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20:23 kados anyone here have +oper?
20:28 chris no
20:35 masonj morning #koha
01:43 Irma Hi # Koha
01:43 chris hi irma
01:43 Irma[…]rc_implementation
01:44 Irma can't be read by the human eye...
01:44 chris yeah someone musta edited it
01:44 Irma Where can I find the text ?
01:44 chris thomas (thd) entered it
01:45 Irma Hi Chris! Happy NY.
01:45 chris id ask him on the koha-devel mailing list
01:45 chris happy ny to you too
01:45 masonj hiya irma
01:46 Irma Hi Mason...I am looking forward to visiting the Wellington LibLime team soon :-)
01:47 Irma Do you have a text copy of the MARC document[…]rc_implementation ?
01:49 Irma Mason...are you still there?
01:51 chris no, thd did it
01:52 chris so he might have a copy
01:53 Irma As Mason has worked with great passion on MARC, thought he might have save a copy.
01:53 Irma No hassle, shall contact tdh.
01:53 masonj hmm, saving as a html, then viewing does worked
01:54 Irma Cheers all and bon apres-midi!
01:54 Irma sorry Mason, just read your responce...
01:54 Irma will try now
01:55 masonj looks like its html , pasted into a wiki
02:01 masonj irma, click on the pagesource button , for that page...
02:01 masonj then copy the source into a new blah.html file somwhere
02:01 masonj and open in yr browser
02:02 masonj tis 1.5 years old, so could be a little outta date too :)
02:05 Irma That worked.  Thanks Mason.
02:06 Irma Are you planning to update this document ....I should offer to help
02:08 masonj hmm, looks like thd created it may-2006
02:08 Irma Anyway lets talk about it when I see you. Must get on with the task at hand now. Thanks again.
02:09 masonj so we could email him , an ask him if he has a recent-er version somewhere, thats wiki-fied too
08:20 hdl bonjour paul_koha
08:21 paul a que coucou !
08:21 chris hi paul and hdl
08:21 paul hi chris
08:21 hdl hi chris
08:21 kados paul/hdl: hi
08:21 paul hi kados.
08:21 kados we just got our first translation submission
08:21 kados Armenian
08:21 kados I've pushed it up just now
08:22 paul is kados only 1 person... he never sleeps, validates zillions of patches everyday,...
08:22 paul :-D
08:23 kados hehe
08:23 paul just to be sure : what time is it for you josh ?
08:23 paul 3AM ?
08:23 kados yes
08:24 kados I'm about to get to bed :-)
08:24 kados so good night #koha :-)
08:24 paul sweet dreams !
08:26 paul with this translation, I think we will face a problem quickly : do we want to release Koha with ALL translations or let the librarian decide which one he want ?
08:26 paul because I'm not sure anyone will be interested in France by an armenian version of Koha... except to be able to say "hey, we even have OPAC in armenian"
08:27 paul "Koha is really a worldwide product"
08:27 chris its the whole of koha not just the opac
08:27 chris but yes it should be an option for install
08:27 paul chris : I know, but, i'm 10000% sure nobody will ever test staff in armenian in France ;-)
08:28 chris include the .po files
08:28 chris they are small
08:28 paul the question with opac, is that the user can switch.
08:28 chris and generate templates during install
08:28 paul yep, but I think we would need a small tool to generate or delete templates then.
08:28 chris yep, shouldnt be too hard, web front end to the current scripts
08:29 chris or
08:29 chris make
08:29 chris and give instructions how to download them from there

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