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13:23 kados paul/hdl reply to your email :-)
13:23 kados g'morning all
13:36 kados hey owen
13:51 owen Sorry, kados, I was just getting my ear chewed off by a cataloger ;)
14:06 gmcharlt greetings #koha
14:31 paul hello kados, owen & gmcharlt
14:32 owen Hi paul
14:32 gmcharlt hi paul
15:57 atz "I, for one, welcome our new CGI leaders...."
16:17 atz owen: i'm guessing that was all the ppl who wanted to test ahead of time that they could get on channel
16:17 atz or rather, one person
16:18 owen IRC is a big scary world
16:18 atz not sure how to interpret the ~465b7561@  
16:20 fbcit hello koha
16:26 gmcharlt hi fbcit
16:55 fbcit is anyone familiar with C4::Labels::draw_boundaries ?
17:15 owen is anyone familiar with how I can erase all copies of Internet Explorer 6 from existence?
17:15 paul owen : just install linux :-D
17:15 atz format c:
17:15 owen That might help me, but I want everyone else's gone too!
17:16 atz hah... nice.  is as close as I can get, there.
17:17 gmcharlt owen: first, find a helpful ninja
17:17 gmcharlt owen: then find lots of cash :)
17:18 owen I guess debugging my CSS and JS in IE will be cheaper in the long run
17:37 fbcit IE == Idiot's Elysium
17:59 atz that's the same CGI  IP, methinks
18:00 atz :q
18:23 glh Just checking  bye
19:28 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: dbs n=dan@pdpc/supporter/active/denials
19:29 chris hey dan
19:29 [K] <dbs@FreeNode> long time no visit :)
20:14 chris hey rosa
20:17 Rosa Hi chris
20:21 fbcit is the Label code new to Koha 3?
20:23 chris its in dev_week
20:24 fbcit chris: do you know if anyone is using it to print barcode labels on Avery 5160 labels?
20:25 chris good question, off the top of my head, no i dont know
20:25 fbcit or is it in production use at all?
20:25 chris yes, i know Opus here in nz print labels
20:25 chris i think some libraries in the US use it too, ryan would know
20:27 fbcit I had some problems with creep and it seems that Avery's published template dimensions are to blame
20:27 fbcit I'd love to talk with someone who is using it in production to compare notes
20:32 fbcit ryan appears to be ryan_ right now :)
20:32 chris yup
20:33 nengard hi
20:33 chris hey nicole
20:33 chris rosa: have you met nicole? she is a prolific and respected blogger, a librarian, now an open source evangelist, and all round nice person
20:34 nengard wow
20:34 nengard what a nice intro
20:34 chris rosa is the head librarian at HLT and the main reason Koha exists
20:34 nengard hi rosa
20:34 thd` gmcharlt: I sent you an email with a link to an archive documenting the installation bug I have been experiencing
20:34 chris who may in fact now have wandered away from the keyboard to run her library :-)
20:35 nengard k
20:35 chris but she'll read back ;)
20:35 chris hey thd
20:35 nengard well - anyone can contact me via my info on
20:36 gmcharlt thd: got it; I'll review it
20:47 Rosa hi nengard. yep I wandered off, not to run my library, but to have a grand morning tea to farwell three of my student assistants
20:48 nengard sounds fun
20:51 Rosa Where do you come from, nicole?
20:51 nengard Philadelphia, PA, USA
20:52 nengard well - a bit north of there
20:52 nengard but close enough
21:09 thd chris: can I buy some sleep from you?
21:09 chris heh
21:09 chris not getting much myself
21:09 nengard i could use more too
21:09 chris Kahurangi has 4 molars coming in
21:09 nengard ahhhh
21:10 nengard :(
21:13 chris ouch
21:16 owen I guess molars are going around, mine's gettin' 'em too
21:16 chris fbcit:[…]p?g2_itemId=10929
21:17 chris thats a recent photo of my son, you have one of your daughter?
21:17 chris owen: not a lot of fun eh?
21:17 chris i guess you have had practice before tho eh :-)
21:18 fbcit chris: he's a fine looking young man
21:18 owen Not too bad, it's really the combination of that and the cold that is causing the trouble
21:18 chris ahh yeah, lucky for us its nice and warm, so if his teeth wake him up, he can sometimes go back to sleep
21:18 fbcit chris: I don't have one online, I'll get one scanned up where you can see
21:18 chris cool :)
21:19 chris we could have a koha kids club :)
21:19 fbcit :-)
21:20 fbcit owen: my daughter has had a cold on top of teething this past week or so
21:20 gmcharlt chris: and resurrect blobby-man for the kids club? :)
21:21 chris hehe good idea
21:22 chris i have a blobby man tshirt
21:22 chris[…]p?g2_itemId=10222
21:23 owen Speaking of children, I'd better head out to get mine...
21:23 chris cya owen
21:28 gmcharlt thd: I've retrieved your install directory and logs in case you need to reclaim the space
21:42 thd gmcharlt: I do not need to regain the space.  My remote server has more unused space than my local machine which needs a new hard drive :)
21:44 thd gmcharlt: maybe I can reward my local machine with a new hard drve if koha will install without that error.  I could even reward myself.
21:44 gmcharlt thd: I shall endeavor to help give you an excuse to reward your computer ;-)
21:46 thd gmcharlt: if you look at the archive file times, you should see that I spent all night on this again.  I need to reward myself with some more sleep sometime ;)
21:46 atz I'll sell you some, cheap.
21:46 gmcharlt thd: I got a checkinstall error; I'm now in the process of setting up a completely clean Debian Etch VM to do more testing
21:47 gmcharlt atz: if only it worked that way :(
21:47 thd gmcharlt did you have a different checkinstall error from me?
21:47 atz gmcharlt: just try it.  paypal me teh monies$$$
21:48 gmcharlt thd: yes, it died when set_koha_permissions was attempting chown
21:48 gmcharlt thd: but I need to start fresh so that I'm not attempting a checkinstall onto a VM that already has a default koha install on it
21:49 gmcharlt thd: attempting chmod, rather
21:49 thd gmcharlt: I repoted that rror yesterday if I manually created /etc/koha in advance
21:50 gmcharlt thd: yeah, but /etc/koha had already existed on my VM
21:50 thd gmcharlt: However, I think that if you look at the line before you ill find that he first error is still the same about ./etc/koha/README.txt
21:51 thd atz: are you selling sleep? :0
21:51 gmcharlt thd: could be, but logs are now gone -- hence I'm starting from scratch and will be logging it properly this time
21:52 atz thd: yeah, but dreams cost extra.
21:52 thd gmcharlt: my logs are perfectly complete for every step so if I did anything silly screenlog recorded it
21:53 gmcharlt tbd: yep, but I'll be needing to revert to a VM snapshot repeatedly as a I (hopefully) find the fixes for Makefile.PL and/or checkinstall
21:54 atz this is a textbook case for VMs
21:54 thd gmcharlt what VM application have you been using?
21:54 gmcharlt Mac Parallels
21:55 thd I gues that does not work on non-macs
21:56 atz thd: actually, VMware Converter claims to be able to import parallels images
21:56 atz to be clear, parallels claims to be able to import VMware images, but failed in my experience
21:56 atz haven't yet tested the former case
21:58 chris use the xen :)
21:58 atz or solaris virtualization, supposedly the performance king of the group (on sparc, of course)
21:59 atz chris: i'd like to get more into xen
21:59 thd I need a machine that can run a virtual machine without consuming all available resources
21:59 atz thd: are you running VMs "headless"?
22:00 thd atz: well I am not running any at the moment
22:00 atz the video reprocessing of the desktop is by far the greatest CPU burden
22:00 chris atz: its actually pretty easy with debian,there are some neat tools
22:00 atz so if you just run the VM and connect to it via terminal
22:00 atz you get better performance
22:01 thd atz: I do not have enough RAM or CPU for my system without running any VM
22:01 thd atz: I also run out of swap space on many nights while running cron jobs
22:01 atz thd: ah, yeah, not much to do in that case...
22:02 thd atz: I need to find some money so I can by more sleep and more hardware
22:03 thd atz: which is difficult to do when lack of sleep pursuing money keeps leaving me sick for a week
22:03 atz :(
22:04 atz are you going to code4libcon in Portland?    
22:05 thd However, I refuse to sell out to working on non-free software :)
22:05 chris :-)
22:06 thd atz: no, ask them to hold it in New York City and I will attend ;)
22:06 gmcharlt thd: know anybody at NYU, CCNY, etc. who might be willing to put out a bid to host?
22:07 atz we have some clients there....
22:07 chris how bout the guggenheim :-)
22:07 atz I think OCLC and Kent St. should team up and host in Columbus.  :)
22:08 thd gmcharlt: I know quite a few people at NYU but not ones who want to bother with organising a conference
22:10 thd gmcharlt: ther is one possibilty at CCNY who might be willing to do the work if I can find her contact information.
22:10 thd s/ther/there/
00:24 gmcharlt thd: I've made progress on the checkinstall issue
00:24 gmcharlt thd: was able to do a checkinstall, then install the resulting .deb
00:25 gmcharlt thd: after modifying checkinstall to only list regular files (as opposed to also the directories) from /etc in the package's conffile
01:05 thd gmcharlt: is that merely a command option?
01:05 gmcharlt no, I had to patch checkinstall itself
01:05 thd gmcharlt: that is the same issue that the Koha installer had been having with globbing
01:06 chris hi rachel
01:06 thd gmcharlt: how do I obtain your patched version of checkinstall?
01:07 thd hello rachel
01:07 gmcharlt thd: I can email you a patch
01:07 thd gmcharlt: horray, email away
01:13 gmcharlt thd: email sent
01:15 thd gmcharlt: which address did you send the message?  I have many :)
01:15 gmcharlt the koha@xxx one -- same one you emailed me from last
01:17 thd odd, I have no new messages there
01:18 thd gmcharlt: can you confirm that you typed koha AT correctly?
01:18 gmcharlt thd: I can confirm I copied and paste it correctly :)
01:19 gmcharlt thd: I can try sending to another address if you wish
01:21 thd gmcharlt: I have it now at least in my forwarded unified mail reading account
01:24 thd gmcharlt: reading your message, is dpkg is happy to parse directories everywhere else but not for configfiles?
01:26 gmcharlt thd: as far as I can tell from the dpkg format, the non-config files are basically in an ar archive, so there isn't a manifest as such -- it's only conffiles where there's a separate manifest that dpkg checks (as part of implementing the Debian policy about not scribbling over admin changes to config files during a package upgrade)
08:21 paul chris : a small patch to validate in your mailbox
08:21 paul (hello)
08:22 chris hey paul
08:22 chris ill take a look now

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