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11:03 hdl kados ?
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12:36 fbcit g'morning koha
13:36 hdl kados around ?
13:44 kados hdl: yes, just
13:45 hdl kados : some questions :
13:45 hdl a) We still have a problem with searches which donot take wordlist as default search
13:46 hdl see
13:46 kados zebra or nozebra?
13:46 hdl zebra
13:47 kados can you give me a example?
13:48 kados ok,
13:48 kados both seem to work hdl
13:49 hdl not for me.
13:49 hdl encyclopédie universelle returns no results.
13:51 kados hdl: can you turn on debugging and send me the logs for that query?
13:52 hdl unfortunately, it is paul's machine.
13:52 hdl I shall try.
13:52 hdl + 2 other questions
13:52 hdl b) I would like to add a new table to store index.
13:53 kados index?
13:53 hdl This table would be have this design
13:53 kados zebra index?
13:54 hdl zebra index code : description : order :displayOPAC :displayintranet: relatedfields : related authorities or authorisedvalues
13:55 hdl It would be used for displaying indexes on advsearch page.
13:55 hdl This was quite what you wanted to have.
13:56 hdl I am not saying i shall add this today or very soon. So not for 3.0.
13:56 kados ahh, right
13:56 kados yes, that would be ideal
13:56 hdl But this could be useful.
13:56 kados hdl++
13:56 kados however, note that:
13:56 kados /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/​yclop%C3%A9die+universelle&op=and&idx=kw,wrdl
13:56 kados also does not work
13:56 kados (with wrdl)
13:57 kados so I suspect something else
13:57 kados if you can email me the logs I will be happy to troubleshoot
13:58 hdl ! /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/​w,wrdl&q=encyclop%C3%A9die+universelle
13:58 hdl would work.
13:59 hdl So I suspect... I am right.
13:59 hdl c) about autoposting authorities.
13:59 hdl I am planning this feature.
14:00 hdl But I want to know where to plug this.
14:01 kados hmmm, maybe zebra's default has changed :/
14:01 hdl I would like to put it right after buildQuery But am not sure since I donot master queryFuzzy QueryStemming And QueryFieldsWeighting
14:01 hdl Does it work on your test installation
14:01 hdl ?
14:01 kados tell me what is autoposting authorities again?
14:02 hdl Say I have authorities United States, Ohio, Athens
14:03 hdl United States is borader term for Ohio which is broader term for Athens.
14:03 hdl Looking for United States could bring up Ohio and Athens related biblios.
14:03 hdl this is autoposting.
14:04 kados woudl it be a facet?
14:04 hdl Today, querying United States brings up United States.
14:06 hdl Authorities integrated into facets would be another question.
14:07 hdl It would be for subjects research.
14:07 hdl (search on fields linked to authorities.)
14:09 kados I know that some libraries want to see a 'heading list' when they do an author or subject search
14:09 kados hiya owen
14:09 kados hdl: is that the same as what you're talking about?
14:10 owen Hi everyone
14:10 kados hdl: I search on 'united states' and I see:
14:10 kados United States -- Ohio -- Athens
14:10 kados United States -- California -- Santa Cruz
14:10 kados (except that's backwards ;-))
14:11 kados owen: nice job on the facets, I like the style :-)
14:11 hdl No it is the same.
14:11 kados hdl: is? or is not? :-)
14:13 hdl querying united states
14:13 hdl would bring up in result lists any biblio linked to
14:13 hdl United States -- Ohio -- Athens
14:13 hdl United States -- California -- Santa Cruz
14:13 kados California comes before Ohio is what I meant
14:14 hdl And we would have facets
14:14 hdl United States -- Ohio -- Athens
14:14 hdl United States -- California -- Santa Cruz
14:14 hdl United States -- California
14:14 hdl United States -- Ohio
14:14 hdl yes. Alphabetical order.
14:15 kados can't we accomplish the same thing with an authoritiy search now?
14:15 hdl If you look for United States,
14:15 hdl yes.
14:16 kados (search for all headings like united states* + sort by $b az)
14:16 kados (or something liek that)
14:16 kados so this is just making author and subject searches default to be authority searches, right?
14:16 hdl mmmm.
14:16 hdl No.
14:17 hdl This is what we have for a single level
14:18 hdl that is :
14:18 hdl World
14:18 hdl Northern America
14:18 hdl United States
14:19 hdl Ohio
14:19 hdl Athens.
14:19 hdl If I query for United States in Authorities,
14:19 hdl I would get :
14:20 hdl Northern America
14:20 hdl Ohio
14:20 hdl if I query everywhere.
14:20 hdl But I would not get Athens.
14:21 kados huh
14:21 kados I suspect unimarc and marc21 are different here
14:22 kados but you may be right even for marc21
14:22 kados galen would know better than I
14:22 hdl Do you have some marc21 authorities records ?
14:23 kados I have the LOC's authorities
14:23 kados but it's too big I think :-)
14:24 owen kados: I submitted a patch for the picture-upload template from a clean repo. But now I need to revert the file in my regular working repo, right, or it git will keep trying to make a patch from there?
14:24 kados even if you revert it will keep trying to make a patch
14:25 kados well, then it will try to make two :-)
14:25 kados do you have other patches in that 'unclean' repo that haven't been pushed up yet?
14:25 kados I wish we coudl figure out why some repos are clean and some aren't :-)
14:26 owen The one with all the changes to the dialogs
14:26 owen I thought maybe git reset? Are you familiar with that?
14:26 kados yea, come to think of it, I did use that once
14:27 kados yea, we don't want to lose that one with all the changes to the dialogs
14:30 paul kados : I have a lot of commits to tgz to you (including some unimarc frameworks updated)
14:30 paul you or ?
14:30 kados paul: great! send em through
14:30 kados paul: either one
14:31 kados owen: man, I dunno what's going on, that patch for picture-upload just won't apply
14:31 owen Still?
14:31 kados yea, it's really weird
14:31 kados error: patch failed: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/mo​dules/tools/picture-upload.tmpl:1
14:31 kados error: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/m​odules/tools/picture-upload.tmpl: patch does not apply
14:31 kados Did you hand edit your patch?
14:31 kados It does not apply to blobs recorded in its index.
14:31 kados error: patch failed: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/mo​dules/tools/picture-upload.tmpl:1
14:32 kados error: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/m​odules/tools/picture-upload.tmpl: patch does not apply
14:32 kados Using index info to reconstruct a base tree...
14:32 kados Adds trailing whitespace.
14:32 kados <stdin>:144:    
14:32 kados Space in indent is followed by a tab.
14:32 owen No, I didn't hand edit the patch. I copied over the file from my working repo to the clean clone
14:32 kados *nod*
14:32 owen ...and fomat-patch'ed from there
14:34 paul flumexed ???
14:34 owen Doing git reset HEAD /path/to/picture-upload.tmpl didn't keep it from ending up in my patches
14:34 owen flummoxed, actually :)
14:34 kados :-)
14:34 hdl kados : your LOC authorities donot look like having much hierarchy in it.
14:35 kados hdl: I don't think marc21 has hierarchy
14:35 kados hdl: we'll have to ask galen about that
14:35 hdl thd said it had.
14:36 hdl Fishery co-management Japan
14:36 paul kados: patches.tgz with 32 patches in mailbox
14:36 kados paul: ok, thanks ... I assume you rebased before sending? :-)
14:37 paul not now, but rss show me that there are no commits pending
14:37 paul (I rebased yesterday)
14:37 paul oops...
14:38 paul some patches. forget this mail, i'll send another one
14:38 kados ok
14:38 hdl 550 __ |w g |a Fishery management
14:38 hdl 550 __ |w g |a Natural resources |x Co-management
14:39 hdl seems to be a good example of some hierarchy
14:42 gmcharlt hi -- depends on what you mean by hierarchy; certainly MARC21 headings have subdivisions
14:42 kados mornin gmcharlt
14:42 gmcharlt morning kados :)
14:43 gmcharlt and hdl and paul and owen and #koha
14:43 hdl gmcharlt: hi
14:44 hdl gmcharlt: don't you have any hierarchized thesaurus represented in marc21 ?
14:45 hdl If yes, how is the norm used ?
14:46 paul kados : patch.tgz should be in patches mailbox in the next seconds
14:47 paul (2 mails, as I forgot to attach the .tgz at the 1st try ;-) )
14:48 kados ok
14:54 gmcharlt hdl: they can be supported, but LCSH in particular is not a HT
14:55 hdl Ho you have marc21 samples of HT ?
14:55 hdl s/Ho/Do/
14:58 kados paul: 0004-The-type-of-the-query-​is-given-by-the-loop.patch
14:59 kados paul: how does TMPL_VAR NAME="limit" get set?
14:59 paul oups... i've mixed commits...
14:59 paul it's set in
15:00 paul let me find in which commit it is hidden
15:00 paul mmm... can't find it...
15:01 paul nope, it's in (GetMArcSubject)
15:02 paul and I don't see any patch related to that. It was probably already here
15:02 paul do you have :
15:02 kados ok
15:02 paul                push @link_loop, {'limit' => 'su', link => $linkvalue, operator => $operator };
15:02 paul line 1872 of
15:03 kados yep
15:03 kados thanks
15:03 kados paul: 0007-reintroducing-rss-in-opac-result.patch ...
15:04 kados paul: but you don't use RSS, right?
15:04 paul ??? yes I do, why ?
15:04 kados from A9?
15:04 paul nope.
15:04 kados ann
15:04 kados
15:04 paul yep
15:04 kados is it opensearch compatible?
15:05 kados ok
15:05 kados who wrote it?
15:06 paul me
15:06 kados ok
15:06 kados thanks
15:27 gmcharlt hdl: looke for MARC21 samples for HT, nothing came up readily
15:27 gmcharlt hdl: I'll e-mail you if I find one
15:54 gmcharlt paul: trying to track down MARC::Crosswalk::DublinCore dep
15:55 gmcharlt CPAN has version 0.02; a commit you did requires 0.03
15:55 gmcharlt does 0.03 exist somewhere outside of CPAN?
16:07 hdl afaik, paul never added MARC::Crosswalk::DublinCore dep on his own.
16:07 hdl It was just required by save as DC button.
16:08 paul gmcharlt: maybe I made a mistake when looking at the version installed.
16:08 paul 2 and 3 are close on the keyboard :-D
16:08 gmcharlt paul: ok, that's what I figured.  thanks
16:26 hdl owen : where have you ported filters for overdue page ?
16:26 hdl I cannot find them anymore.
16:27 hdl I reintroduced them. And you have just deleted them.
16:27 hdl I imagine you want to put them on the left bar.
16:27 hdl But I want to check with you.
16:27 owen Sorry, hdl, that was a mistake. I was testing a change to that template and didn't mean to let it through
16:28 cm hey kados (or anybody)  --i have a quick question about zebra's .chr files
16:28 kados cm: go for it
16:28 cm which one(s) do i edit to map diacritics?
16:28 owen hdl: I was trying out putting the filter into the sidebar, but it didn't work at all, because long values in the drop-down menus broke the layout
16:28 kados hdl: if 'QueryStemming' is off the wrdl problem happens ... just tested
16:28 cm i see the 'map' sections for mapping them.
16:28 kados cm: that would be the .chr files
16:29 cm all of them?  i assume i can ignore the numeric.chr.
16:29 hdl could you then reintroduce them and change default value for select display all issues to no.
16:29 kados cm: just the ones you want to change ...
16:29 kados cm: yea, you can ignore numeric.chr
16:30 cm i take it sort-strin-utf.chr is for sorting.
16:30 kados cm: :)
16:30 cm what are scan.chr & string.chr for?
16:30 kados the .chr files are specified in your default.idx file
16:31 kados so you can see what indexes use what .chr file
16:31 kados map éÉ     e
16:31 kados would map the two e chars with accents to plain ole 'e'
16:32 kados which would mean that they are treated as equivilents for searching purposes
16:32 cm ah-ha.  i see word-phrase-utf
16:32 cm yep.
16:32 kados there's a ton of flexibility here, best thing to do is do some basic tests
16:33 kados and make sure it's doing what you want
16:33 cm guess we're not using string or scan.
16:33 kados string is deprecated IIRC
16:33 cm ok.  i assume i'll have to reindex after editing?
16:34 kados yes
16:34 kados I'd try this out on your test install first
16:34 cm cool.  thanks much!
16:34 cm yeah, that's what i'm doing.
16:34 cm horray for vm!
16:34 owen hdl, what do you mean about change default value for select display all issues to no?
16:34 kados cm: :-)
16:35 hdl owen : yes
16:35 owen hdl: I don't understand you when you say "change default value for select display all issues to no."
16:37 hdl owen : sorry default for overdue page should be to display only overdue issues and not all current issues.
16:37 hdl Is it more clear ?
16:40 owen hdl: I'll revert the file to it's previous state, and you can look at it. I see a checkbox labelled "Show any items currently issued" but it is not checked by default
16:47 kados owen / hdl: the revert has been pushed up
16:47 hdl It was checked on my tests.
16:48 hdl patch sent on authorised values updating
16:49 hdl kados : what is your default code for periodicals is it PER or SER only ?
16:50 kados PER and SER are different for some customers
16:51 hdl Can you detail ?
16:51 kados hdl: authorities values updating pushed
16:52 hdl I want to add automatic selection of periodicals for subscription add.
16:52 kados hdl: galen will do a better job explaining the differences between serials types (continuiations, periodicals, etc.)
16:52 kados hdl: yes, a good idea
16:52 Brooke howdy
16:52 kados hey Brooke
17:11 kados anyone know what happened to the feature where a patron's account could be renewed with one click from circulation?
17:11 kados if it was expired
17:12 kados owen: that was in 3.0 at one point, wasn't it?
17:12 owen I don't remember offhand
17:12 kados huh, there's some weirdness with the expirydate too
17:12 kados atz: you around?
17:12 atz yep
17:12 owen I know there's problems with the way expired patrons are handled
17:13 kados atz: you have the default patron data loaded, right?
17:13 atz yes
17:13 owen[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1427
17:14 kados atz: I just edited Henry Acevedo's account and changed his expiration date year to 2000 instead of 2007
17:14 kados atz: try that on your install and then edit it again and watch what happens to the date
17:14 kados atz: I think it's a bug introduced in the last batch of patches
17:15 atz yeah, this is the most problematic intersection of code
17:15 kados owen: *nod* good idea
17:15 atz in part b/c changes have gone back and forth... let me look
17:16 owen kados, I don't see any one-click renewal in the original 3.0 version of circulation.tmpl, so I think it never made it in
17:16 atz ( owen : nice template revisions, btw )
17:17 owen Of course there's the More -> Renew Patron link, but it'd be good to have a link or button displayed with the error message like we do in dev_week
17:17 owen Thanks atz
17:17 kados *nod*
17:17 kados owen: you can add that, right?
17:17 kados owen: or are we missing script stuff too?
17:18 kados yea, bang up job on the templates owen, things are really shaping up
17:18 atz hmm... if I try to modify the lower section, i get a "Modify professional patron Henry Acevedo" page
17:18 atz ... but nothing to edit
17:19 atz His alternate address shows as "Not C."
17:19 atz (on
17:19 owen Sorry, "Not C." is some debugging stuff that got committed by mistake. The reason for it is the screen doesn't recognize "C" patrons--child patrons, and adjust the display accordingly
17:19 kados huh
17:20 owen I've been trying to get more details, and haven't filed a bug for it yet
17:20 kados atz: try the generic edit button at the top
17:20 atz yeah, actually any of my ?op=modify pages come up empty
17:20 atz the main button works though
17:21 kados yea, basically saving expiry date doesn't work anymore
17:21 kados sometimes it corrupts the date, sometimes it just delets it
17:21 owen I get a blank screen if I try to edit the "library use" block or the "alternate address" block, but not with the main contact info
17:21 atz still get spurious warning about "month date incorrect"
17:21 kados and there's weird js warnings
17:22 atz this is probably a case where the javascript is intervening
17:22 kados and interestingly, owen, I get some error sabout missmatched template vars
17:22 kados owen: for moremember
17:22 kados atz: I don't think the js actually intervenes
17:22 kados atz: try it with js turned off
17:23 owen I see it too: tag mismatch with UNLESS
17:23 Brooke hi lloyd
17:23 kados huh, any reason the form doesn't work with js turned off?
17:23 kados owen? :-)
17:23 atz yeah, it seems to obliterate both the expire date AND the Registered date
17:23 atz even if you don't modify Registered date.
17:24 owen moremember and member entry seem to be the hardest things to get right
17:25 kados and I think we're still missing a column for 'state', right?
17:25 owen Yes
17:25 atz Data represents "State" as part of City  
17:25 atz at least the stuff I've seen so far.
17:26 kados yea, in the sample data you're right
17:26 owen Yes, all of NPL's data has city and state lumped together in city.
17:26 atz interestingly, this is consistent w/ common LDAP representations of "Locality"
17:27 kados owen: the 'or choose <dropdown>' shouldn't show up unless there are values in <dropdown>
17:27 kados owen: in memberentry
17:27 kados atz: interesting
17:27 atz (of course, LDAP implemenations vary as widely as *nix distros)
17:29 owen the form doesn't submit with js turned off because the markup has <input type="button"> instead of type="submit"
17:30 paul + some new patches for unimarc files as well.
17:34 paul kados / owen : do you plan to write a nice color.css before releasing koha 3.0 ?
17:34 owen Yes
17:34 paul +++++++++
17:35 atz owen++
17:35 paul do you already have an idea about the base colors ?
17:35 paul (like mostly blue and red, or green and purple, or ...)
17:35 owen paul, I like the blue you've got in staff-global2.css, so I'm going to use that as inspiration
17:36 paul look at blue.css
17:36 paul as staff-global2.css is outdated
17:36 owen is blue.css working now in conjunction with staff-global.css?
17:36 paul (i should remove it. blue.css contains just colors, where staff-global2.css was a replacement for staff-global)
17:36 paul owen : exactly
17:37 kados so staff can pick what colors they want to see koha in :-)
17:37 paul kados : maybe, as an advertising minor tool, we could have a liblime.css and a biblibre.css as well
17:37 owen kados: Put that on your 3.2 list
17:37 paul (biblibre colors being blue and yellow)
17:43 owen kados: 3.0 has ''. In dev_week, we started out with and switched to to handle both debarments and expiration renewals
17:47 kados owen: did we lose functionality with that switch?
17:48 owen (in dev_week) handles both lifting debarments and updating expiration dates
17:48 owen In 3.0, we have, which only handles debarments
17:50 kados I feel like I'm missing part of this conversation :-)
17:50 kados so does both, and setdebar only does one
17:50 kados does setstatus not have the ability to just do one?
17:51 owen It does one or the other
17:51 owen depending on the input
17:51 kados k
17:51 kados so that's a good thing or a bad thing?
17:51 owen That's good. In a nutshell: please see if from dev_week will work with 3.0. That's what we want
17:52 kados ahh
17:52 kados duh
17:52 kados sorry, I thought you said setstatus was in 3.0 :-)
17:53 fbcit g'aftnoon koha
17:53 kados hiya fbcit
17:53 kados still morning for me, I'm in santa cruz this week
17:54 fbcit kados: how's the weather?
17:54 kados beautiful!
17:55 paul almost 7PM in france, time to go for dinner ;-)
17:57 kados night paul
17:57 paul .tgz sent to (3 patches included)
17:57 kados thanks paul
18:13 kados ok folks, just pushed up some patches from paul
18:13 kados i'm gonna take the rest of today off
18:13 kados I'll check for more patches this evening, so send em on through :-)
18:14 atz yeah, not much point waiting to take off for when you're back in athens!
18:14 kados :)
18:39 Brooke thanks paul, us po' folks appreciate you no end :)
20:03 owen atz?
20:03 atz ?
20:04 owen Hey, I"m wondering what's the right way to format a date. I'm trying to add a date to a script's output, and I'm not sure what the right way is
20:29 owen atz: format_date() ?
20:30 atz two parts
20:30 atz (1) what format is the "input" (if any)
20:30 atz (2) what format do you want the output in (if any)
20:31 atz format date works like the old C4  function of the same name
20:32 atz it takes an ISO date input, and outputs the syspref-format date
20:33 atz basically, if it is going from user INTO the DB, use format_date_in_iso
20:33 atz if it going from the DB to be displayed to the user, use format_date
20:34 owen I'm taking the output of ExtendMemberSubscriptionTo(), and want to format it for the screen according to the system pref
20:35 atz format_date is probably what you want
20:35 owen So it looks like format_date is appropriate
20:35 owen Cool, thanks
20:35 atz np
20:35 atz i wish I had a clean slate to work w/ so I could apply a more intuitive naming convention
20:37 atz but, hey.  no big deal.
20:53 ryan owen: got a minute ?
20:53 owen Yes
20:54 ryan there were some sysprefs added recently that govern some defaults on opac display
20:54 ryan i think they are all just in the others tab right now
20:55 ryan most don't really need much coding, but would just be handled in the tmpl.
20:55 ryan can you run through them and see which are still applicable for the 3.0 opac ?
20:56 owen Sure, which ones are you thinking of?
20:57 ryan noItemTypeImages
20:57 ryan (should probably be ItemtypeImages, ON by default)
20:58 ryan numSearchResults
20:58 ryan OPACdefaultSortField
20:58 ryan OPACDisplayExtendedSubInfo
20:58 ryan OPACURLOpenInNewWindow
20:59 ryan singleBranchMode
20:59 ryan and URLLinkText
21:01 owen None of those ring a bell, so I'm assuming they're all new to 3.0
21:26 fbcit gmcharlt: u around?
21:26 gmcharlt fbcit: yep
21:27 fbcit was a list ever made of the deps needed for all perl modules?
21:28 fbcit I'm taking the new installer for a run on a fresh install of Debian
21:31 gmcharlt fbcit: not completely, no
21:31 gmcharlt the Makefile.PL has most of the dependencies, but not all just yet
21:32 gmcharlt btw, are you testing from a recent pull from my git repo?  the tarball is a little too out of date, and I won't make a new one for another hour or two
21:32 fbcit no, a fresh clone with git...
21:32 fbcit I'll try to keep track of any deps I run into along the way if it will help.
21:35 gmcharlt please do
21:36 fbcit It would be nice to have Makefile offer to install missing modules....
21:37 gmcharlt there was an attempt to have that via
21:37 fbcit MARC::Record is not in CPAN?
21:37 gmcharlt it is last I checked :)
21:38 fbcit cpan> install Marc::Record
21:38 fbcit Warning: Cannot install Marc::Record, don't know what it is.
21:38 fbcit typo?
21:38 atz MARC:Record  ?
21:38 atz (allcaps)
21:38 gmcharlt exactly: case matters
21:38 fbcit MARC::Record 2 not found.
21:38 fbcit says Makefile
21:39 gmcharlt does it say what version is installed?
21:39 gmcharlt if not, try CPAN install of MARC::Record again
21:39 fbcit :-\
21:40 fbcit cpan> install MARC::Record
21:40 fbcit MARC::Record is up to date.
21:40 fbcit my bad
21:40 gmcharlt what was the problem?
21:41 fbcit case... as atz pointed out...
21:41 gmcharlt ahh
21:41 fbcit ok
21:41 fbcit looks like MARC::Charset lacks some deps....
21:41 fbcit and I have no idea which...
21:43 fbcit lgcyrpt libs are needed for Net::Z3950::ZOOM
21:49 fbcit Can't exec "atq": No such file or directory at /root/.cpan/build/Schedule-At​-1.06/blib/lib/Schedule/ line 96
21:49 fbcit any thoughts on this one?
21:50 gmcharlt fbcit: does /usr/bin/atq exist?
21:51 fbcit no... what is it?
21:52 gmcharlt fbcit: list jobs specified for later execution
21:52 gmcharlt looks like you need the Debian at package
21:52 fbcit what does it go by in apt?
21:52 gmcharlt at
22:02 fbcit the order of installation of the MARC modules seems to matter...
22:05 gmcharlt mysql-server-5.0
22:05 gmcharlt libexpat1-dev
22:05 gmcharlt libxslt1.1
22:05 gmcharlt libxslt-dev
22:05 gmcharlt libgcrypt-dev
22:05 gmcharlt libgdbm-dev
22:05 gmcharlt yaz
22:05 gmcharlt fbcit: sorry, let me try again
22:05 gmcharlt mysql-server-5.0
22:05 gmcharlt libexpat1-dev
22:05 gmcharlt libxslt1.1
22:05 gmcharlt libxslt-dev
22:05 gmcharlt libgcrypt-dev
22:05 gmcharlt libgdbm-dev
22:05 gmcharlt yaz
22:06 gmcharlt libyaz-dev
22:06 gmcharlt idzebra
22:06 gmcharlt libxml-libxml-perl
22:06 gmcharlt libxml-dumper-perl
22:06 gmcharlt libxml-simple-perl
22:06 gmcharlt fbcit: list of needed Debian packages
22:06 gmcharlt the ones ending in -perl corresponding to pre-packaged CPAN modules
22:08 fbcit gmcharlt:k
22:08 fbcit better add 'at' to it as it was not part of the default minimum Debian install I did earlier.
22:09 gmcharlt right
22:17 fbcit Net::Z3950::ZOOM fails... it seems to be related to this: Failed test 'connection to non-existent host '' fails'
22:21 gmcharlt fbcit: looks like there are two tests that could generate that -- could you paste in a little more context around the test failure message?
22:21 fbcit Running make test
22:21 fbcit PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
22:21 fbcit t/1-Net-Z3950-ZOOM......ok 1/23                                              
22:21 fbcit #   Failed test 'connection to non-existent host '' fails'
22:21 fbcit #   at t/1-Net-Z3950-ZOOM.t line 22.
22:21 fbcit t/1-Net-Z3950-ZOOM......ok 18/23# Looks like you failed 1 test of 23.        
22:21 fbcit t/1-Net-Z3950-ZOOM......dubious                                              
22:21 fbcit        Test returned status 1 (wstat 256, 0x100)
22:21 fbcit DIED. FAILED test 4
22:21 fbcit        Failed 1/23 tests, 95.65% okay
22:22 fbcit actually happens two times
22:22 fbcit happens with the same test on ZOOM
22:22 fbcit same basic context
22:22 gmcharlt fbcit: have you installed the two yaz packages yet?
22:23 fbcit I only had libyaz-dev installed... hold on I'll try zoom again
22:24 fbcit got it... Makefile is happy now
22:47 gmcharlt great
22:48 fbcit gmcharlt: I think (in README.txt) this: zebrasrv -f /usr/share/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml
22:49 fbcit should read: zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
22:49 gmcharlt fbcit: right you are
22:50 fbcit Still need a Listen 8080 line in koha-httpd.conf
22:50 atz or in the "ports" file
22:52 fbcit why does the virtual host ip default to with a "standard" install?
22:52 gmcharlt the suggested Apache config is where it gets tricky -- no two distros seem to use the same conventions
22:52 fbcit sorry
22:53 fbcit re the ip or port?
22:54 fbcit I would think the ip is very straightforward. It should be something assigned to the server other than the loopback subnet.
22:55 fbcit the port issue probably at least needs a line in README.txt noting the possible issue.
22:55 gmcharlt fbcit: Apache config in general needs it
22:55 atz Apache defaults to localhost for security reasons
22:55 gmcharlt and ultimately, installer can only guess, and will often guess wrong despite best efforts
22:56 gmcharlt e.g., multi-homed hosts; hosts with internal and external DNS names, etc.
22:56 atz it's so you can test it on the system BEFORE the rest of the world gets access to it
22:56 fbcit ahh
22:56 gmcharlt appears to be an artifact of Debian's default /etc/hosts
22:56 fbcit so I am not on the box....
22:56 gmcharlt its the address that the output of hostname gets used by default
22:57 gmcharlt installer should actually be generated several different example httpd confs
22:57 gmcharlt 1. name-based vhosts
22:57 gmcharlt 2. port-based vhosts
22:58 gmcharlt 3. .htaccess-only (once the rest of Koha supports it cleanly)
22:58 gmcharlt 4. single vhost running both OPAC and intranet
22:58 gmcharlt 5. etc., etc.
22:59 gmcharlt ultimately, I don't think we can get around fact that person doing the installation needs at least a little Apache knowlege (or help)
22:59 fbcit that's me...
22:59 gmcharlt fbcit: but you have a clue (several, in fact) :)
22:59 fbcit however, some sort of note to that affect in README.txt will probably make someone's life less miserable...
23:00 gmcharlt we'll have to deal with people whose Apache knowlege is very limited
23:00 gmcharlt but yeah, more info in README is needed
23:01 gmcharlt I suppose I could add *lot* of questions to Makefile.PL to try to deduce desired Apache config
23:01 atz yeah, i have no inclination to support ppl who thing "it should just run, out of the box, like iTunes does"
23:01 atz *think
23:01 gmcharlt that's hopefully what the .deb/RPM/DMG/etc will allow
23:01 fbcit gmcharlt: where are the logfiles going now?
23:02 gmcharlt in standard, /var/log/koha
23:02 atz gmcharlt: I say go the extra step and just post the whole VM
23:02 gmcharlt atz: yep, VMs and ISOs++
23:02 fbcit its late and I have a cold...
23:03 atz but that won't be for a while yet
23:03 gmcharlt fbcit: get well soon
23:03 atz ttyl gmcharlt
23:04 fbcit gmcharlt: when you get back...
23:04 fbcit -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1562 2007-12-14 17:53 koha-error_log
23:04 fbcit -rw-r--r-- 1 root root    0 2007-12-14 17:47 koha-opac-error_log
23:04 fbcit ?
23:18 fbcit gmcharlt: After fixing a typo in mysql username, I have Koha 3 installed.... in a "standard" configuration.
23:19 fbcit now... off to find some hot soup for this cold...
23:35 ryan hi paul_
05:45 Manu hello
05:45 Manu i have a question
08:38 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx

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