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14:35 hdl atz arount ?
14:36 hdl atz around ?
14:36 atz yes
14:36 atz hello, hdl
14:36 hdl hi.
14:37 hdl I have seen a recent pushed commit where in you use die.
14:37 atz yes, it is a serious enough case (internal failure of auth)
14:37 hdl I thought we would not use die any longer ?
14:38 atz as a rule, I agree with that.
14:39 atz there should be only one case (that I remember), and I consider it a "sanity check"
14:40 atz if Auth doesn't return that object, it is not because of something the user did
14:40 atz it's because of something the developer did
14:40 hdl then error 550 is fired ?
14:40 hdl or does carp displays it ?
14:41 atz you first have to imagine conditions where it would fire
14:42 atz get_session('') should always succeed.  
14:43 atz only if CGI::Session doesn't get loaded, or the function is redefined
14:43 atz would it fail.  there's nothing the *user* can do to trigger it.
14:46 atz previously Auth created the object w/ get_session and then further down had    if ($session)
14:49 owen Anyone else getting an error from today?
14:49 atz that didn't make sense, since Session is fundamentally required.
14:50 atz owen: rebasing now....
14:52 atz owen: working ok on
14:54 hdl owen which error ?
14:54 hdl What were you trying to do ?
14:54 owen[…]ha/
14:55 atz you have a failed merge, methinks
14:55 atz the  "<<<"   and ">>>"  are from git
14:55 hdl same as atz.
14:56 owen Weird, I wonder why git let me continue the rebase if there was a merge problem...
14:57 atz git rebase --continue     is the command where you're telling git that you've resolved the problem
14:57 atz it doesn't know that the code still won't compile  :)
14:58 owen So I must have thought I'd caught all the outstanding merge problems, told it to continue, and I missed those
15:00 atz looks like only 2 sections
15:54 lloyd_ I propse a css change in intranet-tmpl/prog/en/css/login.css
15:54 lloyd_ from : #login #submit { font-size: 1.7em;} to : #login #submit {font-size:1.2em;padding:5px 15px;}
15:55 lloyd_ looks much better
15:59 owen I agree, lloyd_, and I see a couple of other minor changes I'd like to make too
15:59 lloyd_ yeah
15:59 lloyd_ input box to 97%
15:59 lloyd_ instead of 80%
15:59 lloyd_ then center the koha logo
15:59 owen If we're going to copy WordPress, we might as well do it right ;)
16:00 lloyd_ haha, is that what word press looks like?
16:01 lloyd_ I know these interface changes are the most important "bugs", but it's what I notice :D
20:28 fbcit opps
20:28 fbcit Update report :
20:28 fbcit [Fri Jan 25 10:26:32 2008] DBD::mysql::db do failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 2 at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ins​taller/data/mysql/ line 965.
20:29 fbcit line 965:       $dbh->do("ALTER TABLE z3950servers
20:29 fbcit  ADD `encoding` text default NULL,
20:29 fbcit  ");
20:35 fbcit "NULL," ??
20:39 atz extra comma ?
20:40 atz mysql is punctuation-sensitive
20:41 kados SQL-92 is, to be precise :-)
20:43 fbcit kados: you want this patch directly...?
20:46 fbcit chris u around?
20:53 atz Makefile.PL is weird
20:53 atz [Fri Jan 25 15:44:52 2008] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite Net::Z3950::ZOOM 1.16 not found.
20:54 fbcit I just ran it and things looked fine (FWIW)
20:54 atz but:  Net::Z3950::ZOOM is up to date (1.21)
20:54 atz ??
20:55 fbcit Makefile has the wrong version
20:56 atz Makefile should be satisfied w/ the newer version, methinks.
20:57 fbcit seems logical...gmcharlt might know why
20:57 fbcit Friday afternoon is just a bad time to run down software issues.... :-)
20:58 atz true that... apparently saturday morning is no good either  :)
20:58 gmcharlt Friday afternoon is an *excellent* time for software issues to run down us!
20:58 gmcharlt fbcit: in my DB, i'm seeing the image type icons, not paths to them
20:59 fbcit using the latest HEAD, can either of you confirm the above mentioned failure under "Add Item Type"?
20:59 fbcit k
20:59 atz "In miy countrey, software runs down yuo!"
21:00 fbcit gmcharlt: things blew up here with a SQL syntax error in a bit ago...
21:01 gmcharlt what was the SQL failure?
21:01 atz make a note of the line in updatedatabase where it failed
21:01 atz so you can tell what has run and what hasn't
21:01 atz gmcharlt: extra comman
21:01 fbcit <fbcit> line 965:       $dbh->do("ALTER TABLE z3950servers
21:01 fbcit <fbcit>   ADD `encoding` text default NULL,
21:01 fbcit <fbcit>   ");
21:01 fbcit <fbcit> "NULL," ??
21:01 atz *comma
21:01 fbcit I sent a patch to chris
21:02 gmcharlt hmm, that shouldn't have affected the item type images
21:02 fbcit 965 is at the bottom of the script so I'm probably ok
21:02 gmcharlt could you give us an example of one of the paths displayed?
21:02 fbcit looks like I'm seeing absolute paths to images rather than relatives
21:03 atz probably the template tag is off    like  <--   instead of  <!--
21:03 fbcit from page source: <img src="/opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg/Mystery.gif"
21:04 atz ls
21:04 fbcit it's Friday... ;-)
21:05 gmcharlt that kind of link is working OK for me
21:06 atz fbcit: is that link, despite the appearance, from the intranet side?
21:06 fbcit there were some pathing issues the other day when I switched to a custom theme
21:06 gmcharlt atz: it is on mine
21:06 fbcit let me switch back to 'prog' and see if the problem disappears...
21:07 fbcit opps
21:07 fbcit that was in OPAC
21:09 fbcit hrmm
21:09 fbcit the image is here: /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-​tmpl/prog/img/itemtypeimg/Book-on-CD.gif
21:09 fbcit the browser looks here: /opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg/Book-on-CD.gif
21:10 fbcit looks like somebody dropped a directory level?
21:11 fbcit right atz
21:11 atz yeah, should be img/itemtypeimg/
21:12 gmcharlt in source, there's a symlink koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/img/itemtypeimg -> ../../../opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg/
21:13 fbcit actually I take that back... here: /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tm​pl/prog/itemtypeimg/Book-on-CD.gif
21:13 atz that appears to match the src ?
21:14 atz check permissions, perhaps
21:14 fbcit I can't even directly navigate to that image via firefox...
21:14 fbcit righ
21:14 fbcit right even
21:14 chris if its a symlink
21:14 chris check you have followsymlinks in your apache config
21:15 fbcit -rw-r--r-- 1 koha koha 277 2008-01-17 08:42 /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tm​pl/prog/itemtypeimg/Book-on-CD.gif
21:15 atz good point, chris
21:16 fbcit   Options +FollowSymLinks
21:18 fbcit interesting
21:18 fbcit image shows fine on port 80
21:18 fbcit but not on 8080
21:19 fbcit apache weirdness...
21:19 chris different docroots?
21:19 atz should be different docroots
21:19 chris ie the opac should only be able to see opac stuff
21:19 fbcit right, but only by opac/intranet
21:20 fbcit makes sense
21:20 chris right, and you are using the intranet path to the image on 8080?
21:20 fbcit right
21:20 fbcit no
21:20 fbcit opac
21:20 chris that wont work
21:20 chris its not in the intranets docroot
21:20 fbcit <gmcharlt> in source, there's a symlink koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/img/itemtypeimg -> ../../../opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg/
21:20 chris so apache cant see it
21:20 atz apache can see it fine
21:21 atz with +FollowSymLinks
21:21 gmcharlt fbcit: what type of install did you do?  for a non-dev install, the directory gets cloned, not symlinked
21:21 fbcit standard
21:21 chris atz: yes but you have to use the path that is in within the docroot
21:21 chris ie, use the symlink
21:21 chris you cant just punch in the path to the images in the opac dir
21:21 kados akk, no symlinks please
21:21 atz chris is right
21:22 atz kados: see gmcharlt's comment
21:22 fbcit gmcharlt: is your's a dev install?
21:22 chris fbcit: can u paste the full url you are trying to hit on 8080
21:22 gmcharlt well, since the install ends up with two copies of imagetypedir, solution may be to just change refer to intranet-tmpl instead of opac-tmpl
21:22 gmcharlt fbcit: yes
21:23 fbcit chris: http://biblios.campus.foundati[…]mg/Book-on-CD.gif
21:23 chris that will never work
21:23 gmcharlt change reference when referring to itemtypedir from intranet, that is
21:23 atz right, that's crossing opac and intranet
21:23 chris opac-tmpl is outside the intranet sites docroot
21:23 kados clearly we need a generic tmpl dir for stuff that both interfaces share
21:24 fbcit chris: here is the html from inside the intranet page: <img src="/opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg/Book-on-CD.gif"
21:24 chris yep thats wrong
21:25 fbcit kados: the images are in both template directories already
21:25 fbcit the refs are just incorrectly formed
21:26 fbcit ie. /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-​tmpl/prog/img/itemtypeimg/Book-on-CD.gif
21:26 fbcit &&
21:26 fbcit /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tm​pl/prog/itemtypeimg/Book-on-CD.gif
21:30 chris looks to be a problem in C4::Koha
21:30 chris admin/ calls getitemtypeimagesrc and getitemimagedir
21:30 chris which passes back the opac-tmpl
21:31 chris same call
21:32 chris which is why it works fine in the opac, but not the intranet
21:32 atz ah, that's the sticking point then
21:32 atz it wasn't really designed to handle both sides
21:32 chris nope
21:32 fbcit seems that the worked fine at sometime in 3...
21:32 atz it *looks* like a plausible function to use....
21:33 chris back in devweek, you could see the opac-tmpl dir from the intranet side
21:33 fbcit it needs to be passed which side the function call comes from...
21:33 atz it worked, but it didn't accomodate other templates
21:33 chris i think in 3 moderately recently we fixed the docroots
21:33 fbcit then the getitemtypeimage functions would know which path to return...
21:34 chris yeah
21:34 chris sub getitemtypeimagesrc {                                                                                                                                  
21:34 chris    return '/opac-tmpl' . '/'                                                                                                                              
21:34 chris      . C4::Context->preference('template')                                                                                                                
21:34 chris      . '/itemtypeimg';                                                                                                                                    
21:34 chris }      
21:35 chris its a fairly simple little function, we could add
21:35 chris a parameter
21:35 chris and just pass that from admin/ without even having to touch the opac
21:36 chris but i have a whiny 1 year old
21:36 chris so if no one beats me to it, ill do it tonight when he is in bed
21:36 fbcit :-)
22:07 fbcit what does  C4::Context->opachtdocs refer to?
22:13 fbcit I see nothing like opachtdocs in C4::Context...
22:14 atz it autoloads
22:14 atz becomes C4::Context->config('opachtdocs');
22:15 fbcit ahh
22:19 atz yeah, autoload kills the simple grep check
22:22 fbcit so better or worse?
22:31 fbcit after reading the comments in C4::Context..
22:48 fbcit chris: you should have patches to fix the itemtypeimage problems discussed earlier
22:48 fbcit let me know if they don't come through...
22:52 kados owen++
22:57 kados atz: nice job on the lists feature
22:57 kados atz: very slick
22:57 atz thanks
22:57 kados I talked to owen today, he's gonna work on the UI a bit more
22:57 atz it was a little of a trick to manage, touching Auth, Context and shelves simultaneously
22:58 atz i don't think it's finalized, but it's a good version for now
22:58 kados *nod*
22:58 atz i demo it to orange county next week
22:59 kados ahh, ok
22:59 kados that means I need to clean up the searching a bit
22:59 atz still need a webex license, btw
23:00 kados and the cart doesn't seem to work
23:00 kados oh, really?
23:00 kados did you email sara?
23:00 atz yep
23:00 atz probably should switch to #liblime
23:00 kados :-)
23:02 kados OK, sara's sending that now
23:02 kados atz: just a quick note that only one person can use webex at a time, so we need to make sure we don't overlap on use
23:02 kados atz: in general, if you need to use it, just email me and tell me when
23:03 atz ok cool.  that will be Friday, AM
23:03 fbcit kados: how do I access the self checkout stuff after turning it on in sysprefs?
23:04 kados fbcit: cgi-bin/koha/sco/ on the opac side
23:05 kados huh, we need a redirect to /cgi-bin/koha/sco/
23:05 fbcit does it work?
23:06 fbcit brb
23:06 kados seems to be working
23:06 kados could use some style cleanup
23:07 kados so basically, workflow is, go to /cgi-bin/koha/sco/, log in as a staff with circulation privss
23:07 kados then patrons can walk up, scan their cards, check books out, and close their sessions
23:08 fbcit k
23:08 kados and yea, it seems to be working well
23:08 kados you can even check books back in
23:08 fbcit I'll test drive it Monday...:)
23:09 kados laters
01:07 chris havent got any patches from you fbcit .. they didnt bounce did they?
01:42 fbcit chris: still around?
01:43 fbcit I'm forwarding my cc'd copies...
01:45 fbcit I must not have exim4 configured properly... although I do receive the cc'd copies
02:06 fbcit ouch!... Charter accidently deletes 14000 e-mail accounts
02:14 gmcharlt fbcit: and $50 recompensation just does not seem adequate
02:18 fbcit gmcharlt: to say the least!
02:19 gmcharlt I see you survived the experience -- hope it wasn't too close of a call :)
02:19 gmcharlt you know what they say about messengers
02:19 fbcit it felt next thing to telling them a relation had died...
02:20 fbcit heh
02:20 fbcit I suppose that if Charter lost all 14000 customers it would cost more than 14000*$50. :-)
02:21 gmcharlt indeed
02:22 gmcharlt to say nothing of all the other customers, now thinking rather nervous thoughts
06:48 chris hmm partches wont apply again ... what version of git do you have fbcit?

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