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13:50 owen Hi foxnorth
13:50 foxnorth owen: hey owen
13:51 owen What's new with you? You still on biblios full time?
13:52 foxnorth yeah, still working on it :)
13:52 foxnorth i've been playing with koha bit, too-- the templates are looking very good!
13:52 owen thanks, I'm pretty pleased with how far we've gotten.
13:53 owen I've still got a lot to do on the OPAC
13:53 foxnorth ah, i haven't played as much with the opac lately
13:53 foxnorth i should check it out
13:53 foxnorth very nice
13:53 foxnorth very clean and sleek looking
13:54 foxnorth and readable
13:54 foxnorth i like that
14:21 frederic Owen? Hello...
14:21 owen Hi frederic
14:21 frederic I've just seen your language selection section on page bottom
14:21 frederic It's nice
14:22 frederic It's done with css file and new classes
14:22 frederic Those classes are in en/css/staff-global.css
14:22 frederic for the time beeing it's not reported in fr/css/staff-global.css
14:23 frederic I was wondering why there is not a global css file indendently of language
14:23 frederic Any reason?
14:24 owen No good reason. But everything in /fr/ has to be re-generated from the /en/ templates anyway when the /en/ templates are updated, don't they?
14:24 owen I'm not sure what the best practice is when it comes to CSS and internationalization
14:25 frederic Ok. You're right, even if I'm not sure if css file are regenerated like .tmpl file...
14:26 frederic There could be a global css file and a language specific one.
14:26 owen That could be the case if the CSS files were outside of the /lang/ directories I guess
14:32 frederic I had processed template files. It works! Your i18nMenu css are there in French. Thanks.  
14:36 osaury Hi everybody. I'm Olivier SAURY - Marseille, France. I start working on Koha with Paul Poulain.
14:36 owen Hi osaury
14:36 kados CSS is regenerated, but CSS is also parsed by the translation tools
14:36 kados so it's translated in the case of English strings
14:36 kados at least that's the theory :-)
14:36 osaury Could someone help me translating two words in english ?
14:37 kados osaury: sure
14:37 kados osaury: and welcome!
14:37 osaury Our customer is a big public librairy. It classifies each document according
14:37 osaury to the catogories of persons who are interested in it.
14:37 osaury Examples of categories : « children », « teenagers »
14:38 osaury , « professionals », etc.
14:38 osaury I called « audience » the column that stores these categories.
14:38 osaury Is it correct ?
14:38 kados sounds good to me
14:39 osaury Ok. Thank you very much.
14:40 osaury The 2nd and last expression is « lot de marché public ».
14:41 osaury Context : our customer is a big public librairy with a few suppliers
14:41 osaury (always the same librairians).
14:41 osaury Each year, the librairy makes a request for proposal
14:41 osaury to all the librairians of the region.
14:42 osaury Sorry : the librairy makes a request for proposal to all the BOOKSELLERS of the region.
14:43 osaury No bookseller is big enough to answer to this big request for proposal.
14:43 osaury So the request for proposal is divided into several "lots".
14:44 osaury Example : "musical CDs", "books for children", etc.
14:44 kados 'types'
14:44 kados perhaps?
14:45 osaury 'types' is to close form 'itemtypes'.
14:45 osaury Is 'Lots' convenient ?
14:57 hdl osaury : part may be a good term.
15:00 osaury I will use that term 'part'. Thanks
15:01 osaury I must go now but thank you very much for your help and your welcome.
15:16 kados well, it's official
15:16 kados
15:16 kados Koha Community Website Announces Plone Theme Contest
15:16 atz cool
15:21 atz kados:
15:21 atz has some text: "need wording here about splitting prizes evenly"
15:21 kados yea, I noticed that too
15:22 kados russ is the only one who can fix it with the current website
15:34 kados hence the move to plone in the first place :-)
15:45 hdl kados : does plone allow some interactions with marcrecords ?
15:46 kados hdl: no, i don't think so ... it's just a CRM
15:46 kados oops, CMS I mean
15:46 hdl drupal too, but has some facilities for that.
15:48 hdl it seems that language facility forget the first language syspref.
15:48 hdl kados : should be a copy of or a symlink to it ?
15:49 kados a copy, we can't do symlinks
15:49 hdl So, I do it and commit it.
15:55 kados cool
16:08 Brooke howdy
16:08 kados hey Brooke
22:11 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: dennisharrison
22:11 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> hoedy
22:11 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> oops, howdy :)
22:11 chris hi there
22:14 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I see you guys are looking for a new theme
22:14 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> was wondering what sorts of themes you were looking for
22:14 kados hey dennisharison!
22:14 atz true
22:15 atz you got one for us?
22:15 kados welcome to #koha
22:15 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I generate a plone3 theme a day right now :)
22:15 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> been getting lots of customers lately
22:15 kados dennisharrison: basically, the theme goals are outlined here:
22:15 kados
22:15 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> the one I am working on today is at
22:15 kados sweet
22:15 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> won't look right without firefox until I am finished witht he browser hacking
22:16 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I see that, was just wondering if you guys had specific requests or examples you wanted to follow?
22:16 kados well, there are a couple examples listed there I think ... really, we are looking for something that is an upgrade of the current theme, something that looks like a 'version upgrade' to :-)
22:17 kados so some of the same basic themes of
22:17 kados but not strictly the same if that makes sense
22:19 kados dennisharrison, sorry, we're programmers, so not the best at describing our goals for the website design :-)
22:19 kados dennisharrison: we want it to look pretty :-)
22:20 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> and are you guys a company or a non profit?
22:20 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I would be willing to do the work as a donation
22:20 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> have to get the taxes down somehow
22:20 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> yeah makes a lot of sense
22:20 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> just wondering if any particular community site struck you as 'that is what I want' :)
22:21 kados is a group of libraries, individuals, and support companies not unlike the plone community
22:21 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> yeah, we used to host plone4lib
22:21 kados LibLime is the company sponsoring the contest
22:21 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> similar project to what darci is doing?
22:21 kados
22:21 kados dennisharrison: exactly
22:21 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> ouch, liblime needs a new skin :)
22:21 kados dennisharrison: koha is software that runs a library, handles circulation, etc.
22:22 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> based on plone ?
22:22 kados dennisharrison: yep :-)
22:22 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> any additional stuff you guys have back in collective ?
22:22 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> or is this sort of like just a very specific to libraries plone that libs would be bettero ff using?
22:22 kados the skin is strictly for the website
22:23 kados we wouldn't be distributing it to libraries for instance
22:23 kados it's just for the website :-)
22:23 kados does that make sense?
22:23 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> yep
22:23 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> just wondering about the focus of your project
22:24 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> your submission page says it must install via quickinstaller for 2.5.5
22:24 kados the focus of the project is on what's called a 'library automation system'
22:24 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> you want a 2.5 or 3.* theme?
22:24 chris oh koha the software isnt based on plone
22:24 kados right, koha is separate from plone :-)
22:24 kados it's written in perl in fact
22:24 kados I think darci recommended 2.5 theme because 3.* wasn't as stable
22:24 kados and didn't have all the products we needed yet
22:25 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> haha oh ok :)
22:25 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> what products?
22:25 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> darci hasn't really messed with plone3 too much other then as an integrator as far as I know
22:26 kados I can't recall all of the products she recommended off hand
22:27 kados documentation center was one
22:27 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I would recommend moving to plone3 over 2.5
22:27 kados there was a product map that tied into google maps
22:27 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I am working on that right now
22:27 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> new release will have the ability to use alt images as the map
22:27 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> and draw polygons per location
22:27 kados a case studies product IIRC
22:27 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> should be ready by tomorrow
22:27 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> ahh ok
22:27 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> yeah
22:28 kados as well as screenshots IIRC
22:28 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> that isn't in 3 yet
22:28 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> but won't be hard to upgrade
22:28 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> screenshots?
22:28 kados yea it was like a showcase product of some kind
22:28 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> thumbnail view and something similar to lightbox?
22:28 kados that maybe an artist would use?
22:28 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> yeah, handled better in plone3
22:28 kados or a website designer?
22:28 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I also just re released the swf slideshow
22:29 kados we want to use it to showcase the libraries using Koha
22:29 kados cool
22:29 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> it can build swf's based on jpeg / swf and mp3 input
22:29 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> sort of similar to a ttw poweropint
22:29 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> powerpoint
22:29 kados sweet
22:30 kados well, whoever is chosen for the re-skinning would likely have lots of other work coming their way
22:30 kados related to
22:30 kados (and perhaps ;-))
22:31 kados and !!! I did the skin for ... it's not _that_ bad, is it? :-)
22:31 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> oh .. no .. its great ;p
22:31 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> j/k
22:31 kados hehe
22:32 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I just have a 1680x1050 res and most sites now a days look tiny
22:32 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I do like how easy static pixel layout is to manipulate though
22:33 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> well, lets see what kind of stuff I can submit to you
22:33 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I'll give you a few themes to look at
22:33 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> Nice talking to you guys, will let you know after I submit some
22:34 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> well I guess I need to sort of figure something out first
22:34 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> are you adamant about using plone 2.5?
22:36 kados not personally
22:37 kados have to ask Darci, she's running the contest :-)
22:37 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> ahh gotcha :)
22:37 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> she owes me some jello shots anyhow
22:39 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> well i'll let you guys get back to work, I don't have a problem with 2.5, it is easier to skin for as far as time wise due to the lack of needing multiple zcml imports and browsers, but I will see what she says about plone3
22:39 kados cool
22:45 kados wow
22:45 kados[…]/business/sun.php
22:46 kados sun just bought MySQL
22:46 kados !!!
22:46 chris yep
22:46 chris well MySQL AB
22:46 kados *nod*
22:46 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> hehe, poor sun, the only company to 'do it right' and they shat on by the industry
22:47 kados heh
22:47 kados yea, sun++ for the most part
22:51 atz sweet... sun++ indeed
22:52 atz i expect to see some good SPARC tweaks
00:15 kados that's committments to translate Koha into 26 languages!
00:15 kados w00t
00:17 atz 26 is huge.
00:18 chris added klingon yet?
00:18 chris :)
00:18 atz actually....  i saw code w/ klingon
00:18 atz C4/
00:19 kados hehe
00:19 kados so get this, we have like the best spot on the floor at PLA
00:20 kados[…]ublic/fphtml.aspx
00:20 kados we're where booth 1013 is
00:20 kados except we're a 20x20
00:21 atz nice spot
00:21 kados right next to TLC, SirsiDynix, III,
00:21 kados man, that rocks
00:21 kados and polaris
00:21 kados hehe
00:24 chris heh
00:46 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> alright
00:46 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> darci says that she just doesn't trust plone3 yet for you guys :)
00:46 kados hehe
00:46 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> so i'll throw in a couple of skins for 2.5 for you guys that will work on 3 as well for when you want to upgrade
00:46 kados sweet
00:46 kados dennisharrison++
00:47 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> I suggest skipping 2.5 altogether but I understand there is politics going on, so , no biggy :)
00:47 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> give me a few days for it
00:47 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> you guys like openplans ?
00:48 kados what's openplans?
00:50 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode>
00:51 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> just the header area really
00:51 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> would make colors work via base props for sure
00:51 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> maybe a lightly textured background and round all corners with a low radius
00:51 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> give you guys some flexibility to change colors on the fly
00:52 kados rounded corners would be nice
00:52 kados openplans is a bit blockish for my tastes
00:53 kados also, I think we plan to have a lot more graphical content
00:53 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> sure thing, how about ...
00:55 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode>
00:56 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> with different colors rounded corners and liquid ?
00:58 kados hard to visualize :-)
00:58 kados sorry, I'm not much help :-)
00:58 kados and ... I need to head home for dinner
00:59 [K] <dennisharrison@FreeNode> see ya
09:03 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx__
10:39 lloyd_ mmmm. 3.0 is a huge improvement!

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