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11:10 kados hi paul, just waking up :-)
11:10 paul some patches from france waiting for you
11:10 kados paul: your patch is in the queue, I've asked Galen to approve it
11:10 kados (the unimarc one)
11:10 paul great !
11:11 kados this week we are at the ALA conference
11:11 kados so less time than normal for coding, etc.
11:11 paul do you have some minuts to speak of code4lib conference ?
11:11 paul hdl is with me today, so, he's looking at what I write
11:12 paul he is very eager to go to the code4lib conf, but only if we can plan a day of meeting with you to share about our projects (your's and our's)
11:13 paul otherwise, 4 days travelling for 2 day conferences + 8/9H jet lag would be a little bit too much...
11:14 kados I think it's a great idea
11:14 kados and I can guarantee that we can set aside some time
11:14 kados but I also think we should make an official code4lib event for Koha if you're coming all the way from France
11:15 paul hdl will be alone, but yes, that's a good idea too. So he could stay for the whole week or something like that ?
11:17 kados well, what I mean is that we should announce on code4lib that we'd like to have a koha event
11:17 kados since HDL is coming all the way from france
11:17 kados maybe we can get some people from code4lib to meet him, learn about koha in france, etc.
11:17 paul what do you call a "Koha event" exactly ? what does it mean ?
11:18 kados perhaps like dev week?
11:18 kados except shorter :-)
11:18 kados maybe a 3-4 hour meeting about Koha
11:18 paul with some demos
11:19 kados yep
11:19 kados and pointers on how to install, etc.
11:19 paul hdl could arrive on sun, 24 and leave on sat, 1st
11:20 paul that would let 29 for a meeting BibLibre/LibLime, and 25 for the pre-conference workshops, where we could do the "Koha event"
11:21 paul
11:21 kados *nod*
11:21 kados the con is 25-28
11:21 kados pre-conference on 25
11:21 kados will you attend?
11:22 kados or just HDL?
11:22 paul just hdl
11:32 kados paul: perhaps hdl can announce to the code4libcon list that he would like to have a koha workshop on the 25th?
11:32 paul ok. how to do that ?
11:32 kados paul: and I will check with Sara about our travel plans, to see if we can have a BibLibre/LibLime meeting on the 29th, but I think it's OK
11:32 kados code4libcon list? /me checks
11:33 kados
11:34 paul ok, we go to lunch.
11:34 paul read you later.
15:01 Brooke howdy
15:05 owen Hi Brooke, I guess everyone is in the saloon drinkin' and gamblin'
15:05 Brooke Shucks
15:10 Joshua anyone home?
15:11 gmcharlt just us chickens?
15:12 Brooke I'm home a lil bit
15:23 owen Maybe he was just checking
15:45 Brooke howdy pecisk
15:46 paul frenchies are around.
15:46 paul hello Brooke & owen
15:46 paul (no ALA conference here ;-) )
15:46 Brooke Viva la France
15:46 paul "Viva" is spanish. In french we say "Vive" ;-)
15:49 Brooke <---- bad grammar
15:49 Brooke ca va?
15:50 paul yep, fine, thanks. Working with hdl today.
15:50 paul planning our Q1 & Q2 business...
15:50 paul & doing some bugfixes
15:53 Brooke hey atz
15:53 atz greets
16:48 atz somebody on list asked about z39.50 w/ the assumption it didn't work under windows
16:48 atz is that just because people have trouble getting yaz to install?
16:49 owen I wondered the same thing
16:49 atz basically, i don't know what they were referring to.
17:03 owen atz, you were working on itemtype images yesterday?
17:04 atz yeah
17:04 owen Are we closer to having a good standard method for displaying them?
17:05 owen I was just working on opac-results.tmpl and noticed they weren't showing up there
17:05 atz i still think it could use some work
17:05 atz in a lot of cases, my test data that designates the image name doesn't have an image to go w/ it
17:05 atz so that's just the data's fault
17:06 owen You should be able to specify an icon in Item Types setup in admin
17:06 owen There shouldn't be any place anymore that depends on the data matching the icon filename
17:06 atz ?  pretty sure itemtypes table still holds the gif name
17:07 atz even if you do select it via web
17:07 owen So you mean the itemtypes table has names that don't correspond to gif files?
17:07 owen I don't understand
17:07 atz righ
17:07 atz *right
17:07 atz some of the gif names have whitespace, for example
17:08 owen That shouldn't be the case anymore
17:09 atz clarification: in the table, the name has whitespace, but the real file has underscores
17:11 atz i did add something for shelves integration of itemtypes images...
17:11 owen Does admin/ look for files in the filesystem when it offers choices to the user?
17:12 atz basically a symlink over to the opac directory
17:12 atz i don't know about admin/itemtypes
17:12 atz i wish I had seen it earlier, actually....
17:13 owen Yeah, it looks like it does.
17:15 owen ...and someone committed a change a few weeks ago that took the spaces out of all the icon filenames
17:15 atz that's good
17:15 owen So I'm not sure why you're having a problem with the data...
17:15 atz they probably didn't fix updatedatabase to go modify the old data
17:16 atz no big deal there though
17:18 atz time for me to migrate location... back in a bit
17:20 atz the META Refresh stuff in admin/itemtypes needs to go...
17:21 owen That's pretty common, isn't it?
17:22 atz not like that... they haven't even returned a HTTP header yet!
17:22 atz skip that, skip the doctype, skip <HTML><HEAD>
17:24 owen Man, Firefox is so touchy on OSX.
17:35 kados yay, owen found a search bug!
17:35 kados :)
18:02 owen Worried you wouldn't have anything to work on? Not likely!
18:33 owen when I try to generate a translation I end up with 'columns.def' and nothing else
18:33 owen What am I doing wrong?
18:52 atz dunno that one... maybe hdl or paul?
19:25 rex morning koha
19:51 rex so perl thinks I have installed DBD::Mysql but the installer script for koha doesn't believe it.
19:52 rex how does the Koha 2.9 install script determine the location of these things?
19:54 rex err 2.2.9 rather
20:10 atz should be $DBD::MySQL::VERSION
20:17 rex ah
21:17 rex my Koha install is up and running. Thanks so much for your help everyone.
21:17 rex Its great to have an active and helpful IRC channel like this.
21:17 rex Now I am going to Drink Beer. Cheers.
22:01 hdl owen : search bug : which number ?

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