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13:32 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx
13:34 owen Hi #koha
14:04 hdl hi owen
14:04 owen Hi hdl, I hope you had a nice weekend
14:06 hdl yes. how was yours ?
14:07 owen Busy. I was on my own with the 2 kids all weekend
14:55 fbcit-away owen: hehe.... only two?
14:55 owen Two's plenty for me :)
14:59 hdl nd sometimes finds it is well enough...
14:59 hdl (even though i wish i had manymany)
15:00 hdl owen : how old are they ?
15:00 owen 4 and (almost) 1
15:14 owen hdl: It seems I can't delete patrons. Does this look like the right path to you? /cgi-bin/koha/members/
15:15 hdl I thought it should be borrowerid= rather than member
15:15 hdl have a look at first lines to check
15:15 owen I wondered that too, but line 44 of is my $member=$input->param('member');
15:32 hdl then I donot know
15:37 fbcit hdl, owen, I have 4... 12, 11, 7, 19mos... :-)
15:38 fbcit gmcharlt_: you around?
15:38 gmcharlt_ fbcit: yep
15:38 owen hdl, do you know anything about It doesn't seem to be used anywhere
15:39 fbcit I made some changes to my basic recursion routine for another project this wknd. Would you like a patch?
15:39 gmcharlt_ fbcit: sure
15:39 owen Oh, sorry hdl, I see it now
15:40 fbcit kados might be interested to know that it was work on a perl script to build wix2 xml databases....
15:42 gmcharlt_ fbcit: yep, he would be :)
19:23 aklibrarian This is a basic question.  I have Koha installed.  But I can't see it on the server.  I installed it with the defaults given.  When I type in I can see apache, php, and cricket files...but no koha filesWhen I add the :80 or:8080 I get that those places don't exist  Any ideas?
19:36 fbcit aklibrarian: check koha-httpd.conf
19:40 fbcit gmcharlt: when I try to clone your installer branch git says:
19:40 fbcit error: Unable to find 179a894e295bc371b8973bd36132fe4e59553e73 under[…]oha-installer.git
19:40 fbcit s/patch/diff/
19:42 gmcharlt fbcit: one moment ...
19:42 aklibrarian okay
19:43 aklibrarian koha-httpd.conf  gives me nothing
19:44 fbcit aklibrarian: so you have no koha-httpd.conf?
19:44 gmcharlt fbcit: please try again -- should work now
19:45 aklibrarian I didn't check it on my machine.
19:45 aklibrarian I went to the Internet to look for it.  sorry
19:45 aklibrarian no koha-httpd
19:45 fbcit aklibrarian: are you installing Koha3?
19:46 aklibrarian no
19:46 fbcit 2.x then?
19:46 aklibrarian That would scare me at this point.  It has taken me a long time to be able to install 2.9
19:47 fbcit I think you should still have a koha-httpd.conf...
19:47 aklibrarian I started this process over a year ago.
19:47 fbcit I've not installed any of the 2.x series, though.
19:48 fbcit gmcharlt: git it.... ;-)
19:48 aklibrarian I have koha.conf
19:48 gmcharlt fbcit: sorry about that -- git clone to set up a symlinked public version of the repo not working as I had expected
19:49 fbcit aklibrarian: I'm not sure, but it sounds like the koha config for apache is not setup correctly.
19:49 aklibrarian Thanks I will look towards that.
19:51 fbcit aklibrarian: seems there should be an INSTALL file with the package you downloaded....
19:51 fbcit maybe check that.
19:53 aklibrarian I have that.  How do I access that?  I know that is a simple question, but I am lost at how to open a program
19:53 fbcit use your favorite text editor....
19:54 aklibrarian THANKS
20:21 fbcit ok gmcharlt, you should have my patch
20:22 gmcharlt fbcit: got it, thanks
21:06 aklibrarian fbc, I have the /etc/koha/httpd.conf file open.  When I restart apache, it tells me that I have overlaps with virtual hosts?  Any idea on how to solve this.
21:18 fbcit maybe a post to the list will shed some light... my knowledge of apache is limited.

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