IRC log for #koha, 2007-12-07

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12:53 fbcit-away hdl: u around?
15:14 fbcit g'morning koha
15:14 atz greets fbcit
15:44 fbcit any opinions on a css editor other than text editors?
15:45 atz fbcit: there are some good firefox plugins
15:45 atz they allow realtime re-rendering based on css edits
15:47 atz yeah, i've used that... i forget if (the otherwise excellent) firebug allows the same thing
15:48 fbcit can more than one plugin be run?
15:48 atz sure, i usually have firebug and the tidy/w3c validator
15:52 atz yeah... firebug seems to be the total package
15:53 atz does the same realtime changes, shows a color block on mouseover of #000AAA (hex color) terms, and checks syntax
15:56 fbcit this should make life a little easier... ;-)
15:59 atz it's funny how 8 or 10 years ago that functionality would have been part of some IDE
16:00 fbcit apparently it is part of Visual Studio from M$
16:16 atz no problem.  it's the availability of stuff like firebug that makes FF that much cooler.
20:09 Brooke Howdy
20:09 chris hey brooke
20:09 Brooke :)
20:10 kados hey brooke
20:10 Brooke :) ++
20:11 Brooke so, I must ask the question on everyone's mind
20:11 Brooke when the hell is 3.0 coming out?
20:11 kados when it's ready
20:11 kados we humbly await your patches :-)
20:12 Brooke is there an unstable version out yet?
20:12 kados no, we're waiting on the installer to be written
20:13 chris you can install it from git, if you have a bunch of patience and time to read irc logs
20:13 Brooke *nod*
20:13 Brooke how long will the installer take?
20:14 Brooke I'm trying not to be a pain, but there are an increasing number of people asking me about this
20:15 kados can't squeeze blood from a stone
20:17 chris its pretty hard to predict, its getting pretty close tho, its just an easy installer that is left big to do
20:17 Brooke *nod*
20:23 Brooke so how does a non programmer throw in some help?
20:24 kados still have access to that v3 install brooke?
20:25 Brooke nope, it keeps wiping my easy to remember login and password
20:26 kados :)
20:26 Brooke 007 keeps blowing his cover
20:29 kados I was thinking the other evening I should whip up a project-wide v3 demo of the opac and staff client that auto-updates nightly
20:29 Brooke good thinking :)
20:29 Brooke that would set jittery folks unjittery
20:30 Brooke because I could point to it and say
20:30 kados who's jittery?
20:30 Brooke "There! Behold! I did not maketh shite up!"
20:35 Brooke hi mason
08:13 JYL57 Hello koha world !
08:14 chris hi jyl57
08:15 JYL57 hi chris, are you talented in mysql on debian ?! I wonder a few things after a disc crash...
08:15 chris oh no, disc crash doesnt sound good
08:16 JYL57 :-) 24H mission is mine !
08:16 JYL57 have preserved my /var directory so I should be able to come back...
08:16 chris excellent
08:17 JYL57 But I've installed Etch instead of my old Sarge and was also in an old koha version
08:18 JYL57 So I've to choose what to do now... 1) Go back to mysql 4.1 and my old koha version
08:18 JYL57 2) Try to use that data to go for a more recent upgrade
08:19 chris what version were you running?
08:19 chris koha 2.2.9 works ok with mysql 5
08:20 JYL57 I'm not sure about my old version... 2.2.4 I think
08:21 chris do you have any experience with Xen jyl?
08:22 chris you could run up a xen instance with the old debian running in that
08:22 JYL57 nope
08:22 JYL57 haha that would be great

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