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11:45 kados hdl: yes, but I have to leave very soon
14:58 owen Is the OpacBrowser still considered experimental? If so we shouldn't be linking to it in the Opac.
14:58 owen The wiki page says "Note that, at the time of writing this page, the browser works only for french dewey catalogue. It has to be modified to work according to your structure. That’s why it can be considered as experimental !"
14:58 hdl kados around ?
14:59 kados owen: yes, it is disabled by default, right?
14:59 kados hdl: yes, briefly, I have to board a plane soon
14:59 hdl hi kados
14:59 kados hi :-)
14:59 owen kados: maybe so, I guess I'm not sure
16:40 owen Anyone else not seeing the language chooser in the OPAC?
16:46 hdl you mean on ?
16:47 owen I mean on every page. Maybe that code isn't working.
16:47 owen I've got <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="languages" --> in
16:59 hdl do you have opaclanguagesdisplay on ?
16:59 owen Yes
17:10 atz if you only have 1 language made available
17:11 atz then there is nothing to select
17:11 owen Oh, is that right? It's not that way in the staff client
17:12 atz i just get "en" in a footer bar at the bottom
17:12 atz i assumed that was b/c it was the only one I had defined
17:13 atz your saying I should get a dropdown w/ only 1 choice in it?
17:14 owen No, I'm talking about the opac, where I though I should get a language link at the very top of the page
17:15 atz ah... then I have to agree w/ hdl: i'm not seeing that
17:16 hdl owen : openvirtualshelves are not displayed in my OPAC fo you have the same ?
17:17 hdl owen : or opaclanguagesdisplay is never set.
17:18 owen hdl, do you mean that when you go to you don't see the lists you've defined?
17:18 atz hdl: i can confirm that
17:18 atz i've been working on shelves, so that should be easy to fix
17:19 hdl No I see only the lists defined by loggedin user.
17:19 hdl But not Open or public ones.
17:19 atz i think the opac shelves script were designed when there were only 2 categories
17:19 atz now there are 3
17:19 atz i see public shelves fine (under tab Public Lists)
17:19 atz but it doesn't catch "Open" shelves (which I would just display under Public)
17:20 atz hdl: do you see "Public Lists" tab display empty?
17:21 hdl yes
17:21 hdl well no.
17:21 owen I can see private and public lists, but not free ones
17:21 hdl It says No Public shelves defined.
17:21 atz ok, we see the same thing.  i can fix that.
18:23 frederic Hello
18:23 frederic Owen?
18:24 owen Yes?
18:24 frederic Have you seen that throws warnings in Apache log file?
18:25 frederic yuipath is missing
18:26 owen No, I hadn't seen that, but I'll look into it
18:26 frederic Thanks
18:26 frederic a lot
20:37 owen frederic, I've just submitted a patch for that problem
20:46 frederic Impressive! C4::Context->preference(yuipath)? There is also a mystery for me on this page When you have switched to French, you continue to have help in English, even if there are some templates in French. But you may not have French translation on your config to see that...
20:48 frederic Sorry Owen. Forget what I've just said. I was wrong. This is corrected with yuipath syspref!
21:13 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: franc1
21:20 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: franc1
22:02 atz hdl: submitted patch for shelves
02:11 atz hdl: you might want to take a look at installer/data/mysql/fr/4-Co​nservation/sample_itemtypes.sql
02:12 atz i think 'Faculty Course Materials.gif' is supposed to be "Faculty-Course-Materials.gif"
06:32 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: zsh n=zsh@
07:09 hdl atz thx

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