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13:09 paul hello world. you already know it probably, but all sites are unreachable...
13:10 gmcharlt-away paul: yes -- kados is working on fixing DNS for -- service currently using went down, apparently
13:14 paul gmcharlt-away: thx
13:15 gmcharlt martinmorris: I've been working on authorities -- how recent is your Koha 3 install package -- is it the alpha tarball or from a recent git pull?
13:18 kados zoneedit--
13:51 kados mornin #koha
13:51 paul hello kados
13:51 hdl hi kados.
13:51 kados update on DNS probs: I have purchased a for-pay service from and transfered the zonefile there for
13:51 toins hi kados
13:52 kados apologies for the outage :/
13:54 sorosj hi
13:55 paul I introduce sorosj: he's a developer that apply to work for BibLibre (as we are recruiting ;-) ), and he is recommended by toins. I met him tomorrow morning.
13:56 paul s/met/meet/
13:56 kados hi sorosj , welcome to #koha
13:57 sorosj thanks
13:57 paul sorosj: kados is the boss of LibLime the US company working on Koha. his true name is Joshua.
13:57 kados s/the boss/one of the bosses/ :-)
13:58 paul I always forget that LL has some Presidents and Vice-President
13:58 paul (in french companies, President is always a single person)
13:58 kados VP aren't always bosses either
13:58 paul (it's "directeur" that can be a title shared by some ppl)
13:59 paul french "président" = something like CEO for you I think
14:00 owen Hi paul, kados, sorosj
14:00 paul hi owen
14:00 sorosj hey owen
14:00 paul sorosj: owen is our graphic designer, from NPL, Nelsonville Public Library
14:01 sorosj nice to meet y'all
14:05 owen Shoot, I guess no Bugzilla today then?
14:05 nengard hi all
14:06 nengard owen: I was supposed to look out for you for some reason ... goes back to notes to check
14:06 owen Hi nengard, welcome to the world of Koha
14:07 owen Are you back home after your Liblime initiation?
14:07 nengard yes
14:07 nengard and still sick
14:07 nengard :(
14:07 owen Yeah, seems like just about everyone is
14:07 nengard i know
14:08 nengard it's a shame
14:08 paul hello nengard/Nicole & welcome on this international chat
14:09 paul (welcome from "French koha-team")
14:10 nengard thanks paul!!! I've heard all of your names before - so nice to "meet" everyone
14:10 paul hdl is around I think.
14:10 hdl yes I am
14:11 paul if you want to see a photo from us to really "see" who we are :
14:13 paul (also note i'll meet hdl at code4lib at the end of this month)
14:13 nengard and my pictures are at:[…]2157594341238511/
14:14 paul recently married ?
14:14 nengard 3.5 years
14:14 paul (the 5 1st photos are your wedding cerem)
14:14 paul ah, ok.
14:15 nengard i signed up for flickr years after the wedding, but wanted to make sure my wedding pics were there
14:15 nengard so i added them recently
14:15 nengard Congrats!
14:16 paul (+everybody here knows I have 4 boys, from 12 years to 12 ... months)
14:16 paul s/I/we (wife & I)/
14:17 nengard I have 2 babies - but they're puppies :) and very happy to have mom at home after a week away:[…]2157603415365540/
14:18 nengard gotta love digital cameras and flickr :)
14:18 gmcharlt hi sorosj, and welcome
14:18 gmcharlt nengard: beautiful puppies
14:19 nengard thanks :)
14:19 paul sorosj: gmcharlt is a LibLime Koha developer
14:19 gmcharlt sorosj: and gmcharlt == Galen Charlton
14:20 sorosj hi Galen, thanks
14:26 paul nengard: where are you located geographically ?
14:47 nengard I'm in the US in PA
14:47 nengard Pennsylvania
14:53 paul thx wikipedia, now I know ;-)
14:54 paul close to OH...
14:55 atz the states are adjacent, but she's on the other side of PA, still about 7+ hours of driving to get there (through the mountains)
14:57 paul is back... (git rss updated with 4 commits)
14:57 paul (3 in fact)
14:57 sorosj w00t
15:00 nengard should i submit my bug report now?
15:00 nengard hmmm
15:00 nengard still not up
15:01 atz DNS is distributed, so it might work for one ISP and not another
15:01 owen Working for me
15:02 nengard k
15:02 nengard i'll wait
15:02 nengard got plenty of other things to learn
16:01 insanekane hi ... anyone around ?
16:04 MatthewMetzger hello insanekane
16:05 insanekane hi matthew ... is there some way to get the catalog to return all entries ?
16:05 paul hello insanekane.
16:05 paul which version are you using ?
16:05 insanekane hi paul
16:06 insanekane 2.2.9
16:07 paul the answer is no then.
16:07 paul it will be yes in 3.0
16:07 paul where you can create custom queries (with SQL if you know that, but you can use a wizard otherwise)
16:08 MatthewMetzger is now up for me, but was down just an hour ago. Looks like DNS is doing its magic.
16:08 paul those queries returning as many results as you want. So being able to return the complete catalogue
16:09 insanekane paul: actually, im a programmer ... not a librarian
16:09 insanekane but i was investigating koha for a librarian friend of mine
16:10 paul so, if you want the complete catalogue, you can always do a "SELECT * FROM biblio" to get everything
16:10 insanekane oho ok
16:10 insanekane let me try that
16:11 paul (or more complete : SELECT * FROM biblio LEFT JOIN biblioitems USING(biblionumber)
16:13 insanekane paul: does unicode work in koha properly ?
16:13 paul in Koha 3.0, yes.
16:14 insanekane paul: i have something like this in biblio table column title "ക്ക്ര"
16:14 paul in Koha 2.2.9, poorly (and unsupported officially)
16:14 insanekane hmm .. and koha 3.0 is currently unstable ?
16:14 paul it's officially unstable, but in production in some sites
16:15 paul but if you install  it in production, be ready to have to update frequently (and usually painlessly)
16:15 insanekane paul: does it require a lot of effort/handholding/knowledge of koha to get 3.0 running ?
16:15 insanekane hmm
16:15 insanekane so its not as easy as 2.2.9
16:15 paul if you succeded to install 2.2, you should succeed to install 3.0
16:16 paul (which size is your library -in items- ) ?
16:16 insanekane yeah, but the problem is im scared that once we install 3.0, then we have to update it regularly to keep with the bug fixes
16:17 insanekane paul: actually, im dont know much about the size of the libraries, since my librarian friend didnt tell me about it
16:17 MatthewMetzger I've been having some problem with a migration from 2.2.9 to 3.0. It is still not working yet, but I'm close.
16:17 insanekane oho ok matthew
16:17 insanekane paul: is there some indication of when koha 3.0 will become stable ? like some roadmap etc ?
16:18 insanekane i know thats a stupid question ...
16:18 insanekane but i would like to know whether to develop some kind of system where the data entry can happen now, and migration to koha 3.0 can happen when it is released as stable version
16:22 gmcharlt insanekane: a beta of Koha 3 will be released in the next few database; the stable, general release should happen in March AFAIK
16:23 insanekane gmcharlt: you mean days right ? instead of database ?
16:23 gmcharlt ack, yes, "days"
16:23 insanekane :)
16:23 insanekane thanks a lot gmcharit
16:23 gmcharlt no problem
16:30 fbcit gmcharlt: hehe... next few databases may be accurate as well... ;-)
16:30 gmcharlt fbcit: I try to cover all possibilities :)
16:31 paul insanekane: I asked about the size or your library because if it's small, you can use "NoZebra", and the setup is exactly like 2.2
16:31 paul if the size is large, you must use Koha Zebra, and the setup is much more complex (although not a problem for a linux/unix sysadm)
16:31 paul large = more than something like 100 000 documents
16:33 MatthewMetzger paul: that's good to know. Is there a documented explanation of these options? If yes, I can find it.
16:33 paul i'm not sure there's something on the wiki about that, but you should investigate
16:33 MatthewMetzger paul: okay, thanks.
16:33 paul i've written some pages, probably on the wiki, but not sure, sorry
16:34 paul however, during setup, the web part of the installer ask you and explain those two options.
16:35 MatthewMetzger I am still experiencing some problems with my upgrade from 2.2.9 to 3.0. bug #1820. gmcharlt was helping me out on Friday of last week.
16:35 MatthewMetzger paul: I just did the installer (on Friday) and I don't remember it being mentioned on the web part.
16:36 paul it's the last question : Zebra or NoZebra
16:36 MatthewMetzger Maybe something went wrong with my installer, I don't think I got to that question.
16:37 MatthewMetzger I'm having quite a few *smallish* issues that are keeping me from getting 3.0 up and running.
16:38 MatthewMetzger The most noticeable is that the admin web interface forces me to re-login every time I click a link within it.
16:39 MatthewMetzger My browser does support cookies.
16:45 paul MatthewMetzger: are you sure your Perl packages are up2date ?
16:46 owen MatthewMetzger: Your browser doesn't support cookies?
16:46 paul one of the thing that could explain that problem could be a CGI::Session not uptodate (or DBD::Mysql, don't remember which)
16:46 owen Oh, sorry, I misread
16:46 MatthewMetzger paul: Pretty sure. The installer said they were and I worked for about two days updating the perl modules
16:47 paul MatthewMetzger: cgi-bin/koha/admin/
16:47 paul what contains "SessionStorage" ?
16:48 paul (should be mysql)
16:48 MatthewMetzger paul, I'll check CGI::Session
16:48 paul MatthewMetzger: cgi-bin/koha/ is the quickest way to check
16:49 paul For me : CGI::Session  4.20
16:49 paul and DBD::mysql  4.005
16:49 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]bin/koha/ (login abel / abel)
16:51 MatthewMetzger paul: thanks for the URL, I'll looking at it right now (my local install).
16:52 MatthewMetzger The most noticeable thing is that XML::LibXSLT and YAML::Syck say "module is missing. I'll check the version numbers of the others.
16:52 paul YAML::Syck is the culprit in your problem
16:53 MatthewMetzger okay. Also, my CGI::Session is 4.13 instead of 4.20. Odd as I worked really hard to get all these modules to their latest version. I'll give it another go.
16:53 MatthewMetzger paul: thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it!
16:54 paul try YAML::Syck first
16:54 MatthewMetzger I'll let you all know if I get this issue resolved. I'll check back in on this channel in  a few hours.
16:56 paul MatthewMetzger: if "few" means more than 2 hours, i'll be away, as it's almost 6PM here in France
17:01 MatthewMetzger paul: thanks. It will probably be about two hours or more as I've got lunch here in the states (and other work).
17:02 paul so another one will help you ;-)
17:03 insanekane owen: whats the RMS web browsing method ?
17:03 owen
17:03 paul insanekane: everything OFF (no cookies, not javascript...)
17:03 insanekane heh, thats almost dumb :)
17:04 paul nope, that's RMS !
17:08 insanekane :)
17:22 insanekane paul_: just saw your email re UNicode problems in MARC :)
19:15 MatthewMetzger I'm back from testing some things.
19:16 MatthewMetzger paul: good evening. I ran cpan and force installed YAML::Syck, but the page in Koha still says that the module is not installed.
19:17 MatthewMetzger I'm not sure why these modules are not being recognized, as I painstakingly made sure that all of the modules required by koha 3 where installed and up to date.
19:18 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: could it possibly be a result of the database irregularities that you saw on Friday?
19:18 MatthewMetzger[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1820
19:20 MatthewMetzger Hello paul_
19:28 MatthewMetzger hmm... (thinking out loud) France has gone to sleep or at least home ... I wonder when New Zealand wakes up ...
19:30 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: I don't think the database issues should affect it, unless you don't have a sessions table
19:30 MatthewMetzger I believe I changed that setting to "tmp"
19:30 MatthewMetzger I tried it with both mysql and tmp and got the same behavior
19:31 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: thanks. It must be that Koha can't see my installed YAML::Syck module
19:33 MatthewMetzger YAML::Syck is up to date (1.01).
19:33 MatthewMetzger cpan should be giving me the latest stable version, right?
19:36 MatthewMetzger Yes. I just checked YAML::Syck 1.01 is the most recent version.
20:52 atrus123 hi all
20:53 chris hi atrus123
20:53 atrus123 question about the new Koha alpha.. couldn't find the answer in bugzilla, so it may just be my setup
20:55 atrus123 I'm trying to do a bulk marc import... I can get records into the reservoir, but when I try and complete the import, it just hangs.
20:55 chris hmmm
20:56 atrus123 I also tried the bulkmarcimport tool, and I get this error: .ERROR: Adding biblio  failed: Arguments must be MARC::Field object at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2572
20:56 chris and they are valid marc records?
20:58 atrus123 they look like it... they show up fine in the "managed staged marc records" citation list.
20:59 chris odd, might be best to report it on bugzilla, then galen who wrote the importer can take a look
21:00 atrus123 ok, will do.  what sorts of information do you recommend I post there?  i've never set up an OPAC before, and I have no experience with Koha.
21:00 gmcharlt atrus123: please include the file of MARC records (reduce to it at most 100 records or so if it's large)
21:00 chris basically all the detail you have said in here is good .. and if you wanted and the file is small you could add the file
21:01 chris *snap*
21:02 atrus123 ok, thanks all :-)
21:02 chris thanks for testing :)
21:02 atrus123 i'll post it in just a few
21:14 atrus123 Ok, thanks again.  It's bug 1833.
02:00 kados Feb 11 07:55:19 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [6244]: 1 operations waiting to be run
02:00 kados Feb 11 07:55:19 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [6244]: Executing zebra operations
02:00 kados Feb 11 07:55:20 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [6244]: ZOOM error 10004 "Connection lost" (addinfo: "unix:/home/nce/koha/var/run/zebradb/b
02:00 kados ibliosocket") from diag-set 'ZOOM'
02:00 chris yep
02:00 kados chris: the socket's there
02:00 kados no idea why it's not able to connect
02:00 chris yeah whatever the problem is, the fix will need to be applied to the cron job too
02:00 kados that error basically fills up syslog
02:01 chris is the operation waiting a delete?
02:02 kados I dunno
02:02 kados it seems to have cleared out zebraqueue in nicole's install now
02:03 chris }elsif($error==10004 && $recon==0){##Lost connection -reconnect                                                                                    
02:03 chris            sleep 1;    ##  wait a sec!                                                                                                                    
02:03 chris            $recon=1;                                                                                                                                      
02:03 chris            $Zpackage->destroy();                                                                                                                          
02:03 chris            $Zconn->destroy();                                                                                                                            
02:03 chris            goto "reconnect";
02:03 chris it should be reconnecting
02:04 chris at least once
02:04 chris weird
02:08 chris ill go see if i can make it do it again
02:09 kados[…]?biblionumber=503
02:09 kados that record wasn't ever indexed in zebra
02:09 kados and zebraqueue is empty on nicole's install
02:09 kados btw: root pwd for mysql is blank on that box
02:09 chris empty? or just done=1 ?
02:09 kados done=1
02:12 kados ok, I'm able to reproduce this pretty easily
02:13 kados just added another bib and it's not getting indexed
02:13 chris same error in the syslog?
02:14 chris ah yep i see lemme add some more debug and start the daemon again
02:15 kados so maybe after a while it just givs up and markes it done?
02:15 chris yeah
02:16 chris where are the init scripts to stop the daemon?
02:16 chris just under bin/ ?
02:17 chris ah yep
02:17 kados *nod*
02:18 kados last time this happened I tried running the daemon from the command line as user nce and that seemed to work
02:18 chris even if you just restart it, it will reconnect fine
02:18 kados weird
02:19 kados yea, it's indexed now
02:19 chris right restarted
02:19 kados I"ll add another bib
02:19 chris ive added a message in the reconnect bit, to see if its attempting to reconnect
02:20 kados added
02:20 kados Harry Slaughter and the sorcerer's stone
02:20 kados :)
02:20 chris heh
02:20 kados and it indexed fine this time
02:20 chris hasnt lost connection yet
02:20 chris ok, lets stop zebra
02:20 chris and then start it again
02:20 kados k
02:21 kados you can do that with the ctl script too
02:21 chris that oughta force it to have to reconnect
02:21 kados I'll add another bib when you say the word
02:23 chris ok try that
02:23 kados added
02:23 kados Harry Taught her about the sorcerer's stone
02:23 chris that did it
02:23 kados huh ...
02:23 chris ok its not getting to the reconnect bit
02:24 chris for some reason
02:24 chris Unix::Syslog::syslog LOG_ERR, "Attempting reconection";
02:24 chris we should be seeing that
02:24 kados so there are two reasons: zebra's randomly dieing and the zebraqueue daemon can't reconnect when it does
02:24 chris yeah the daemon is doing its thing and restarting zebra
02:24 chris but then the queue daemon isnt reconnecting
02:25 chris so ill track down why its not reconnecting
02:25 chris at least i know how to consistently reproduce the error now
02:25 chris just kill zebra
02:25 kados sweet
02:25 kados quantifiable_errors++
02:31 chris interesting
02:32 kados what's up?
02:32 chris it appears to be spanging out in the ZOOM module
02:32 chris so its not getting back to the error handling in the daemon
02:33 chris time to fill the daemon up with debug statements :)
02:35 chris good trick is to just go to
02:35 chris ttp://​oha/catalogue/
02:35 chris and choose update item
02:36 chris sticks a row in the zebraqueue
02:36 chris (so faster than adding somethign)
02:36 kados ahh, right
02:37 kados could also checkout/checkin something I suppose
02:37 chris yep
02:47 chris i think its the Zconn sub in C4::Context
02:49 kados huh
02:49 chris thats what it uses to connect
02:49 kados it's very simplar to the dbh sub
02:49 kados similar I mean
02:49 chris yes
02:49 chris but
02:49 chris i think this is wrong
02:49 chris if ( defined($context->{"Zconn"}->{$server}) ) {
02:49 chris        return $context->{"Zconn"}->{$server};
02:50 chris i think that is true, even tho the connection has timedout
02:50 kados huh
02:50 chris so it keeps handing back the timedout connection
02:50 kados so it never resets
02:50 chris we arent destroying it
02:51 chris my $Zconn=C4::Context->Zconn($server, 0, 1);
02:51 chris $Zpackage->send("update");
02:51 chris thats where it dies
02:52 chris i wonder if there is a way to check a connection is live
02:53 kados[…]ib/ZOOM.pod#check()
02:53 kados yep
02:53 kados check() :-)
02:53 chris right ill add that
02:53 chris and we'll see if that fixes it
02:53 chris this would break under mod_perl too .. we dont see it with our cgi's cos they die and respawn
02:53 kados but ...
02:53 kados Checks whether an error is pending on the connection, and throw a ZOOM::Exception object if so. Since errors are thrown as they occur for synchronous connections, there is no need ever to call this except in asynchronous applications.
02:54 kados we should probably be testing the exception object if we aren't already
02:54 kados exception()
02:54 kados die $conn->exception();
02:54 kados exception() returns the same information as error_x() in the form of a ZOOM::Exception object which may be thrown or rendered. If no error occurred on the connection, then exception() returns an undefined value.
02:55 kados so does that mean we could get away with simply checking for exception() ?
02:55 chris Feb 11 21:45:23 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [15895]: {_conn} undefined: has this Connection been destroy()ed? at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/ line 343.
02:55 kados oh, yea, I forgot, Z39.50 is stateful
02:56 chris my($error, $errmsg, $addinfo, $diagset) = $Zconn->error_x();  
02:56 chris thats the line that throws that error
02:56 chris so it gets back a Zconn from C4::Context
02:56 chris but its a dud
02:57 chris so ill try adding exception and/or check to the Zconn sub in C4::Context see if that sorts it
02:57 kados cool
03:03 chris w00t
03:03 kados got it?
03:03 chris that got it
03:03 kados sweet
03:03 kados chris++
03:03 chris it spazzes once now, and then reconnects
03:03 kados sweet
03:04 chris ill take all my debug back out
03:04 chris then make a patch
03:05 kados cool
03:41 MatthewMetzger Hello. Anyone awake?
03:41 kados hi MatthewMetzger
03:42 MatthewMetzger kados: hello
03:42 MatthewMetzger I've been on the lists and on this channel for a while
03:42 MatthewMetzger trying to figure out what the problem is with some of my perl modules
03:43 kados what distro of linux?
03:43 MatthewMetzger I've almost successfully completed an upgrade from 2.2.9 to 3.0 alpha
03:43 MatthewMetzger ubuntu dapper 6.06
03:44 kados what perl modules are giving you trouble?
03:44 MatthewMetzger My problem is the latest post to the koha devel list
03:44 MatthewMetzger perl-YAML-Syck
03:45 kados ahh, you're the one with the sessions prob?
03:45 MatthewMetzger yes.
03:45 MatthewMetzger Although, I think I have more problems :)
03:45 kados did you try changing to use the file sqllite?
03:45 kados in place of regular ole mysql?
03:46 MatthewMetzger yes, I believe that's a setting in the intranet administration. If so, then yes. If not, then I'm not sure I understand fully.
03:47 kados yes it is
03:47 kados it's in the sysprefs
03:47 MatthewMetzger Yes, I changed it to both mysql and tmp and have the same behavior.
03:48 MatthewMetzger The strange thing is that both XML::LibXSLT and YAML::Syck are installed according to cpan, but the koha about page says they're missing
03:48 kados did you install XML::LibXML from cpan or from your package maintainer?
03:49 MatthewMetzger I believe that I tried the ubuntu repositories first, but that the version number wasn't high enough and then I tried cpan. Could that be the problem?
03:49 kados yes
03:50 MatthewMetzger How do I go about fixing it?
03:50 kados well, you can uninstall the cpan version
03:51 MatthewMetzger okay.
03:51 kados there's a bin/ script in your koha install
03:51 MatthewMetzger does that script do the removing?
03:52 kados sometimes yes
03:53 MatthewMetzger okay. I'll try that first. cpan doesn't seem to have a remove command. I'm familiar with perl, but don't have much practical experience with it.
03:53 MatthewMetzger except installing perl modules
04:20 MatthewMetzger kados: Here's what I got.
04:20 MatthewMetzger sysadmin@document-server:/usr/share/koha/bin$ sudo ./ XML::LibXSLT
04:20 MatthewMetzger XML::LibXSLT is not installed at ./ line 12
04:20 MatthewMetzger sysadmin@document-server:/usr/share/koha/bin$ sudo ./ YAML::Syck
04:20 MatthewMetzger YAML::Syck is not installed at ./ line 12
04:57 donovan hello all.
04:59 donovan is there someone here who could respond to some questions on the project?

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