IRC log for #koha, 2008-01-08

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12:31 lloyd_ mm whre's realy bot gone
13:08 kados paul: are you around?
13:13 hdl hi kados
13:13 kados hey hdl
13:16 owen Hi guys
13:16 kados hey owen
13:29 paul hi back kados & hi owen.
13:30 paul kados : we have 2 solutions : either a syspref to choose what languages to display (simpler), or let the user choose in a tools/ which translations to generate & let him DL .po files from (much more complex)
13:32 owen The best interface for language selection would probably be a set of checkboxes, which you couldn't do with systempreferences the way its set up now
13:33 owen ...Unless there was an interface for installing/uninstalling translations
13:41 kados paul: I think all of the translations should be pre-generated for every release
13:42 kados paul: and we just need a syspref to say which ones to display
13:42 kados or as owen says, a set of checkboxes
14:42 hdl kados : question about z3950 search and ImportBreeding.
14:43 hdl Both are using FixEncoding. I think that from a performance point of view this is not the best solution.
14:44 hdl Is there a reason to do FixEncoding in ImportBreeding rather than having it in z3950 search ?
14:59 gmcharlt hdl: for some Z39.50 servers, that would be an improvement, yes
14:59 gmcharlt hdl: but in the general case, you don't always know the encoding of a MARC record returned by a Z39.50 server without checking it first
14:59 hdl what would be an improvement ?
15:00 gmcharlt hdl: using YAZ to try to convert a MARC record the UTF8
15:37 kados gmcharlt: dies with encoding issues with the sample data I tried ...
15:37 kados gmcharlt: would FixEncoding be the solution to that?
15:38 gmcharlt possibly -- I'll work on it
15:38 kados k
15:57 hdl kados : is your data with diacritics ?
16:04 kados hdl: yes
16:05 hdl I found that there were some serious issues with utf8 and unicode management.
16:05 hdl For instance :
16:05 hdl é has 3 representations.
16:06 hdl And we have to normalize data so that we produce the é that will be recognized in Unicode XML.
16:07 hdl Even the char_decode as it was could not help solving this for me.
16:07 gmcharlt hdl: what is the name of the character you're talking about: not showing up in my IRC view?
16:08 hdl Because it would produce é as \xc3\xa9 (E ACUTE)
16:08 hdl but \xc3\xa9 is known as hangul character and not E ACUTE.
16:09 hdl I just sent a new FixEncoding
16:09 hdl That uses encoding information (little change in z3950servers table)
16:10 hdl And uses Text::Iconv for the most encoding problems.
16:10 hdl ISO5426 is assigned by a new char_decode5426
16:48 owen Hey pate
16:48 pate hiya owen
16:48 hdl hi pate
16:48 owen I saw in the log you popped in the other day. How's it going?
16:48 pate pretty well
16:48 hdl Happy New Year
16:49 pate thanks hdl, and the same to you
16:49 pate I figured it was time I checked in and saw how koha is doing these days
16:49 pate it looks like you guys are really getting stuff done with it
16:50 owen You betcha
16:50 atz yeah, it's been on high gear lately
17:10 kados pate: we have our first Armenian translation :-)
17:12 pate cool!

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