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14:59 gmcharlt greetings #koha
15:03 paul hi gmcharlt
15:24 kados g'morning all
15:26 paul hi kados & atz
15:27 atz greets paul
16:07 owen atz?
16:07 atz yep
16:08 atz what's up?
16:08 owen I just saw your comment to bug 1737
16:08 atz wow... that was rather instantaneous
16:09 owen :)
16:09 atz make sense?
16:09 owen It sound like you're looking at the search results page? I'm talking about the virtual shelves interface
16:10 atz i know, you reference "" as the correctly working version
16:10 owen Okay, I get it.
16:10 owen Thanks
16:11 atz there are more than one results.tmpl, which is why i posted just in case I'm assuming an incorrect one
16:12 owen You're right, I was referring specifically to the catalog's search results display (catalogue/results.tmpl)
16:14 atz cool, i'm hoping to knock off some of the v.shelves bugs today
16:14 kados atz++
16:15 atz btw, i was working on help files yesterday... probably the most unaesthetic part of koha right now
16:16 kados atz++
16:16 atz partially b/c they frequently don't use valid HTML, and partially b/c they aren't styled
16:16 atz (thx kados)
16:17 atz so if you have some spare magic, owen, the help files could use it
16:20 owen I think what the help screens need is some kind of friendly avatar, something interactive...maybe a talking paper clip?
16:20 atz yeah... in flash or activeX
16:21 owen Definitely ActiveX!
16:21 atz :)
16:28 owen What's the best way to re-load my sample data?
16:33 atz MARC or patron data?
16:34 owen Definitely MARC...I think I'm having issues related to having outdated MARC/MARC framework info
16:34 owen ...I'm not sure about the rest of my data.
16:36 kados owen: is it just the sample data that I gave you?
16:36 owen No idea :)
16:36 kados heh
16:36 kados well, if you're looking to get a fresh start
16:37 kados there's a script you can run to clean out your database and do a new instllation
16:38 kados /home/jmf/
16:38 kados but beware, it will wipe it completely clean :-)
16:39 kados it will, except bibs, but those are easy to import/index these days
16:40 owen I've got a file called "sample_bibliographic.mrc" in my home directory...does that sound like what you had me load previously?
16:40 kados yea, but let me get you a better dataset
16:41 kados actually, that's up to date
16:41 kados so after you re-install
16:41 kados just run misc/migration_tools/ -file /home/oleonard/sample_bibliographic.mrc
16:41 kados and then to reindex:
16:41 kados misc/migration_tools/ -w -b
16:42 kados should take about 10 seconds max
16:51 kados cool
16:56 paul paul is wondering what is the "default news items"...
16:58 owen The news items loaded in the sample data
16:58 owen "Welcome to Koha" and "What's Next?"
16:59 kados paul: you should do a French translation
16:59 kados :-)
17:01 hdl kados : I have modified moremember to allow multiple returns on this page. Would you like that ?
17:03 kados hdl: yes
17:24 atz kados: so to determine 'norequests' or "notforloan
17:24 atz '"
17:24 atz you have to check the itemtype
17:25 kados atz: no
17:25 kados atz: well, it depends
17:25 atz and then everything else
17:25 kados what's the context?
17:25 atz shelves
17:25 kados ok, so there are two levels of notforloan
17:25 kados one is at the itemtype level ...
17:25 atz decide whether to display "Holds" button or not
17:25 kados the other is at the item level itself ...
17:25 kados right
17:25 kados yea, we just need to overhal the api for that
17:25 atz it seems there are 15 different disqualifying criteria
17:26 atz and no centralized handle on what they are
17:26 kados *nod*
17:28 atz C4::Search is pretty hairy... but searchResults seems to be the only sub that actually produces this value
17:28 kados atz: I believe I put a note somewhere in the searcResults routine that complains about that issue
17:28 atz yeah, several
17:28 kados you can blame me for issues you have with buildQuery and getRecords
17:28 kados and anything they call
17:28 kados but the rest I wash my hands of :-)
17:29 atz i'm fighting back my "I can fix this" urges.
17:29 kados yea, with, please do
17:29 paul kados : aren't you the boss of liblime ? And "rule 1 : the boss is always right. rule 2 : In case you find something wrong in something the boss has done, refer to rule 1"
17:29 paul at least, that's what we say in France :-D
17:29 kados we need to re-write searchResults() in 3.2 or thereafter
17:30 kados paul: heh, no, not how it works at LibLime :-)
17:30 kados paul: often the boss is not right :-)
17:30 atz yeah, i was thinking "just make a note of it and come back later"
17:30 atz (like w/
17:30 kados paul: and I'm not the only boss either! :-)
17:30 kados atz: *nod*
17:30 atz but that leaves me in a bind w/ shelves
17:30 kados atz: yea, I know what you mean
17:31 kados atz: lets see ... might provide a more sane way
17:31 atz either I bulk up shelves w/ pasted Search code, or use a totally overkill sub
17:31 kados atz: it too is flawed though, in that you'll ahve to do a copy/paste
17:32 kados atz: or you could take what's in, make it into a sub that goes in, and have and call it instead of building their own separately
17:32 kados atz: but you shoudl check with galen
17:32 atz ok
17:32 kados atz: because I complained to him about this issue before and he probably has thought about it more
17:32 kados gmcharlt around?
17:32 gmcharlt what's up?
17:33 atz we're looking at the application of "notforloan" or "norequest" status
17:33 atz shelves needs to know this, but the existing implementations don't have much modularity
17:33 kados in results display, and detail display in the OPAC for various pages, such as,, etc.
17:34 atz builds the info in the huge searchResults() sub
17:35 owen kados, does "c - Shelving location" correspond to NPL's ccode?
17:35 atz so I didn't want to use or paste from that.  kados suggested you might have approached this problem w/
17:37 kados owen: lemme check
17:38 gmcharlt atz, kados: at first glance, it looks like there should be C4::Items (or C4::Circulation, might be better?) functions like IsItemLoanable, IsItemRequestable (or GetLoanability, etc.)\
17:38 gmcharlt to take at least two parameters:
17:38 gmcharlt 1. item ID
17:38 gmcharlt 2. patron ID (can be undefined if user hasn't logged in)
17:38 kados owen: no, that would be $8 - Koha Collection ... and bear in mind that NPL's are record-level currently, and you're looking at item-level data right now
17:39 kados owen: it's one of the things we'll want to change when we upgrade
17:39 kados gmcharlt: agreed ...
17:39 kados gmcharlt: we also need a getItems routine that provides all of that for us
17:39 kados I think anyway ...
17:40 atz gmcharlt: i'm not sure this is the right place for figuring out if the patron is a valid loan target
17:40 atz i would want to keep it to just item loanability
17:40 atz not patron-eligibility
17:40 kados atz: mostly I think it's figuring out if the item is a valid loan target
17:40 owen kados: I see that catalogue/ displays $c as <!-- TMPL_VAR name="locationname" -->. The opac is still trying to display ccode.
17:41 gmcharlt atz: in the context of the OPAC, loanability would me (I would think) can *I*, the patron logged if (if I am logged) borrow this item
17:41 atz gmcharlt: i think that's right
17:42 kados owen: no, that's a different field
17:42 gmcharlt but as a consequence, the most accurate info as to whether an item can be loaned out has to include patron (if patron info is available)
17:42 atz i'm just thinking of it as where in C4 should the functionality live.  the patron-specific eligibility probably shouldn't be determined in
17:43 gmcharlt right, I agree that is not necessarily the right place -- C4::Circulation, perhaps?
17:43 owen kados: I'm just trying to figure out what the standard display should be
17:43 atz that seems sensible
17:47 kados owen: understood ...
17:48 kados owen: that's almost a question we need to post to koha-devel I think
18:00 atz gmcharlt: maybe this question is already answered by "CanBookeIssued" ?
18:02 gmcharlt atz: looks like it
18:03 atz lol... important conditionals:
18:04 atz    if ( C4::Context->preference("LibraryName") eq "Horowhenua Library Trust" ) {
18:04 atz        if ( $borrower->{'categorycode'} eq 'W' ) {
18:04 atz            my %issuingimpossible;
18:04 atz            return ( \%issuingimpossible, \%needsconfirmation );
18:04 atz        } else {
18:04 atz            return ( \%issuingimpossible, \%needsconfirmation );
18:04 atz        }
18:04 atz    } else {
18:04 atz        return ( \%issuingimpossible, \%needsconfirmation );
18:04 atz    }
18:04 kados wtf?
18:04 kados is that seriously in there, the library name?
18:04 atz so basically... return the same thing no matter what, except for the shadyass reinit w/ "my"
18:05 atz yeah
18:05 gmcharlt atz, kados: also in C4::Print
18:08 atz all kinds of conditionals like:  if (a) {x;y;z;q;} else {x;y;z;}
18:17 atz like here:
18:17 atz        if ( $amount > $amountlimit && !$inprocess ) {
18:17 atz            $issuingimpossible{DEBT} = sprintf( "%.2f", $amount );
18:17 atz        }
18:17 atz        elsif ( $amount <= $amountlimit && !$inprocess ) {
18:17 atz            $needsconfirmation{DEBT} = sprintf( "%.2f", $amount );
18:17 atz        }
18:17 atz um... so basically, whatever the $amount?
18:22 atz meh, nevermind me
19:02 owen Is there any reason why we shouldn't be able to add a child to a staff or professional patron's record?
19:03 chris professionals are too busy with their careers to have children
19:03 chris :-)
19:03 gmcharlt hdl: about?
19:04 chris seriously, no i cant think of a reason why not
19:06 chris hows ur little guy doing owen? speaking of kids
19:06 owen Really well, thanks. He's walking as of this week.
19:06 chris woo hoo
19:07 owen And his big sister is a big help, too.
19:07 chris kahu is getting close to walking .. he's cruising around using the furniture
19:07 kados sweet
19:08 owen chris: does he like to climb? It's hard to keep Thatcher from heading for the trees.
19:09 chris yeah he climbs up anything, including people that he can
19:21 kados gmcharlt: quick question ... did you happen to look at that issue with bulkauthimport failing to import LOC data?
19:21 gmcharlt kados: not yet
19:21 kados k, no prob
19:58 atz items.itype isn't keyed on itemtypes.itemtype   ?
20:00 atz i guess it's so you can have an item before you have a type established
21:45 atz fell offline line for a sec...
22:37 hdl gmcharlt: ?
22:37 gmcharlt hdl: was just curious how your Text::Iconv patch was coming -- would be interested in seeing it
22:38 chris ahh i saw a patch for that but it didnt apply, could you rebase and try sending it again hdl
22:38 hdl i have just rebased.
22:38 hdl So sending it again
22:38 chris cool
22:38 gmcharlt hdl: thanks
22:40 hdl chris sending 5 patches.
22:41 hdl Some of them already signed-off
22:42 chris 3 applied, 2 had already been applied
22:44 chris sent the 2 to do with z3950 encoding on to you galen
22:46 gmcharlt chris: thanks
08:45 lloyd_ sorry about bot downtime
10:18 hdl kados  around ?

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