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11:14 lea hi guys
11:14 lea lloyd: bnl just got back and yeah, £2K a year
11:15 lea That's really steep for us. We just want to do a one-off batch convert, with the odd access now and again to update our catalogue when new books come in.
11:31 lloyd annoying isn't it
11:33 lloyd we're going to stage the back catelogue and stage weekly updates (dewey 610-620 only) and have access to the z39.50 server for importing books not in that dewey range
11:42 lea what's annoying is we'll only have max 100 new books a year
11:42 lea so that's at least £20 per marc21 record
11:42 lea we can't do that
11:42 lea so I'm looking at other options
11:43 lea getting the inital bulk will be ok
11:43 lloyd you know when buying a book most suppliers will supply you with the marc21 record for around 50p
11:43 lea really?
11:43 lloyd yep
11:43 lea but will that be inconsistant with the BNL ones?
11:43 lloyd Well it's a full marc21 record, so no
11:44 lea what worries me is that edition #1 of a book will have say, Equine, as a subject (from the bnl), and the publisher record for edition #2 will have, say "Horses" or something.
11:44 lloyd I know for a fact tomlinsons and waterstones offer that service
11:45 lea maybe i don't get how these things work
11:45 lea is the marc21 data created by the publisher?
11:45 lloyd I have no idea
11:46 lea well, I guess it's easy to manually "normalise" the data after adding it
11:46 lea thanks for that. I'll go tell our librarian
11:46 lloyd np
11:50 lea ok, you know when koha imports records
11:50 lea how does it deal with multiple copies?
11:50 lea i seem to recall it used the imports to create the biblio
11:51 lea meaning, just one "copy"
11:51 lea reason i ask s that I'll be moving over 20K books and want to make sure i get the file format correct.
11:55 lloyd yes, that's correct
11:58 lloyd Morning paul
12:06 lea lol
12:06 lea so lloyd, how do you "retain" quanities?
12:07 lea when migrating
12:36 fbcit g'morning koha
12:53 fbcit chris around?
12:53 fbcit opps... guess not.
12:53 fbcit kados ?
13:05 lloyd lea - well i'm getting the librarys to export there records in a csv. isbn/item type/class mark
13:05 lloyd then going to ask liblime to write me a script to import these items from the staging area
13:08 lloyd all items not in staging area will be z39.50 lookup
13:08 lloyd all items without isbn will be manually added
13:10 lloyd thats my plan anyways
13:26 lea ok
13:27 lea i sure hope micro librarian have fixed their marc21 export
13:27 lea they were exporting bad records, which i only knew because i had my head stuck in a marc21 spec for 3 days >.<
13:27 lea managed to write a script to fix them but when my boss said in the summer he wasn't going down this route i deleted them....
13:27 lea :(
13:28 lea ah brilliant. I had the nouce to upload the scripts to the koha wiki. forgot about that :)
13:40 Fallor hi again
13:50 kados g'morning foxnorth
13:56 owen Hi folks
13:56 kados hey owen
13:57 kados owen++
14:03 Fallor apache drives me crazy
14:03 Fallor all i get is forbidden
14:05 Fallor why does it have to be so difficule :(
14:05 lea heh. it isn't :)
14:05 Fallor difficult
14:05 Fallor it's terrible
14:05 Fallor i've never quite understood it's logic
14:05 Fallor and now this apache2 which is completely different from 1.3
14:06 lloyd apache is great, but a little bloated
14:07 Fallor it used to be enough if i just threw Include /etc/koha-httpd.conf to the end of httpd.conf
14:07 Fallor but now that doesn't seem to work
14:07 Fallor and i have no idea what's wrong
14:26 Fallor ok, it's changed
14:26 Fallor no more forbidden
14:26 Fallor but now i just see apache's testpage :D
14:27 Fallor Then if I comment out DocumentRoot and <Directory> thingys from httpd.conf, it's forbidden again
14:28 Fallor oh well...
14:32 Fallor doesn't seem to be a permission-problem either
14:40 Fallor no, i don't get this :(
14:40 Fallor i give up
14:59 kados owen: the 'limit to currently avaialble items' link in th OPAC is linking to the staff client's filename
15:01 owen Got it. Will be patched today. But I'm not sure the availability limit is working
15:02 owen[…]n&limit=available
15:16 fbcit g'morning folks
15:17 gmcharlt hi fbcit
15:24 fbcit gmcharlt: Makefile.PL breaks on win32 now... :(
15:24 gmcharlt what's it doing?
15:24 fbcit dmake returns an error when using the -x switch to export the env vars
15:25 fbcit I ran an older copy from the old installer branch and it works ok
15:25 fbcit a diff of Makefiles generated by each did not turn up anything obvious
15:29 fbcit run dmake w/o -x and things go ok except the env vars are incorrect.
15:36 lea lloyd, in your research for MARC21 record providers, did you find anywhere that'll do it for free for < 1500 records a year?
15:37 gmcharlt fbcit: just got a report that it's not working on FreeBSD (though presumably for different reason)
15:37 gmcharlt fbcit: please send me the context diff between the versions of the Makefile (or perhaps file a bug and attach it there)
15:38 fbcit gmcharlt: I haven't kept up with the changes and did not have alot of time to look at it.
15:38 fbcit it'll be tonight as the win32 box is at home
15:38 gmcharlt ok, thanks
15:54 fbcit kados ?
15:58 fbcit owen around?
15:58 owen Yes
15:59 fbcit question regarding theme selection/fallback
16:00 fbcit should the user be able to set the order themes failover in or should it simply be alphabetical or... or...
16:00 lloyd_ lea : sorry no we didn't
16:01 fbcit right now, the template only allows selection of a single theme based on a list generated by getallthemes
16:01 owen Good question, fbcit... It seems like theme failover isn't something you really should be planning for, because if you're planning for anything it should be that you have a valid theme
16:02 owen Right now the failover scheme is to try the theme specified, and if that fails to try 'prog' ?
16:02 fbcit yes
16:03 fbcit but I understand that it is desired to walk through all available themes with prog being last
16:03 owen Who desires that?
16:03 fbcit then there is the case when 'prog' is missing for some reason
16:04 fbcit I understood that from my discussions with chris
16:04 fbcit seems that an earlier version of koha did this...?
16:05 owen I wonder if it's better to fail first to the default (prog), and then to any other. Reason being, prog, being the default, is most likely to be the best-maintained (and properly working) theme
16:06 owen In the past, extra themes have been contributed but not necessarily well-maintained
16:07 owen ..and are we talking specifically about the opac, or both opac and staff client?
16:07 fbcit you mentioned in bug 1790 that if 'prog' is missing opac fails...
16:08 fbcit opac at present, I have not looked at staff yet
16:09 fbcit we at least need to gracefully handle a missing 'prog' and maybe forget rotating through all available themes ?
16:09 owen Yeah...but how do you give patrons a friendly 'missing template' error when you'd have to use a template to do so?
16:10 fbcit maybe by redirecting them to the page that states opac is down for maintenance... or something similar :-)
16:10 owen Sure, but where does that page come from? And if it's not in templates, how does it get translated?
16:13 owen Yeah, I agree
16:14 fbcit ok... so maybe this bug should be marked as a feature request and move off of major status?
16:14 lea kados: are you there?
16:16 owen fbcit, I'd just mark it as fixed. The bug is really about the theme switching not working. I don't think you can expect Koha to work if you delete required files
16:54 fbcit owen: one further question... is template == language or theme?
16:55 owen I don't understand the question
16:55 paul fbcit: template is a set of tmpl file, specific to a given theme and language.
16:56 paul the language file being generated automatically from the english + translator tool
16:56 paul does that sound more comprehensible ?
16:56 fbcit yes
16:57 fbcit so is there ever .../prog/fr/ or only ../prog/en ?
16:57 paul the developpers use prog/en
16:57 owen fbcit, it depends on what translations the users create
16:57 paul and the translator too generate prog/fr-FR and other languages when requested
16:59 fbcit that helps, tnx paul, owen
17:12 fbcit hrmm.. @languages in themelanguage is never defined... afaics
17:39 fbcit theme defaults to 'prog' when all else fails now....
18:54 lea see ya.
21:45 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx_1
22:10 fbcit gmcharlt: did you want a unified or context diff on makefile?
22:11 gmcharlt fbcit: context, please
22:18 fbcit gmcharlt: being slightly >1M this will take a century over dialup, but its dripping up now.
03:19 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx_1

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