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11:15 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: zsh n=zsh@
11:16 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: zsh n=zsh@
14:06 hdl kados: hi.
14:07 hdl a script seems missing : opac-changelanguages.
14:07 hdl is it somewhere ?
14:43 owen kados around?
14:44 owen Oh, I guess ALA is still going on
15:39 Brooke howdy
15:40 owen Hi Brooke
15:40 Brooke :)
16:22 Brooke bonjour paul
18:46 chris morning
19:36 owen Hi chris
20:13 fbcit hi koha
20:33 atz greets fbcit
20:36 fbcit hi atz
21:39 fbcit hi gmcharlt
23:31 fbcit chris u around?
23:36 chris yep, whats up?
23:36 fbcit I'm trying to get a Metrologic scanner configured the way Koha likes... any tips?
23:37 chris its a barcode scanner?
23:37 fbcit right
23:37 fbcit one kados recommended
23:37 chris koha doesnt do anything special at all wrt barcode scanners
23:37 chris if you can open your web browser
23:38 chris and scan something with your barcode scanner, into a form or anywhere (or even into notepad (if you are using windows))
23:38 chris then it will work with koha
23:39 fbcit out of the box the scanner appears to add a <enter> after the barcode... the code itself appears to be fine.
23:39 chris yep, thats actually quite handy
23:39 chris in circ
23:39 fbcit yup
23:39 chris cos it means you dont have to scan and then hit enter each time
23:40 chris and if you are cataloguing ... means you scan the barcode last .. cos it will submit the form :)
23:41 fbcit actually its aggravating when trying to scan isbn into add MARC record so you can do a Z3950 search... :(
23:41 chris yeah
23:41 chris often scanners come with a barcode
23:41 fbcit puts lots of junk into other fields and then tries to save the record..
23:41 chris that if you scan toggles that behaviour on and off
23:42 atz yeah, there should be control barcodes
23:42 chris which is handy, you can have that stuck to the desk
23:42 atz or an on-device interface
23:42 fbcit a single-line config booklet came with it... 80 odd pages of control barcodes
23:43 chris heh, so you want to find the one that toggles the send return
23:43 chris and photocopy it and stick it to ur desk and then you can just scan it each time you want to toggle the behaviour
23:44 chris or stick it to someting you can wave in front of the scanner :)
01:54 rex zomg
10:35 Brooke howdy
10:35 hdl hi Brooke
10:35 Brooke Bonjour henri :)
10:35 Brooke 35 hour week my foot!
10:36 Brooke the French are on toujours
10:36 Brooke and all the time :)
10:38 Brooke so
10:39 Brooke how can we make this project more fun?
10:41 Brooke holy features batman!
10:49 Brooke this is so gonna spank the pants offa epixtech...

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