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12:33 fbcit g'morning koha
13:15 gmcharlt good morning fbcit
13:55 paul hello fbcit & gmcharlt
13:55 paul and good morning to you
14:08 gmcharlt good morning paul
16:13 fbcit I notice that when I save a marc record imported from a z3950 search w/o a DDN...
16:13 fbcit but to which I have added a DDN...
16:13 fbcit that the DDN does not show up on the Add Item view....
16:13 fbcit however,
16:13 fbcit if the z3950 search returns a marc record w/ DDN,
16:14 fbcit it shows up on the Add Item view....
16:14 fbcit ?
16:39 kados very strange fbcit
16:41 fbcit try it... :)
16:53 fbcit kados: here is a book to try it on:
16:53 fbcit Author: Garland, Hamlin,
16:53 fbcit Title:A son of the middle border,
16:53 fbcit lccn:   17022272
16:54 fbcit run the search against
16:54 fbcit it should come back w/o DDN
16:54 fbcit add a DDN and save
16:57 fbcit bbiab
17:47 fbcit kados: were you able to verify what I'm seeing?
18:19 masonj morning #koha
18:42 fbcit hdl: u around?
18:42 fbcit hi masonj
19:25 fbcit gmcharlt: u around
19:26 gmcharlt hi fbcit
19:30 fbcit hi gmcharlt, do you have any understanding of how the adv search code works?
19:30 gmcharlt not much, I'm afraid
19:31 gmcharlt if you send me some info, I can take a look with fresher eyes
19:32 fbcit I chased down a small bug earlier which cause a malformed "No results..." message
19:32 fbcit so I thought I would try to figure out why the adv search was broke...
19:33 fbcit but i don't understand how the queries are built
19:33 fbcit syntax wise, that is...
19:33 fbcit so I think maybe I should leave it for hdl
19:35 fbcit to me it looks like all words entered are treated as keywords rather than set to title, author or whatever.
19:35 gmcharlt hmmm
19:36 fbcit when I do this:​rdl&q=alexander&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
19:36 fbcit for titles I have which contain 'alexander'
19:37 gmcharlt does it make a difference if you manually do​lexander&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
19:37 fbcit $query_desc ends up eq "kw: alexander"
19:37 gmcharlt i.e., drop the two idx=kw parms?
19:38 fbcit still no results, but $query_desc is now eq "ti,wrdl: alexander" like I would expect...
19:39 gmcharlt if you drop the ,wrdl, does a plain ti work?
19:39 gmcharlt also, looking at Zebra's own log can be useful
19:39 fbcit yep...
19:39 fbcit appears to be a misformed query cgi?
19:40 gmcharlt partly -- the extract idx=kw don't seem right
19:40 gmcharlt but also I would assume that ti,wrdl should work
19:40 gmcharlt extra idx=kw, rather
19:41 fbcit Here is some debug from
19:41 fbcit [Thu Dec 13 15:28:10 2007] string :ti,wrdl= alexander  at /usr/share/kohaclone1/C4/ line 1249.
19:41 fbcit [Thu Dec 13 15:28:10 2007] leaf : ti wrdl= alexander
19:41 fbcit [Thu Dec 13 15:28:10 2007] ti wrdl / = /  alexander
19:41 fbcit would the comma need to carry through?
19:42 gmcharlt yes, I'm pretty it's required
19:42 fbcit so maybe that's it...
19:42 fbcit I'll see about making a few changes.
19:46 fbcit ok, the first problem (with the form generated query cgi) is due to the user (me) entering a term in the last of three boxes && nothing in the first two.
19:47 fbcit the script probably needs to handle that as there will be users who will make that seemingly obvious mistake. :-)
19:48 gmcharlt yep
19:48 fbcit If I enter a term into the first box, the second error comes into play.
19:49 fbcit tnx gmcharlt
19:49 gmcharlt you're welcome
20:07 fbcit gmcharlt: question - just before the line in question, the comma is s/,/ /g
20:07 gmcharlt sounds like it  -- is this in C4/, or elsewhere?
20:08 fbcit I wonder if the operand should really be 'ti' rather than 'ti,wrdl' or if the first regex in and then mod the above regex to be ^ti,wrdl
20:08 fbcit ~line 1300
20:08 fbcit I see two fixes, but one is probably more correct
20:10 fbcit see also line 1314 or thereabouts
20:10 fbcit fyi... I'm running nozebra
20:11 fbcit I am guessing that leaving a comma in could mess up some other things...
20:13 gmcharlt fbcit: not sure -- definitely check with kados, hdl, etc
20:14 fbcit either way, that seems to fix adv search on nozebra.
20:15 fbcit I saw kados around earlier.
20:49 fbcit gmcharlt: I took the easy way out... $left='title' if $left =~ '^ti\b';
21:01 gmcharlt fbcit: probably ok for now
21:03 fbcit I think the final solution is to get rid of the comma, but I'll wait to hear from kados && hdl
21:10 fbcit some java script magic seems to be the best cure for fixing the user who wants to skip the first two 'Search for:' boxes...
21:14 fbcit gmcharlt: are 'ti,wrdl', 'kw', etc properly referred to as operands?
21:15 fbcit the commenting in seems to be a bit confused in this regard.
21:37 kados fbcit: ti and wrdl are not operands, the could be part of an operand though
21:37 kados fbcit: they are 'parameters'
21:37 kados fbcit: but the nozebra code confuses the terms quite badly unfortunately
21:37 kados fbcit: in variable naming, etc.
21:37 kados so it's pretty confusing unfortunately :/
21:38 hdl hi
21:38 fbcit kados && hdl hi
21:38 fbcit both have a minute?
21:39 fbcit I think I've isolated a problem with opac adv search
21:40 fbcit it appears that removes the comma from ti,wrdl and then only allows for ti when converting to long parameter/operands whatever...
21:41 fbcit there are several ways to fix it
21:41 fbcit but what is the best way?
21:41 kados fbcit: you're running nozebra?
21:41 fbcit right
21:42 fbcit for now, I have changed $left='title' if $left =~ '^ti$'; to $left='title' if $left =~ '^ti\b';
21:42 kados I don't know why ti,wrdl is being used, where are you seeing that syntax?
21:42 fbcit which allows it to keep stripping the comma
21:42 fbcit enable debug on and watch the log while doing a title search
21:43 fbcit​r&idx=kw&idx=kw&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
21:43 kados is this just in the OPAC?
21:43 fbcit note idx=ti%2Cwrdl&q=alexander
21:43 fbcit not sure... hold on
21:43 hdl fbcit : with nozebra any index modifier should be dropped.
21:43 kados            <option value="ti,wrdl">Title</option>
21:43 hdl such as wrdl or expr.
21:44 kados wrdl should be removed from all templates
21:44 kados fbcit:  I'm guessing that will fix it
21:44 fbcit yep
21:44 fbcit only on opac
21:44 fbcit that answers my question.
21:45 hdl since nozebra search donot manage phrase search.
21:45 fbcit I also found a small bug which causes a no result search to return an empty set of quotes
21:45 kados fbcit: file it in bugzilla, I'll have a look at it
21:45 fbcit k
21:45 fbcit I'll fix the template and push a patch...
21:47 kados fbcit++
21:51 fbcit kados: try this:[…]y=relevance&do=OK
21:51 fbcit to see the no result problem
22:15 kados fbcit++
22:16 fbcit kados: I also submitted patches to add lccn to the z3950 search
22:17 fbcit btw, the link in my bug report will not show the error now that I have fixed it... sorry
23:03 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx__
00:08 kados thd-away`: hi
02:16 CGI034
02:16 CGI034 hallo
02:17 masonj hello cgi034
02:18 CGI034 is this a meeting?
02:19 masonj hmm, not now
02:19 masonj were you expecting a meeting now?
02:22 CGI034 ahh, I just see many people on the IRC,
02:22 CGI034 Seeking information about new koha release, ready now?
02:23 masonj veeery soon
02:25 CGI034 ahhh, tried to install, some progress, not quite yet
02:25 CGI034 could you know sir, the date of soon?
02:25 masonj galen has been doing so new work on the installer
02:26 masonj s/so/some/
02:26 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> there is not specific date for a release - it is tied to when all the work is completed  - but it should be very soon (weeks not months)
02:26 masonj hmm, sorry im not sure of dates
02:27 CGI034 ahhh
02:27 CGI034 i see
02:28 CGI034 when should i attempt install?
02:29 [K] <ru55el@FreeNode> are you a member of the koha-devel mailing list? i suggest watching that for announcements
02:30 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: ru55el
02:31 masonj good idea russ
02:32 CGI034 thanks yous
02:32 masonj install now, and get familiar with koha3, before its offical release
04:00 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el

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