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14:01 owen Hi everyone
14:02 kados hey owen
14:11 paul hello owen kados & slef
14:11 paul good day to you
14:12 gmcharlt greetings koha
14:13 paul hello gmcharlt
14:35 lloyd_ <img border="0" src="/opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg/" alt="Audio Cassette" />
14:36 lloyd_ cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/ - thats when using remote images.. Obviously it never finds the image and displays a red cross
14:40 slef hi paul
14:40 slef hi all
14:40 slef anyone done any work on koha-openID?
14:41 atz dunno, slef
14:41 kados slef: not that I know of
14:41 lloyd_ hey slef! long time no speak
14:41 kados atz: that'd tie in well with your ldap work, eh?
14:41 kados lloyd_: that's a bug in the templates, can you file it in bugzilla?
14:41 lloyd_ yeah np
14:43 hdl slef : OpenID would be great. I wanted to investiguate on that but had no time.
14:45 atz kados: yeah, a lot of the external ID/auth should be similar
14:45 gmcharlt related to OpenID, does anybody know of anybody using Koha with Shibboleth and/or mod_auth_location?
14:46 atz Shiboleth gets a lot of talk for the very few times I've actually heard of it in produciton
14:46 paul gmcharlt: nope, but i know at least 1 library ivnestigating Koha seriously, and that need shibboleth
14:46 paul shibboleth is THE system that french universities will use in the next years. They are investigating it heavily it seems
14:47 gmcharlt atz: there was a session about Shibboleth at ALA; a few academic libraries in the US are now actually starting to use it
14:47 atz the state of Ohio was going to use it for this massive DB project... had to go to tons of meetings discussing it
14:47 atz where they clearly had no clue...
14:47 atz 2 years of this, and the issue got dropped
14:47 gmcharlt atz: looks like it was adopted more by entities such as campus registrars and bursars before libraries started getting serious about it
14:48 gmcharlt paul: thanks for that info
14:48 atz that's where it makes more sense... in a big system where the infrastructure is controlled by a common point
16:02 fbcit g'morning koha
16:02 slef paul: shibboleth has been THE system that UK libs will use for about N years now, as far as I can tell
16:02 slef paul: I've still not met it in the wild yet
16:02 slef paul: so either everyone's handling it with vendors or in-house or it's not yet common
19:05 martinmorris hello,  if anybody's there i've just upgraded my play 2.2.9 system to 3.0 alpha and now can't do any searches
19:12 chris hey martin
19:12 chris do you plan to use nozebra or zebra for searching?
19:12 chris either way you need to build some indexes
19:12 chris did you follow the upgrade guide on the wiki?
19:13 martinmorris it's with zebra
19:13 martinmorris i did follow the upgrade guide yes
19:13 chris so you have run ?
19:13 martinmorris and i've done some sql searches in my database and the data seems to be there
19:13 chris and you have zebra running?
19:13 martinmorris two secs let me check
19:14 chris   <-- those bits there
19:15 martinmorris yes, I did run that
19:15 martinmorris just checking, i did it a few days ago
19:16 chris right, ps axf | grep "zebra"
19:16 chris should tell you if zebra is running
19:16 martinmorris oh zebra is definitely running
19:16 martinmorris and i did do the rebuilds
19:17 chris hmm, what do you get in the error logs when you try a search in koha? (or in the zebra log)
19:17 martinmorris let me do one now and check
19:19 martinmorris i get this zebra error:
19:19 martinmorris 19:07:04-17/01 zebrasrv(2) [session] Session - OK 2 unix:/var/run/koha3/zebradb/bibliosocket 10759
19:19 martinmorris 19:07:04-17/01 zebrasrv(2) [request] Auth idPass kohauser -
19:19 martinmorris 19:07:04-17/01 zebrasrv(2) [request] Init OK - ID:81/81 Name:ZOOM-C/YAZ Version:1.153/3.0.18
19:19 martinmorris 19:07:04-17/01 zebrasrv(2) [request] Search biblios ERROR 109 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @or @or @or @or @or @attr 1=36 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 9=32 @attr 2=102 Boulton @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 9=28 @attr 2=102 Boulton @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1 @attr 9=26 @attr 2=102 Boulton @attr 4=6 @attr 5=103 @attr 9=16 @attr 2=102 Boulton @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 @attr 9=14 @attr 2=102 "boulton? " @attr 4=6 @attr 9=14 @attr 2=102 Boulton
19:19 martinmorris 19:07:04-17/01 zebrasrv(2) [session] Connection closed by client
19:19 martinmorris which means precisely nothing to me :)
19:19 chris ah ha
19:19 chris Error 109 isnt good :)
19:19 martinmorris i guessed that :)
19:20 martinmorris is it bad, or really really bad?
19:20 chris just bad
19:20 martinmorris ok
19:21 atz maybe zebra doesn't recognize the user in your new conf file?
19:21 martinmorris i'm searching on the website unless you happen to know precisely what it means
19:22 martinmorris is error 109 a 'can't talk to koha database' error?
19:22 chris its cant talk to zebra error
19:22 martinmorris ah OK
19:22 martinmorris let me check that then
19:23 chris it could be the user/password in your koha-conf.xml isnt the same as the user in the zebra-biblios.cfg file
19:23 martinmorris checking that now
19:24 martinmorris this is the kohauser/zebrastripes user/password?
19:25 chris yeah in zebra-biblios.cfg does it have a line for kohauser
19:25 chris ?
19:25 martinmorris only in the '#Lock File Area'
19:25 martinmorris # Lock File Area
19:25 martinmorris lockDir: /var/lock/koha3/zebradb/biblios
19:25 martinmorris perm.anonymous:r
19:25 martinmorris perm.kohauser:rw
19:25 martinmorris register: /var/lib/koha3/zebradb/biblios/register:4G
19:25 martinmorris shadow: /var/lib/koha3/zebradb/biblios/shadow:4G
19:26 chris that looks right
19:26 martinmorris and that needs to be a unix user account?
19:26 chris no
19:26 martinmorris in /etc/passwd?
19:26 chris nope
19:26 martinmorris good, because it isn't :)
19:27 chris the annoying this is 109 can be caused by a few things
19:27 martinmorris is there an error 109 page i can do troubleshooting with?
19:28 chris im looking around
19:29 martinmorris me too :)
19:30 chris kados probably knows the answer if he is around
20:04 frederic Hi to all! In MARC21 framework, there is 942$c subfield for itemtype of biblio record. In Each item, there is a 952$y subfield also for itemtype (itype) linked to the same list of values than biblio record item type. Why? Does it mean for example that it would have any sense for a Book (itemtype) biblio to have two items: one itype=Book and one other Serial? I suppose I miss something :)
20:19 gmcharlt frederic: the itype at the items level is essentially a circulation code
20:19 gmcharlt so you could have two items attached to one bib
20:19 gmcharlt with different item types helping to control item circulation
21:09 frederic Thanks gmcharlt for your quick reply. It still sounds weird but in the same time it make sense. Thks.
21:11 gmcharlt frederic: you're welcome -- basically, there's a distinction important to some of our clients between bib-level item type (or material type), e.g., book, serial, video, etc. and item-level item type, which is purely for circ policy settings
21:11 gmcharlt particularly useful for case where multiple indpendent libraries share same Koha database
21:12 hdl kados ?
21:15 frederic Indeed there is this distinction in other ILS I practiced (and sold) in the past... Material vs Item type which is used to define circulation rules when merged with patron type. I was confused by the terminology.
21:15 martinmorris if kados is around I have a question too :)
21:55 kados hi hdl
21:55 kados hi martinmorris
21:55 martinmorris hi kados
21:56 hdl hi
21:57 martinmorris kados - do you know much abour 'ERROR 109' in zebrasrv logs
21:57 kados who wants to go first?
21:57 martinmorris i've converted my database from 2.2.9 to 3.0 alpha
21:57 martinmorris all is fine except i can't do any searches and this error comes up in the zebra logs
21:57 kados martinmorris:[…]fns/bib1diag.html
21:58 kados martinmorris: means Database unavailable
21:58 martinmorris ah, simple as that
21:58 kados martinmorris: so your zebra database hasn't been properly initialized
21:58 martinmorris ah OK
21:58 hdl hi paul.
21:59 martinmorris that's teh misc/migration_tools/ -a -b -k –reset
21:59 martinmorris command?
21:59 kados yep, try that
21:59 martinmorris with or without zebrasrv running?
21:59 kados doesn't matter in that case
21:59 martinmorris ok
22:00 martinmorris i have done that but i'll certainly try again
22:00 kados but zebrasrv should, of course, be running before you do a search :-)
22:00 martinmorris that i assumed :)
22:02 martinmorris i'll let that export and reindex and see what happens, ta
22:05 martinmorris nope, still ERROR 109
22:07 hdl perhaps a problem of rights.
22:07 martinmorris as in unix permissions?
22:07 hdl yes.
22:07 martinmorris zebrasrv runs as root
22:08 martinmorris what would i need to check?
22:08 martinmorris the biblios lock dir?
22:09 martinmorris that's owned by the koha user
22:14 martinmorris oh well if you get any ideas let me know :)

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