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12:07 martinmorris hi all
12:07 martinmorris i've just installed the lastest checkout of koha 3 and having a problem at two stages
12:07 martinmorris i had the same probelm when i installed the previous version but i can't remember how it was solved so i'm just after a prod in the right direction
12:08 masonj hiya martin,
12:08 martinmorris hi mason
12:08 masonj where do u hit the 1st problem?
12:09 martinmorris i'm browsing to http://<ip address:8080 and getting CGI::Carp errors
12:09 martinmorris Can't call method "selectrow_array" on unblessed reference at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 406.
12:09 martinmorris Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 30.
12:09 martinmorris and follow on errors
12:09 martinmorris looks like a database problem but i can't see what
12:09 masonj hmm, mysql user perms, i think
12:10 martinmorris well i did wonder, but i'm able to connect to the koha database from the command line on the machine where the webbrowser is installed
12:10 masonj i ad the same error just today , with a incorrect admin password in  my koha.xml conf file
12:10 martinmorris ah ok ,ill check that
12:10 martinmorris thanks
12:11 martinmorris that's koha-conf.xml?
12:11 masonj looks...
12:13 martinmorris the password looks right in there
12:13 masonj ok, can u get to the db from the comandline , using that user:passwd ?
12:15 martinmorris yes I can
12:15 masonj hmmm
12:16 martinmorris i'm noticing that my /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/koha directory no longer exists (it did in the previous koha v.3 that i checked out and installed)
12:17 masonj right, that could have been due to a recent dir shuffle... ?
12:18 martinmorris there was previously a problem in the installer with some stuff not copying over because of more than one . (dot) in the file name
12:18 martinmorris has there recently been a directory shuffle?  right i didn't know that
12:19 masonj im not sure either, but ive seen some talk in the mailing lists about debian-izing the dir structure recently..,
12:20 martinmorris oh dear right ok
12:20 martinmorris well that hasn't been reflected in the koha apache config file it seems
12:21 masonj just a theory at this stage :)
12:21 martinmorris fair enough :)
12:22 masonj still looking...
12:29 masonj hmm, still there
12:30 masonj if you go to line 19 of, and add a ' use Smart::Comments;'
12:30 masonj after the ' use strict;' line
12:32 masonj its going to dump the some good info into your koha-error.log
12:42 martinmorris sorry phone call, back
12:42 martinmorris will try that now thanks
12:43 masonj its should dump out your $Context object at line 506
12:44 masonj which will show you exactly what  conf values its using, when its failing
12:45 masonj its handy for revealing config file typos , and such...
12:47 masonj sorry, line 560, not 506
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14:01 martinmorris hello back again
14:03 martinmorris i  noticed that i didn't have a /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/​koha/templates/koha-tmpl/ directory
14:03 martinmorris i can copy this all over from the directory tree i checked out but the files seem to appear in two places
14:04 martinmorris <directory>/koha-tmpl and <directory>/blib/lib/koha/templates/koha-tmpl/
14:30 martinmorris right that's fixed but stil having CGI::Carp problems and i've installed Smart::Comments and edited
14:30 martinmorris didn't make any difference
14:31 hdl masonj: who is in charge of C4::Dates ?
14:34 masonj joe atz has been doing the recent dates stuff hdl
14:34 martinmorris hi me again
14:35 martinmorris that's now fixed but the web installer is cycling on Step 3
14:35 masonj ok , whats step again ? :)
14:35 hdl atz around ?
14:35 masonj martin, remember to put a tail -f on the log, and watch whats happening there
14:36 martinmorris where it creates the database tables and puts in default data
14:36 masonj sorry, whats step 3 again?
14:36 masonj click
14:37 martinmorris it doesn't actually create the database tables
14:38 masonj right, if you tail the log, you should see the failing db calls there
14:38 martinmorris the mysql log?
14:38 masonj naw, the koha error log
14:38 masonj its defined in your koha apache conf file
14:39 martinmorris yeah i've got it
14:40 masonj sumting like this...
14:40 masonj ErrorLog    /opt/koha/log/production-opac-error_log
14:40 martinmorris yep, found the error, thanks
14:40 martinmorris something didn't copy over during install
14:40 masonj oops, intranet , not opac...
14:40 masonj  ErrorLog    /opt/koha/log/production-intranet-error_log
14:41 masonj yep, you got it
14:45 martinmorris fixed :)
14:45 martinmorris path problems in koha-conf.xml and some files didn't copy over
14:46 masonj woo, nice one!
14:46 martinmorris hmm, actually no
14:46 martinmorris it didn't ask me for my MARC flavour or offer to install sample data
14:47 martinmorris yep, no MARC framework
14:47 martinmorris assume i can do that manually
14:47 masonj yeah, there is a marcframewrk.sql file about
14:48 masonj if you,       mysql -u me -p foo koha < ./marcframewrk.sql
14:49 masonj that should load the framewrk defs. in
14:49 martinmorris indeed :)
14:50 masonj then perhaps , check and/or set your 'marcflavour' syspref,
14:51 masonj if your install *did* miss some steps out, your koha might be in a goofy state
14:51 martinmorris it's a bit odd, but i'm copying stuff over when the error log complains
14:53 paul owen around ?
14:53 martinmorris one other thing, i notice that the DocumentRoot in apache for the intranet and opac is the same
14:53 martinmorris /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/​koha/templates/koha-tmpl/
14:53 paul nope. he is even not connected...
14:54 masonj hmm, docroot issue looks incorrect, unless its changed recently ...
14:55 martinmorris yes, so i'm getting errors in the koha error log complaining that it can't find various things
14:55 martinmorris e.g. File does not exist: /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/koha/te​mplates/koha-tmpl/yahoo-dom-event
14:55 martinmorris that's in /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/koha/templates​/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui
14:55 masonj whats your sysprefs table look like , many rows?
14:56 martinmorris no :)
14:56 martinmorris need to load that in clearly
14:56 masonj that also happens around 'step-3'...
14:57 masonj so , you might wanna have another go at the install
14:57 martinmorris yes, that step  was f***'d totally
14:58 martinmorris i might
14:58 masonj try the mysql < sysprefs.sql fix
14:58 martinmorris have now loaded the sysprefs.sql though and that's looking healthier
14:58 martinmorris just did that, thanks :)
14:58 masonj yeah, youll prolly have to manually twiddle the systpref values yourself tho, trial and error there
14:59 masonj look for the nozebra spref too
15:09 atz hdl: Dates patch for is in the queue
15:09 hdl ok thanks
15:09 atz hdl: if you would like, I can email you a copy directly.  just let me know
15:09 atz .
15:10 hdl if it is pushed soon, i will wait.
15:11 hdl joshua is supposed to be on vacation but sends email about QA so it could be that he will push stuff soon
15:12 atz actually, he was in Santa Cruz for business
15:13 atz but the California coast and sunshine would feel like a vacation regardless!
16:12 fbcit martinmorris: if u'r still around... makefile is in a state of flux and overhaul with many issues as it stands in the repo
16:12 fbcit gmcharlt is working on it... so it should be straight soon :)
16:14 fbcit gmcharlt: regarding z3950 searches based on lccn: should I make the use of it conditional on marcflavour?
16:14 paul does someone know if rch is around or can be around ?
16:15 fbcit hdl, paul you may have some thoughts about that....
16:15 paul (I want to speak of opac-shelves commit that he did and conflicted with mine)
16:15 gmcharlt fbcit: I'm guessing that LCCNs are used only by MARC21 users, but paul or hdl might know if UNIMARC has it as well
16:15 atz paul: rch was in last night, will be back today
16:15 atz paul: did you receive my patch?
16:15 paul yep, but could not apply it yet.
16:17 fbcit paul || hdl do UNIMARC users do z3950 searches based on LCCN?
16:17 atz joshua started pushing up more patches this morning, it looks like
16:17 paul atz : yep : 19 patches. none of the 25 one i've sent yesterday, so I bet there are some still pending ;-)
16:17 atz yeah, only half of mine so far!
16:18 paul fbcit: afaik, isbn is the most used term.
16:18 paul title being the other one.
16:18 paul I don't know anyone using lccn here
16:18 paul (isbn is very interesting : you scan the barcode, and it's almost done !)
16:21 fbcit paul: do I need to make it conditional based on marcflavour?
16:22 atz owen: hopefully you can just rebase and resubmit
16:22 atz one of mine bounced back this morning...
16:23 atz i guess it is to be expected w/ the high volume of changes
16:27 fbcit gmcharlt && paul: I'll just send up the patches w/o regard to marcflavour for now... it doesn't seem that the availability of it will hurt either one.
16:27 fbcit it can be added later if there are problems.
16:35 fbcit paul_: isbn is nice, but I have some older volumes which have only LCCN :(
16:44 fbcit gmcharlt: in a particular marc framework, how do I ensure that a particular marc tag displays in Add MARC Record?
16:54 gmcharlt fbcit: controlled by value of marc_subfield_structure.hidden
16:58 fbcit gmcharlt: I see... the field refers me to "(see online help)"... it is presently '-6'... what is the underlying logic?
16:58 fbcit does '0' = visible?
16:58 gmcharlt fbcit: see help from that page (i.e., ./koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/​help/admin/marc_subfields_structure.tmpl)
16:58 gmcharlt short answer: it's complicated
16:58 fbcit ahhh
17:00 gmcharlt fbcit: well, it's not like you currently get useful help *every* time you click the '?' link :)
17:41 owen Are stop words (as defined in Koha preferences) used by Zebra?
18:00 hdl owen: no
18:01 hdl they are used for zebra query building though
18:01 owen thanks, hdl, I was just noticing the "stopwords_removed" stuff in results.tmpl, and wondered when that came up
18:04 atz what is this code supposed to represent?   C4::Context->userenv->{'number'}
18:07 owen atz, since it's associated with writing to the log, I'd guess it was the currently-logged-in user's borrowernumber
18:07 owen (since that is what is recorded to the log)
18:07 owen But that's just a guess
18:08 atz that would make sense..... *except* that it's used in AddMember
18:10 owen Everywhere I see it it's in conjunction with &logaction()
18:10 atz yeah
18:11 atz so the question is how to set it for newly Added member, hopefully without resorting to a query back to the same table
18:32 aklibrarian1 Good morning.
18:34 aklibrarian1 I have a file that I think is a misspelled config file that I am trying to find out if it is real. koha-httpd.cpnf - when I look at it and compare it to koha-httpd.conf it is identical, can I remove the cpnf file?
18:35 atz you can check for differences with "diff"
18:36 atz diff  koha-httpd.conf  koha-httpd.cpnf
18:36 atz you only need the one that Apache uses to be correct
18:39 aklibrarian1 If I don't get anything with that command, does that mean that there are no differences?  Thanks Atz
18:39 atz yep, no output means identical files
19:41 aklibrarian1 Does anyone have a machine that runs Koha without being on the Internet?  I am having problems with the virtual hosts for Apache2
19:42 atz not sure what you mean, aklibrarian1
19:42 atz you can run koha on LAN, yes
19:43 atz but the opac and client are both (apache) web based
19:43 atz so even if you were running it on your circulation desk PC, you would need apache to work
19:44 aklibrarian1 Shoot, I have it on a machine next to my desk.  It tells me that there are no virtual hosts.  I have it set up so it looks like it is correct, i.e. the same way the docs say to do it.
19:48 ryan paul_: about ?
20:02 fbcit aklibrarian1: check koha-httpd.conf for 'listen 8080' line.
20:21 aklibrarian1 I have a listen 8080 line in koha-httpd.conf  I checked as to whether I had included koha-httpd.conf in apache2.conf and I had.
22:31 AmrEssam hi there
22:32 gmcharlt hi AmrEssam
00:29 aklibrarian1 atz are you still around?
00:30 aklibrarian1 You said I can run Koha on a LAN, how would I have to configure Apache?
00:31 gmcharlt aklibrarian1: I think atz is away, but I can give it a shot
00:32 gmcharlt so on a LAN, question is whether you can easily update DNS to give internal names for your virtual hosts
00:32 gmcharlt if you don't have that access, you can use port based virtual hosts, like this:
00:32 gmcharlt Listen 8080
00:32 gmcharlt <VirtualHost *:8080>
00:33 gmcharlt then comment out the ServerName directive
00:33 gmcharlt you can do the same for both OPAC and intranet, just assign different ports
00:33 gmcharlt e.g, 8080 for intranet
00:33 gmcharlt and 8088 for OPAC
00:34 gmcharlt then you would go to http://internal.ip.address:8080/ or http://internal.ip.address:8088/
01:25 masonj sweet advice galen
01:27 gmcharlt masonj: thanks
02:29 fbcit-1 gmcharlt: looks like installer is getting some good markes judging from koha-dev
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