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13:35 paul hi owen
13:35 owen Hi paul
13:35 paul (no commits from me, I forgot to git-send-email yesterday)
13:35 owen I think nothing is getting approved while kados is on vacation
13:44 paul owen: do you know when he will be back ?
13:44 owen I think it was going to be gone all this week. So maybe Monday? Not sure.
14:52 atz dreamed it was snowing, woke up to rain.  :\
15:08 fbcit 'morning koha
15:09 gmcharlt atz: at least the rain didn't freeze too much in Chicago -- what about you?
15:09 gmcharlt hi fbcit
15:10 atz yeah, just regular drippy rain
15:11 gmcharlt yowser
15:22 fbcit disconnect
16:29 aklibrarian Good morning.
16:30 paul fun to see that some ppl says "good morning" on the us channel and some say "good bye" in the fr channel :-D
16:31 aklibrarian I like to be hopeful.  30 minutes until work starts officially, I am hoping it will be a good day.
16:32 aklibrarian The other day someone said something about 3.0 being ready this week, any news?
16:32 paul kados is off this week, so you'll have to wait for one more week I bet :\
16:34 aklibrarian Thank you .  Question #2 then.  I have some of the programs(SQL and Apache) under me as a user and Koha under the root direction, should they all be in the same place?
16:37 atz aklibrarian: are you talking about file ownership or directory location?
16:38 atz the locations will vary by server OS and configuration
16:38 aklibrarian directory location
16:38 aklibrarian I am running Ubuntu.
16:39 aklibrarian I own all the files as it is my own machine.  The only reason for getting it was to run Koha.
16:39 atz as long as you know where they are, and they are reflected accurately in your configs, the locations are flexible
16:41 aklibrarian thanks.
17:18 atz paul: figured out the bug you reported
17:19 atz invalid constructor call to C4::Dates->new
17:19 atz $datedue = C4::Dates->new( "$due_year-$due_month-$due_day",'iso');
17:20 atz a call like this means the caller is declaring the input to be "iso"...
17:20 atz but in my tests (starting today, actually) the renewal date is Jan 1.
17:21 atz and the argument look like "1-1-2008"
17:21 atz (so that's not ISO format)
17:27 atz or 2008-1-1, rather  (the point being the 1 digit M and D)
17:32 atz paul: would you like a copy of the patch directly?
17:33 paul yes, thanks. as kados is away for the week if I don't mind
17:33 atz yeah, he's in Santa Cruz (California), last I checked
17:33 paul (holiday or business ?)
17:33 atz business
17:34 paul does he know the word holiday ?  my question was stupid in fact :-D
17:34 atz yeah, I think his word for "holiday" is "lunch"
17:34 paul ah... ok... sounds interesting
17:35 paul (he should come to france, at least he would have good holidays every lunch :-D )
17:35 atz by which I mean, lunch is about as close as he gets to a day off
17:36 atz hah.... yeah, athens is more of a bar town
17:37 paul 25 patches in chris mailbox...
17:37 atz wow!
17:37 paul time to leave for dinner here
17:37 atz i'll cc your email on the patch
18:03 aklibrarian When I go the the IP address that is where my server is located, I get a list of programs(apche, cricket, php) and I don't see koha.  I know I need to change some configurations, but I am a loss as to  what?
18:07 atz aklibrarian: apache has to be pointed to your koha.conf file somewhere
18:07 atz usually by an INCLUDE statement or by putting a link to the file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/
18:10 atz (or by editing the main httpd.conf  (apache2.conf) file)
18:10 aklibrarian I am off to edit now.
18:37 fbcit is is recommended/necessary to have itemtype == frameworkcode?
18:46 JYL57_ hello koha world !
18:47 gmcharlt fbcit: not required, but can be useful convention
18:47 gmcharlt hi JYL57_
18:48 fbcit gmcharlt: do most libraries do customization on their marc frameworks or use the default?
18:48 gmcharlt fbcit: not sure (beyond those that need to translate them, of course)
19:10 masonj morning #koah
19:10 masonj #koha even
19:12 fbcit aft'noon masonj.. :)
19:12 masonj heya fbcit
19:12 fbcit gmcharlt: shouldn't BiblioAddsAuthorities be OFF by default?
19:13 masonj yeah, i think so, at this stage..
19:13 fbcit things break when it is ON....
19:13 gmcharlt gmcharlt: for MARC21 libraries, at the moment yes
19:13 gmcharlt fbcit, rather
19:14 fbcit :-)
19:22 fbcit hdl: looks like the advanced search still does not work in Nozebra even with QueryFuzzy and friends set to '0'...
19:25 masonj fbcit, weve been doing some nozeb setups in the last few weeks, and afaik the adv. search is working for us
19:26 fbcit masonj: maybe I'm missing something else?
19:26 masonj can u give an example of where yours is failing?
19:26 fbcit No Result found !
19:26 fbcit No results match your search for “�
19:26 masonj might be missing the updated marc21 indexes in sysprefs?
19:29 fbcit masonj: MARC Links?
19:30 masonj 1 tic....
19:32 masonj naw, NoZebraIndexes
19:33 masonj currently, the marc21 indexes are pretty minimal compared to the unimarc ones
19:34 masonj i sent a patch yesterday which beefed them up a bit
19:34 fbcit NoZebra == 0 :-)
19:34 fbcit :-(
19:35 fbcit masonj: can you send me your patch?
19:35 masonj ok, theres  a problem
19:35 masonj yep
19:37 fbcit hrmm... '0' is the sysprefs.sql default...
19:40 masonj ok fbcit , on its way...
19:45 masonj ill patch the sysprefs.sql  too
19:47 fbcit masonj:ok that fixed the simple search, but adv search still returns No Results found...
19:47 masonj hmm, yes u are right
19:48 fbcit seems I remember that kados confirmed this as well.
20:25 fbcit gmcharlt: let me show my ignorance: Why can't one perform a z3850 search on LCCN ?
20:26 gmcharlt fbcit: one should be able to -- is this from the add biblio page?
20:26 fbcit right
20:27 fbcit koha complains: you must enter at least one of the following: ISBN ISSN Title Author...
20:27 gmcharlt fbcit: just not added as an option; could be done with a little work
20:28 fbcit but it is orthodox?
20:29 gmcharlt no reason why LCCN shouldn't be there as a search option (at least for MARC21 libraries), of course
20:30 masonj hmmm, nozeb doesnt seem to like the 'wrdl', and 'phr' operands? that adv. search passes it
20:30 masonj leaf : ti phr= report
20:30 masonj ti phr / = /  report
20:30 masonj EXECUTE : biblioserver, ti phr, report
20:31 masonj a ti=report search works, but a ti, phr=report doesnt..
20:48 fbcit gmcharlt: where is MARC to Koha field/subfield mapping kept?
20:48 fbcit in the db that is...
20:53 gmcharlt fbcit: marc_subfield_structure (kohafield)
20:58 fbcit gmcharlt: am I missing an option to add to MARC links under sysprefs?
20:59 gmcharlt fbcit: not sysprefs, but 'Koha to MARC mapping' on the admin page
21:00 fbcit I don't see an 'add' only 'edit'...
21:02 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ecorrado n=ecorrado@
21:18 gmcharlt fbcit: where was it?
21:19 fbcit I was looking for where lccn was mapped, but was looking at the 050 tag rather than the 010...
21:19 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: ecorrado n=ecorrado@
21:22 gmcharlt ah right -- LCCN = LC Card Number or LC Classification Number, take your pick :)
21:49 fbcit gmcharlt: when setting up the z3950 search what is the $attr value? ie. for $isbn || $issn it is set to '1=7'...
21:50 gmcharlt fbcit: see
21:51 gmcharlt LCCN attribute # is 9
21:51 gmcharlt so that would make it '1=9' I believe
21:53 gmcharlt not sure why that is
22:08 fbcit gmcharlt:I'll submit the patches tomorrow as I hear supper calling...
22:09 gmcharlt fbcit: great
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04:02 qiqo hi guys
04:02 qiqo just want to ask.. is there is a guide on installing 3.0

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