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12:06 fbcit-1 g'morning koha
12:13 lloyd_ mornin :)
12:16 Mordazy Hello everyone
13:36 owen hdl, can you give me more details?
13:37 hdl I sent a patch this morning.
13:37 owen Okay, I'll just wait for it
13:37 hdl I added a field in z3950servers table.
13:37 hdl name encoding
13:37 hdl type : text
13:37 hdl and it is used in order to make good encoding translations.
14:20 lloyd_ guys I touched on this breifly with chris. If I stage an import and the isbn/record already exists will it overwrite it?
14:22 owen Hi lloyd_ , I don't know about that, but I saw your bug report about the search buttons. I've committed a bunch of fixes for those, but they haven't been submitted yet
14:22 owen I appreciate all the work you put into the bug report, that helps a lot
14:23 kados lloyd_: yes, it does an overlay on the existing record
14:23 kados g'morning all :-)
14:23 owen Hi kados
14:26 lloyd_ kados - i presume it only does that if i check select the "Look for existing records in catalogue" option?
14:27 kados lloyd_: yes
14:27 lloyd_ fantastic
14:28 kados lloyd_: note that it doesn't do that until the records have been imported
14:28 kados ie, they don't overlay in the staging area
14:28 kados and you can go into the staging area and verify the mapping
14:28 lloyd_ oh
14:28 kados and if you're not happy with it, you can change the algorithm
14:28 kados when you're happy with the mapping, you click 'complete import' and that's when the actual overlay happens
14:28 fbcit-1 g'morning kados
14:28 kados hiya fbcit-1 !
14:29 lloyd_ yeah I won't be actually completeing the imports
14:29 hdl hi all
14:29 fbcit-1 hi hdl
14:29 lloyd_ so if our marc supplier sent us all the records and we staged them. Then a week later they sent us an update, which included some changes. We staged that too.
14:30 lloyd_ going to Cataloguing - will that list the updated one twice?
14:30 hdl kados : about recentacquisitions pages, is there a way to get information and make a basket on it ?
14:30 lloyd_ yep.. it does add it twice :/
14:32 hdl biblio.timestamp or creationdate or items.creationdate could be useful but not currently indexed unles I am mistaken
14:33 kados lloyd_: what I think you want to do, is stage the records, then import them
14:33 kados then, when you get the update, stage the new ones
14:35 lloyd_ but we dont want to import them hehe
14:36 lloyd_ we're adding every marc record for dewey 610-620
14:36 lloyd_ but likelyhood is that only 10% of those will actually be used
14:36 lloyd_ we're just adding them so the marc record is there ready for when someone needs to add it
14:41 lloyd_ see what I mean?
15:28 owen lloyd_: Regarding Bug 1795, it sounds like your index isn't updating after you delete a biblio
15:33 lloyd_ Should it do that automaticlly?
15:34 owen It can, but it depends on your system setup...and that's assuming you've got zebra running
15:35 lloyd_ system was setup by liblime. zebra is running.
15:36 owen I'm afraid I can't help you with the configuration, because it's not my area of expertise. kados might be able to help
15:38 lloyd_ ahh np
15:42 fbcit-1 does the koha-devel list allow attachements through?
15:44 owen fbcit-1, it should, although it might be better to host the file somewhere and just include a link
15:46 gmcharlt fbcit-1: I think it's an excellant idea -- care to start it? :)
15:47 lloyd_ haha, walked in to that one
15:50 hdl owen : when tryong to select all results on a page via SelectAll, it fails, can you confirm ?
15:50 owen opac or staff client?
15:51 hdl OPAC
15:51 hdl (no mass result selection available on staff client)
15:52 hdl document.bookbag_form.select_all has no properties
15:52 owen hdl, I've submitted a patch for that, but it doesn't seem to have gotten through yet
15:52 hdl in fact, bookbag_form is not defined.
16:02 lloyd_ owen : did you fix Home › Administration › Cities -> Search Cities?
16:02 lloyd_ it has "OK" instead of "Submit"
16:02 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
16:02 lloyd_ and it doesnt have class="submit" either
16:02 gmcharlt hdl: hi
16:02 hdl hi
16:03 hdl I just wanted to do some work on AuthoritiesMarc
16:03 hdl But I wanted to know if you were through with it
16:04 gmcharlt hdl: I have plans, but will not really starting work until Friday at earliest
16:04 gmcharlt so go ahead
16:04 owen lloyd_: Yes.
16:04 hdl ok
16:04 gmcharlt hdl: what are you working on?
16:05 hdl I want to move authid to a harmless subfield.
16:05 gmcharlt authid in bib records?
16:05 gmcharlt or authid in authority records?
16:05 hdl no.
16:05 hdl in authority records.
16:05 lloyd_ tops :)
16:06 hdl Move it to 090
16:06 hdl or rather user selected subfield
16:06 gmcharlt using MARC framework, I assume?
16:06 fbcit-1 gmcharlt: just finished a 3 page document describing the state of Koha3 on Win32
16:06 hdl Yes.
16:07 hdl What were your plans ?
16:07 gmcharlt hdl: basically, a lot of stuff, focusing primary on MARC21 authorities
16:07 gmcharlt including matching bib headings to authorities on full heading, not just $a
16:07 gmcharlt implementing support for cross references in headings scans
16:08 gmcharlt batch job to link bibs and authorities
16:08 hdl On this latest point I must work to
16:08 gmcharlt finishing separating UNIMARC and MARC21-specific stuff into separate submodules
16:09 gmcharlt fbcit-1: great
16:09 hdl first point is how koha works now, as far as I know.
16:10 gmcharlt hdl: there are issues, at least in MARC21 with that
16:10 hdl which ?
16:13 gmcharlt hdl: in BiblioAddAuthorities, does not seem to properly find existing authority record if heading has subdivisions
16:14 hdl there is a problem because you can have $a New Caledonia fisheries
16:14 hdl and $a fisheries $x New Caledonia
16:15 hdl and unless you parse your records, there is no way to part one from an other.
16:15 hdl + there is the problem if you search for fisheries alone.
16:16 hdl You must get fisheries alone, and not with anything.
16:16 hdl On the other hand,
16:16 hdl maybe a search only on headings is not enough.
16:17 hdl We should/may do a search also in rejected forms.
16:17 gmcharlt hdl: yep, and provide option to flip head to preferred form
16:17 gmcharlt flip heading, rather
16:17 hdl Yes.
16:18 hdl So it is not that easy to solve those things. But I think we can manage on the long term.
16:19 gmcharlt long term we absolutely must manage
16:19 hdl yes.
16:19 gmcharlt shorter term, I hope to have many improvements  for Koha 3's general release
16:23 hdl Do you know when you will have time to do it ?
17:40 fbcit-1 gmcharlt:[…]installer_project
17:42 gmcharlt fbcit-1: cool
19:06 chris morning
19:19 hdl hi chris
19:19 chris heya hdl
19:20 chris how goes the code4lib saga?
19:20 hdl May end up well soon.
19:20 chris ohh good
19:21 hdl But not sure what will be the end.
19:21 chris ahh
20:28 fbcit-1 chris: did you get my patch for bug 1790?
20:29 chris hmm no, did you send it to
20:29 fbcit-1 yep
20:29 fbcit-1 I'
20:29 fbcit-1 I'll resend, hold on
20:30 chris cool
20:31 fbcit-1 chris: its on its way
20:31 chris sweet
20:31 fbcit-1 let me know in a few if you don't see it.
20:32 chris will do
20:32 chris got it
20:41 fbcit-1 tnx
21:13 chris hmm
21:13 chris [PATCH] Bugfix for Bug 1790 - opacthemes system pref doesn't work
21:13 chris fatal: corrupt patch at line 36
21:13 chris Patch failed at 0001
21:18 fbcit-1 not sure why... except my tagline got left at the bottom when I forwarded it....
21:19 fbcit-1 it will be a day or so before I can remake the patch.... I'm home with a *bad* cold for a day or two :-(
21:30 chris ack sorry to hear that
21:30 fbcit-1 chris: looks like line 36 in the patch wraps when it should all be one line.
21:30 chris yeah i tried to manually edit .. and then the patch wouldnt apply
21:30 chris worst comes to worts ill just make the changes by hand :)
21:30 fbcit-1 should read: +                               warn "Theme $th does not appear to exist" if $DEBUG;
21:31 fbcit-1 there is really only one important line...
21:31 fbcit-1 remove: if ( -e "$htdocs/$th/$la/modules/$interface-"."tmpl") {
21:31 fbcit-1 replace with: if ( -e "$htdocs/$th/$la/modules/$tmpl") {
21:32 fbcit-1 the debug stuff is just fluf
21:33 chris :)
21:33 chris ill make that change and push it up
21:34 fbcit-1 k
21:34 fbcit-1 I also reforwarded the patch for kicks
21:34 chris :)
21:35 chris ill try one more time
21:36 fbcit-1 forwarding seems to add lines/wrap lines and do other generally ugly things to patches :)
21:36 chris no sir .. still grumpy
21:36 chris ill do it manually
21:36 fbcit-1 tnx
21:36 fbcit-1 sorry for the trouble
21:36 chris no worries, thanks for the fix
23:05 qiqo hi people
23:05 qiqo may i ask for help?
23:07 qiqo anyone awake?
23:09 chris hi qiqo
23:09 qiqo hi chris
23:09 chris sorry had internet go down
23:09 chris back now
23:09 qiqo was just trying to give 3.0a a shot
23:09 qiqo i have sample 2-2 data here
23:10 qiqo and I'm reading the instructions
23:10 chris upgrading from 2.2 is hard .. id start with a fresh install of 3.0a
23:10 qiqo but couldnt seem to follow it properly or i dont have understand
23:10 chris and use the sample data that comes with it
23:11 qiqo uhuh.. but eventually, i'll upgrade to 3.0 right?
23:11 qiqo i mean , i have data in here in 2.2 format
23:11 chris yes, its hard to do currently
23:11 chris id wait until we improve the process
23:12 chris although the instructions on the wiki do work, its just tricky :)
23:12 qiqo ohh ok
23:13 qiqo but quick question, do i need to perform these steps before or after the installation of 3.0?
23:13 chris the upgrading?
23:13 chris you do the perl Makefile.PL, make, make install
23:14 chris pointing it at your 2.2 db
23:14 chris then do the rest of the instructions
23:14 qiqo i mean the things in here:
23:14 qiqo will 3.0 work on mysql 5?
23:14 qiqo will 3.0 work on mysql 4?
23:15 chris yes
23:15 chris it will work much better on 5
23:15 chris but should still work on 4 .. altho you will have encoding problems
23:15 chris 5 is stable, id encourage everyone to use that
23:16 qiqo aright
23:16 qiqo wow..
00:35 fbcit-1 chris: re bug 1627, your saying that and cause this symptom?
00:36 chris thats right
00:36 chris if you look at ur cookies
00:36 chris you will see they store agains hostname only
00:37 fbcit-1 I assume that changing to should resolve it?
00:37 chris *nod*
00:37 chris thats why owen couldnt replicate the symptoms
00:39 fbcit-1 tnx!
00:39 chris we probably could shift it to an ehancement and get different cookies for opac and staff
00:41 chris for poor people who dont have any control over dns, and want to be logged into both at once, with the same browser
00:41 atz if you have different domains (like we do in dev environment) then you'd get separate ones anyway
00:41 atz but you're right, we should support the single domain (different port) config
00:41 chris yep, well you get CGISESSID for both
00:42 chris if it was OPACSESSID and INTRASESSID say
00:42 atz that's the default for CGI::Session
00:42 chris then it wouldnt matter... something for 3.2 :)
00:42 chris yep, you can change it
00:42 atz right
00:42 fbcit-1 opps. I marked it fixed...
00:42 atz how about KOHAINTRANETSESSIONID  
00:42 atz nice and readable.
00:43 chris yep
00:43 chris i dont think there is any character limit
00:43 chris there are some pretty long ones stored in my browser
00:44 fbcit-1 and some pretty unintelligable ones as well
00:44 chris heh yep
00:47 atz there is a "netscape spec" limit
00:47 atz iirc
00:47 atz and a bunch of other random browsers that have their own limits
00:47 chris *nod*
00:47 chris might be safe to go smallish
00:47 atz their still pretty big
00:47 atz *they're
00:58 fbcit-1 ok, I reopened and marked it as an enhancement
00:58 chris cool
01:09 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx_
01:39 fbcit-1 gmcharlt: u around?
01:48 chris heya rosa :)
01:56 gmcharlt fbcit-1: I'm around for a couple minutes
02:25 Rosa hi Chris
02:38 chris nice
02:54 fbcit-1 gmcharlt-away: I just reduced the remaining Win32 perl module count to 3 modules... got XML::Dumper and XML::RSS installed on Win32...
02:55 kados fbcit-1++
02:58 fbcit-1 kados: Regarding MARC::File::XML
02:58 fbcit-1 rather MARC::XML
02:59 fbcit-1 make test blows up
02:59 kados yea, I know
02:59 kados I've tried to explain that to the maintainer
02:59 fbcit-1 #     Error:  Can't locate object method "new" via package "XML::LibXML::SAX" at C:/strawberry-perl/perl/site/lib/XML/SAX/ line 43.
02:59 kados but he doesn't seem to believe me :-)
02:59 fbcit-1 does it matter?
03:00 fbcit-1 will force work?
03:00 kados well, it should be fixed
03:00 kados the average koha user doesn't have the chops to know how to force install a perl module
03:00 fbcit-1 if it does not matter, then I am down to only 2 perl modules
03:00 kados shocking as that may be :-)
03:00 kados I don't think it matters
03:00 kados awesome
03:01 fbcit-1 I'll worry about the "average" user once I get there... :-)
03:01 kados hehe
03:01 fbcit-1 so... can I force it and be OK?
03:01 kados yep
03:01 fbcit-1 brb
03:01 fbcit-1 down to 2...
03:02 kados hehe
03:03 fbcit-1 kados: did you take a look at my wiki page on the Win32 project?
03:03 kados fbcit-1: briefly, it's on my list to look more carefully asap
03:03 fbcit-1 err... type
03:07 gmcharlt-away fbcit-1++
03:11 fbcit-1 gmcharlt: DBD::mysql really blows chunks... :-(
03:13 atz you have a DBD you like better?
03:13 fbcit-1 atz: I mean when trying to build it on Win32... :)
03:14 fbcit-1 actually DBD::Pg
03:14 fbcit-1 ;-)
03:18 gmcharlt fbcit-1: funny that I haven't seen much mention of DBD::mysql in conjunction with Strawberry
03:18 gmcharlt does nobody use mysql on Win32?
03:19 chris they are all using access :-)
03:19 fbcit-1 gmcharlt: from the DBD::mysql README it looks like I'll have to compile the mysql client to get the correct libs for DBD::mysql
03:20 fbcit-1 chris: access--
03:21 fbcit-1 DBD::mysql has apparently been compiled for ActivePerl

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