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14:55 kados morning owen
14:55 kados happy xmas :-)
14:55 owen Hi kados, Merry Christmas
14:55 kados ahh, right 'Merry' :-)
14:56 kados how goes it?
14:56 owen At least on this side of the Atlantic
14:56 owen I was just ripping off Worldcat for a dumbed-down advanced search screen.
14:56 kados cool
15:44 kados owen: got a sec?
15:45 kados owen: I keep getting distracted from 670 because I find bugs that prevent me from properly testing it ... but now that I'm back to it I'd like to just clarify
15:45 kados 670 is primarily about the status of a biblio or item that's got a hold on it ... specifically the 'in transit' vs 'waiting' status, right?
15:46 kados I've identified 5 pages that need to display the same information:
15:46 kados *
15:46 kados *
15:46 kados *
15:46 kados *
15:46 kados *
15:53 owen That sounds right to me
15:53 kados cool
15:53 owen Oh, moremember.tmpl
15:53 kados ahh, ok
16:21 kados owen: didn't circulation used to have a warning when items on hld were waiting?
16:21 kados owen: that message seems to have gone away ... everything's now behind the holds tab ...
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17:20 kados owen: you happen to be around?
17:46 owen kados: I'm back
17:46 kados hiya
17:46 owen re: 1631....
17:47 owen You were going to check with ryan about whether Liblime's libraries really needed to be able to enter alternate contact info
17:47 owen that is [alternate contact] info, rather than alternate [contact info]
17:48 kados yea, he didn't get back to me :-)
17:48 kados what's the diff between those two?
17:49 owen the member entry form has been redesigned to record alternate information for the patron: an alternate address, an alternate phone, an alternate email. That's alternate [contact info].
17:49 owen [alternate contact] info is information about a person who the library can contact in order to reach the patron.
17:49 owen An alternate contact person.
17:50 owen NPL has been saving that information for years and years, and Koha just happened to have that same feature when we started using it
17:50 owen Previous to that, I don't know that our ILSes actually stored the information, we just had it on their written registration cards
17:51 kados ahh, gotcha
17:51 kados so the fields have been re-appropriated in 3.0?
17:51 owen Yes
17:51 kados bugger
17:51 owen Part of me says forget it, it's not that important--we've got the information on the registration cards anyway
17:52 owen But I'm also aware that we may be moving away from saving those registration cards permanently, so havng all info in the database would be good.
17:52 owen So I could go either way
17:52 kados *nod*
17:52 owen I was hoping your libraries could give some input about their needs
17:53 kados right
17:53 kados well, much as I hate to do this I'm going to de-prioritize it to critical
17:53 kados actually
17:53 kados I'll just leave it
17:53 kados I'll bug ruan about it this week
17:53 kados owen: how about bug 281
17:54 kados owen: would you say taht's fixed now?
17:54 kados (with the dropdown to update from child to adult)
17:56 owen No, and I'm modifying it to reflect why: the fix won't work without fixing a new bug, bug 1686
17:56 owen In short, I can't promote a child to an adult because Koha doesn't think anyone is a child
17:57 kados that one should be easy
17:57 kados I notice that that option isn't on the circ page
17:57 kados owen: is there a reason for that?
17:58 owen It must not have been added to the circ toolbar at the same time
17:58 owen In order to have that working, we'll have to make sure all the patron and circ pages are aware of the patron's adult/child category
17:59 kados I see 'is_child'
17:59 kados in
17:59 kados but I don't see it anywhere else
18:00 kados the other issue of course, is the difference between patron types and patron categories
18:00 kados types being hardcoded and categories being configuratble
18:00 kados configurable
18:01 kados when you update a patron from child to adult there needs to be a way to specify what adult category to put them in
18:01 kados right?
18:02 owen Yeah, I guess so. And then there's Bug 1699
18:02 kados right
18:03 owen But for the child-to-adult transition, I guess a satisfactory solution would be to be given the option of choosing one of the adult categories
18:03 kados lets make 1686 dependent on 1699 and 281 dependent on 1686 :-)
18:03 kados make sense?
18:05 owen No :)
18:05 kados heh
18:05 kados sounds like we need to do some work on this whole process
18:06 kados and it's almost as if all of the issues we just talked about are related --
18:07 owen All the patron category stuff just wasn't done 100%.
18:07 kados the alt contact stuff, changing patron types, diabolical child->adult status changes, no way to tell what type a patron is
18:07 kados yep
18:09 owen kados: Are you not getting a message on circ when a patron's holds are waiting?
18:54 kados owen: do you still stand by:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1600
18:54 kados ?
18:54 owen It's not a big deal, but it seems to me if we offer two lines for main address, we should do the same for other address inputs
18:55 owen Low priority, though
18:55 kados *nod*
18:56 kados I'm going to mark it as a feature enhancement
18:57 owen kados, looking at your recent change to circulation.tmpl, what does "Item targeted" mean?
19:01 owen I guess identifying the barcode which has been chosen to fulfill the reserve?
19:01 kados it means that we have identified a specific barcode
19:01 kados yep
19:01 kados as opposed to being in a queue
19:01 owen How about allocated?
19:01 kados maybe selected?
19:01 kados allocation sounds a bit victorian to me :-)
19:01 owen Selected works
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02:06 aMoRPHeouS Hey, anyone around?
02:59 aMoRPHeouS never mind. Edited the hosts file. All good now :)

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