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12:28 Fallor hello #koha
12:58 fbcit g'morning koha
13:08 hdl hiya fbcit
13:12 Brooke howdy
13:12 fbcit wow...
13:13 fbcit [root@nighswonger-lt ~]# git clone git:// koha.git
13:13 fbcit Initialized empty Git repository in /root/koha.git/.git/
13:13 fbcit remote: Generating pack...
13:13 fbcit remote: Done counting 85246 objects.
13:13 fbcit remote: Deltifying 85246 objects...
13:13 fbcit remote: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side.
13:13 fbcit fatal: early EOF
13:13 fbcit fatal: index-pack died with error code 128
13:13 fbcit fetch-pack from 'git://' failed.
13:13 fbcit hi Brooke
13:14 Brooke :)
13:14 Brooke hey those errors look unhappy...
13:14 fbcit git seems better behaved on second try :)
13:17 Brooke Well that makes sense, I'm always better behaved on the next go round :)
13:18 fbcit heh
13:50 Brooke hi foxnorth
13:56 fbcit when installing PDF::Reuse, make test says
13:57 fbcit # Using version 1.25
13:57 fbcit is only avaliable with the XS version at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Compress/ line 9
13:57 fbcit BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Compress/ line 9.
13:57 fbcit any thoughts?
13:57 fbcit possibly the wrong version of zlib?
14:11 gmcharlt greetings #koha
14:11 paul hello gmcharlt
14:15 fbcit g'morning gmcharlt
16:02 owen kados around?
16:10 paul hello owen
16:10 owen Hi paul
16:42 kados hey owen
16:42 kados hi all
16:43 owen Hi kados, how's the beta release timetable?
16:43 kados well, I'm still planning on the beta for 1 Feb :-)
16:43 kados based on the state of things it will, in fact, be a beta :-)
16:44 kados I'm pretty keen on sticking to a time-based release schedule from here forward
16:44 kados if we don't make stable state by 1 March we'll do a beta 2
16:44 kados or maybe a delta :-)
16:44 paul or a " RC" ?
16:45 paul (hello kados)
16:45 kados hey paul
16:45 kados yea, perhaps an RC
16:45 paul do you mean you have many bugs pending when you write "based on the state of things it will, in fact, be a beta :-)" ?
16:46 kados paul: yes, but it's not me that has the bugs, it's Koha :-)
16:47 paul bugzilla show me only 223 pending bugs. that not so much :-D
16:47 kados *cough*
16:47 kados owen: why do you ask?
16:48 paul only 1 BLO with a patch sent, and 1 CRI
16:48 owen I'm just trying to think about what I should be working on in the next couple of days
16:50 kados owen: I'd say focusing on the OPAC, getting that finalized
16:50 kados any luck with the cart/lists buttons?
16:51 owen Yeah, I came up with a solution I'm fairly happy with.
16:51 owen The patches are probably in your queue
17:02 kados pushed up
17:02 kados but I'm seeing some bugs with lists
17:02 kados adds two records to 'new list', names the list, and it seems to work, but when I refresh the page and go to lists I don't see the one I just created
17:03 owen Yeah, I'm waiting to hear back from atz on that one
17:03 kados ahh, ok
17:03 kados he's on vacation this week :-)
17:03 owen Bummer.
17:03 kados the buttons are pretty :-)
20:04 Aklibrarian Good morning
20:04 chris hey there :)
20:05 Aklibrarian I am trying to do a bulk import in 2.2.9.  I can't find the perl program.
20:05 Aklibrarian I am in the koha-2.2.9/scripts/misc
20:06 Aklibrarian I figured I would ask for help before desolving in tears.
20:07 chris is there a migration directory?
20:07 chris misc/migration?
20:07 Aklibrarian Oh now that makes it just too easy.  Thanks now I can find the program.
20:07 chris :-)
20:08 chris migration_tools even
20:11 Aklibrarian I spent a lot of time looking for that.   was too focussed on finding BulkMarcImport
20:15 chris yep, its in there
20:15 chris in that directory
20:21 Aklibrarian Now it says it can't find C4
20:22 Aklibrarian I know Cr is in the modules
20:22 chris yep
20:22 Aklibrarian C4 THAT IS
20:22 chris you will wan to do
20:22 chris export PERL5LIB='/path/to/modules'
20:22 chris then run it
20:25 Aklibrarian Where would I do that?
20:26 chris at the commandline, you are running from the command line right?
20:26 Aklibrarian Yep
20:28 Aklibrarian I ran that and got no change.  I used the  line export PERL5LIB='/path/to/modules'
20:29 Aklibrarian When I search on files/Folders I have nothing under PERL5LIB  That probably makes a difference
20:29 chris you have to substitute path/to/modules with the actual path to modules
20:30 Aklibrarian Ahh thanks again.
20:31 chris no worries
20:37 Aklibrarian The command line I need to put in is export PERL5LIB='/koha-2.2.9/modules
20:38 Aklibrarian The only file in modules is the C4
20:38 chris cool
20:38 Aklibrarian This still isn't working for me.
20:38 chris is that the real path?
20:39 chris if you type
20:39 Aklibrarian Yes
20:39 chris ls //koha-2.2.9/modules
20:39 chris sorry
20:39 chris ls /koha-2.2.9/modules
20:41 Aklibrarian I get nothing when I type that in.  When I am at /koha-2.2.9/modules and do a dir I get C4
20:42 chris in the modules dir
20:43 chris type pwd
20:43 chris what does that tell you?
20:44 Aklibrarian The root is probably the word that has been stopping me.
20:44 chris yeah if its /root/koha-2.2.9/modules thats what you need
20:45 Aklibrarian '/root/koha-2.2.9/modules
20:45 chris yeah with the ' at the end too
20:49 Aklibrarian Now it died at line 170
20:49 chris did it say anything?
20:50 Aklibrarian Died at line 170
20:50 chris hmm thats not that helpful
20:50 Aklibrarian That is on opening the program, not putting in any records yet.
21:58 Aklibrarian Just got back from a meeting.  
21:59 Aklibrarian Do you think that reloading would be the answer

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