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11:21 kados hey Brooke
11:21 Brooke howdy
11:21 Brooke holy cannoli are there like a jillion new things in the new release :)
11:21 Brooke yeah yeah
11:21 Brooke rub it in :P
11:21 kados :)
11:22 Brooke you better at least get a cheesesteak outta that deal
11:22 kados sounds like you've been playing around with some of the new features, eh?
11:22 Brooke or you should seriously consider telling off that CEO
11:22 Brooke well gee
11:22 Brooke that's quick :)
11:22 kados which CEO?
11:22 Brooke you ;)
11:23 kados hehe
11:24 Brooke so how close is the stuff on Chris' box to the alpha?
12:09 hdl kados ?
12:23 kados hi hdl
12:33 fbcit kados still around?
12:50 kados fbcit: sure am
12:50 kados fbcit: welcome back!
12:50 fbcit tnx its good to be back whole... :)
12:51 kados I can imagine! :-)
12:51 fbcit I have my metrologic scanner "working"
12:51 kados w00t
12:51 fbcit with a few beefs
12:51 kados oh?
12:51 fbcit when scanning it appends <CR>
12:52 fbcit this messes up isbn scans when adding a MARC record
12:52 fbcit especially w/z3950 searches
12:52 fbcit I cannot seem to find a single-liner to disable the <CR>
12:53 kados hmmm
12:53 fbcit am I missing something obvious?
12:53 kados I assume you've read the manual ? :-)
12:53 fbcit right
12:53 kados typically the way these things are configured is there's a 'config' mode you enter
12:53 fbcit there are 80 some pages of single-line configs
12:53 kados by scanning a special barcode
12:53 kados and then you can change the behavior using a bunch of other scanners
12:54 kados oops, barcodes I mean
12:55 kados so you might want to try Multi-code method
12:55 kados look for Disable CR Suffix
12:55 kados it's on page 40 of the PDF I've got
12:56 fbcit one other question
12:57 fbcit when scanning ISBN barcodes there is some other info in the barcode
12:57 fbcit is there something I'm missing that strips that info to pass only the ISBN?
12:59 fbcit the Metrologic was very simple to get working btw
12:59 kados hmmm, what's the other info in the barcode?
12:59 kados dashes or soemthing?
13:00 fbcit look here:
13:01 fbcit kados: I have to go teach. Be back after 10am est.
13:02 kados cool
13:04 hdl kados : some question
13:04 hdl a) Does someone work on opac-changelanguages ?
13:05 hdl It seems not to be committed at the moment.
13:05 kados hdl: really?
13:05 kados when did that happen?
13:05 hdl I havenot found it on
13:21 hdl About itemcallnumbers management, who can tell me a bit more about the new stuff you wrote ? I have a library which has 3 types of itemcallnumbers : dewey, dewey suffix, and 3parts itemcallnumber :P 283, N°4 (novembre 2007)
13:22 hdl kados ?
13:22 hdl And lakados : how was ALA ?
13:26 kados galen is in the best position to talk about the new itemcallnumber management
13:27 kados ala was productive
15:16 fbcit kados ?
15:25 atz he should be wrapping up things in philly this morning and flying home later today
15:25 atz don't know how much he'll be online
16:04 kados hey fbcit
16:04 kados fbcit: on for a bit
16:05 fbcit looking at the issues w/isbn I mentioned earlier
16:06 fbcit the upc on books is EAN-13
16:06 fbcit so when I scan it, I don't get ISBN, but need to run the EAN through an algorithm to produce ISBN
16:07 fbcit it looks like there is some talk about storing EAN-13 data in MARC tag 024
16:08 fbcit I'm thinking it might be nice to be able to scan the UPC, store EAN-13 in the correct MARC tag and then convert to ISBN to populate that field
16:08 fbcit then a z3950 search could be performed on ISBN
16:08 fbcit or maybe this is already possible?
16:09 kados well, z39.50 already has a attribute set for searhing by isbn
16:09 kados and I'm guessing there must be a way that you can cofigure the scanner to strip out the isbn automatically
16:09 kados ie, do it in the scanner rather than in koha
16:09 kados IMO anyway
16:12 fbcit I have not found a setting in the scanner, but then I missed the <CR> setting so that's not saying much.. :)
16:13 kados heh
16:17 fbcit kados: got it...
16:17 kados w00t
16:17 kados fbcit: might be worthwhile to document your success on the koha wiki :-)
16:17 fbcit you beat me to it... ;-)
16:18 kados heh
16:18 fbcit this is cool
16:19 fbcit now, if we can make the scanner select the z3950 button after scanning....
16:19 kados well ...
16:20 kados actually, the z39.50 popup is going to have the isbn field in it
16:20 kados so you won't have to type it in the MARC record
16:20 kados ryan already wrote that bit, it just needs to be merged into 3.0
16:20 kados ryan: you around?
16:20 fbcit I don't have to type it in now
16:20 kados fbcit: so the user will click on 'z39.50 search', and just scan, and the CR will initiate the search
16:21 fbcit ahh
16:21 fbcit leme try it
16:22 fbcit problem is, the z3950 popup will not open if certain MARC tags are not provided
16:22 fbcit maybe that validation should be removed
16:22 fbcit ?
16:24 kados fbcit: just talked to ryan, he's going to commit the dev_week form for Z39.50
16:24 kados fbcit: I'll push it up as soon as I get it
16:24 fbcit great
16:27 kados fbcit: yea, that validation will have to be removed
16:27 fbcit will the dev_week form take isbn?
16:27 fbcit rather
16:27 fbcit lccn
16:28 kados it could
16:28 kados easy enough to add that
16:28 fbcit I fixed the current form to accept lccn
16:28 fbcit I'd hate to loose that
16:28 kados *nod*
16:30 fbcit kados: can you recommend a good list/channel for asking librarian type questions?
16:31 kados hmmm
16:31 kados not really
16:31 atz besides code4lib?
16:31 kados I don't think librarians hang out on IRC
16:32 kados atz: not really for librarians
16:32 kados atz: more for programmers who happen to work in libraries
16:32 atz yeah, though for my purposes, a lot of ppl who know more about librarianship than me
16:32 kados I think fbcit is looking for something like webjunction or soemthing
16:32 kados and code4lib is heavily academic-library focused
16:32 atz fbcit: you can always call your local reference librarian and treat it as a reference question
16:33 kados hehe
16:33 fbcit :)
16:33 kados atz++
16:35 fbcit kados: what section of the wiki would you suggest putting the barcode scanner stuff?
16:35 kados I'd link to it from the Migration Notes area I suppose
16:36 kados or somewhere in the Instalaltion and Migration section
16:36 kados with a namespace like[…]:barcode_scanners
16:36 kados or something
01:05 fbcit kados:[…]:ms9590_voyagergs
06:31 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx__

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