IRC log for #koha, 2007-12-03

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20:47 masonj morning #koha
23:36 kados hey Tumer_cypro
23:36 kados Tumer_cypro: good to see ya !
23:36 Tumer_cypro hi kados i was looking for you
23:37 Tumer_cypro can you call me private?
23:37 masonj heya tumer,
23:38 Tumer_cypro hi all
23:40 Tumer_cypro kados:still around?
23:43 Tumer_cypro dewey: at least can you read me?
23:43 chris hi tumer
23:43 Tumer_cypro hi chris
23:44 Tumer_cypro i thought i saw kados for a second?
23:44 chris yes he was here, not sure where he went .. might be on the telephone or something
23:46 Tumer_cypro chris:the faceted search results on 3.0 is it coming only from the retrieved 20 results or what?
23:47 chris good question, i think you do need kados to answer that, he worked on the faceted searching
00:01 kados Tumer_cypro: that's correct
00:35 jaron c01
00:39 Tumer_cypro kados: have you checked PazPar for faceted searchs?
00:40 kados Tumer_cypro: yes
00:40 kados Tumer_cypro: we have a separate application that ues pazpar
00:41 Tumer_cypro and does it do full faceted search? rather then retrieved records?
00:41 kados but I have some ideas around how to do that with zebra
00:41 Tumer_cypro cool
03:02 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: rangi
03:35 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: rangi

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