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13:45 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: rangi
14:06 kados hi foxnorth, owen
14:06 owen Hi kados
16:29 fbcit atz: u around?
16:29 atz sure
16:29 atz what's up?
16:30 fbcit why would an image url in an internal css in opac-main.tmpl no resolve correctly? (ie. ../../images/foo.jpg)
16:30 fbcit yet
16:31 fbcit the same path resolves correctly inside of opac.css...
16:31 fbcit I tried an absolute path with no success either.
16:32 atz could be many things...  check your apache logs to see what request is actually hitting the server (if any)
16:33 atz should be a 404 w/ some pathname you don't expect
17:00 fbcit atz: it does not make any sense.... using the absolute path, apache logs a 404 against the correct path? Permissions appear ok.
17:00 atz could be something strange going on in apache rewrite?
17:01 atz can you paste the URL?
17:02 fbcit /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/koha-tmp​l/opac-tmpl/fbc/images/fbcseal.jpg
17:03 fbcit the call to this url comes from
17:05 atz you can get to main a couple different ways, right?
17:05 fbcit in opac.css ../../images/fbcseal.jpg works fine on the same page.
17:05 fbcit
17:05 fbcit is what I have been using
17:05 atz ok
17:06 atz but what if you are viewing it at just
17:07 fbcit same problem
17:08 fbcit apache says: "GET /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/koha-tmp​l/opac-tmpl/fbc/images/fbcseal.jpg HTTP/1.1" 404 -
17:09 atz and you confirm that is the correct path and permissions... hrmm....
17:09 fbcit fbcit:/home/fbcdev-1# ls /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/koha-tmp​l/opac-tmpl/fbc/images/fbcseal.jpg
17:09 fbcit /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/koha-tmp​l/opac-tmpl/fbc/images/fbcseal.jpg
17:11 fbcit if I use ../../image/fbcseal.jpg apache tries to resolve it as absolute and says: "GET /images/fbcseal.jpg HTTP/1.1" 404
17:12 atz you have a SETENV PERL5LIB=/home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/production/koha       ?
17:13 fbcit hrm... no
17:13 fbcit what is 'production'?
17:13 atz sorry, should have asked "what is your PERL5LIB" ?
17:15 atz also check permissions on your "fbc" directory
17:16 fbcit sorry.. PERL5LIB is undef
17:17 atz in your conf file?
17:18 atz should be two "SetENV" lines for each virtualhost (opac and staff interface)
17:18 fbcit maybe another installer issue.... no SetENV lines for either virtualhost
17:19 fbcit opps
17:19 fbcit one
17:19 fbcit for KOHA_CONF only
17:19 fbcit shall I add PERL5LIB?
17:20 atz yeah, nothing will run right w/o it
17:20 fbcit it should point to my koha base ?
17:20 atz it should be the directory "below" (i.e., containing) C4
17:24 fbcit no joy
17:26 atz in mine it is set to /home/atz/koha/production/intranet/modules/
17:26 atz (i'm not sure if production/testing split is in the version you have)
17:26 fbcit kohaclone1 contains C4 so PERL5LIB=/home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/
17:27 atz then $ ls -l /home/atz/koha/production/intranet/modules/
17:27 atz total 0
17:27 atz lrwxrwxrwx 1 atz atz 13 2007-10-02 08:28 C4 -> ../../koha/C4
17:28 atz if we suspect a possible installer issue, gmcharlt is the guy to ask
17:28 atz since he is working on it actively for this release
17:29 atz probably has changed since (only a month or so when) I used it last
17:29 gmcharlt SetEnv PERL5LIB is not in current default koha-httpd.conf, but I intend to add it
17:29 fbcit right... my install is done with the old ver
17:30 atz makes sense
17:30 atz fbcit: check your apache configs for RewriteRule ... image ...
17:31 atz it might be in the main server configs too, not just koha config
17:32 atz that ../../image/fbcseal.jpg becomes /images/fbcseal.jpg   seems like a good lead
17:33 atz greets owen
17:33 owen Hi atz
17:33 fbcit would it help to turn on the rewrite log?
17:34 atz fbcit: it might
17:38 atz[…]nu-background.gif
17:38 atz logically goes to
17:38 atz[…]nu-background.gif
17:39 atz for me
17:41 fbcit watching koha-opac-error_log, koha complains about kohaclone1/koha-tmpl/images not existing
17:41 fbcit rewrite log looks for /images/fbcseal.jpg
17:42 fbcit apache conf looks ok AFAIKT
17:44 fbcit maybe owen has an idea?
17:44 atz  
17:45 owen Sorry guys, what's the question?
17:45 fbcit atz: results in a dir list
17:45 atz (that's normal)
17:45 atz owen: he's trying to figure why his CSS image URL doesn't resolve
17:46 fbcit owen: trying to figure out why using url(../../images/fbcseal.jpg) works in opac.css, but not in opac-main.tmpl
17:46 owen What's the URL?
17:46 fbcit ../../images/fbcseal.jpg
17:47 fbcit I've also tried absolute pathing
17:48 owen I mean the URL to your OPAC. Is it somewhere I can look?
17:48 atz only on his LAN, i think
17:48 fbcit right... sorry.
17:50 atz fbcit: you can't back out past root in HTML (i.e. the main template)
17:50 fbcit nope
17:52 atz from root it would look like:  /opac-tmpl/fbc/images/fbcseal.jpg
17:53 atz i.e.,[…]mages/fbcseal.jpg  gets it?
17:54 fbcit yep and using that path in opac-main.tmpl gets it too...
17:55 atz i should have realized when you pasted the log
17:55 atz you said absolute path, and you meant it.... but from the system perspectiv
17:55 atz GET /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/koha-tmp​l/opac-tmpl/fbc/images/fbcseal.jpg
17:55 fbcit ahh
17:55 fbcit so will /../../images/fbcseal.jpg work as well?
17:55 atz apache doesn't (and shouldn't!) serve up requests like that
17:56 atz the CSS is coming from this point:
17:57 atz   /opac-tmpl/prog/en/css
17:58 atz your directory is    /opac-tmpl/fbc
17:58 fbcit so the root is /opac-tmpl in this case, right?
17:58 atz so from the CSS, you need to back out 3 levels
17:58 atz root is /
17:58 fbcit but not the same as system root
17:58 atz right, in the apache config it is set as DOCUMENT_ROOT
17:59 atz (sorry, no underscore)
17:59 fbcit you anticipated me
17:59 fbcit k
18:00 atz so your URL in the CSS should be  ../../../fbc/images/fbcseal.jpg
18:00 fbcit I see...
18:00 atz you might also just setup an alias in apache to be like   /fbcimages and simplify for yourself
18:01 atz but that should do it
18:03 fbcit tnx atz owen
18:04 atz np, i hope to get a look at it when you have it all done!
18:06 CGI227 hi
18:07 owen hi CGI227
18:07 owen Too slow.
19:58 fbcit attempting to delete a library results in: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`koha/borrowers`, CONSTRAINT `borrowers_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`branchcode`) REFERENCES `branches` (`branchcode`)) at /usr/share/kohaclone1//C4/ line 473.
20:01 fbcit maybe we are missing: ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE... ?
20:02 fbcit kados ?
20:05 kados hiya fbcit
20:06 fbcit kados: see above...
20:06 kados hmmm
20:07 kados works for me
20:07 kados deleting a library, right?
20:07 kados from /cgi-bin/koha/admin/
20:07 kados ?
20:08 kados if you delete a library that has patrons you'll get an error:
20:08 kados Library cannot be deleted because there are patrons using that library
20:08 fbcit I'm trying to delete the sample libs
20:09 fbcit staff client does not error out, but neither does it delete the lib
20:09 fbcit apache error.log speaks the above mentioned error.
20:09 kados weird
20:10 kados yea, I'm running the stock data too
20:10 JYL57 hello again koha world! someone available to assist me in migration to 2.2.9 ?
20:10 fbcit so I must have to delete the sample patrons?
20:10 kados and I'm not having that prob
20:10 kados try on mine
20:10 JYL57 my db is/was an old 2.2.4 (not sure) version
20:10 kados hi JYL57
20:10 JYL57 hi kados
20:11 JYL57 In fact I managed to migrate my 4.1 db to etch 5.0 db
20:11 kados in fact, I've heard reports of errors with mysql 5.0 and koha 2.2.9 as well
20:12 JYL57 in parallel I installed a 2.2.9 koha which has generated another koha DB
20:12 kados running directly from rel_2_2 in CVS is the only way currently to run on mysql 5.0
20:12 kados you can bug the 2.2 release manager to release 2.2.10 which would have those fixes
20:13 JYL57 "running directly from rel_2_2 in CVS " what do you mean by that ?
20:15 kados JYL57:
20:15 JYL57 ok,let's have a look at that
20:15 kados JYL57: yep, that's detailed at the bottom of that page
20:15 kados JYL57: make sure you do this in a test environment
20:20 JYL57 :-)
20:25 JYL57 kados, where can I check the bugs linked to the 2.2.9 and mysql 5.0 version, is bugzilla up to date ?!
20:27 JYL57 By the way, which CVS client would you advice for my brand new etch ?!
20:27 atz owen: i'm seeing the js calendar widget listing only even or only odd years in the "<<" dropdown
20:27 atz is it just me ?
20:35 kados JYL57: apt-get install cvs isn't working for ya?
20:35 kados JYL57: yea, stuff listed in bugzilla tagged for rel_2_2 should give you an idea
20:45 aklibrarian I am trying to configure my apache2 for virtual directories.  I am in the right file.  I have a list of the commands,  but I am lost.  It says Virtual Host and then I would put in the ip address, Would I add the port there too?
20:45 kados aklibrarian: yes
20:45 atz you can if you want to use a non HTTP port
20:46 kados aklibrarian: for instance: <VirtualHost>
20:46 kados aklibrarian: and you'll need a Listen line for every port you use
20:46 kados Listen
20:46 kados outside of the VirtualHost
20:46 aklibrarian Thank you I have been looking for that answer for two-three hours now.
20:46 aklibrarian I will try that.
20:47 kados no worries
20:47 JYL57 kados: with my wonderful new gnome environment I would go for a GUI CVS !
20:47 aklibrarian exit
20:48 kados JYL57: *nod*
20:48 kados JYL57: personally I never run a gui environment on a server
20:51 fbcit kados: who does the staff client interface layout?
20:54 kados owen leonard
20:54 kados oleonard on IRC
20:55 kados he's gone home for the day
20:55 owen owen on IRC, but I'm mostly not paying attention today
20:55 kados oh,, right
20:55 kados hey owen
20:56 fbcit owen: I have made some css adjustments to accommodate those of us with over 22 letters in our full name...
20:56 fbcit are you interested in them?
20:56 owen Yes
20:56 aklibrarian In the Apache conf file I have Include /etc/koha-http.conf  Where do I need to fix the virtual hosts?
20:58 owen atz: about the even or odd years, I think that's by design. At least I've always seen it that way
20:58 fbcit owen: I can format up a patch and send it to you.
20:58 owen fbcit: can you describe where changes were necessary? What problems did you see
21:00 owen atz: ...and I see it's that way on the site. I think it's a way of compressing more years into limited space.
21:01 atz ok, cool... for a second there I was thinking "how did I manage to break that?"
21:01 kados hehe
21:01 kados atz++ :-)
21:02 JYL57 aklibrarian: if you're on debian => etc/apache2/sites-available
21:16 atz kados: we will need to change something about the way patron images are referenced, i think
21:16 kados atz: yea?
21:16 atz otherwise the apache error log will have a "File does not exist" error for each view
21:16 kados we'll have to ask gmcharlt where those might fit in the overall FHS
21:17 kados well, if you have the feature turned on
21:17 kados otherwise there is no error
21:17 atz basically we need to know whether the pic is there before we send the browser to fetch it
21:17 kados and if you have the feature turned on you won't get the error if you have images :-)
21:17 atz yeah, but who will have a pic for *everybody* ?
21:17 kados well ...
21:17 kados there is some client-side JS to handle missing images
21:18 atz the log will get needlessly bloated w/ those errors though
21:18 gmcharlt atz, kados: technically speaking, /var/lib/koha/www/images or something like that
21:19 gmcharlt with either appropriate Apache config or a helper CGI to serve the images
21:20 atz that makes sense
21:22 gmcharlt as usual, would need to deal with permissions issue, but that applies with any use of persistant uploaded files
21:23 kados gmcharlt: *nod*
21:23 kados gmcharlt: maybe all of the uploaded files should go in one place? with subdirs from ther?
21:24 gmcharlt yeah, permanent ones, at least in /var/lib/koha/www/uploads or the like
21:24 kados *nod*
21:25 gmcharlt (MARC file imports are currently temporary, as data gets cached in DB anyway, so no need as yet to store the file until I implement more options for that kind of processing)
21:25 kados atz: the only way to prevent that is to 1. turn off the feature, or 2. do an apache rewrite or sth to prevent those queries from failing
21:25 atz right
21:25 kados atz: checking for existance of the image beforehand is too expensive
21:26 kados IMO anyway
21:26 kados gmcharlt: (I was wondering about that)
21:26 atz you're going to check when the browser comes back looking for it anyway
21:26 kados gmcharlt: (do they ever even need to be stored on the filesystem in the case of MARC?)
21:26 kados gmcharlt: (couldn't they be uploaded into a mysql table?)
21:26 kados gmcharlt: (one marc per row)
21:26 atz so in the negative case, you can take your pic... , er.... pick.
21:27 kados heh
21:27 gmcharlt kados: some users will want that option for insurance purposes
21:27 gmcharlt but I don't see an immediate need
21:28 gmcharlt if user is processing a file that they receive via FTP
21:28 gmcharlt and prefers to do that on the server, well, batch jobs already exist for that
21:28 gmcharlt and long-term archiving of the file would be up to the user
21:28 kados *nod*
21:30 atz one option would be a separate virtualhost for pix w/ different log level, or log_via_pipe filter
21:53 JYL57 ok, time to go to sleep now...
21:54 JYL57 kados: I've played around with this 2.2.9 version and for what we do daily that seem good enough !
21:54 kados JYL57: great
21:55 JYL57 kados : And I'll be glad to upgrade soon to 3.0 :-)
21:59 kados JYL57: me too my friend, me too :-)
22:11 kados bbl
22:11 atz cool... enjoy the sun
22:19 aklibrarian I want to go to santa cruz
22:29 gmcharlt hi aklibrarian: just out of curiosity, which part of Alaska? (I lived in Anchorage for three years)
22:29 aklibrarian I am in Unalakleet which is close to Nome.  If you were there three years, were you Army?
22:29 gmcharlt no -- my wife worked for University of Alaska Anchorage for the library
22:30 gmcharlt in the library, to be more grammatical
22:30 aklibrarian How long ago?
22:30 aklibrarian They remodelled it a few years ago and it is much more beautiful than it was when I was a student there.
22:31 gmcharlt just a couple years ago (she was head of tech services)
22:31 gmcharlt and yes, the remodeling looks very nice
22:32 aklibrarian Growing up we learned if someone was staying in Anchorage for three years they were Army, four year Air Force.
22:33 gmcharlt lol -- never heard that before, but makes sense
22:34 atz gmcharlt: where does the staff "Suggestions" interface live?
22:35 gmcharlt atz: acquisitions, it looks like
22:35 atz ah, cool
22:36 gmcharlt -- probably should be for completeness' sake :)
22:36 aklibrarian I have nothing in my koha.conf or koha-httpd.conf  are these real files or files that I may have made on accident
22:37 gmcharlt aklibrarian: first was renamed to koha-conf.xml in 3.0, seemingly
22:38 gmcharlt both are real files and should have been initialized by make install
22:39 gmcharlt assuming defautl installation optoins, both should exist in /usr/share/koha/etc
22:39 aklibrarian Thank you.  I found a paper that says what should be in it, i.e. datavase=koha hostname=localhost
22:39 aklibrarian Should I add that programming
22:40 gmcharlt aklibrarian: are you installing 2.2 or 3.0?
22:40 aklibrarian I have them both in use/etc
22:40 aklibrarian 2.29
22:41 gmcharlt ah, OK
22:41 aklibrarian Would this be easier as 3.0
22:41 gmcharlt aklibrarian: not yet, but hopefully next week as I finish up some work on the installer
22:42 aklibrarian I may just hold off and do something else for the rest of the day and then start again next week whenever you have it loaded.
22:45 gmcharlt aklibrarian: ok, but if you're inclined to play with 2.2.9 a bit more, koha.conf does take database=, hostname=, user=, and pass=
22:47 aklibrarian I may.  I like playing with it and I learn something new each time I do.  This is my first time working with Linux and the learning curve has been large.  I have someone with the knowhow who takes care of my koha installation that is available now, but I want to clean it up so I am trying to learn more.
22:47 gmcharlt aklibrarian: sounds good -- imo, best to tackle this kind of learning curve head-on
22:48 aklibrarian As long as people like you are around to answer questions.
23:38 atz see y'all next week.
01:31 fbcit owen: u around?
01:34 owen fbcit: I'm around for a few, now
01:37 fbcit owen: sorry I dropped out earlier... DSLM card went bad and both DSL went down...
01:37 fbcit were you able to see what I was speaking of?
01:38 owen No, I didn't get any info about it
01:38 fbcit owen: in circulation>checkouts, the patroninfo and menu divs...
01:38 fbcit <fbcit> the width was too narrow to accommodate my full name and email addresses...
01:38 fbcit <fbcit> so the text ran over out of the patroninfo/menu area
01:38 fbcit <fbcit> I increased the width of that div to 16.5em...
01:38 fbcit <fbcit> and
01:38 fbcit <fbcit> set the left margin of the div to its right at 17em..
01:38 fbcit <fbcit> seems to look ok now...
01:38 fbcit <fbcit> my full name with spaces has 27 chars in it. My email addr has 28...
01:38 fbcit <fbcit> the name can be shortened, but not the email, so something had to give... :-)
01:39 fbcit the changes were to reset-fonts-grids.css
01:40 fbcit I'm not familiar enough with yui to know if this will cause problems, but it seems not to in my install so far.
01:40 owen Yeah, I do worry about it. So far I've stuck with the fixed layouts offered by their grid.
01:41 owen But it's a good point.
01:41 fbcit owen: just build a patron with 11 chars in sirname and given name
01:42 fbcit and an email addr like
01:42 fbcit that should demo the issue.
01:42 fbcit 11 chars in *each* name that is
01:43 owen I see the problem with the email address, since that doesn't wrap. But the name seems to wrap okay, even with a very long one
01:45 fbcit sorry, now that you mention it, the email was what started me off on this tangent.... :)
01:46 fbcit just double checked and the name does wrap as you say.
01:47 fbcit I suppose the lack of white space causes the issue in the email.
01:47 owen Yeah, emails are a bitch that way
01:48 owen I'm tempted to wrap it in an element with overflow:hidden
01:48 fbcit a better tactic would probably be to use an internal css in the tmpl?
01:49 owen What do you mean?
01:50 fbcit <style type="text/css">some;css;stuff;</style>
01:50 fbcit after </head> and before <body>
01:51 fbcit that would take precedence over the external css.
01:51 fbcit only for that tmpl
01:52 fbcit that could be wrapped in TMPL_IF if need be to restrict its application even further.
01:53 fbcit but I am very neo to css
01:54 fbcit hehe
01:54 owen Anyway, I have to disappear again. Thanks for the heads up. I'll see what I can come up with.
01:54 fbcit g'night
09:30 JYL57 hello koha world !
09:32 JYL57 I've almost succeeded in my 24 H mission but I still need a little help for apache2 config... Someone have 5 minutes here ?
09:42 JYL57 It's ok, I've solved my problem ! Have a nice day !

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