IRC log for #koha, 2008-02-07

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13:39 owen Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, etc., #koha
13:43 kados hey owen
13:43 owen Hi kados, long time no see
13:43 paul hi owen & kados.
13:44 paul seems that Ohio will be important for Democrat candidate this year...
13:44 paul (at least that's what radio stations reports here in france...)
13:44 owen Yeah, I expected the decision to have been made for us by the time we had our primary
13:44 paul (Ohio and another one, don't remember which one)
14:34 CGI861 anyone on
14:39 owen Some, CGI861
14:54 CGI861 owen I just wrote you
14:54 CGI861 do you have a minute?
14:57 fbcit g'morning koha
14:58 fbcit any java guru's around?
15:09 gmcharlt fbcit: I'm no guru, but I know a little bit about Java
15:13 atz I studied a lot of Java in school.... and haven't touched it much since.
16:16 fbcit gmcharlt: still around?
16:17 gmcharlt fbcit: yep
16:17 fbcit java question
16:17 fbcit if I initialize a var inside of a loop can it be passed out of the loop?
16:17 fbcit or do I need to int it outside the loop
16:19 fbcit here's the code:
16:19 gmcharlt no, I think if you declare inside a loop, it's scope ls limited to the loop block
16:21 gmcharlt so in your code, fnum would have to be declared before the first loop
16:21 fbcit k
16:24 fbcit gmcharlt: is there a quick & easy way to debug java inside hmtl?
16:24 gmcharlt fbcit: java inside HTML (as opposed to Javascript?)
16:25 fbcit Javascript...
16:25 gmcharlt fbcit: the Firebug FF plugin is useful
16:25 fbcit I'm trying to do some mods to
16:40 fbcit FWIW, it turns out that javascript does not require declaration of vars and once used vars are global to the script...
16:41 gmcharlt fbcit: yep; really, the only thing Java and Javascript have in common are the four letters j-a-v-a
16:41 fbcit heh
16:42 fbcit I got the script working using Firebug
16:42 fbcit tnx for the help
16:45 gmcharlt you're welcome
17:54 CGI838 Question:  is there a time when this channel is not used much?
17:55 atz CGI838: it varies, but overall traffic is pretty light
17:55 CGI838 Some of the Koha User Group members would like to use this channel for meetings
17:55 CGI838 How would that go over with all of you developers?
17:55 CGI838 Don't need an answer immediately.
17:55 CGI838 Just testing the waters.
17:56 atz i don't set policy, but it makes sense to me
17:56 CGI838 Oh, and how do I change my name so you can see who I am?
17:56 gmcharlt CGI838: sounds OK to me as well
17:56 atz type:  /nick  YourName
17:57 Deb Would having a meeting later in the day be problematic?
17:57 Deb say after 3pm?  
17:57 owen Hi Deb, I thought that must be you. Sorry, I just got back to my computer after being pulled away
17:57 gmcharlt Deb: (figured it was you :) ) -- #koha isn't just for developers, it's also a support channel
17:57 Deb would we collide?
17:57 Deb what gives me away?
17:57 owen Well, you did say you had just sent me an email :)
17:58 gmcharlt Deb: the topic of course
17:58 atz Deb: you should do it.
17:58 Deb oh good, it's not the cadence or the word choices then
17:58 gmcharlt Deb: IRC actually lends itself to a fair degree of intermingled conversations, so I wouldn't worry about it
17:58 Deb do what atz
17:58 Deb ?
17:58 atz use this channel
17:58 owen No one is going to get mad at you for talking about Koha in #koha
17:58 atz lol ^^  well said, owen
17:59 Deb ok, but there could be up to 50 people
17:59 Deb well, that's dreamin'
17:59 owen If the developers don't like it, they can always create a #koha-devel
17:59 gmcharlt that would be great, actually, to have that many
17:59 Deb perhaps 20
17:59 Deb ok then I'll send out an email stating that we can use this channel effective immediately, ok?
18:00 Deb I think some would like a meeting immediately--Owen you're one of them.
18:00 atz owen: yeah, or #koha-curmudgeons
18:00 Deb Did I read you correctly?
18:00 gmcharlt and if later on, the community finds it too distracting, it is very easy to create a #koha-devel or #kudos
18:00 Deb Galen, that'd be great!
18:00 gmcharlt should have said, *if* the community finds it too distracting
18:00 Deb If we needed that, would it be the same as logging in here?
18:01 owen Deb, I don't personally feel the need for a meeting, I just didn't think we should spend too much time dithering about it
18:01 Deb don't stop now owen.
18:01 gmcharlt Deb: yeah, it would be easy to set it up to easy the same web IRC interface
18:01 Deb there are some things to discuss.
18:01 Deb great galen
18:02 Deb is it appropriate for me to call your 'galen'?  I didn't read the irc ettiquette
18:02 gmcharlt Deb: OK with me
18:03 gmcharlt others may feel differently about use of nick vs. real name, but I don't think it's much of an issue for most of the regulars on #koha
18:04 Deb i have no problem using my real name.  Most people figure it's me as you did.  Thanks for allowing me to use your name.
18:04 owen It's common to use someone's nick if only so that their IRC client beeps at them when someone says their name
18:05 Deb fyi: i got an email from someone who stated the CODI (Dynix user group) actually helped guide the development of the ILS
18:05 Deb I know this works and am anxious to have KUDOS do the same for Koha.  It really works.  I've seen it in action.  
18:06 Deb And I'm committed (perhaps committable also ;-)
18:06 gmcharlt Deb: yeah; it's my understanding that back in the day the Dynix user community was pretty vocal, and actually got listened to
18:07 Deb they did.  I don't know that the same is true for III, being one of the people who is very vocal.
18:07 Deb Anyway, how come I don't get beeped from the IRC?  Do I need to do something?
18:08 owen It's probably different for each IRC client
18:08 Deb ARe there instructions I should read? I just followed the links and started typing.
18:08 gmcharlt the web interface may not do it, but most stand-alone IRC clients can do it
18:08 owen I use Chatzilla, an extension for Firefox
18:08 owen Yeah, I don't suppose the web interface does it
18:08 Deb oh, I'm not on an IRC client, but I could dl chatzilla.  I love ff
18:08 gmcharlt firefox++
18:09 owen
18:09 Deb what does ++ mean?
18:09 Deb tnx owen
18:09 Deb ok, I'm gonna leave you all to your hard work and I have mine too.  
18:10 gmcharlt it's called karma; it's a way of signaling approval (free_beer++) or not (stealing_candy_from_babies--)
18:10 gmcharlt also way of signalling agreement or kudos
18:10 gmcharlt Deb++
18:10 Deb I'll send an email to all Koha users I know about and let them know about the use of this channel
18:10 Deb Thanks Galen--your crack me up!
18:11 Deb So, look for an email and  a proposed agenda along with a time to meet.  I hope you respond.
18:11 Deb Thank you all for your time.  
18:11 Deb I'll read the wikipedia info on IRC etiquette too.
18:11 Deb cheers all!
18:46 chris hey nicole
18:46 nengard hi
00:36 thd seen kados?
00:38 gmcharlt thd: kados was on #koha earlier today -- dunno if he'll be conversing later tonight or not
00:38 thd gmcharlt: maybe I should ask you my question
00:39 gmcharlt thd: go ahead
00:39 thd gmcharlt: I am having som problems with the installer
00:40 gmcharlt what platform?
00:40 thd my last error message which aborted the installation was set_koha_owner Error 1
00:40 thd gmcharlt: this is on Debian etch
00:42 gmcharlt thd: standard or single-mode install, I assume?
00:43 thd gmcharlt: yes standard
00:43 thd gmcharlt: I want my own special symlinks for development
00:44 gmcharlt thd: couple possibilities, then -- first, make install must be done as root or sudo, and target user whose ownership the files are being set up must have exist before you do the make install
00:44 thd gmcharlt: I should say that I had an earlier error which I corrected manually
00:44 gmcharlt are being set to, rather
00:46 thd installation complained that it could not put any files in ./etc/koha because /etc/koha does not exist no such file or directory
00:46 thd I created /etc/koha manually and that errror went away
00:46 thd gmcharlt make install was done as sudo
00:47 thd gmcharlt: user koha and group koha exist and koha is a member of koha
00:48 thd the user and group my not have identical IDs for the user and group
00:48 gmcharlt thd: so if I understand, you were doing a standard mode install but making the some/all of the target directories be relative to the current directory? (hence ./etc/koha instead of /etc/koha?)
00:49 gmcharlt thd: the specific IDs shouldn't matter -- right now set_koha_ownership just uses chown
00:49 thd I should have clarified the complaint was about ./etc/koha which I found odd
00:49 gmcharlt yeah, that is odd
00:49 thd gmcharlt: why ./etc/koha?
00:50 thd gmcharlt: that seems like something for the limited access web install
00:51 thd I can assure that standard was selected as my install method
00:51 gmcharlt thd: I believe you :)
00:51 thd I repeated the whole process many times with the same errors
00:52 gmcharlt thd: if you have still have the Makefile, could you send me or pastebin the results of 'grep ^export Makefile'?
00:52 thd also I have failed to mention that most make tests failed because make test did not know where to find the C4 directory so it could not find the correct Perl modules for Koha which necessarily had not been installed yet
00:53 gmcharlt thd: /etc/koha itself is the default for a 'standard' mode install -- not sure sure where the leading '.' is coming from
00:54 thd gmcharlt: is make test supposed to work from the git directory?
00:54 thd what is pastebin
00:54 gmcharlt thd: yes, it should work from either the git directory or the expand tarball
00:55 thd gmcharlt: well it was not working two days ago
00:55 thd when I last updated
00:55 gmcharlt thd: -- paste in stuff, it spits back a URL that you post in the IRC channel
00:55 gmcharlt to avoid flooding the channel with many lines of code or the like
00:57 thd I am logged in reotely at the moment.  Does pastbin work with lynx?
00:58 gmcharlt thd: just checked -- looks like it will work
01:05 gmcharlt thd: I'm also trying an install from the current git head on a Debian VM now
01:09 gmcharlt hmm, make test works for me, no errors during sudo make install
01:13 thd gmcharlt:
01:14 thd gmcharlt: I had looked at the Makefile previously and did not identify the problems reported
01:15 gmcharlt thd: yeah, I'm not seeing a direct reference to ./etc/koha -- KOHA_CONF_DIR = /etc/koha as expected
01:16 gmcharlt thd: wilde guess -- perhaps a non-GNU make in your path -- does make -v return "GNU Make 3.81"?
01:16 thd gmcharlt: I built a debian package with checkinstall
01:16 thd would you like to see that?
01:17 gmcharlt yes, please
01:17 thd gmcharlt do have some place I can send it via ftp?
01:18 gmcharlt thd: one moment, I'll set up you
01:30 thd gmcharlt: I see why the debian package was not created last time I ran checkinstall
01:31 thd I have the following from the end of the process still visible
01:31 thd Installing /usr/share/koha/man/man3/cataloguing::​value_builder::unimarc_field_115b.3pm
01:31 thd Installing /usr/share/koha/man/man3/s​erials::member-search.3pm
01:31 thd chown: `/etc/koha': No such file or directory
01:31 thd Bye.
01:31 thd make: *** [set_koha_ownership] Error 1
01:31 thd ****  Installation failed. Aborting package creation.
01:31 thd Cleaning up...OK
01:32 thd gmcharlt: I had and have created /etc/koha manually so what is there to complain about?
01:32 thd I did not even notice that was still the error
01:33 thd I will remove the manually created /etc/koha and test with checkinstall again
01:33 gmcharlt thd: ok
01:33 thd at list I will have a debian package out of it
01:34 thd gmcharlt: however, you are claiming I should have no errors from make test even before running checkinstall
01:34 thd ?
01:35 gmcharlt thd: correct -- at least, I didn't get any errors during make test when I tested half an hour ago
01:36 thd to make certain we are fuly synchrosised I will grab the very latest copy from git now
01:36 thd and rerun the process with that
01:50 gmcharlt thd: I'll leaving my computer now, but will check tomorrow morning -- good night
01:50 gmcharlt thd++ for working on Debian package
08:11 paul chris around ?
08:12 chris hi paul
08:12 paul hello chris.
08:12 paul i've 2 questions for you, do you have a few minuts ?
08:12 chris sure do
08:13 paul thanks.
08:13 paul 1st question : i've submitted a patch called "moving fr installer to fr_FR"
08:13 paul he seems not to have been approved yet. Do you know why ?
08:14 chris yep i pushed it up to joshua .. originally you had one from FR_fr that didnt get approved, but the fr_FR should be fine, ill check with joshua
08:14 paul s/fr_FR/fr-FR/
08:14 chris *nod*
08:14 paul right. I realised my mistake just after sending the 1st wrong patch.
08:14 paul 2nd question is about reserves on OPAC.
08:15 paul we (SAN & me) have tested reserves on OPAC and something is going wrong with them.
08:15 paul (when you reserve a given item)
08:15 chris yep
08:15 paul seems you removed some code recently (some "priority==0" have been removed)
08:16 paul do you have the same problem ?
08:16 paul do you have an idea where it comes from
08:16 paul ?
08:16 chris there was some problems with items showing as waiting as soon as they were reserved
08:17 chris because the code wasnt checking for 'w' but was just seeing the itemnumber
08:17 chris i worked on fixing that
08:17 chris yep, the problem is they cant agree :-)
08:18 paul do you agree with the doc at, line 48+
08:18 chris lemme check
08:21 chris yes i agree with that, as long as items dont show as waiting, when they are still on the shelf, or being transferred
08:22 chris otherwise patrons see its waiting and go to the desk to get it, and then the librarian cant find it
08:22 paul and what makes them show as waiting ?
08:22 chris it should only show as waiting if found='w'
08:22 paul P =0, F=W,    I=filled
08:22 chris yep
08:23 chris if f=w its waiting
08:23 chris there was some code that was going
08:23 chris I=filled .. it must be waiting
08:23 paul so line 72 is wrong
08:23 chris even though f=null
08:24 paul atm, if you reserve a given item, the priority is set to 1 even if there is no other reserve. Shouldn't it be set to 0 ?
08:25 chris 0 or 1 it doesnt really matter, lowest priority is the first one to be filled when the item is returned
08:26 paul but we tested the case where the item was not on issue
08:27 chris yep so it was on the shelf
08:27 paul the user reserve an item that is in the shelves.
08:27 paul right.
08:27 chris so in that case it shouldnt show waiting
08:27 paul in our test case ,it's on the shelves of another branch.
08:27 chris until it is checked in at the branch the user reserved it at
08:28 chris and is put on the reserves shelf (or whereever the librarian puts reserved books to be picked up)
08:28 paul but the branch where the item is must see it i npending reserves (which is not the case iirc)
08:28 chris yeah the reserve reports arent working properly i dont think
08:29 chris they should see they need to send it to the branch the borrower wants it from
08:32 paul so your opinion is that flags in the database are set properly and the bugs are in the code handling the workflow ?
08:32 chris i think so, but not 100% sure
08:33 paul ok, i'll investigate this (or SAN will)
08:33 paul thanks
08:33 paul a last quetsion : "Marc Roberson Joins LibLime As VP, Library Partners"
08:33 paul what means VP ?
08:36 chris Vice President

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