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13:29 hdl owen : what is the syspref in order to use itemtype on itemlevel ?
13:29 hdl owen : hi
13:29 owen Hi hdl
13:29 owen sorry, I don't know the answer
13:30 hdl kados around ?
13:54 lloyd_ hdl, it's item-level_itypes
13:58 hdl thx.
13:58 hdl I didnot have this in my table.
13:59 owen Maybe it didn't make it into the database update?
14:00 hdl OK I added it.
14:00 owen item-level_itypes, "If ON, enables Item-level Itemtype / Issuing Rules", YesNo
14:04 lloyd_ yeah I had it too
14:15 hdl could be an updatedatabase lack
14:32 owen Hi randym
14:33 randym hi owen
15:01 hdl hi randym
15:13 fbcit g'morning koha
15:33 fbcit kados or gmcharlt: should deleteditems.marc really be deleteditems.more_subfields_xml to match items.more_subfields_xml?
15:33 fbcit throws an error when deleting an item and the record is not moved to deleteditems
15:39 gmcharlt fbcit: actually, no, but there should be a new deleteditems.more_subfields_xml
15:39 gmcharlt deleteditems.marc is a copy of the whole bib
15:39 fbcit ahh
15:39 fbcit I'll add the missing field
15:40 gmcharlt fbcit: thanks -- if possible, please submit the patch ASAP, as this would be a blocker for the beta
15:40 gmcharlt (and oops, my bad)
15:40 fbcit :)
16:30 fbcit gmcharlt, kados: patch should be in kados' inbox
16:45 hdl owen: what does spotty implementation mean ?
16:45 owen Inconsistent
16:46 owen We handle item type images one way on this page, another way on that one
16:47 hdl Is it much trouble to harmonize ?
16:48 owen I don't suppose it is, I think no one has really tried to fix all instances
16:52 ryan_ owen: (or others)  have you seen this error before :
16:52 ryan_ $("#toplevelmenu").clickMenu is not a function
16:53 owen ryan_: where are you seeing it?
16:53 ryan_ which breaks yahoo stuf on top menu bar
16:53 ryan_ it's a nozebra install, from firebug
16:53 atz yeah, we're using the $ from YUI
16:53 ryan_ causes styling to break for resident search and more dropdown
16:54 ryan_ $("#toplevelmenu").clickMenu is not a function
16:54 ryan_ _()staff-global.js (line 7)
16:54 ryan_ e()jquery.js (line 11)
16:54 ryan_ e()jquery.js (line 11)
16:54 ryan_ e([function(), function(), function()], function(), undefined)jquery.js (line 11)
16:54 ryan_ e()jquery.js (line 11)
16:54 ryan_ [Break on this error] $('#toplevelmenu').clickMenu();
16:54 ryan_ to be more verbose
16:54 owen ryan_: there shouldn't be any clickMenu calls in the template anymore, unless you're adding one?
16:56 ryan_ hm, not that i know of
16:56 ryan_ possibly a leftover syspref ?
16:57 atz maybe if you have the "important links here" section filled out w/ some js
17:07 ryan_ ok , resolved -- an odd caching issue
17:13 matthew hello
17:14 matthew I'm having trouble with the "make test" part of the Koha 3.0 installer. It fails and I don't know enough to know why.
17:15 atz you probably are missing a pre-requisite
17:15 atz what error do you get?
17:15 matthew Files=42, Tests=62, 18 wallclock secs ( 0.38 usr  0.11 sys + 16.03 cusr  1.81 csys = 18.33 CPU)
17:15 matthew Result: FAIL
17:15 matthew Failed 27/42 test programs. 26/62 subtests failed.
17:15 matthew make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 1
17:16 atz ok, so you have to look further up and see which tests failed
17:16 matthew I am missing some prerequisites. I can find out which ones. I've been working through them and have most of them installed, but I'm having some trouble with a few, even using cpan.
17:16 atz usually the first one to fail is the best place to start
17:16 matthew t/Accounts.t              (Wstat: 256 Tests: 1 Failed: 1)
17:16 matthew is the first
17:16 matthew failure
17:17 matthew BRB
17:18 atz hrm.... all that does is test   use_ok('C4::Accounts')
17:19 matthew I'll check to see what prereqs are missing...
17:20 matthew [Tue Feb  5 11:03:56 2008] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite DBI 1.53 not found. We have 1.50.
17:20 matthew [Tue Feb  5 11:03:56 2008] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite Data::Dumper 2.12108 not found. We have 2.12104.
17:20 matthew [Tue Feb  5 11:03:58 2008] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite POSIX 1.09 not found. We have 1.08.
17:20 matthew [Tue Feb  5 11:03:59 2008] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite XML::LibXSLT 1.59 not found.
17:20 matthew [Tue Feb  5 11:03:59 2008] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite YAML::Syck 0.71 not found.
17:20 matthew I've tried to install all of these using cpan
17:21 atz are you on debian?
17:21 matthew but they are still either not up to date or missing.
17:21 matthew I'm on ubuntu dapper 6.06
17:22 atz you might have to install from CPAN with force, or manually pull down the .gz file
17:23 matthew what is the command for "with force"
17:23 matthew I've installed from source, too, so I can do that if necessary.
17:25 matthew_away Sorry, I have to leave for a while. Thanks so much for your help atz
17:25 atz no problem... see you later
17:26 atz btw, for cpan it's just "force install xxxx::yyyy" instead of install xxxx::yyyy
17:57 owen Anyone know if the export stuff has been integrated into the 3.0 opac?
17:57 owen I see, but I don't see it in the template
18:01 owen Hmmm... adding the markup from dev_week seems to work
18:01 atz interesting
19:07 fbcit is implemented anywhere currently?
19:21 kados fbcit: yea, it's in the default framework, there's a syspref that lets you pick the type of barcode generation you have
19:22 kados fbcit: 4527
19:22 kados oops
19:22 kados fbcit: autoBarcode is the name
19:23 fbcit kados: hmm changing that from incremental to annual did not do anything here... can you confirm
19:24 fbcit looks like the barcode is generated about line 103 in
19:25 kados hmmm
19:25 kados I suspect there's a battle in the code around this :-)
19:25 fbcit grep does not show any real refs to
19:25 kados some people (me) want to put all autobarcode behavior in the plugin, some in the additem
19:26 kados no, it's not in the code, it's in the framework
19:26 kados check your marc framework 952 $p
19:26 kados that's where should be enabled
19:26 kados as a plugin
19:26 kados rather than hard-coding the behavior in the script
19:26 kados IMO anyway
19:34 fbcit kados: so by adding to that field, the plug-in is executed when the form is submitted?
19:35 chris should be executed when you click in the barcode text input
19:35 chris or on the ... next to that input
19:37 fbcit so I should enter '' in 952$p and click the ellipsis next to that field to generate the barcode?
19:38 chris 2 secs lemme pull up a url to show ya
19:41 chris[…]52&frameworkcode=
19:42 chris then go to p, then display more constraints
19:42 chris and choose the plugin in the plugin drop down
19:43 fbcit ahh... so edit the framework...
19:43 fbcit I see
19:43 chris and then
19:43 chris[…]?biblionumber=198
19:44 chris you should have .... next to the barcode field
19:44 chris which should do something :)
19:45 fbcit hmm doesn't appear to at that last link you posted
19:45 chris yeah i might have a syspref turned off
19:45 chris but thats how it works in theory :-)
19:45 chris you can set plugins for any subfield
19:45 fbcit so as long as the autoBarcode option is not *OFF* it should work
19:45 fbcit nice
19:51 fbcit chris: after setting it up like you showed me, it does not seem to work here with autoBarcode set to annual
19:52 chris i think there is an element of what joshua saying too
19:52 chris that there is a fight between trying to do it in the plugin (the right way) and in the code ( the wrong way)
19:53 fbcit seems we could check for the existence of a plugin in 952$p and conditional the code based on that?
19:54 chris :-)
20:00 matthew_away I'm having problems connecting to the library of congress z3950 server through koha 2.2.9. Another server works, but returns no results for my search. The LOC returns Internal Server Error
20:01 chris you getting anything in the error logs?
20:01 matthew Let me check...
20:02 matthew I've dealt with this before and the solution was to remove the offending servers.
20:02 chris *nod*
20:02 matthew but LOC should be up
20:02 chris yep
20:05 matthew [Tue Feb 05 13:58:57 2008] [error] [client] at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/z3950/ line 161., referer: http://stam.library.test:8080/[…]=&isbn=0140183884
20:05 matthew [Tue Feb 05 13:58:57 2008] [error] [client] 1 error @attr 1=7 "/": Unsupported search (3) Missconfigured search, malformed at opac, referer: http://stam.library.test:8080/[…]=&isbn=0140183884
20:05 matthew [Tue Feb 05 13:58:57 2008] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://stam.library.test:8080/[…]=&isbn=0140183884
20:05 matthew unsupported search?
20:05 chris yeah
20:06 chris so looks ike its northwestern one not playing nice
20:07 matthew [Tue Feb 05 13:58:53 2008] [error] [client] at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/z3950/ line 161., referer: http://stam.library.test:8080/[…]=&isbn=0140183884
20:07 matthew This one works fine, I think.
20:07 chris yep
20:08 chris ok i have to go for a bit to dress my son, bbiab
20:08 matthew thanks for your help
20:11 matthew continues to give me an  Internal server error.
20:18 matthew all the z3950 servers I enter return Internal server error, except for but it returns no results
21:00 matthew [Tue Feb 05 14:56:24 2008] [error] [client] 0 error @attr 1=7 "/": Unsupported search (3) Missconfigured search, malformed at opac, referer: http://stam.library.test:8080/[…]=&isbn=0316346624
21:00 matthew I'm getting the same result for every z39.50 server I try
21:00 matthew Is the "malformed at opac" a clue to my problem?
21:29 atz gmcharlt might be able to comment on that error
21:30 atz it looks like that error is happening in koha
22:05 gmcharlt atz: if I'm interpreting the error messgae correctly, it's trying to do an ISBN search on "/", meaning that the search string is being parsed incorrectly by Koha
22:06 atz so that query never makes it to target z3950
22:14 matthew This solved my z39.50 search problem:
22:14 matthew cp /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet​-tmpl/default/en/z3950/searchresult.tmpl /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs/intran​et-tmpl/npl/en/z3950/searchresult.tmpl
22:15 matthew on at least some of the servers. LOC was fixed and that was most important.
22:24 gmcharlt matthew: did you happen to do a diff before you copied the files?
22:25 gmcharlt or were they unmodified from the distribution
22:25 matthew I didn't. And I didn't make a backup. Bad sysadmin. Although it is the standard file from the 2.2.9 download
22:25 matthew They were unmodified from the dist.
22:25 gmcharlt thanks
05:25 CGI170 anybody here?
05:27 CGI170 im using koha for Windows... does anybody know how to add staff users in koha 2.2.8 on Windows...?

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