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15:14 fbcit-1 g'morning koha
16:37 fbcit-1 kados: u around?
16:38 fbcit-1 chris ?
16:38 kados hey fbcit-1
16:38 kados fbcit-1: sup?
16:38 fbcit-1 hey kados
16:38 fbcit-1 are we using YAZ++
16:39 kados nope
16:39 fbcit-1 PHP?
16:39 kados just plain ole yaz
16:39 kados nope, no php in core koha
16:39 fbcit-1 where to get the Win32 then?
16:39 kados there are some php extensions for koha at
16:39 kados hmmm
16:39 kados what do you mean?
16:39 fbcit-1 I'm on the yaz site and only see yaz++ and phpyaz
16:40 fbcit-1
16:40 kados windows packages you mean, for yaz?
16:40 kados cool
16:40 kados
16:40 kados Rob has done quite a bit of work packaging the 2.2 series for windows
16:40 kados and I believe he's included yaz toolkit in his package
16:41 kados I'm not sure how he went about it
16:41 kados but he'd be more than happy (I'm sure) to tell you
16:41 kados he's a really friendly guy :-)
16:41 fbcit-1 I'm working on building an MSI to do it...
16:41 kados sweet
16:41 kados will that work at all with galen's installer?
16:42 fbcit-1 maybe over time
16:42 kados cool
16:42 kados is MSI free software?
16:42 kados ie, can we include an MSI in the main koha project?
16:42 fbcit-1 think WIX2
16:42 kados (released under the GPL)
16:42 kados honestly, I haven't used windows in like 10 years :-)
16:43 fbcit-1[…]ix2/wix_index.htm
16:43 kados cool
16:43 gmcharlt fbcit-1: I use Windows more than kados does, but have never written installer for a windows -- will great appreciate any hints about how to make things easier for packagers
16:43 fbcit-1 released by M$ into opensource world
16:43 gmcharlt and good morning
16:44 fbcit-1 morning gmcharlt
16:44 kados mornin gmcharlt
16:45 fbcit-1 I've not worked much with the windows installer either so am in the learning curve, but I has started about a year ago for another project
16:45 fbcit-1 and picked it up when I found koha
16:46 kados it'd be great to have packages for all the major OSes
16:46 kados Debian .deb, Red Hat, OSX .dmg, Windows .exe, etc.
16:47 gmcharlt yep
16:47 kados for 3.0 I'll be thrilled to have a generic installer that works reasonably well on linux though :-)
16:47 fbcit-1 kados: did'nt you say that the koha win32 port was presently with a proprietary installer?
16:47 kados fbcit-1: yes, which is why it's never made it into the koha repo
16:48 fbcit-1 gmcharlt: presently I used your installer under cygwin to do a single dir install and then moved it to Program Files...
16:48 fbcit-1 I run strawberry perl on Win32
16:48 gmcharlt fbcit-1: I was about to ask if anybody had played around with cgywin
16:49 kados I think joe has some experience with it though
16:49 kados atz around?
16:51 gmcharlt fbcit is multiplying :)
16:51 fbcit-1_ gmcharlt: did you get my last?
16:52 gmcharlt re cygwin and strawberry perl
16:52 gmcharlt ?
16:52 fbcit-1_ right and IIS...
16:52 gmcharlt didn't get the IIS bit
16:53 gmcharlt hmm -- do you know if there's any equivalent of mod_perl for IIS?
16:53 fbcit-1_ No. The one site we run on IIS is VB.NET
16:53 fbcit-1_ all other sites are PHP on Apache
16:55 fbcit-1_ gmcharlt: I may try changing the pathing syntax in makefile to see if it will install correctly on win32
16:56 fbcit-1_ if it would, then it would just be a matter of fixing up the apache conf to fit a win32 apache install... I think
16:56 fbcit-1_ the shebang line has to be changed of course, but I have a script that recurses through the dir structure and does that automagically
16:56 gmcharlt great: I started using File::Spec to start getting more platform-agnostic, but I know it's not completely there yet
16:57 gmcharlt shebang changes need to be put in for Unix anyway: not all distros use /usr/bin/perl
16:57 fbcit-1_ I have found that win32 does not care about the direction of the dir separator, but the root is different as you know.
16:58 fbcit-1_ the shebang sub I have could be incorporated into makefile....
16:58 gmcharlt send me a patch :-)
17:00 fbcit making makefile work on win32 would be a bit easier than maintaining a separate .msi installer...
17:01 fbcit it would also be nice to test koha with vanilla  and strawberry perl
17:01 gmcharlt fbcit: yep, but I think even better would be to eventually get packaging fully automated for any major platforms (at least for pre-release version; general releases will likely still require manual checking)
17:02 gmcharlt i.e., download the rpm/deb/dmg/msi/exe of the day
17:02 fbcit I think we must be using yaz++ as perl compiles to c and is able to use c libraries if I remember correctly
17:02 gmcharlt also (although not for 3.0) I want to support a 'make upgrade'
17:03 kados yea, cool idea
17:04 kados fbcit: yaz++ is not the same application as yaz
17:04 gmcharlt fbcit: are you sure?  yaz is the C library, yaz++ is the C++ library
17:04 gmcharlt snap
17:04 kados right
17:04 kados more like it's the C++ apy to Yaz, a C library
17:05 kados s/apy/api/
17:05 fbcit their site is not exactly intuitive...
17:06 fbcit kados: right
17:06 gmcharlt to match an unintuitive protocol at the core of their software ;-)
17:07 fbcit you know, the MARC modules installed without complaint under strawberry....
17:07 fbcit now that yaz is here, let's try zoom...
17:07 gmcharlt good -- I checked[…]l_Problem_Modules
17:08 gmcharlt only a couple deps seem to be known problems: GD and POE, primarily
17:12 fbcit seems to be looking for yaz-config which the win32 install does not appear to have...
17:15 gmcharlt fbcit:[…]March/000857.html
17:22 fbcit and wishes he had snow rather than rain...
17:23 kados fbcit: note: galen's installer hasn't been added to the main repo yet ... just wanted to make sure you were editing the right one :-)
18:30 fbcit - If you are new to this distribution, then you should use the ZOOM
18:30 fbcit  API, and ignore the others.  It is the cleanest, most elegant and
18:30 fbcit  intuitive, and most closely follows the letter as well as the spirit
18:30 fbcit  of the Abstract ZOOM API as specified at
18:31 fbcit - You should definitely not use the Net::Z3950::ZOOM API, which is not
18:31 fbcit  object-oriented, and instead provides the thinnest possible layer on
18:31 fbcit  top of the ZOOM-C functions in the YAZ toolkit.  This API exists
18:32 fbcit only in order to have ZOOM API built on top of it.
18:47 gmcharlt_away fbcit: two notes about that: Koha uses, but that module is bundled with Net::Z3950::ZOOM
18:48 gmcharlt_away second, trying to do cpan> install ZOOM doesn't work -- you have to pick up all of Net::Z3950::ZOOM
20:09 fbcit gmcharlt_away:install ZOOM gets Net::Z3950::ZOOM as it turns out.
20:10 fbcit Makefile.PL is commented for changes needed to compile on Win32, but it looks for yaz.lib as the library rather than yaz3.lib which is what comes with yaz 3.0.x
20:11 fbcit I sent an email to the author of the ZOOM module with the errors dmake spits out. It may be that I need an earlier ver of yaz.
23:50 pecisk hi people, anyone with expierence of setting up Koha on Ubuntu Dapper?
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