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12:49 fbcit g'morning koha
13:27 owen Hey #koha, anyone else getting an erroneous "You must define a budget in Administration" message from
14:49 owen Hi kados
14:53 kados hey owen
14:56 kados hmmm, strange
14:57 kados so that's two bugs then: and
14:57 kados bugs--
14:59 fbcit kados: once I enter a marc record, is there anything else I need to do to be able to search on it?
14:59 kados fbcit: not if you have zebraqueue running
14:59 kados fbcit: otherwise you need to index it in zebra manually (yuk)
14:59 kados select count(*) from zebraqueue;
14:59 fbcit I'm running w/o zebra right now.
15:00 kados ahh, so the answer is no
15:00 fbcit in opac, on a title search koha says: No results match your search for “�...
15:01 fbcit I'm using a single term which is in the title
15:01 kados I know the no-zebra search has had a few bugs, I'm not sure of the current state of the opac
15:01 fbcit ahh
15:02 kados can I see?
15:02 fbcit I don't have it mapped to the outside world yet. :-(
15:02 kados well, that bug shouldn't be hard to fix
15:02 kados can you test searching from the staff client?
15:02 kados see if the bug happens there?
15:03 fbcit yes, with the same compliant.
15:03 kados ok, so is it the advanced search page? or the global search header?
15:03 fbcit advanced search... I'll check the global search...
15:05 fbcit kados: same problem both places
15:05 fbcit something in
15:05 kados hmmm
15:05 kados I will test on my install, give me a sec to switch from zebra to no-zebra
15:08 kados fbcit: if it's any consolation, I'm getting the same prob :-)
15:08 kados hdl: you around?
15:09 hdl yes
15:09 fbcit I double checked with a SELECT and the records are in biblioitems...
15:09 hdl hi
15:10 kados hdl: just curious if you can shed light on the status of the nozebra search
15:11 hdl it works for me
15:11 hdl I have done some patches though
15:12 hdl in order multiple word search to "AND" terms
15:12 kados hdl: can you clarify the specific sysprefs you have defined or not defined?
15:12 kados fbcit: it's probably a matter of no-zebra can't do stuff zebra can, so it needs to be turned off or sth
15:13 kados fbcit: queryfuzzy, querystemming, queryweightfields probably need to be off
15:13 hdl NoZebra
15:14 hdl kados fbcit : kados is right. queryfuzzy weightfields and stemming donot work with NoZebra at the moment
15:14 fbcit brb
15:15 kados fbcit: turn off queryfuzzy, querystemming, queryweightfields
15:16 kados fbcit: works now
15:16 kados hdl: the installer should turn those off if the user selects nozebra
15:16 fbcit k
15:17 fbcit under global?
15:17 hdl kados : I agree.
15:17 hdl But cannot make it right now
15:17 hdl assing the bug to me
15:19 kados ok
15:19 kados fbcit: yes, global sysprefs
15:19 kados fbcit: search for 'query'
15:19 kados fbcit: and you'll see the three you need to change
15:19 fbcit I set them off, but still no joy...
15:19 fbcit brb
15:20 kados misc/migration_tools/
15:20 kados try that
15:22 fbcit ***********************************
15:22 fbcit ***** building BIBLIO indexes *****
15:22 fbcit ***********************************
15:22 fbcit 2
15:22 fbcit Inserting records...
15:22 fbcit 91
15:22 fbcit biblios done
15:22 fbcit but still no search... :-(
15:22 kados you have all three query sysprefs turned off?
15:22 kados sorry, can you double check? :-)
15:23 fbcit QueryFuzzy If ON, enables fuzzy option for searches   OFF  Edit  Delete
15:23 fbcit QueryStemmingIf ON, enables query stemming OFF Edit Delete
15:23 fbcit QueryWeightFieldsIf ON, enables field weighting OFF
15:24 fbcit :-)
15:24 hdl fbcit: sometimes, OFF is not 0 value but 'OFF'
15:25 hdl (I had this WEIRD behaviour)
15:25 hdl So I had to set it on then off again
15:25 hdl +
15:25 hdl Maybe NoZebraIndexes is not set for you.
15:25 hdl Please have a look.
15:28 fbcit hdl:| NoZebraIndexes | 0     |         | Enter a specific hash for NoZebra indexes. Enter : 'indexname' => '100a,245a,500*','index2' => '...' | Free |
15:28 fbcit Query* = '0'
15:28 fbcit also
15:28 hdl :(
15:28 fbcit set on and then off again....
15:28 hdl So... You should make
15:28 hdl misc/migration_tools/ -s
15:29 hdl to set it to a first "proper" value.
15:29 hdl Here you index Nothing.
15:29 fbcit should see things like:
15:29 fbcit 0 at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 3128.
15:29 fbcit                'title' => '245a,245b at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 3128.
15:29 fbcit ?
15:31 fbcit it works now... :-)
15:32 fbcit hdl: so, exactly what was wrong? besides all of the zebra prefs set wrong?
15:32 fbcit well...
15:33 hdl Normally,
15:33 fbcit it works in opac, but not in the backside...
15:33 fbcit staff client...
15:33 fbcit that is
15:33 hdl have you tried in the main staff search box ?
15:33 hdl or in advanced search ?
15:34 hdl In advancedsearch, you have to build indexes.
15:34 fbcit hdl: works in the global search header, but not in the advanced search...
15:35 hdl yeah.
15:35 fbcit use the rebuild script again?
15:35 hdl what do you have now in NoZebraIndexes ?
15:35 fbcit 0
15:36 hdl Then it wouldnot be worth rebuilding indexes.
15:36 fbcit what should I have there?
15:36 hdl Something like :
15:37 fbcit my bad...
15:37 fbcit 'title' => '245a,245b', 'author' => '100a', 'isbn' => '020a', 'issn' => '022a',...
15:38 hdl
15:38 hdl yes quite
15:38 hdl If you have that.
15:38 hdl Then you can
15:38 fbcit so this associates friendly names with marc tags?
15:40 fbcit still no advanced search...
15:42 fbcit appears to be complaining about something...
15:44 kados fbcit: I can confirm adv search doesn't work in nozebra mode
15:44 kados hdl: it works for you?
16:02 hdl kados :
16:02 hdl yes.
16:03 hdl http://o10.hdlaurent.paulpoula[…]ha/
16:04 hdl or​/cgi-bin/koha/
16:04 hdl kados : can you detail your NoZebraIndexes ?
16:08 hdl at the moment it doesnot work... I am reindexing.
16:26 fbcit kados: in a marc record I notice that the dewey number is segmented with '/'... is there any logic to where the /'s go?
16:26 fbcit after decimal, cutter, etc?
16:28 gmcharlt fbcit: there is logic, but not implicit in the structure
16:28 gmcharlt represents places where you can shorten the DDC call number
16:29 fbcit gmcharlt:So when entering local DDC data, how can I determine where to put the /'s?
16:30 gmcharlt fbcit: you don't have to worry about that -- specifying places where you can shorten the number is a service the LC/big libraries  provides to users of their MARC records
16:30 fbcit tnx gmcharlt
16:47 kados hdl: is paul around?
16:47 hdl no he is in paris today
16:47 kados ok
16:47 hdl he shall be here tomorrow
16:48 hdl why do you ask ?
16:48 kados I have questions about some patches from paul
16:48 kados I emailed but haven't heard back
16:48 kados I would like to clear out all the patches
17:23 owen I find that now a librarian must have the "catalogue" flag set in order to be able to log in to the staff client. Isn't that new?
17:24 kados hmmm
17:24 kados how new? :-)
17:25 kados I think it's the intended purpose of catalogue flag
17:25 owen The lower-priviledged staff user in my test installation couldn't log in anymore, and I wasn't sure why
17:27 owen Hm, maybe it's all in my head.
17:28 kados hehe
17:29 owen requires parameters permissions?
17:29 kados yea, that's silly
17:29 kados should just require catalogue permission
18:33 fbcit kados: should I file a bug on that search issue in the advanced search in the staff client?
18:34 kados definitely
18:34 kados it's something that hdl needs to fix
18:55 fbcit does koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/custommade/pl/template.tmpl still apply?
19:10 kados what the heck is custommade?
19:16 fbcit from templates.readme
19:16 fbcit the path should be koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/custommade
19:17 fbcit better check w/ hdl, but templates.readme probably needs to be updated.
19:19 owen gmcharlt: are you around?
19:22 kados owen: I've got a mtg with him in 45 minutes or so, he may have stepped out for lunch
19:22 owen Okay
19:51 gmcharlt owen: what's up?
19:52 owen gmcharlt: In NPL's dev_week installation, one of the columns that appears in the list of items in is "Status (onloan)"
19:53 owen How can I get that to appear in 3.0?
19:53 owen Is it something about my framework?
19:53 kados owen: that's in the authorized values
19:54 kados i think anyway
19:54 kados hmmm
19:54 kados owen: NPL doesn't use that, do they?
19:54 kados I _think_ that's a deprecated status
19:54 gmcharlt items.onloan?
19:55 kados ahh, right
19:55 kados ok, so this is actually a case where 3.0 is behaving better than dev_week :-)
19:55 kados owen: check the 'hidden' value in your framework for that subfield
19:56 kados it's hidden because you wouldn't want the cataloger to edit that field
19:56 gmcharlt when set, items.onloan should have the due date
19:56 gmcharlt and in framework is 942$q
19:57 kados yea, and invisible from the MARC editor
20:14 owen So I need to change the settings for 952q, right? Change hidden to... 0? That puts it into the 'edit item' form, but doesn't display it in the list of items above
20:14 kados why do you need it there ? :-)
20:17 owen Because it gives clear feedback to the user about which items are checked out?
20:24 kados hmmm
20:24 kados owen: is there a bug for this issue?
20:25 owen No, because I thought it was a configuration thing
20:27 kados I'd whip up a bug report and assign it to me, and be sure to include an example from NPL so I don't forget the specific use case :-)
20:27 kados I should have time this afternoon/evening for it
21:06 aklibrarian1 kados, I just came back so I don't know how long since you said you were winnowing down you list, but I have some things you can add to it if you want.  :)
21:07 kados aklibrarian1: hehe
21:07 kados aklibrarian1: sup?
21:09 kados some good'uns w/respect to templates
23:56 aklibrarian1 Hi again kados.  I hate it when work interrupts my Koha fun.
23:56 kados hiya aklibrarian1
23:57 kados work-- :-)

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