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15:30 slef hi all.  hdl, kados - are you there?
15:32 slef hdl - can we please use DBI to load the SQL into the databases?  The installer doesn't seem to work on *BSD again.
15:33 hdl slef : It thought it was already the case.....
15:33 slef hdl: nafaict
15:34 slef qx($strcmd <$datadir/kohastructure.sql 2>&1 1>/dev/null);
15:34 slef under
15:34 slef    elsif ( $op && $op eq 'importdatastructure' ) {
15:35 slef According to the commit log for 73613b712bbe945143a17f267b1597d2d705543f you reversed the change
15:36 slef Can anyone tell me how to access the channel logs?  I can't figure out newlogbot and redirects to "Bob & Jo Blog"
15:40 hdl It has been a long time.. I havenot used ircbot
15:40 hdl What do you want to read ?
15:41 slef I want to see if you described *what* the error was in here ;-)
15:41 slef As I'm getting "sh: line 1: -u: command not found" all over the place :-(
15:42 hdl slef : is there some minor changes to command line we could add ?
15:42 hdl -u is for user ?
15:42 hdl slef : can you tell me what options are taken for mysql command on *BSD ?
15:43 slef I don't think that's the problem. I'm pretty sure this is non-portability of qx() and backticks.
15:43 slef man perlop
15:44 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: zsh n=zsh@
15:44 slef "How that string gets evaluated is entirely subject to the command interpreter on your system."
15:44 slef The mysql options are the same.
15:48 owen slef:
15:49 slef owen: ta
15:49 owen I'm not sure why the web site just says "You can view the logs of #koha using logbot" instead of linking to that page
15:50 slef especially as I can't see how to view the logs using newlogbot
15:50 slef me either
15:51 slef about that?
15:51 owen Yes
15:52 slef cool, thansk
15:53 hdl slef : the error I told about was the fact that last line was empty and when trying to do dbh->do() it threw an error.
15:54 hdl I realized that but had no time to make a correct test or map for that.
15:54 slef so filter out blank lines?
15:54 hdl And using qx worked for my system.
15:55 hdl slef : probably but not only.
15:55 slef yeah, there are a few other things to beware
15:55 hdl slef : I think we should filter comment lines.
15:55 hdl + blank lines
15:55 slef but we know qx doesn't work since 1.2!  web installer was a great chance to change it
15:56 hdl + some other lines.
15:57 hdl maybe designing a filter would allow us to use command lines.
15:57 hdl + would allow $ and ! in passwords.
15:58 hdl I went to the quickest solution. Not the best one.
16:00 hdl maybe we could ask fbcit if he sees some problems using DBI. (fbcit did postgresql adaptations.)
16:03 slef wrapping it in sh -c "" doesn't work
16:04 slef same error
16:06 slef                $error = system("sh","-c","$strcmd < $file 2>&1 1>/dev/null");
16:06 slef might have worked... checking
16:07 slef no, it didn't
16:15 slef Table 'koha.class_sort_rules' doesn't exist
16:17 slef hrm, it's in kohastructure.sql
16:19 slef ah, a different kohastructure.sql
16:20 slef looks like I unpacked over an older copy :-/
16:21 hdl slef ?
16:21 hdl If there is no other solution, I will stick to DBI
16:21 slef I don't know another solution - shall I put it out on list?
16:26 hdl Do you think of other cases to filter ?
16:26 slef it may be better to filter out everything except what we think is a command
16:29 gmcharlt slef, hdl: perhaps use something like IPC::Cmd?
16:30 slef gmcharlt: is that perl core?
16:31 gmcharlt slef: no, but IPC::Open3 is. which might be another approach
16:32 gmcharlt IPC::Open3 allows running a process and attacing to STDIN and STDERR, apparently without any (or less, anyway) dependency on sh
16:33 slef another possibility is DBIx::File2do
16:33 slef but v0.001 or whatever is a bit scary
16:35 hdl adding a new dependency would be risky in my opinion.
16:35 gmcharlt slef: I just check its source; doesn't look like it strips out comments or anything else that $dbh->do might choke on
16:36 hdl I think I shall stick to DBI and filtering.
16:38 slef gmcharlt: have you used open3 before
16:38 slef ?
16:38 gmcharlt yeah, a few months ago
16:38 gmcharlt alas, I'm leaving for the airport soon, and won't have time today to work on it
16:38 slef we'd need to read the sql and print it to $wtr?
16:40 gmcharlt slef: yep, but without having to try to munge it
16:41 slef open3 seems to work on Darwin
16:43 slef hdl: want me to try coding this?
16:44 hdl yes. And send me your code
16:44 slef hdl@biblibre?
16:55 slef hdl: what address?
16:55 hdl sent in private channel
16:55 slef ok, seen it
16:55 slef bbl
17:58 atz does independent branches affect itemtypes?
18:17 Brooke howdy
18:20 atz greets, Brooke
18:20 Brooke :)
18:23 kados hey Brooke
18:23 kados Brooke: have you tried out the alpha yet?
18:24 Brooke not yet
18:24 kados please do, we need your feedback prior to Feb 1, the date of the Beta :-)
18:34 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: maktrix n=mak@
18:46 chris morning
18:50 hdl hi chris
19:02 owen-away Hi chris, kados
19:05 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> hello all :)
19:06 kados hi maktrix
19:06 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> I guess I forgot about me :), I'm from Bangladesh
19:07 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> I was wondering if I can learn thing about koha
19:07 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> I think there are lots of option to implement koha in my country. So, if you can tell me where to start
19:08 kados maktrix: perhaps you can start with ?
19:08 kados maktrix: and also try out the new Alpha of 3.0?
19:08 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> where can I find koha features...
19:09 kados maktrix: and if you want to translate koha into your language you can post a message to koha-translate
19:09 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> I hope koha is Unicode enabled, so I can use Bengali for book names
19:09 kados maktrix: yes, it is
19:09 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> How many strings in koha to localize 100%
19:10 owen atz, you're exactly right about the manual re-entry of patron details from opac-userupdate. It's pretty low-tech
19:10 kados maktrix: about 6,000 I believe
19:10 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> [K]: thanks
19:11 [K] <maktrix@FreeNode> [K]: nobody around #koha-translate :)
19:11 atz yeah... we cache and process purchase requests, comments... but not patron data.
19:12 atz is there an option to "just allow them to edit their own basic data" ?
19:12 atz i.e., unmediated
19:13 owen Not at present
19:13 owen I suppose the assumption is that you don't want the patron to delete their phone number just because they don't want to take the library's calls anymore
19:13 atz I saw a request to disallow any edit req's
19:13 atz i.e., running off of LDAP, disallow ANY edit to patron data (by patrons or staff)
19:14 atz so we'll be revisiting this from a couple angles
19:14 owen Because under LDAP patron details would be stored outside the system?
19:14 atz right
19:14 atz but it isn't usually absolute
19:14 atz i.e., certain fields (like password) would map out
19:14 atz but the rest be local
19:17 atz in the requestors case, he wanted basically everything on moremember to be from LDAP, therefore not (currently) editable
19:17 atz someday we might actually entertain writing back to LDAP
19:19 chris heh, i wrote that back at about 2am december 31 1999
19:19 owen It'd be pretty simple to alter the editability of form fields in memberentry based on a check for LDAP authentication, as long as there was a standard map of LDAP-related fields
19:19 chris cos koha needed to go live on the 3rd, and we didnt have a way fo a patron to update info
19:19 chris suprised its lasted this long :-)
19:20 kados heh
19:25 owen atz, did you see kados' comments on bug 1597?
19:28 kados and I'll further note that whoever works on that should also add a OPAC-based registration form
19:31 atz good thought, kados
19:32 owen At NPL we discussed an OPAC-based registration system, and thought that such a system should allow the patrons to enter all their registration details and then present ID to the librarian to get their account activated
19:32 owen I'm not sure how other libraries handle it
19:32 atz that sounds exactly right
19:33 atz create a disabled account
19:33 atz librarians "renew" or otherwise auth it
19:33 owen I'd like to see some way for patrons with an existing account but no password to be able to register a password online, but I'm not sure how you'd do that securely
19:34 atz yeah, that one is dicey
19:34 owen An emailed password-registration link would work for those patrons with email
19:35 kados surely there are standard perl modules for handling that kin of thing
19:35 atz yeah, the email would be fine
19:35 kados or we can rip off from another perl project like RT
19:35 atz kados: the Indian dudes have me psyched.
19:36 atz and the potential for more norwegian hackers
19:36 atz :)
19:36 kados *nod*
19:37 kados norway++
19:38 atz so opac-userupdate is doubly-lame: it doesn't do what we'd want, and it doesn't even do what *it* wants.
19:42 kados owen: got a sec?
19:43 atz owen: reported bug 1761 on "Check All" function
19:43 kados owen: I could use your help with an issue I'm having with the 'more' button styling (for the language switcher)
19:49 owen kados: here I am
19:56 atz hrm... we seem to have copies: and opac/
19:57 kados atz: yea ... that's somewhat intentional, eh? one for the opac and all
19:58 kados atz: really, we need to have two cookies too, kohaopaclanguage shoudln't be ued for the staff client
19:58 atz not sure... it's identical files
19:58 kados yea, but how do you call changelanguage in the staff client from the opac? and vice versa?
19:59 kados without doing something naughty that is apache-specific or paltform-specifc
19:59 kados also, some people run their opac on a separate box
19:59 atz symlink would be fine
19:59 kados symlink is platform-specific
19:59 atz or just pull in the whole thing to C4 module
20:00 kados yea, that could work
20:00 atz (not platform-specific enough to disqualify it, imho)
20:00 kados make a ChangeLangauge function
20:00 atz basically all it does is call the function anyway, and the function itself is printing a redirect
20:00 kados yep
20:01 kados atz: you can put tha ton your list of stuff to re-factor post-3.0 :-)
20:01 atz (which i don't really like, since it doesn't exit afterwards, but if we're going that way)
20:36 rex I am trying to install Koha 2.2.9 on Mac OSX 10.4.1 and cannot get CPAN to install MARC::File::XML
20:37 rex I last tried to do this in early November and am just now getting back to working on it. Any reccomendations?
20:37 chris try the 3.0 alpha :-)
20:38 rex I was thinking about it
20:38 chris which wont actually help with the MARC::File;:XML problem
20:38 chris hmm
20:38 rex yeah that's why I was only thinking about it.
20:38 chris lemme try it on my macbook
20:38 chris 2 secs
20:38 atz download the tarball from the website and try it?
20:39 rex hmmm
20:39 masonj morning #koha
20:39 chris right cpan is downloading it now
20:39 rex think I've tried that.
20:40 chris so MARC::Charset has errors on make test
20:40 chris and without that i cant get MARC::File::XML on
20:41 chris ahh missing Class::Accessor
20:41 rex I think I've installed Charset and Accessor
20:42 chris yep, charset is installing now
20:42 chris ill soon be stuck at the same point as you :)
20:42 rex lol
20:43 kados we really need to get these perl modules packaged up for debian
20:43 kados it's a pain to install them from cpan
20:43 rex like 2 months ago someone from this channel sent me a script which they used to facilitate this, but I am ashamed to say that I have no memory of what it is supposed to do or what I was supposed to do with it.
20:44 kados heh
20:44 kados rex: you trying to install the alpha?
20:44 rex no 2.2.9
20:44 kados ahh
20:44 chris debian wont help poor rex on his mac :-)
20:44 kados rex: better off with the alpha really
20:44 kados rex: it's more stable than 2.2.9 IMO
20:44 chris yeah
20:44 rex well I'm willing to open another can of worms if thats what people reccomend
20:44 kados oh, I think there's a guide to OSX
20:44 rex there is
20:44 rex for 2.2.9 at least
20:44 kados yea, most of the dependencies are the same
20:44 rex its just that there were so few worms left in this can.
20:45 kados it's the dependencies that are hard
20:45 kados particularly perl and zebra/yaz
20:45 kados we need a koha.dmg :-)
20:45 kados that has everything packaged up together
20:46 chris oh hey it installed
20:46 rex lol I figure out how to get the thing to work first!
20:46 chris Writing /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/​5.8.8/darwin-2level/auto/MARC-XML/.packlist
20:46 chris Appending installation info to /opt/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8/​darwin-2level/perllocal.pod
20:46 chris  /usr/bin/make install  -- OK
20:46 chris whats the error you are getting rex?
20:47 rex well the bottom of the error message is:
20:47 rex make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255
20:47 rex  KADOS/MARC-XML-0.88.tar.gz
20:47 rex  /usr/bin/make test -- NOT OK
20:47 rex /hint// To get more information about failing tests, try:
20:47 rex  reports KADOS/MARC-XML-0.88.tar.gz
20:47 rex Running make install
20:47 rex  make test had returned bad status, won't install without force
20:47 kados bummer ...
20:47 rex but the broken bit up at the top appears to be
20:48 rex KADOS/MARC-XML-0.88.tar.gz
20:48 rex  /usr/bin/make -- OK
20:48 rex Running make test
20:48 rex PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
20:48 rex t/batch........NOK 1/23                                                      
20:48 rex #   Failed test 'use MARC::File::XML;'
20:48 rex #   at t/batch.t line 4.
20:48 rex #     Tried to use 'MARC::File::XML'.
20:48 rex #     Error:  Unable to provide required features
20:48 rex # Compilation failed in require at (eval 3) line 2.
20:48 rex # BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at t/batch.t line 4.
20:48 rex Can't call method "parse_string" on unblessed reference at /Users/library_admin/.cpan/build/MARC-XML-0.88-h3LdaI/blib/lib/MARC/File/ line 448.
20:48 rex # Looks like you planned 23 tests but only ran 3.
20:48 rex (sorry for spamming the channel w/that)
20:48 kados hmmm
20:48 kados no worries ...
20:48 kados so where does parse_string live?
20:49 kados do you have MARC::Charset installed?
20:49 rex believe so
20:49 kados there's one other dependency too IIRC
20:49 rex accessor
20:49 kados yea, that's it
20:49 rex my log says I installed them both on 5 nov
20:49 kados and that's installed too?
20:49 kados hmmm
20:49 kados how about LibXML?
20:49 rex I might have been fooling myself tho
20:50 kados if you grab koha 3.0 alpha from
20:50 kados you can use some of the utilities in there to test your perl installation
20:50 rex perhaps I will just give 3 a go
20:50 rex if I run into the same dependcy problems it sounds like the troubleshooting will at least be easier
20:51 kados you'll still have this dependency issue to get around
20:51 rex and I'll have to install Zebra sounds like. At get it to like the version of apache on this box.
20:51 kados apache should be fine
20:51 kados nothing apache-specific in koha
20:52 rex right I'll give that a shot then.
20:52 kados rex++ let us know how it goes
20:52 rex thanks for your help all -- I may need more of it in a bit :)
21:02 hdl atz around ?
21:07 atz yep
21:07 atz what's up/?
21:11 hdl just sent you an email about partial date support.
21:11 hdl I was wondering if C4::Dates allowed dates as 1952-12-00 ?
21:15 hdl i just tested it : it seems NOT.
21:15 hdl atz : This is kind of a problem for me.
21:16 hdl Some folks asked me to allow partial date support.
21:17 atz 00 date is invalid format
21:17 hdl Becaus when you retro catalogue serials, they found it quite nonesense to give it a precise publication date or a precise reception date.
21:17 kados what is the convention 'in the world' for such a partial date?
21:18 hdl those people told me :
21:18 atz hdl: i would just say use the first of the month
21:19 atz it would be invalid in the database anyway, since the mysql fields are type=date
21:19 hdl setting day to 00 enables us to say : we donot know which day it was published BUT
21:19 hdl mysql allow 1957-12-00
21:19 atz that would require a separate database field type and all the code to match
21:20 hdl BUT it was issued in december.
21:20 atz oh?  let me check that out...
21:20 hdl I am sure of it. it even allow 0000-00-00
21:21 hdl (I have plenty of them in my bases)
21:21 atz right...
22:30 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: maktrix n=mak@
03:13 CGI246 how do I add an item to koha library?
03:15 kados CGI246: what version?
03:17 CGI246 2.2.9
03:24 CGI246 how do i add or transfer an item to koha library version 2.2.9
03:25 kados use the cataloging module
03:25 kados CGI246: read
03:35 CGI246 thank you!!
05:01 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: zsh n=zsh@
08:37 hdl_mrs hello
08:46 chris hi hdl
08:47 chris mrs = marseille?
08:48 paul yep, hdl is with me today
08:48 paul hello chris
08:49 chris cool
08:49 chris hi paul
08:51 paul chris : some minor patches in your mailbox.
08:52 chris cool, ill go look
08:54 chris lol
08:54 chris i did the same patch earlier today
08:54 chris moving a misplaced * to fix a bug in issuingrules
08:55 paul :-)
08:55 chris great minds think alike :)
08:56 paul we say the same thing (almost) in french : "les grands esprits se rencontrent"
08:56 paul did you validate hdl patch "important Commit for UNIMARC items" ?
08:56 paul do you know if kados looked at it ? (should be harlmess for your but a must-have for us)
08:56 chris yep its in joshua's queue now
08:57 chris so when he wakes up in a few hours he will see it :)
09:48 kados hiya vikas
10:37 paul hi kados. good morning ?  or going to bed soon ?

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