 CGI042 test
15:42 Stimpy Are you using Koha?
15:44 Stimpy Hi Ren
15:44 ren No, not yet, but we are very interested.
15:44 ren Hi, Stimpy
15:45 Stimpy I need to go to a meeting, but look forward to talking to Koha users here
15:46 MatthewMetzger have a good meeting!
15:50 lloyd_ ren and stimpy lol
15:51 MatthewMetzger I was a little confused as to how cartoon characters were talking to each other... LOL
16:31 frederic Hello
16:33 gmcharlt hi frederic
16:36 frederic hi gmchrlt
16:36 frederic you've been working hard!
16:36 paul frederic:  the good IRC software autocomplete the nicks after a few letters (mine : by pressing tab)
16:38 frederic paul: Thanks. So mine is good :)
16:41 MatthewMetzger Hello again. I have some more database errors from step three of the web install of 3.0
16:43 MatthewMetzger Should I be concerned?
16:44 gmcharlt what are the errors?
16:45 MatthewMetzger Here's the first one:
16:45 MatthewMetzger [Fri Feb 8 10:35:44 2008] DBD::mysql::db do failed: Duplicate entry 'DebugLevel' for key 1 at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ins​taller/data/mysql/ line 103.
16:46 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: that one's OK
16:46 MatthewMetzger here's the next one:
16:47 MatthewMetzger [Fri Feb 8 10:35:44 2008] DBD::mysql::db do failed: Table 'tags' already exists at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ins​taller/data/mysql/ line 110.
16:47 MatthewMetzger do you have time to take a look at eight or so errors?
16:48 gmcharlt tags error OK if the tags table exists and has two columns: entry varchar(255) primary key, weight bigint(20)
16:49 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: I personally don't have time ATM the moment to look at all eight, but I will review bug 1820 later today, so you can add the additional errors there if you like
16:49 MatthewMetzger tags exists, but has 0 records
16:49 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: thanks.
16:50 gmcharlt zero records is fine, I believe, if you haven't been using OPAC tagging
16:51 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: okay. Thanks. I'll try to add the rest of the errors to bug 1820 (still learning bugzilla)
16:53 frederic gmcharlt: After a git rebase origin, I'm trying to update zebra config files. I've done perl Makefile.PL and then make. This last command fails with an error message: Bad arg length for Socket::inet_ntoa... rewrite-config.PL line 67. Any idea?
16:54 gmcharlt frederic: are you using Debian?
16:54 frederic yes
16:56 gmcharlt frederic: looks like code attempting to guess your server's IP address is not working on your box for some reason
16:56 gmcharlt you can work around by setting the WEBSERVER_IP environment variable before you issue the make
17:00 frederic Yes. That's it. I should have look at rewrite-config.PL before ringing you. Thanks.
17:00 gmcharlt frederic: a possible cause is that for whatever reason, the results of Sys::Hostname::hostname don't resolve to an IP address per gethostbyname
17:02 frederic Indeed, it comes from a hostname mispelling (wrong character) on this box.
20:03 MatthewMetzger Hello again.
20:03 MatthewMetzger I seem to be having a session issue with the administration web interface.
20:04 MatthewMetzger Everytime I try to change a setting, or even go to a different page, I have to log in again.
20:04 MatthewMetzger I checked the timeout value and also switched between mysql and tmp for session storage. I'm in the midst of trying to upgrade from 2.2.9 to 3.0
20:05 MatthewMetzger This is from the 3.0 administration interface
20:20 atz MatthewMetzger: enable cookies?
20:21 MatthewMetzger atz: cookies are enabled in the browser... I believe ... is that what you mean .. or a koha setting?
20:21 atz yeah, in the browser is what I meant
20:22 MatthewMetzger atz: I have my browser set to "accept cookies from any site"
20:22 MatthewMetzger so that can't be the problem

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