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12:21 fbcit-1 g'morning koha
12:21 lloyd_ hola
12:30 fbcit-1 atz: C4::Debug ++
13:47 kados hehe
13:47 kados it's the damned material types
13:48 kados ie, we either tie ourselves to MARC21 and UNIMARC-specific material types ...
13:48 kados or everyone gets to make their own up :-)
13:48 owen I don't really even understand what the issue is :)
13:48 kados hehe
13:48 kados well, foxnorth could probably help out with this tone
13:49 kados foxnorth: do you read the leader for determining the material type in biblios?
13:49 foxnorth yeah...that's correct isn't it??
13:49 kados no, it's right
13:49 kados for MARC21
13:49 foxnorth i've missed the discussion on oss4lib...
13:49 foxnorth ah gotcha
13:50 kados so the definition of BOOK is something like substr $leader, 6,2 = 'am' ?
13:50 foxnorth right
13:50 kados that right?
13:50 kados yea, so basically, someone could whip up a few simple rules for MARC21 and equiv rules for UNIMARC and handle at least books and journals properly for COinS
13:51 foxnorth and how does unimarc handle mat types?
13:51 kados I dunno :-)
13:51 hdl In 200$b
13:52 kados hdl: is that an authorized value list for UNIMARC?
13:52 hdl But should also be in 100$a which is a coded field
13:52 paul kados: yep.
13:52 paul (hello all)
13:52 kados paul: hi! :-
13:52 kados )
13:52 fbcit-1 hi paul
13:52 fbcit-1 hi kados
13:52 foxnorth hdl, so that material type designation is in both 200$b and 100$a?
13:52 kados paul: what' the value for 'BOOK' and the value for 'Article'?
13:53 hdl We use 200$b in Koha
13:53 foxnorth ah
13:54 paul 200$b is an authorized value, but only for convenience for us in Koha.
13:54 paul otherwise, it's a free content field
13:54 foxnorth ah i see
13:54 foxnorth thanks
13:54 kados paul: so how can we determine if something is a 'book' ?
13:54 kados in unimarc
13:54 paul 100$a I think
13:55 hdl sorry
13:55 hdl leader is to be used.
13:55 kados paul: what valie?
13:55 kados value I mean
13:55 hdl
13:55 paul hdl is right : not 100 but leader
13:55 hdl a = language materials, printed
13:56 kados ahh, so it's the same?
13:56 hdl m = monographic bibliographic item complete in one physical part or intended to be completed in a finite number of parts.
13:56 kados my $fmt = substr $record->leader(), 6,2;
13:56 kados = am
13:56 hdl For position 6 and 7
13:56 kados great, that's easy then
13:56 kados OK, so if anyone asks, we only imiplement COinS for books, and it only shows up for books too! :-)
13:58 paul (on phone)
14:52 Brooke howdy
16:28 lloyd_ I don't suppose anyone has a Koha Icon do they?
16:34 gmcharlt lloyd_: what sort of icon -- something that can't be copied from or Koha itself?
16:37 lloyd_ I've made a custom version of firefox, with splash screen all the correct security settings, no menus, no toolbars and portable. I call it kohafox, I just want an icon for it really :)
16:38 atz i don't think there is a current one
16:38 atz other than the "Koha" text
16:39 atz there used to be an odd purple blob
16:39 atz but you wouldn't want that  :)
16:39 lloyd_ I quite like the favicon, but i'd have to recreate it for 48x48
16:40 owen lloyd_: I might have a file for that
16:40 owen I think I was the one that made the little 'k' favicon...
16:42 lloyd_ If anyone else is intereted in this package i'll replace the splash screen for something generic and send to contribs
16:44 owen I'm sure there would be interest
16:46 lloyd_ Did you see those additions to the bug?
16:47 owen Yes, thanks
16:48 owen lloyd_, something like this?[…]ha-icon-48x48.png
16:48 atz looks nice
16:48 lloyd_ Yeah perfect!
16:48 atz owen: copied you on the toolbar shelves patch last night
16:49 owen lloyd_: I can send you an eps file of the current koha logo if that would be useful to you
16:49 owen Yeah, thanks atz, it seems to be working perfectly
16:49 atz great!
16:49 lloyd_ sure, sounds great
16:49 lloyd_ cheers for that
17:00 lloyd_ right off home, laters
20:02 CGI236 Hi Rosalie
20:02 Rosa Hi
20:02 CGI236 I'm joining as CGI236
20:02 CGI236 It's Deb
20:02 CGI236 How are you?
20:02 chris hi Rosalie and Deb :)
20:03 CGI236 hi chris
20:03 paul_koha hi rosalie, chris & Deb.
20:03 Rosa Ah, all is explained! I'm fine, on a warm and cloudy summer morning. How's it with you?
20:03 paul (/me not here, working on some private affairs ;-) )
20:03 chris hi paul you're up late
20:03 chris ahh :)
20:03 CGI236 It's -14 degrees here.
20:03 paul 9PM here
20:03 Rosa Celsius?
20:04 CGI236 Are we all here to discuss the Koha User's group?
20:04 Rosa Fahrenheit is even worse
20:04 CGI236 No fahrenheit.
20:04 Rosa Ouch
20:04 chris yikes thats cold
20:04 CGI236 Is that Paul Poulain?
20:04 Rosa No to you question Deb. Most of them are developers
20:05 Rosa Chris might remind me how to set up a private channel?
20:05 paul CGI236: yep, it's Paul poulain
20:05 CGI236 That's what I thought.  I'll just start 'talking' ok?
20:05 CGI236 Paul--you're my idol!
20:05 paul (my wife is reading, pls don't continue :-D )
20:06 chris you just type /join #channelname .. but deb want be able to join that using the web based chat
20:06 Rosa Do the rest of you want us to clutter up your space, or would you rather we went elsewhere?
20:06 chris here is fine with me :)
20:06 CGI236 Rosa--I'm working on the agenda
20:06 CGI236 What I could use help with is FaceBook.  Do you know it?
20:07 CGI236 And writing copy--just to bounce ideas off of a few of you.
20:07 atz CGI236: where are you at?  I'm heading to Minneapolis this weekend... supposedly -30 F last night.
20:07 CGI236 I'm in Minneapolis.  Where are you atz?
20:07 atz columbus now.... gf in in richfield
20:07 Rosa I know of Facebook, but I've only looked at it a couple of times
20:08 CGI236 Ok, I'll keep working on FaceBook.  How do you feel about being a sounding board?
20:08 Rosa Fine
20:08 CGI236 And also helping come up with a strategy for creating a presentation for
20:08 CGI236 a Koha Installfest?
20:09 CGI236 I don't anticipate that you would be coming to PLA, but I'd like to accomodate
20:09 owen Deb, type "/nick Deb" and you can be yourself instead of CGI236
20:09 CGI236 two of the requests for KUDOS.  And ok Owen I will.
20:10 CGI236 "/nick Deb"
20:10 Rosa without the "
20:10 Rosa That's better!
20:10 Deb sorry been a while since I've used IRC
20:11 Deb Just a sec  let me find the other item.
20:11 Rosa You're working on a presentation for a Koha installfest?
20:12 Deb Yes.  Someone from the KUDOS group is requesting it.  
20:12 Deb Give me a sec.  Amy De Groff from Howard County will be joining us.  I need to send her the url for the irc.  back in a sec...
20:15 Deb Data migration workshop
20:15 Deb I will need to find people who can do this in Minneapolis during PLA.  
20:15 Deb Do you know of anyone?
20:16 CGI507 hello - Amy De Groff here
20:16 Rosa Hello Amy. I'm Rosalie from New Zealand
20:16 Rosa Horowhenua Library rust
20:16 Deb Hi Amy.  type in "/nick Amy" without the quotes and you can be Amy
20:17 Amy super -- okay how can I help you with user group
20:17 Deb Amy, we're discussing PLA and the two requests I've gotten for programs
20:17 Deb One is installfest for Koha, the other is Migration workshop.  
20:17 Deb Amy are you coming to PLA?
20:18 Amy yes.
20:18 Deb Can you do either one of these programs?
20:18 Amy in theory, we will have migrated data by then -- so I could do the migration one (with back up from technical staff - LibLime? or mine?)
20:18 Amy install fest not my thing / I would defer to others
20:18 Amy by THIS pla --right ( in 8 weeks)
20:19 Deb Yes, I can ask LibLime if they could have someone help us.  I will first ask the KUDOS group if there's anyone who can take this on as well.
20:19 Deb Yes-PLA in 8 weeks.
20:20 Rosa I'm good at dumb questions. If you want someone to spot the black spots for complete dummies, I can help with that
20:20 Deb What I will do if it's ok with you and Rosalie is 1. Create an Agenda  and send to Amy, Rosalie, and John Brice, who's also helping to organzie this event
20:20 Deb Then we can hash out details.
20:21 Deb What would help me is if someone would be willing to help read and write the program--more eyeballs the better.
20:21 Amy yes
20:21 Amy can do
20:21 atz For the migration workshop, can you characterize the platforms being migrated *from*?  Mostly III or Sirsi?
20:22 Deb Since Amy, Rosalie, and John are seasoned Koha users all 3 of you can help build the programs.
20:22 Deb Can I ask--who is atz?
20:22 atz Hi, I'm Joe Atzberger.  
20:22 atz LibLime system admin.
20:22 Deb ATZ, great question and good point--YES!
20:23 Deb Joe, are you coming to PLA?
20:23 atz Not that I know of... yet.
20:23 Deb This is all in the preplanning stages at the moment.
20:24 atz I sometimes seem last to know these kind of plans though....
20:24 Deb What I can commit to is sending all of those interested my ideas thus far and we can hash them out via email.
20:24 atz I will be at code4lib in Portland next month though.
20:24 Deb Will that work?
20:24 Rosa Yes, it will for me
20:24 Amy Yes, Deb. super.  I can represent HCL on a data workshop - and am happy to review text / agenda / ideas.
20:25 Deb atz would you like to be included?  I include Josh Ferraro, Tina Burger, and Debra Denault now, adding you is no problem.
20:25 gmcharlt Deb: could you add me as well (Galen Charlton)
20:26 Deb Oh for crying out loud--does liblime have it's own listserv for all the employees?:-))
20:26 Deb Of course Galen--be happy to.
20:26 atz Galen is more of an expert on data migration than I am.
20:26 gmcharlt Deb: thanks!
20:27 Deb atz I'll still include you.  I will send emails to all of you.  Please add all your 2 cents worth.
20:27 Deb I will get out the preliminary agenda with my thoughts by end of day Monday, January 28th.  Will that work for all of you?
20:27 Rosa Yes, sounds good
20:28 Amy yes. plan is to do this at Koha users group meeting?  Or is this an agenda item at PLA
20:28 Deb To clarify Amy, the Koha Users Group aka KUDOS will be held at PLA, but is not part of the PLA program.
20:28 Deb The same as we had it at ALAMW08.
20:29 Amy ah got it.  I'll be there and will do what i can prior
20:29 Deb Josh indicated there were a few libraries that wanted a KUDOS meeting at PLA.  
20:29 Deb Since it's in Minneapolis I said I would work on planning and organizing it again.
20:30 Deb Amy  not to worry.  I'm a bit of a task master for myself.  I'll work to not let any detail drop.
20:31 Deb atz I would love to go to code4lib, but I don't know enough programming YET.
20:31 Deb Amy and Rosa, I think we have a gameplan.  
20:31 Deb Any other thoughts comments?
20:32 Amy nope all good
20:32 Deb Sorry if I seem short.  I don't want to take too much time from the developers on the IRC.
20:32 Amy got it -- see you later
20:32 Deb Rosa?
20:33 Rosa We'll carry on on Monday, then? Bye
20:33 Deb Bye.  Thanks for letting us have our chat.
20:33 atz that was more productive than most of the chat we have on normally
20:38 chris heh
20:39 fbcit-1 and I hate dialup...
21:21 kados was that howard county?
21:21 chris was who?
21:22 kados Deb and Rosa?
21:22 chris naw
21:22 kados and Amy
21:22 chris deb is deb bergeron
21:22 kados ahh
21:22 chris talking about Kudos, and picking Rosalies brains
23:20 Deb on Koha 2.2.9 how do you migrate a patron database into Koha?
23:27 CGI846 is anyone on this channel?
23:38 atz sure
23:38 atz oh.... too late

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